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Having triplets? Multiples? I know it's a crazy time, but I have gone through all the craziness and want to share it with you!


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Having triplets? Multiples? I know it's a crazy time, but I have gone through all the craziness and want to share it with you!




Sleeping patterns and dining out

I have mentioned so many times how critical it is to stay structured and organized. But what happens when you have three coming at you at once? And... when is it safe to finally eat out again and feel human!


Baby Proofing

When should we start planning to baby proof our homes? What should we look for first? Are we overthinking? Give a listen to some strong ideas and things we can do to keep our children home, even BEFORE they arrive.


Parenting and expectations

At the end of the day, focusing on how your family is growing over time, think months or years and not seconds or minutes, is really where you need to look at the big picture when you're dealing with more than one child. Are you raising good humans?


What do I feed these monsters!

When children are young, teaching them at a young age good choices of eating or becoming more involved in the shopping process and cooking process can dramatically effect your decisions.


One baby, two babies, three babies... More

Having one or more? How do we handle one... Or more? Do we treat them as one? Or individuals? Our special guest today will give her point of view on what to expect!


What do I need at home

Inline strollers? Side by side? Singles? What about beds? A changing table? What do I do!


The first year? What do I do!!!

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! Work as a team! And most importantly, routine! What do I mean? Give it a listen.


Some special guests this evening

When you have the opportunity and blessings to have more than one child at a time, always keep in mind that each child has their own character and personality. And any particular shortcomings should not be a bash on the child, but an opportunity to focus on challenges. I look forward to you listening to the second episode as we happen to have three special guests that have joined me for my podcast tonight.


First episode - introduction

As the first podcast is about to be launched, this is a introduction into the life of a father with triplets. For those that have multiples, hopefully this helps you during your course of growth with your children. Of growth with your children.