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Everyday Art Room, with Cassie Stephens, is a look into the world of elementary art, offering advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching.

Everyday Art Room, with Cassie Stephens, is a look into the world of elementary art, offering advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching.
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Everyday Art Room, with Cassie Stephens, is a look into the world of elementary art, offering advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching.




Ep. - 058 What Scares You as a Teacher

No matter how long you have been teaching, there are still areas of instruction that can make you apprehensive. So what are those weak spots, and how do you deal with them? Join Cassie in this episode as she discusses teaching clay with no kiln or ceramics experience, dealing with the expectations of your colleagues, and how to begin teaching in areas outside of your comfort zone. Resources and Links Finding the Confidence to be YourselfAOE's Studio: Ceramics CourseAll of AOE's CoursesWhen...


Ep. - 057 Staying Passionate About Your Teaching

Most teachers are feeling the excitement of coming back to a new school year, but what if that isn't the case? What if you're losing your passion? Cassie wants you to know that you're not alone, and in this episode, she discusses how to combat those feelings. She talks about paying attention to how you feel about the new school year (4:00), ideas on how to take care of yourself (7:30), and trying new and creative ways to teach your old projects (14:00). Resources and Links How to Move on...


Ep. 054 - The First Days of School

It is back to school time, and after 20 years, Cassie might finally have all the answers. Okay, probably not. But she does share some of her best practices for the beginning of the year, the first routines she teaches (4:45), why she uses video to reinforce some of the most important ideas (9:15), and how she establishes a collaborative culture in her art room (15:00). Resources and Links 5 Ways to Make Art the First Day of SchoolA Winning Game for the First Day of School50+ Back to...


Ep. 053 - Leading Schoolwide Art PD for Your Colleagues

It's back to school time, which means it's time for PD as well. But what if you are the one in charge of your school's PD? Cassie has some advice and some plans for you, including why it can be intimidating presenting in front of your colleagues (7:00), how to find and focus on your 'why' (10:45), and how to deal with the pushback that you might get when you guide people out of their comfort zones (16:30). Resources and Links Leading Professional DevelopmentArt Workshop for...


Ep. 052 - Teacher Evaluations

Cassie is not a fan of evaluations, and she is ready to tell you all the reasons why. Listen to her experiences and opinions as she talks about the cyclical nature of teacher evaluations over the years (7:45), how she handles evaluation scores and discussions with her administration (11:30), and then gives some suggestions as to better ways to improve yourself as a teacher (14:00). Resources and Links Making Teacher Evaluations Work for You The Quest for a Fair Teacher Evaluation...


Ep. 051 - Finding Your Place in the Teaching World

One of the toughest things to do as an art teacher is to find exactly where you belong and discover how to make meaningful connections with your colleagues. In this episode, Cassie discusses her own story and her own feelings of isolation (5:15), the importance of connecting with other teachers (7:30), and suggestions for stepping out of your room and making time for other people in your building (12:00). Resources and Links The Importance of Personal ConnectionsStay Connected with...


Ep. 050 - Carving Out Your Creative Space

It can be difficult to find the time to be creative and make your own art. But if you can develop your own creative space, it makes it so much easier when it comes time for your studio practice. Cassie tells the story of her own studio today, including why it took her so long to set up her own creative area (3:30), the inspiration she drew on to plan her own space (6:15), and why pegboard is slowly taking over her house (10:15). Resources and Links Help Invest in Your Own CreativityThe...


Ep. 049 - A Better System for Managing Your Time

Cassie has been receiving a lot of questions lately on how she makes everything run with such limited time. So today, she's diving in to exactly how she spends her time both inside and outside of school. Listen as she talks about how she handles classes with no time in between (5:15), how effective routines can eliminate wasted time (10:45), and why call and response is one of your most effective tools (15:45). Resources and Links Find the video about Cassie's Happy/Sad Board hereCall...


Ep. 048 - Teaching Art as an Introvert

Some people believe that you always need to be energetic and "on" in order to be a successful teacher, but that's just not the case. Often the most introverted teachers are the most successful. Join Cassie as she explores the topic, including her takes on the difference between being an introvert and being insecure (5:30), why we underestimate people who are introverted (9:15), and strategies to support the introverted students in your room (11:00). Resources and Links 11 Things that...


