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Everyday Art Room, with Cassie Stephens, is a look into the world of elementary art, offering advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching.

Everyday Art Room, with Cassie Stephens, is a look into the world of elementary art, offering advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching.
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Everyday Art Room, with Cassie Stephens, is a look into the world of elementary art, offering advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching.




Ep. 100 - Artist Trading Cards

If you follow Nic's blog or social media accounts, you know all about the Artist Trading Card swap. In today's episode, she talks about the story behind how the swap got started and how her first trade kept her interested in doing more. Listen as she discusses why you might want to do a swap, the benefits for your students, and some how-tos if you want to implement it in your classroom. Resources and Links Nic's First TradeKids Reflecting on the First Trade from JapanInformation on a Trade...


Ep. 99 - Introduction to Nic Hahn

As you may have heard, the Everyday Art Room podcast has a new host this week--Nic Hahn! You may know Nic from her Mini Matisse blog, her Instagram, or her many Art Ed Now conference presentations. Today, she welcomes you to her debut episode of Everyday Art Room! Listen as she discusses what to expect from her show, what to expect from her, and why she wants to share everything that is happening in her classroom. Resources and Links Listen to Nic on Art Ed RadioCheck out the New Everyday...


Ep. 98 - Cassies Final Episode

There are so many things that classroom teachers don't understand about what we do in the art room. In her final episode, Cassie discusses the unique things we do as art teachers and how we can help everyone else understand our challenges. To close the show, she shares some special thank yous with everyone who played a part in making this show a success and passes the torch to Nic Hahn as she takes over as the host of Everyday Art Room. Resources and Links The Not-So-Perfect Truths of...


Ep. 97 - New Ideas for Next Year

It's summer, and we're mostly kind of taking a break from all things school-related. But can you use that time to get excited to get ready for the next school year? Listen as Cassie talks about what ideas she might want to incorporate in the next school year. Listen as she discusses the benefits of being proactive, Tiny Art Shows, and why she wants her kids to collaborate even more in the fall. Resources and Links Listen to this Interview About Tiny Art ShowsIdeas for CollaborationKeeping...


Ep. 96 - The Summer Mailbag is Here

Today, Cassie devotes the entire episode to answering listener and reader questions from Facebook, Instagram, email, and other social media. Take a listen as she talks about classroom expectations and reward systems, how we can teach everything we want, and how to get ready to take on a new art room. Resources and Links Cassie's Instagram MailbagAnother Previous Mailbag EpisodeIdeas to Help You Discover Your Classroom Management StyleCan We Really Teach it All?


Ep. 95 - Keeping Your Head in the Game Over the Summer

Once summer break starts, the last thing you want to think about is how you're going to start next year. And yes--you need to take a break, cut loose from school, and clear your head. But even just a little preparation can make you feel better when the new year rolls around. Listen as Cassie discusses what you should and shouldn't do, why you need time to relax, and the small things you can do to start next year off right. Resources and Links 8 Art Activities for the Summer12 Signs You're...


Ep. 94 - Making Field Day Worthwhile

From painting hundreds of faces to sidewalk chalk to snow cones (and the resulting ants), Cassie has some stories about her field day experiences. But there are better ways to do meaningful work on those sometimes chaotic field days! Listen as Cassie discusses her collaborative activities, painting stations, and other ideas you can take to your field day this year! Resources and Links Field Day Activites for the Art Room5 Games to Put an Artistic Twist on Field DayWhy Saying No is the Best...


Ep. 93 - Getting Administration on Board with Art Room Ideas

How is your relationship with your administration? Every administrator is different, but a good teacher knows how to advocate for their own program with every type. Listen today as Cassie discusses how to best work with your admins, how to build support for your kids and your art room, and how to develop your situation to help you become the best teacher you can be. Resources and Links Cassie's Collaboration Podcast EpisodeHow to Talk to Your Staff About the Power of Art5 Superpowers All...


Ep. 92 - What Does Your Teacher Desk Look Like?

What does your teacher desk look like? And what does that say about you? If it's a mess, it probably just means you have other priorities. In this episode, Cassie talks about how to avoid that teacher desk battle and embrace the mess that sometimes comes with being creative. Listen as she discusses the setup of her desk, what her workspace looks like, and how to approach your desk if you finally want to be organized. Resources and Links Why You Should Ditch Your Teacher DeskDesk Therapy...


Ep. 91 - Tackling the Summer To-Do List

We all have our to-do list covering what we want to accomplish over the summer. Some goals are personal, some are professional, but all of them are meaningful. So how do we accomplish them? That remains the important question. In this episode, listen as Cassie talks about her own goals, how we accomplish them, and how we need to approach our summer vacation. Resources and Links Art Activities for Your Summer To-Do ListSimple Ideas for Getting Your To-Do List DONEWhy Summer is Perfect for...


