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An online resource for gay dads and by gay dads

An online resource for gay dads and by gay dads
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An online resource for gay dads and by gay dads






1×14 GBF: Gay Best Friend (Season Finale)

There are so many things that change from the time you decide you want to become a parent until it happens... and then after it happens. But one of the changes that may not be so obvious is the effect that all of this can have on your social life in general, and especially on close friends. And relationships with your closest gay friends - many of whom often don’t have children - can be a real question. In our season finale we brought on two guests -- each of them is best friends with a gay...


1×13 Making Babies (Part 2)

When thinking about having kids via surrogacy, the legal part is just as important as the IVF process itself. Making sure that the agreements with the surrogate and the egg donor are set up properly is a solid base for the whole process itself. And then there are issues like legal guardianship and birth certificates that are also crucial for finishing the process with babies that are completely, legally yours. We turned to Fertility Lawyer and gay dad Richard Vaughn of International...


1×12 Men Having Babies Conference

In this special episode, we flew to New York City to experience the annual Men Having Babies Conference. MHB provides unbiased surrogacy parenting advice and support for gay men worldwide. The Conference featured parenting options in the USA and Canada, in-depth panels — including on insurance, budgeting, and teen surrogacy children, and an Expo of surrogacy parenting info. In this episode we shed a light on the history and work of Men Having Babies, on the conference and on the Canadian...


1×11 Other Ways of Parenting

So far in our podcast, we mostly interviewed dads who had their kids either through surrogacy or adoption. But there are other ways in which you can become dads. In this week's episode we look at two ways that are often overlooked: Known Sperm Donor, and Co-Parenting. David Dodge, managing editor at is a father of two children, who he had together with a lesbian couple. Though he has no legal rights with the kids, they still call him 'papa,' and his parents go to visit their...


1×10 Working Dads

It's very much in vogue to talk about "work-life balance." And if ever the question of that balance was most important - and difficult - it's when babies and kids enter the picture. We interviewed Mike Stommel, who seems to have figured this out pretty well, to tell us what worked for him and his family, what didn't, and how it's evolved over time. And as an added bonus, your hosts had a thinly veiled fight on-air about how it's working (or not) for us. What more could you ask for?! View the...


1×09 Stay-At-Home Dads

Don't mislead yourself: Stay-at-Home parenting is a full-time job - or more. It may be even tougher than the 'traditional' job because there're no days off, no sick days, no Medical, Dental and Vision coverage and no bonuses at the end of the year. Nevertheless, many dads choose to stay at home to take care of the kid(s). Some of them do it out of need to give their kids the 100% care they've always wished for, others do it as a part of a complete change in their life's direction. We spoke...


1×08 Entertaining Babies

Some of us used to sneak out to mom's closet and try on her shoes and clothes, pretending to be Cyndi Lauper-- this is what 'Entertaining Babies' is all about! How to use our inner (some would say: hidden) creativity during our time with our babies and toddlers. From the moment they open their eyes, bring out the Cyndi Lauper in you in order to stimulate them, create a vibe of music and laughter in the family without leaving your home! This episode is great for the winter season. Unless you...


1×07 Making Babies (Part 1)

We turned to Dr. Guy Ringler, Reproductive Endocrinologist at California Fertility Partners to get an updated overview of the IVF and surrogacy options for gay men from a medical point of view. Are you too old to have kids? How to find the right egg donor? Is IVF becoming less expensive? These and other questions are answered in this episode of Daddy Square. "The cost [of IVF and surrogacy] is actually going up," Dr. Ringler states during the Daddy2 interview. "It's going up because...


1×06: Pets and Babies

Dog and cat lovers! This one is for you: babies and puppies are a winning combination for cuteness, but it’s a hell of a combination to keep them all happy and healthy. This week we talked to Mark Hiebert, Medical Director at VCA TLC Animal Hospital in West Hollywood, about our pet-babies, about introducing a new baby into a house with pets, and - of course - about health and safety of our babies and puppies. Chocolate is not as toxic as you might have thought! Veterinarian Mark Hiebert...


1×05: Single Dads

If you think parenting is hard for a couple, imagine what it’s like to be a single dad. This week we talked to Calvin Fleming, a gay, single dad and the owner of Public Relations and Marketing company, about work-life balance, raising two kids by himself – and, of course, about dating. “There was a point where I did consider opening myself up to dating, but after the adoption was finalized I started to open myself up to it and I went on Ok Cupid or Match and went on a couple of dates,”...


1×04 Dad Groups

Interactions with other gay dads benefit both the dads and their kids: The dads can hang together and openly discuss -- y'know -- gay stuff, and the kids grow up witnessing other families similar to theirs. On this week's episode we tackle gay dad groups with John Ireland, the president of Pop Luck Club, the biggest gay dad group in LA. Ireland, who adopted four kids (and fostered another 2) also discusses fostering and adoption as a part of the Raise A Child program that grew out of Pop...


1×03 Dad Bod

It's no secret that physical appearance is important for gay men. When you're a dad and have so many other responsibilities maintaining your own body can feel impossible. In this episode we tackle the 'Dad Bod' question with our guest Tommy Woelfel, a certified spin instructor. Put your gym clothes on, because you'll be motivated to start your journey today to looking like daddy Chris Hemsworth! Scroll down for tips and advice discussed in this episode. The pressure to look good and be fit...


1×02: Fulfillment (At Work and As Dads)

Maintaining happiness both at work and at home is an issue that may arise for dads, especially at the beginning. On one hand, we want to feel happy and fulfilled at work; we want to feel that we are using our knowledge, experience, and creativity in order to help the organization we're part of move forward - and of course we want to be compensated well for doing so. On the other hand, we want to be happy at home, with our kids and with our way of parenting. While most of us consider...


1×01: You’re Still A Couple!

Daddy Square is a new weekly podcast for and by gay dads, joining the successful blog of the same name. Coming to you from West Hollywood, and premiering September 17 2018, Yan Dekel, an independent web designer, and Alex Maghen, SVP Technology at Warner Bros., are a married couple with 3-year-old twins. In each episode they bring a guest and tackle an issue that arises in parenting in general and in gay parenting in particular. All of their interviewees are professionals in their fields and...