Ep. 047 - The Best Places to Sell Your Own Art

As an art teacher, it can be hard to find the time to create. But what if you were making art and extra money? You can do it by selling your work! Cassie discusses the three things she learned selling her art (4:15), why craft shows are perfect for extroverts (12:30), and why you need confidence to get your work into boutiques (15:45). Resources and Links How to Earn Extra Money Selling Your ArtDo Art Teachers Have to Be Artists?How to Start Selling Your Work at Craft and Trade Shows


Ep. 046 - Finding the Confidence to Be Yourself

Developing the confidence to be who you are can be a difficult process. In this episode, Cassie discusses some of the ways you can follow your passions and meet your own goals. Listen as she talks about why you should spend some time listening to your own feelings (8:00), how to set goals that truly work for you (10:45), and why you need to consider your own needs against the expectations of everyone around you (14:00). Resources and Links Gaining the Confidence to Lead Your...


Ep. 045 - The Instagram Mailbag

Every once in a while, Cassie's mailbag overflows and it's time for a full episode of listener questions! Today, she takes on a huge variety of topics. Listen as she discusses how to create more time for yourself (6:45), how to embrace your own originality and creativity (13:15), and getting more parent involvement in your art room (16:30). Resources and Links Cassie's List of Listeners: @mullinsmeans: https://www.instagram.com/mullinsmeans/ @agape_fibers:...


Ep. 044 - The Best Beach Reads for Art Teachers

Like most teachers, Cassie can't quit learning, even during the summer. This episode is all about the books that keep you inspired throughout the summer months and help you generate ideas for the coming school year. Listen to Cassie share her favorite reads and what those books have taught her, including drawing instruction (3:00), how to set up and introduce painting (9:00), and the personal takeaways that the best books have (11:15). Resources and Links Drawing with ChildrenDrawing...


Ep. 043 - 5 Things to Know About Your New Art Room

Cassie shares her own stories about moving into her new art room, and gives some tips as to how you can look at your old art room with new eyes and a fresh start. Listen as she discusses how to assess your art room (5:00), why you need quality supplies (7:45), and why organization and flow are far more important than decoration (12:00). Resources and Links Episode 38--Supplies for Special ProjectsEpisode 41--Landing the Job of Your DreamsEpisode 1--Routines and ProceduresEpisode 3--The...


Ep. 042 - Schoolwide Collaboration

Schoolwide collaborative art projects are a great way to promote community in your art room and throughout the school. Cassie tells the story of her field day project she undertook this week (7:00), why collaborative projects are great for the beginning of the year (9:00), and the projects her students work on to build positivity and community in her building (11:45). Resources and Links Check Out Cassie's Favorite Collaborative Projects29 Collaborative Projects to Build CommunityA...


Ep. 041 - 10 Tips to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Whether you are looking for your first job or trying to find something new, you will undoubtedly go through the interview process. This can be nerve-wracking, but Cassie is here with her best advice on how to nail that interview! Listen as she shares why you need to edit your social media presence (11:30), how you can dress to impress (12:45), and why you need to send a thank you note once you're done with the interview (19:30). Resources and Links Pack Your Bags! The Everyday Art Room...


Ep. 040 - Keeping Kids Going Strong at the End of the Year

As we move through the last weeks of schoo, it can be tricky to make sure your kids are still learning and progressing. The weather is getting nicer, spring events mess with the schedule, and we need ideas for finishing the year strong. Join Cassie as she talks about her best end-of-the-year strategies, including her Maker Kits (3:45), strategies for free choice centers (7:30), and how to find opportunities to those kids who just love to clean (12:15). Resources and Links The Classroom...


Ep. 039 - Making the Most of Your Summer

Summer break actually isn't that far away for a lot of us. So it's time to start thinking about how to make the most of that precious vacation time. Whatever your goals for the summer months, Cassie has some strategies to help you make the most of them. Listen as she discusses making her summertime list (2:30), who can help push you and keep you accountable for your goals (6:45), and her secrets of time management (11:00). Resources and Links 10 Ways to Reconnect with Your Inner Artist...


Ep. 038 - Supplies for Special Projects

Last week, Cassie talked about all of her tips and tricks for basic supplies, along with a few recommendations. This week, she takes the discussion into what you need for more special projects. Listen as she discusses her favorite materials to order when teaching ceramics (3:00), clay alternatives like modeling clay and celluclay (6:00), and ideas for sewing and weaving (13:00). Resources and Links Taking the Struggle Out of Supply OrdersCassie's Modeling Clay PortraitsSome Amazing...


Ep. 037 - Taking the Struggle Out of Supply Orders

In this episode, Cassie talks about the basic supplies everyone needs for their art room, and some of her best tips for finding quality supplies for your kids--without spending too much money. Listen as she discusses her favorite paper (3:00), paint (9:30), brushes (14:00), and some other additional supplies (15:00). Resources and Links The Dreaded Art Supply OrderStreamlining Your Ordering Process7 Ways to Save Supplies and MoneyA Complete List of Supplies for Your New Art Room