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Every week, Jessica Dahlquist interviews different moms who share their motherhood journeys and the lessons they've learned along the way. Extraordinary moms are not perfect, but at the root of everything they do is love and an intention to help their kids to develop and thrive in a happy and loving environment. Every mom is welcome here. Let's learn from one another!

Every week, Jessica Dahlquist interviews different moms who share their motherhood journeys and the lessons they've learned along the way. Extraordinary moms are not perfect, but at the root of everything they do is love and an intention to help their kids to develop and thrive in a happy and loving environment. Every mom is welcome here. Let's learn from one another!
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Every week, Jessica Dahlquist interviews different moms who share their motherhood journeys and the lessons they've learned along the way. Extraordinary moms are not perfect, but at the root of everything they do is love and an intention to help their kids to develop and thrive in a happy and loving environment. Every mom is welcome here. Let's learn from one another!




Episode 38: Are you an Angry Mom? with Natalie Hixson

Today my guest is Natalie Hixson. As a mom that struggled with destructive anger herself, Natalie now coaches moms on how to solve their own issues surrounding anger. We're chatting about that journey for her, tips for how YOU can address your own anger, and how we can help our kids deal with their own anger. Anger and lack of patience can be a huge source of shame for moms, so my hope is that you'll feel less alone and have some tools to address this problem. Show Notes:...


Episode 37: What Makes Life Beautiful with Kayti Oldham from the BeYoutyBureau

Today my guest is Kayti Oldham of the BeYOUty Bureau. Kayti is not only an absolute my go-to for beauty advice, makeup tips, product recs, etc... she is a mom of three, wife, and business owner. We're talking today about how life is not always how it seems, how makeup is more than just a tool for looking more put together, and how her postpartum mental health struggles rocked her world. I loved my conversation with her so much and I know you will have a new BFF in Kayti too! Show Notes:...


Episode 36: Wellness from the Inside Out with Lahana

Today my guest is Lahana Vigliano. Lahana started Thrival Nutrition where she helps women to feel their best through health and wellness education and plans. We have a very candid conversation about our changing bodies, what actually helps you get results you want, and more. And we talk about getting your poop tested. Just sayin'! If you've felt stuck or blah lately, this episode is for you! Show Notes: www.thrivalnutrition.com/workwithme www.facebook.com/thrivalnutrition...


Episode 35: Learning to Dance Again with Ashleigh Di Lello

My guest today is Ashleigh Di Lello. She's a professional dancer, mom, wife to her ballroom dancing husband Ryan, finalist on So You Think You Can Dance, and most currently, battling chronic injuries that have kept her in constant pain for years. Today we chat about how her health challenges started in her teenage years, how she got back out on the dance floor, and her history of hip surgeries that left her in constant pain. Her most recent surgery was successful, but she's still in the...


Episode 34: Believing You are the Girl for the Job with Jess Connolly

Jess Connolly has been here before, but today we're talking about her new book, "You are the Girl for the Job." Jess beautifully testifies of her belief that we are all equipped for exactly what God has called us to do. If you need a pep talk and are looking for some encouragement, this is the book for you! Show Notes: https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Girl-Job-Believe/dp/0310352452/ https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/you-are-the-girl-for-the-job-jess-connolly/1129853429#/...


Episode 33: Evolving from Reactive to Responsive Parenting with Andrea Liebross

Andrea Liebross is such an awesome mom and champion of women. She talks about how she helps women to go from reactive to responsive through deep introspection and thought work. There's so many gems in this conversation and I can't wait for you to listen in. Show Notes: Link to website: www.andrealiebross.com Link to schedule a discovery call: https://schedulewithandrealiebross.as.me/discovery30min Today's Show is Sponsored by.... Blume is providing you a clean and safe option for your...

Episode 32: The Healing Power of an Unlikely Friendship with a Homeless Man with Ginger Sprouse

My guest today is Ginger Sprouse. Ginger's motherhood started out just as she had always imagined, but eventually she began to look elsewhere for her fulfillment, and an affair led her to divorce and strained relationships with her kids. She hit rock bottom, but found hope again in the Lord. As you built her faith, she also rebuilt her life. And then one day she met Victor, a homeless man you passed repeatedly on a common street corner. One conversation led to another, then he moved in with...

Episode 32: How to Enter New Seasons with Intention

Today, I’m doing a solo episode sharing about life lately, and five things I’ve learned about transitioning into new seasons with more intention and more joy. If you’re in a new season of life right now, I’m with you. It’s hard. Change is hard. But change can be so refining …

Episode 31: Trying to Grow Your Family After Cancer with Ali Walker

Today my guest is someone who has a truly remarkable story. She has survived cancer, is raising three boys, and now is looking to grow her family through a gestational carrier. Do you know anyone who would be a good fit for Ali's family? Listen in to learn more about her story and if you feel prompted, you can reach out to me and I'll put you in contact with Ali to learn more about what they are looking for and to see if you're a fit. Let's work a miracle in this family's life! Show Notes:...

