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Former Hollywood actress and pop culture expert, Tina Griffin, helps parents safely navigate the current pop culture chaos. Know how to create a healthy media diet for your family and live as a counter culture warrior!

Former Hollywood actress and pop culture expert, Tina Griffin, helps parents safely navigate the current pop culture chaos. Know how to create a healthy media diet for your family and live as a counter culture warrior!


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Former Hollywood actress and pop culture expert, Tina Griffin, helps parents safely navigate the current pop culture chaos. Know how to create a healthy media diet for your family and live as a counter culture warrior!






Chilling Effects of Tech Overload on Kids and Reestablishing Relationships With Dr. Kathy Koch

“The best way to be for your children is to be with your children,” says social media expert Dr. Kathy Koch. Kathy is the President and Founder of Celebrate Kids, and she has been researching and speaking on the effects of technology on youth for over a decade. Technology is affecting the character and behavior of our kids, and parents are usually unaware of the level of danger. Most teens, tweens, and toddlers are using devices within the home, and the immediate gratification and...


Bark is a Secret Weapon for Monitoring Screen Time, Messaging, and Social Media Says Titania Jordan

So many children have been exposed to horrifying social media content, but Titania Jordan offers a safeguard while kids are surfing the net. Titania is the Chief Parenting and Marketing Officer at Bark, a software program that keeps children safe both online and in real life. Bark’s dashboard proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and a plethora of social media networks, and alerts parents to any potential safety concerns. Bark also allows parents to manage screen time, filter...


TruPlay Founder Brent Dusing Launches Transformative Digital Entertainment Platform for Kids

If you are looking for a quality entertainment option for your munchkins, TruPlay is the Biblically-sound solution you’ve been searching for. CEO and founder Brent Dusing explains how their team is building a beautiful, fun, world-class entertainment platform which invites children into a world of hope and God’s truth. Brent’s gaming platforms have over seven million players worldwide and has led to thousands of salvations over the years. “It’s about living out the calling,” Brent explains....


Arlene Pellicane Describes How Dopamine Causes Digital Addiction and Shares Screen-Free Ideas

Today’s entertainment is dishing out huge amounts of dopamine, making kids constantly wanting more. Unfortunately, dopamine is addictive, and it can damage kids’ developing brains, making them numb to the world around them and unable to make wise decisions as a result. Tech expert Arlene Pellicane is a speaker, podcast host, and co-author of Screen Kids, a book she co-wrote with Dr. Gary Chapman. She explains the key differences between digital candy and digital vegetables. Arlene explains...


New Parenting Guide by Leah Langston Teaches Kids the Character, Attributes, and Promises of God

“You are the biggest influence in your child’s life,” says Leah Langston. After transitioning from her full-time worship leader position, Leah authored Make Your House His Home: A Guide for Parents and Children to Experience Scripture Together. This new mom shares the ins and outs of daily discipleship and the importance of sharing Biblical wisdom with your children starting at an early age. “Take the truth and allow your kids to run with it,” she encourages. Leah points to the importance of...


Engaging Board Game Focuses on Biblical Character Development with Creator Derek White

Derek White and his wife, Lucy, initially began designing a Christian board game on a piece of poster board after their kids complained their Sunday school discussion on friendships was “boring.” The game was such a hit, they began to further develop the idea, bringing in a graphic designer and graphic artist and eventually created a hit board game called True Frenemies. “It was the biggest project we’ve ever done in our life,” Derek shares. It offers an alternative to mainstream board games...


Fox and Friends Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt Celebrates the Unique Blessing of Every Child

Ainsley Earhardt is sharing an uplifting message of faith and inspiration through her new New York Times bestselling book, I’m So Glad You Were Born. Ainsley is a TV host, author, and mother and has been a co-host on the Fox and Friends morning show since 2016. This mom on a mission attributes her success to God’s gracious blessings over her life. Ainsley explains how her newest book highlights the specialness of each individual child, whether it’s our children or other little ones around...


Keeping Christ the Center of Christmas with Moody Bible Institute Professor Dr. Bill Thrasher

Christmas is not full of joy and laughter for everyone. For many people, it highlights the pain or loneliness in their life. Dr. Bill Thrasher is a professor of theology at Moody Bible Institute and shares several meaningful Christmas traditions that can make your family gatherings even better. To be more focused on Jesus and others during the holiday, ask your family members what gift they want to give Christ on Christmas! Bill co-authored a wonderful book with his wife Penny about holiday...


A Grandparent’s Legacy says Dr. Josh Mulvihill Should Focus on the Faith They Have in Christ

There are two things that many modern grandparents often get wrong, says Dr. Josh Mulvihill: Indulgence and too much independence. Josh is the Executive Director of Renewanation and has authored and edited 10 books on parenting and grandparenting. Grandparents tend to overindulge their grandkids and spoil them, he says. Josh also explains that often, grandparents’ lives are too independent from their grandkids, which causes major distance physically and emotionally. There is a plethora of...


