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An Invitation to Withness

An Invitation to Withness
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An Invitation to Withness






Preparing Now for Future Puberty & Masturbation Questions :: Megan Michelson & Mary Flo Ridley [Ep 243]

Depending on your personal background with puberty, sex and the often avoided topic of masturbation, having open conversations with your kids on these topics may feel daunting. You may want to avoid it or get “the talk” over and done with as quickly as possible. Or maybe your kids are really young and you don’t want to think about it right now. My guests Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson walk us through why starting early talking with our kids about body awareness and establishing our...


20th Anniversary Q & A :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 242]

To celebrate our 20-year wedding anniversary, Bruce and I are answering your questions! We have a fun time reminiscing on our wedding, the early years of parenting and all the twists and turns our lives have taken since we joined them together. We talk about parenting styles, balancing our roles and how I learned not to micromanage him when it came to caring for our boys. We're different people. And most people aren't marrying somebody who is identical to them. So there's going to be natural...


Beating 50 Percent :: Audrey Roloff [Ep 241]

Though millions tuned in to TLC’s hit show 'Little People, Big World' to watch their wedding, the entirety of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s love story is significantly less known. Audrey joins me to talk about her marriage, motherhood, and how she and her husband are on a mission to help married couples thrive. The Roloffs have founded a ministry called Beating 50 Percent which is focused on reviving covenant marriages. They share resources and ideas for couples to inspire them to make their...


The School of Dependency on Christ :: Wendy Speake [Ep 240]

Choosing a school for your kids can be hot-button issue. There are more school and educational model choices now than ever before and there can be a lot of emotions tied up in those choices. In this episode, Wendy Speake, a mom of three, shares her journey with schooling options for her boys and how God has led her and her husband through the process. We talk about choosing schools based on your family values, individual child’s needs and your needs as a mom. Whether our child is reading at...


Must Have Conversations :: Vicki Courtney [Ep 239]

Our kids are growing up in a culture that is less friendly to the Christian faith than ever before. As moms we have a choice to parent from fear or to bravely engage with our kids and make time and space to have hard conversations. My guest Vicki Courtney walks us through why it’s worth it to help our kids wrestle with their questions about faith, culture and learning to trust God. She shares about her experience raising three kids of her own as a newer believer and the power of parenting...


Panic Attacks and Growing Trust :: JJ Heller [Ep 238]

God often uses our areas of weakness to bring blessing to others. The things we long to keep in the dark can actually bring light and life when we say, “Yes.” to God. That is JJ Heller’s story. As an independent singer/songwriter, she has experienced a lot of ups and downs in professionally and personally. One of the hardest things has been her struggle with fear and anxiety. I would pray every night that I would wake up in the morning and I would never have another panic attack again....


Grace Based Discipline for Kids with Unique Needs :: Karis Murray [Ep 237]

If you’ve been parenting for more than a day or so, you know that there is no one-size-fits all way to raise and discipline children. There are so many experts with great resources for parents (a lot of them have been on the show), but in the end each one of your children is an individual with individual needs. But what if they have needs that go beyond what’s typical? That’s just where my guest Karis Murray found herself when her second daughter started school and struggled to keep up with...


Preparing Our Hearts for Easter :: Erin Moon [Ep 236]

Depending on your church and faith background, you may of heard of Lent or even observed it in the past. Similar to the Advent period which leads up to Christmas, Lent is a season of prayer and fasting before Easter. It is a practice recognized by millions of Protestant Christians and Catholics. Though it isn’t mentioned or required in scripture (neither is Advent or Christmas), the practice of Lent can enrich your worship and deepen your focus on the meaning of the cross and the victory of...


Supporting a Friend with Cancer :: Marissa Henley [Ep 235]

When a friend or loved one receives a heartbreaking diagnosis, it’s hard to find the words to say or know what to do to love and support them. Today’s guest, Marissa Henley, has a unique perspective to share with us on how to support a friend with cancer. Marissa Henley is now cancer-free, but for several months her world was turned upside down with cancer treatments that took her away from her family made it impossible for her to care for her husband and three kids. She tells her cancer...


Habits of a Healthy Marriage :: Paul David Tripp [Ep 234]

Whether you’ve been married for a short time or you’re nearing a milestone anniversary, a healthy marriage takes a lot of work. A marriage is made up of thousands of small moments and habits that over time result in God-honoring, joyful marriage or a self-centered, strained marriage. Speaker and author Paul David Tripp joins me to lay the groundwork for how to cultivate healthy habits in our marriage and identify the ones that need to be uprooted. He shares what he’s learned in almost 50...


