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Donuts and Devos shares the truth, joy, and love of God’s Word with kids and their families.

Donuts and Devos shares the truth, joy, and love of God’s Word with kids and their families.


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Donuts and Devos shares the truth, joy, and love of God’s Word with kids and their families.




God Changes Jacob’s Name | Ep. 037

At one time, Jacob may have thought life was all about him, but God reminds him it’s about the people - His people, Israel. And God promises to be their God, and protect and save them! We see this transition in Genesis of it no longer being about Jacob, but about God's people. Bible Reading Our Bible reading for our devotion is from Genesis 35:1-14 as we read how God changes Jacob's name and confirms what He previously promised to Adam and Abraham and Isaac. This Promise He makes to Israel,...


Esau Shows Jacob Mercy | Ep. 036

Showing someone mercy when they have wronged you can be very challenging. When someone is unkind to you, it's only natural to be mean back to them. Except, that's not how God wants us to treat others! Jesus tells us to love one another, as He loved us. We don't deserve His love and kindness, but that's why God is merciful - He shows us compassion even though we've sinned against Him. In our devotion, we see how Esau showed compassion and was merciful to Jacob, forgiving him of all the...


Epiphany: Simeon Sees the Light of the World | Ep. 035

The word epiphany has a number of different meanings that are closely related. It can mean a manifestation, an appearance, a shining light. And that's exactly what Simeon saw as he held the Promised Messiah in his arms. Simeon had been promised by God that he wouldn't die until he laid eyes on the Christ - and on that day Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple, that promise was fulfilled. The Light of the World had been born! Bible Reading Our Bible story is from Luke 2:22-33. It tells...


Children’s Christmas Program | Ep. 034

On this very special episode, we present our first children's Christmas program. A number of young guests join me and Ms. Baker as we read the Christmas story from the book of Luke, sing Christmas carols, and share heartfelt messages about the Good News of Jesus' birth. While some churches might still be able to have their traditional Christmas programs, many have had to cancel their church services this year. We pray that this children's Christmas program will fill your hearts with the joy...


Advent Devotion: The Promised Child Is Born | Ep. 033

We find ourselves rejoicing with the angels upon the birth of the Promised Child - "Glory to the newborn king!" In the fourth week of Advent, Christmas is just a few short days away as we celebrate God's Son taking on human form and becoming a baby, born in a lowly place among the animals. In our advent devotion today, we are going to talk about why it was necessary for Jesus to come to earth and live as one of us. Bible Readings Our Bible readings are from Isaiah 60:1-2, one of the...


Jacob Wrestles with God | Ep. 032

God chooses who He allows to see Him and in the Bible, not that many people actually came face to face with God. In fact, to look upon the face of God usually meant death for that person! But Jacob survived a wrestling match in the dark of night, and it was through faith and God’s merciful blessing that he lived. Be sure to print out the coloring page and activity sheet for our devotion on our website: https://jacob-wrestles-with-god-coloring-page-activity-sheet-ep-032. Please prayerfully...


Advent Series: Mary, the Chosen Mother of Jesus | Ep. 031

The angel Gabriel visits Mary and makes the announcement of Jesus Christ's incarnation, changing Mary's life in an instant. God blesses and chooses Mary to be the mother of His Son. It was not because of Mary’s blessedness that she received God’s favor, but rather because of God’s favor, she was blessed. By grace, God chose Mary to give birth to His Son – and Mary believed that Word. Please prayerfully consider supporting our ministry at . Your...


Facing the Past: Jacob Fears Esau | Ep. 030

Jacob heads back home to Canaan after serving Laban for 20 years. But as he nears the prospect of meeting his brother Esau again, he is filled with fear over how his brother will react after all these years. Jacon and Esau didn't treat each other with love n their younger days, and we can learn from their example how NOT to treat one another. Be sure to print out the coloring page and activity sheet for our devotion on our website:...


Advent Series: Joseph, The Adopted Father | Ep. 029

God picked Joseph to be Jesus’ adopted father. Joseph came from the house of David, which would fulfill the many prophecies about the Messiah coming from the house of Judah. Jesus would need an earthly father to care for Him, to love and protect Him, and to teach Him. In the same way that Jesus was the adopted son of Joseph, we too are the adopted children of God through faith. Show Notes: Reference from "Joseph the Father" by Pastor Edward Naumann.


