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We at Family Brand want to raise a war cry to families everywhere. Now is the time to TAKE BACK YOUR FAMILY. Develop a family culture where relationships last, and each member of the family is seen and valued for who they are. It is absolutely possible to raise a family today without fear of the future. Define who you are as a family, and what you stand for. Stop looking at the future with fear and uncertainty and start looking forward with a possibility of more. More love. More joy. More connection. More resolve. The world needs strong families now more than ever. Let us show you how.


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We at Family Brand want to raise a war cry to families everywhere. Now is the time to TAKE BACK YOUR FAMILY. Develop a family culture where relationships last, and each member of the family is seen and valued for who they are. It is absolutely possible to raise a family today without fear of the future. Define who you are as a family, and what you stand for. Stop looking at the future with fear and uncertainty and start looking forward with a possibility of more. More love. More joy. More connection. More resolve. The world needs strong families now more than ever. Let us show you how.




165. Addiction to Freedom: How Kristen Johnson Turned Her Prison Time into a Mission of Hope

Hey, Family Brand community, Chris and Melissa here! This week, we're bringing you a very special episode that's close to our hearts. We're diving into the incredible journey of transformation and hope with a guest who's not just an inspiration to many but also Chris's sister, Kristen Johnson! Kristen's story isn't just about overcoming addiction and her time behind bars; it's a powerful narrative of redemption, resilience, and the profound impact of family and self-belief. From the depths of despair to becoming a beacon of hope for others, Kristen's journey is a testament to the strength that lies in facing our darkest moments with courage and the importance of moving forward, no matter our past mistakes. Her dedication to helping others, through her work with the local substance abuse coalition and initiatives like the newsletter for prisons and rehabs, and being a part of Recovery Angels, showcases the impactful role we can all play in lifting each other up. Join us as we explore Kristen's inspiring story, filled with lessons on love, support, and the power of a second chance. It's a reminder to us all of the transformative power of family and the endless possibilities that come with embracing change and forgiveness. Ready to be inspired? Hit play now and let's embark on this journey together, celebrating hope, growth, and the strength of family bonds. LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links From This Episode: Facebook: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:43 Introduction to Special Guest Kristen Johnson 01:38 Kristen's Journey: From Addiction to Recovery 02:13 The Power of Mindset in Overcoming Challenges 02:51 Kristen's Personal Lessons from Addiction 03:41 The Role of Mental Health in Addiction 04:09 Coping Mechanisms and Strength in Prison 05:03 Letting Go of Guilt and Shame 05:46 The Power of Confrontation and Letting Go 06:02 Facing Additional Prison Time and Finding Hope 07:04 The Courtroom Experience and the Gift of Mercy 09:44 The Impact of Family Support in Recovery 15:28 Kristen's Advocacy and Future Plans 21:10 The Connection Between Broken Families and Incarceration 23:59 The Impact of Addiction on Families 25:48 The Struggles of Homelessness and Addiction 26:23 The Importance of Early Intervention and Education 29:19 The Impact of Addiction on Families and the Community 30:24 The Power of Recovery and Second Chances 33:23 The Role of Family in Addiction Recovery 40:40 The Power of Hope and Possibility in Recovery 43:42 The Importance of Love, Support, and Forgiveness in Recovery 47:10 Final Thoughts: The Urgency of Educating Parents about Fentanyl