Episode 30: Three Types of Mothering with Angie Lucas

Today my guest is Angie Lucas. She is an amazing mom of three, who has come into motherhood in three different ways: step-mom, adoptive mom, and biological mom. She never could have predicted her journey, but she also wouldn't trade it. She's learned a lot from each different type of motherhood, but at the core, it's all about love! We also talk about her years of infertility and I know so many of you will relate. Enjoy! Show Notes: Website: angielucas.com Preorder my book: Amazon.com...

Episode 29: International Mothering and Mental Health with Katie Rossler

My guest today is Katie Rossler. Chatting all the way from Germany, Katie is a licensed counselor and mom of 2. She is sharing today about her experience parenting and birthing children in Germany. You'll be shocked by the differences! It'll make you want to move! We also talk about her work as a counselor and the differences culturally over in Europe, as well as breaking down some of my current issues:) She's awesome and you're going to love her. Show Notes: Check her out at:...

Episode 28: Walking with Faith with Emily Norton

Today my guest is the truly extraordinary, Emily Norton. You might have seen the videos of her husband walking across the stage at his college graduation or walking down the aisle to his bride, following a football injury that left him in a wheelchair. My conversation with Emily literally left me with goosebumps as she shared her journey with meeting her husband and helping him rehab to be able to walk those few precious steps. She shares about growing their lives together, fostering 17 kids...

Episode 27: Military Appreciation with Erin Low

Today my guest is military spouse, Erin Low. If I've learned anything from our military experience, it's that when your spouse is in the military, the whole family is in the military. Erin is not only the spouse of military dentist, living all around the world, but also an extraordinary mom! We chat about her military experience, moving to Japan, her parenting philosophy and more! It's an awesome chat and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the families who have dedicated their lives...

Episode 26: Dealing with Childhood Anxiety with Austin

Today I have a very special guest, my son Austin. Austin is a first grader, who experienced a lot of anxiety and separation struggles last year after we moved to a new city mid-year. It was his idea to want to share his experience with getting through that challenging time, because he knows there's lots of other kids experiencing the same thing. And I'll also share my own experience with helping him through that challenging time. Show Notes: Check out these books: Coping Skills for Kids...

Episode 25: Finding Hope in Loss with Sadie Seibt

Today my guest is Sadie Seibt. We are discussing her journey with infertility, loss, military life, and so much more. She is a bright light talking about some hard stuff and I know you will learn so much about the behind the scenes of challenges like these. You're going to love getting to know Sadie today. Show Notes: Find Sadie on Instagram This show is Sponsored by... Wander Beauty is helping busy moms everywhere to simplify their beauty routine. I love their selection of products and the...

Episode 24: Caretaking Vs. Caregiving with Elizabeth Adams

Today my guest is Elizabeth Adams. She is a mom to grow children and now she's in a season where she is caring for her parents and her in-laws. She has learned a lot from the experience and she has written a book to help educate others on caring for loved ones well. Even if you aren't in a season where you are caring for your parents or grandparents, the same principles of showing love and taking care of your own needs still apply. Show Notes: Check out Elizabeth's book "Living with Momma"...

Episode 23: How to Cultivate a Good Life with Becky Proudfit

Today my guest is Becky Proudfit. She is an awesome mom, businesswoman, and podcaster at Cultivate a Good Life. We're talking about what a good life looks like to her in the good times and in the challenging times, and what she's learned about perspective. She has tons of insight and great ideas to share and I'm excited for you to hear from Becky today. Show Notes: Check out Becky on Instagram Check out her podcast Cultivate a Good Life The Podcast we reference is called the Lazy Genius This...

Episode 22: Spending a Life Changing Year on a Sailboat with 5 Kids with Emily Orton

Today's guest is Emily Orton. She is a mom of 5, including a daughter with Down Syndrome, and today we are talking about how their family took off on a sailing adventure from the Caribbean to NY with no previous sailing experience! (other than their prep for this trip). She is adventurous, intentional, and lovely. We also talk about the questions she asks her kids to make sure she's tuned into their individual needs. Check out the questions below! Show Notes: Questions I rotate through and...

Episode 21: An Unexpected Mindfulness Practice with Lisa Funk

Lisa Funk is my guest today and her wisdom and story inspired me beyond expectations. She is an extraordinary mom and business owner who started her Handlettered Design Business as a way to help her rise out of her season of depression and anxiety. What started as a tool for bringing more mindfulness into her life is now serving thousands through her business and her speaking. It's incredible and I can't wait for you to hear from Lisa today! Show Notes: Check out Lisa on Instagram and her...

Episode 20: What I Only Could have Learned from My Mom with Camille Ward

Today my guest is the amazing Camille Ward. Camille is one of the hosts of the awesome podcast Family Looking Up. It's a fun and informative podcast that never disappoints. But today we are getting a behind the scenes look at Camille's childhood and what she learned from caring for her chronically ill mother. It's a powerful episode and I had so many aha moments! She's wise and inspirational and you're going to love this conversation. And here's a picture of her sweet mom! Show Notes: Check...