Wayne Rice Gives Excellent Tips on Nurturing Your Grandchildren’s Faith Even at a Distance

More than 13 million kids are being raised by their grandparents, giving elders a major influence over the lives of the next generation and the need for guidance! Wayne Rice works with the Legacy Coalition as a conference director and podcast host. He has also authored dozens of books, including Long-Distance Grandparenting: Nurturing the Faith of Your Grandchildren When You Can’t Be There in Person. Wayne assists in the incredible Legacy Grandparenting Summits, and gives some excellent tips...


Tackling the Responsibility of Shepherding Grandkids With Grace According to Larry McCall

There are approximately 30 million professing Christian grandparents in the U.S. today, but less than one percent of them say they are equipped to properly tackle the responsibility of shepherding their grandkids. Larry McCall is the founder of Grandparenting with Grace, which provides clear Biblical teaching on the mission that God has given grandparents. He is also on the pastoral team of Christ Covenant Church and director of Walking Like Jesus Ministries. This grandfather of seven shares...


Grandparents Have the Biggest Influence on Gen Z Proclaims Dr. Bob Petterson

“The most important thing that a grandparent can share with their grandchild is the gospel of Jesus Christ,” says Dr. Bob Petterson. Bob is the founder and President of Legacy Imperative, and he has a special place in his heart for ministering to Gen Z and Millennials. He soberly points out that 152 million kids in America don’t know Jesus, but grandparents are uniquely positioned to share the good news of Christ with their grandchildren in ways that no one else can! In fact, most...


Technocracy Expert Patrick Wood Dissects Sustainable Development and Transhumanism

Technocracy is a term coined by engineers and scientists from Columbia University who invented an alternative form of government in an attempt to replace capitalism during the 1930s. Patrick Wood, an author, lecturer, and authority on the subject of technocracy and sustainable development, explains in detail how the two agendas are one and the same. Technocracy removes political structure and citizen involvement from society. It also hands control of the world over to a scientific...


Marc Morano Exposes Global Warming, Green New Deal, and Climate Lockdown Scam

Most adults are not afraid of the contrived statistics and data on climate change, but children are far more susceptible to the fearful narrative surrounding the supposed “climate emergency” of our world, says Marc Morano. Marc is a prolific author, speaker, and Executive Director of Climate Depot, a daily news site for environment, energy, and climate news that debunks the United Nations and Al Gore narratives. He discusses the “Chinafication of America,” and how the lockdowns of the Covid...


Skyrocketing Farming Costs and Corrupt USDA Will Cause National Famine says Holly Weilnau

“Most people have gotten comfortable with being fed and have forgotten how to feed themselves,” says Holly Weilnau, who operates a family farm alongside her husband and children in northern Ohio. This hard-working woman shares the catastrophic truth behind how Covid restrictions put immense pressures on local farmers, as well as how much prices on items like fertilizer have skyrocketed to unfathomable heights. Holly contends that if Americans don’t start supporting local farmers, an...


James White Unveils How Elitists Use Eugenics and Geoengineering to Kill Off Humanity

262 million people perished in the 20th century at the hands of organized governmental powers, affirms James White, host of Northwest Liberty News. Murder by the government is called “democide”, and it’s been happening for centuries. James is sounding the alarm on a horrifying globalist scheme to depopulate the earth, and he’s giving people the tools to fight back against this evil elitist agenda. This man on a mission shares his expertise into the dirty underbelly of government corruption,...


Jody Token Offers an Online Self-Defense Program for Girls to Block Bullies and Dodge Assailants

Take the fear out of today’s increasingly violent world and tumble headfirst into The Great Flip, an incredible faith-filled online martial arts training program developed by Jody Token, for parents to do with their children. Jody created excellent streaming training videos, complete with instructional lesson plans in a teaching style that is playful and empowering for ages six and up. She teaches kids how to escape and de-escalate a scary situation, whether it’s an attempted abduction on...


Creating a Mother-Daughter Bond Through the Teen Years that Lasts a Lifetime with Kathy Gowler

“With privilege, comes great responsibility,” says Kathy Gowler, an author, speaker, and mentor to Christian mothers. Kathy is well-known for her work on Focus on the Family’s Brio magazine for teen girls. She offers insightful wisdom that will help moms parent their daughters through their teens. “Everybody feels like they’re doing it wrong,” Kathy shares. All parents have anxious moments, but teenagers today are really no different from the previous generation. Teens want to be older than...


Interactive Mother-Daughter Devotional by Linsey Driskill Brings Women of the Bible to Life

Linsey Driskill was reading books about women of the Bible to her daughters when she realized that they weren’t engaging with the topics and story as much as she wanted them to. It was this lack of engagement and age appropriate stories, that inspired Linsey to create her own, hands-on, discussion-driven devotional, geared for mothers and their daughters ages 6-10 to read and do together! The devotional, Beautiful Hearted Women of the Bible, is brimming with impactful studies on Scripture’s...


Erin Weidemann Creates Storybooks for Young Girls Focusing on Women Warriors of the Bible

Erin Weidemann and her husband were arguing about what birthday present they should purchase for their niece, Hannah, while driving home from church one day. That’s when Erin got the creative idea to make her niece a storybook focused on women of the Bible, and thus birthed Erin’s bestselling Scripture-based book series for kids: Bible Belles. This warrior woman is also a cancer survivor and the co-founder of Truth Becomes Her, a mentorship program connecting moms and mentors on how to guide...