Ep. 90 - Using the End of the Year to Try Out New Ideas

As we approach the end of the school year, we are always on the lookout for what we are going to fill that time. There never seems to be a perfect solution, so why not try something new? Today, Cassie talks about why unexpected lessons keep your kids engaged, ideas for new lessons you can try, and why finding success with new methods can build your confidence. Resources and Links Art Challenges for the End of the YearEngaging End of the Year Projects to Keep You SaneA Genius Way to End...


Ep. 89 - 5 Things Cooperating Teachers and Student Teachers Need to Know

When it comes to cooperating teachers and student teachers, there is a lot to learn--from both ends of the spectrum. Cassie is here today with advice and her top tips for all involved. Listen as she discusses what we can learn from our student teachers, why we need to give them space (literally and figuratively), and what you need to do to help your student teacher find their voice. Resources and Links What do Student Teachers Really Need? 8 Tips for Student Teachers4 Ways to Become an Art...


Ep. 88 - Sculpture Ideas for the Art Room

Sculpture is the medium most commonly ignored by elementary art teachers. But your kids deserve to create in three dimensions, and Cassie has some ideas on how to bring some sculptural lessons into your classroom! Listen as she discusses her favorite materials and where to find them, her favorite projects to teach, and why your students love to sculpt. Resources and Links 7 Contemporary Sculptors Your Students Should KnowFrom Trash to TreasuresThe Ultimate Guide to Polymer...


Ep. 87 - A Better Way to Write Sub Plans

We all know that it's easier to go to school sick than it is to write sub plans. And who knows what kind of a sub will even be in your room? Today, Cassie tackles the topic of substitutes and how to prepare for them. Listen as she discusses the two types of sub plans, why you need your specials team on speed dial, and everything you need to put inside your sub tub. Resources and Links 4 Things to Set Your Subs Up for Success8 Sub Stories You Won't BelieveWhat REALLY Happened While You Were...


Ep. 86 - The Best Childrens Books for Art Teaching

Could the most dangerous store for an art teacher to visit actually be the bookstore? For Cassie, it is, and in this episode, she talks about some of her favorite children's books. Listen as she discusses her favorite children's books, her favorite authors, and how she uses books in her classroom. Resources and Links 10 New Books You Need in Your Library5 Ways to Bring Literacy into Your Classroom70 Children's Books About Famous Artists15 Books, 15 Art Lessons


Ep. 85 - Why Not Put Yourself Out There

When opportunities come your way--whether that be presenting, bringing art to your community, sharing lessons, or anything else--should you put yourself out there? Cassie says yes. Listen as she discusses her own story on how and why she started sharing ideas from her art room, how to promote your unique voice, and how presenting can actually improve your teaching. Resources and Links Everything You Want to Know About the National Conference8 Reasons to Attend an Art Ed ConferenceHow to...


Ep. 84 - The Worlds Most Okayest Art Teacher

A lot of days throughout the year, we're just feeling 'okay'. Not great, not amazing, and definitely not comparing well to all of the art teachers you see on social media. But it's okay to be just okay. Listen to Cassie's advice on working through those days, the ways in which you can stay positive, and how you can still provide a positive experience for your kids. Resources and Links The Art Teaching Secret No One Wants to Talk AboutIt Won't Always Be PerfectStaying Passionate About Your...


Ep. 83 - Top 10 Tips for an Amazing Art Show

Art shows are absolutely the most stressful time of the year for art teachers. How can we simplify, and how can we make the art show as effective as it can be? Cassie has some ideas, and she's going to share her top 10 tips in this episode for your art show. Listen as she discusses what has changed in her 15 years of art shows, how to know how much you can handle with your show, and a few interactive ideas that can be implemented with simplicity. Resources and Links Survive Your Art Show...


Ep. 82 - Why Saying No is the Best Answer Yet

For everything you say yes to, you have to say no to something else. What are you willing to give up, and is it worth your students' instructional time? In this episode, Cassie talks about her decision making when it comes to all the extras, including her thoughts on art contests, fundraisers, and what she chooses to do instead in her classroom. Resources and Links Why Saying No More Often Can Make You a Better TeacherMy Art Room is Not a Hallmark StorePlanning the Perfect Art ShowHow to...


Ep. 81 - The Art Teaching Secret No One Wants to Talk About

Every teacher faces feelings of burnout in their teaching career. Why don't we talk about it more? In this episode, Cassie talks about the issues every teacher faces, and how to approach those issues. Listen as she discusses saying no to anything that doesn't benefit your students, the many reasons you might be experiencing burnout, and what you can do about that feeling moving forward. Resources and Links Episode 009--How to Move on From BurnoutCurbing Art Teacher Burnout (PRO Learning...