Cultivating Friendships in a World of Isolation :: Sally Clarkson [Ep 233]

Even though it seems like you are never alone, motherhood can feel like a place of deep isolation. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. My guest Sally Clarkson shares her insight on how she learned to invite others into friendship and into her home to build a community of girlfriends in the midst of multiple moves and parenting four kids. I think finding really true, deep, godly friendships is hard. But I think that the more I realized that other women felt like I did, they felt insecure....


The Enneagram & Motherhood :: Suzanne Stabile [Ep 232]

You’ve definitely heard about it. You’ve probably talked about it with girlfriends or you’ve read books or articles discussing the nine types, but what is the Enneagram all about and what does it mean for your motherhood? Suzanne Stabile joins us to share her motherhood story and a lot of information about the Enneagram, an ancient typology system that is finding new popularity as a tool that can transform the way you interact with others and understand yourself. The Enneagram is about how...


Praising Through the Pain of Physical Limitations :: Karen Harmon [Ep 231]

When Karen Harmon found out she was unexpectedly pregnant at 40 with her third child, she had a lot of mixed emotions. With a history of autoimmune disease, her doctor advised her against her having more children. In the midst of processing her emotions surrounding the pregnancy and the fear of how her body would react, Karen experienced a rare complication that put her on crutches for the final three months of the pregnancy. In this place of extreme physical limitation, Karen felt stripped...


Shepherding Healthy Sleep Habits :: Jenn & Robin of Sleepy Cues [Ep 230]

As parents, we want more of it, our children desperately need it, and oftentimes it feel like a mystery we can’t solve… it’s SLEEP. Getting children to have a consistent sleep pattern for night time and naps is one of the biggest challenge parents of young children face. My guests today, Robin and Jenn from SleepyCues, are professional sleep consultants. In this episode they share fantastic tips I wish I’d had when my kids were younger. We dive into the myths of sleep training and discuss...


Victory in Ministry and Motherhood :: Priscilla Shirer [Ep 229]

Priscilla Shirer has authored many books and Bible studies. She is a motivational speaker and evangelist and she founded Going Beyond Ministries with her husband Jerry. But in addition to the amazing opportunities God has opened for her in ministry, she is a mom of three boys ages 16, 14, and 10. Priscilla gets real in our chat about how she juggles motherhood and ministry and encourages moms that we all deal with the mundane parts of the job. I think people assume that I'm like sitting on a...


Not Alone in Shame :: Sheila Walsh [Bonus Episode]

In this clip (from a previously recorded video) we go beyond the fact that you are 'not alone in shame'. Sheila offers hope and Truth to remind you that Christ took the shame so you can walk in freedom. 'Mercy' is a short word that weighs so much. . . Jesus came to give us life, not survival. As the author of the new book, "It's Okay Not to be Okay", Sheila shares her journey to release the grip of shame. To embrace what Christ had done for her on the cross. And shares how she keeps...


Not Alone in Overwhelm :: Kay Wyma [Bonus Episode]

Back in October I recorded a video chat with my good friend, Kay Wyma, on the topic of overwhelm. I've decided to share some of it with y'all in the midst of the holiday crazy. Get ready for some fabulous truth bombs like: In the world’s economy your identity is achieved. In God’s economy your identity is received. As the author of the new book, "Not the Boss of Us", Kay reminds us that we get to choose what we allow to overwhelm us. Be loved by Whose you are not 'who' you are. In Isaiah 43...


Reconciled Reconcilers :: Andi Andrew [Ep 228]

The holidays are here and often that means family gatherings. While it can be a joyful time, it can also be a place of pain as we fall into unintended conflict or feel the sting of old woundings from those we love the most. But, there IS hope for healing and reconciliation. And we CAN connect to God’s deep, sacrificial love for help to love our family. Church planter, pastor and mom of four Andi Andrew takes us into her journey of forgiving her mom and learning how God made us for...


Family Transformation Starts with Personal Revival :: KJ Perdomo [Ep 227]

KJ Perdomo isn’t a mom (yet). But as a daughter, she has experienced a what seems like a lifetime’s worth of pain and rejection. She shares her story of loss and brokenness and about the bullying she experienced growing up. But it doesn’t stop there. God pursued her through an aunt who adopted her and a timely invitation to church when she was contemplating suicide, then again through a community of believers in college who radically loved her and helped her hear God. Through her own story...


The Anxious or Depressed Spouse :: Tommy Nelson [Ep 226]

Tommy Nelson serves as the pastor of Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas. He's a husband, father, best-selling author, and well-known speaker. But not too long ago he walked through an unexpected journey of depression and anxiety that stemmed from overcommitting in his job. Stretched too thin, his body and mind began to break down under the strain. My mind couldn't stay focused. I lost 20 pounds and got to where I couldn't work out. I would just put myself to sleep at night on some kind of...