Jacob Is Deceived By Laban | Ep. 028

Deception and lying to one another is not how God wants us to treat each other. These are sinful actions, that end up hurting people. That's what happened when Laban tricked Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter Leah, when Rachel was the daughter Jacob loved. The trickster is now tricked, having his sin come back to him. The coloring page and activity sheet for this devotion can be found on our website at...


Advent Series: The Promise of the Child | Ep. 027

Our Advent devotional series on our podcast begins with a focus on the Hope we have in the promise of the Child, the Promise of the Messiah.


God Visits Jacob In A Dream | Ep. 026

God appeared to His people in different ways. By appearing to Jacob in a dream, He was able to talk to him, and more importantly, bless Jacob Himself and once again, renewed His covenant that had now been passed down from Abraham to Jacob. Follow the link for the coloring page and activity sheet for this week's episode:


Isaac Blesses Jacob…Again | Ep. 025

Jacob was a trickster - he tricked Esau out of not only his birthright, but his father Isaac’s blessing as well! But it all went according to God’s plan, despite the sinful nature of men! We begin Season 3 with Isaac blessing Jacob once again with the blessing of Abraham, and we learn how this blessing shapes the rest of Jacob's life. You can find the coloring page and activity sheet for this week's devotion at...


SPECIAL: Why Our Podcast Isn’t Just for Kids | Ep. 024

We are back from our break and gearing up for Season 3 next week! On our show this week we are going to be talking (mostly) to adults - but no worries, the kids can still listen in! We have created a very special and meaningful devotional format for our show and we want to share why our devotions are structured in this way. Meet the voices behind Donuts and Devos, and discover the biblical foundation behind our podcast! Our work on Donuts and Devos has truly been a labor of love and it’s...


Season 2 Recap: The Time of Abraham | Ep. 023

We have finished Season 2 on Donuts and Devos, the best kid's devotional podcast (we pray!). We look back over our time spent studying Abraham, God's promises to him, and the beginning of his family. Our devotion will have a quick recap over our devotional stories, followed by our musical segment, the "Donut Mixer", where we will review all our Memory Verses this season. We will then put our listeners Bible knowledge to the test with our "Roasting Seat" game to help them remember what we've...


Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing | Ep. 022

The blessing Isaac was to give his eldest son, Esau, was very much desired by all members of the family - for very different reasons! We explore why Rebekah and Jacob resorted to trickery and deception to receive this blessing...and how God is able to work through sinners for His glory! Find the coloring page and activity sheet for this week’s devotion at . Please hit that follow button if you haven't yet and subscribe to...


Esau and Jacob’s Birthright | Ep. 021

Fighting from even before they were born, Jacob and Esau are described as complete opposites and neither was worthy of God's grace and favor. In our devotion this week, we look at how God's prophetic words to Rebekah was a foreshadowing of our own "right" to our inheritance into God's family. His gift of salvation is given to us freely by His grace and mercy and NOT by anything we sinners have done! Find the coloring page and activity sheet for this week's devotion at...


A Wife for Isaac | Ep. 020

Abraham's servant traveled about 600 miles to find a wife from Abraham's homeland and family. The servant prayed and trusted God to show him who God had chosen as Isaac's wife - and God gave him success! This unique marriage demonstrates the faithfulness of God's people and more importantly, God's faithfulness and love! Find the coloring page and activity sheet for this week's devotion at


The Sacrifice of Isaac | Ep. 019

Can you imagine giving up something you truly love? After waiting years for it? Abraham finally had the son God promised, and now God was asking him to sacrifice his beloved child! But why? We will find out the answer on this week's devotion of Donuts and Devos. The free coloring page and activity sheet kids can use to follow along with our devotion can be found at .


The Birth of Isaac | Ep. 018

The long-awaited, promised son to Abraham and Sarah is finally born! But this Bible story isn't really about a baby - it's about our faithful God and the promises He always keeps. Be sure to print out our free kid's resources for this devotion on