164. Transforming Money Mindsets: Rethinking Wealth with Garrett Gunderson

What does your family think about money? This powerful question could be the answer to to shifting your family legacy forever! Today, we're excited to bring you insights from Garrett Gunderson, a close friend and brilliant mind in the realms of wealth creation and preservation! Garrett's journey is not just about accumulating wealth; it's about investing in oneself and understanding the value of money in creating a fulfilling life. Garrett shared the transformative impact of involving his family in his entrepreneurial ventures, highlighting the importance of exposing children to the value creation process. He believes that teaching kids and even ourselves to invest in our passions and interests is crucial. This approach fosters a sense of worth and encourages personal growth beyond just financial gains. One of the most powerful takeaways from our chat was the concept of money being a tool for exchange, not a measure of our value. By shifting the conversation around money from scarcity to abundance, we can inspire our children and ourselves to see money as a byproduct of adding value to the world. Garrett's new children's book, "I Am Money," introduces these concepts in a way that's accessible and engaging for kids, encouraging them to see themselves as valuable beyond their material possessions. It's a must-read for families looking to instill healthy financial habits and a positive mindset about wealth from an early age. We love how Garrett gives families freedom in the journey and helps us all understand that utilizing money effectively is ongoing. It's about progress, not perfection. Let's continue to learn, grow, and support each other in creating a family culture that values personal growth, contribution, and meaningful success. Ready to dive deeper into these insights and learn how to foster a healthy relationship with money in your family? Hit play now and let's invest in ourselves and our families, shaping a future where money serves as a tool for fulfilling our true potential. PS: Don't forget to check out Garrett's book "I Am Money" for a fun and educational read with your kids! Find the link for that and to our Family Brand Course below! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links From This Episode: Garrett's Website: Books by Garrett Gunderson: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:43 Introduction to Guest Garrett Gunderson 01:33 Sharing Personal Experiences and Bonding 01:57 Travel Adventures and Challenges 02:36 Entrepreneurial Mindset and Family Involvement 03:00 Teaching Kids About Money and Value Creation 04:53 Involving Kids in Business and Learning 05:40 Family Meetings and Value Discussions 06:20 Family Values and Rules 07:11 Exposing Kids to Value Creation 08:29 Inviting Kids into Our Lives 14:35 Teaching Kids About Earning Money 20:00 The Impact of Owning More 25:29 Raising Kids with a Healthy Money Mindset 25:46 The Power of Language in Shaping Our Money Mindset 26:43 Reframing Our Questions Around Money 27:00 The Negative Narratives We Hold About Money 27:37 Money as a Byproduct, Not a Measure of Value 28:15 Exploring Our Personal Money Stories 28:48 The Impact of Social Media on Our Perception of Wealth 29:37 Investing in Ourselves: The Ultimate Bet 31:08 The Importance of Asking Better Questions 31:27 Money as a Store of Value, Not a Measure of Worth 33:11 The Power of Investing in Yourself 33:43 The Emotional Charge Around Money 43:36 The Importance of Enjoying the Process, Not Just the Outcome 46:06 Final Thoughts: Progress, Not Perfection


163. Creating a Theme for 2024: Family Habits Drives Success

Hey there, Family Brand community! As we launch into 2024, it feels like the perfect moment for reflection and setting intentions. This time of year is always special for us, filled with celebrations and the chance to reset with purpose. Our family has a unique tradition of choosing a word or phrase that guides us throughout the year, and we're excited to share this year's powerful theme with you: "Get that dog in you." This phrase, which might sound unconventional at first, encapsulates the essence of determination, grit, and tenacity we're embracing for 2024. It's about finding that inner strength and drive to pursue our goals, whether that's excelling in sports, growing our businesses, or simply being more outgoing. Incorporating this theme into our daily lives, we've found playful and meaningful ways to remind each other of our collective and individual commitments. From morning routines that include affirming our phrase, quote, and a supporting scripture to invoking it during moments of hesitation or challenge, it's become a source of motivation and unity for our family. We believe in the power of setting intentions and regularly revisiting them to ensure our energy aligns with our goals. This practice isn't just for us; it's a universal tool that can bring clarity, direction, and a sense of shared purpose to any family. If you're feeling inspired to adopt a similar tradition, remember it's never too late to start. So, as you move forward into this year, we challenge you to ask yourself and your family: Do you have that dog in you? How will you embody your chosen word or theme to not just navigate 2024, but to thrive within it? Hit play and join us as we make 2024 a year of action, growth, and boundless possibility. Remember, you get what you work for, not what you wish for. Let's all get that dog in us! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction and New Year Wishes 01:05 The Importance of New Year Resolutions 01:51 Choosing a Family Word for the Year 02:19 The Power of a Word or Phrase 03:26 Reflecting on the Previous Year 03:33 Setting Goals for the New Year 04:42 The Family Phrase for 2024: 'Get that Dog in You' 05:01 The Importance of Consistency and Repetition 07:13 Creating a Family Identity 09:34 The Power of Language and Identity 10:16 The Power of Consistency 11:35 The Importance of Reminders and Reinforcement 19:06 Conclusion and Final Challenge!


162. Fueling Young Athletes: How Nutrition Can Help Everyone In Your Family Become a Champion with Expert Jill Lane

Hello, Family Brand community! Today, we are thrilled to share with you our conversation with Jill Lane, the founder of Fueling Champions. As a mother of three student-athletes and a seasoned professional in performance nutrition and exercise physiology, Jill's expertise and personal journey offer invaluable lessons for all of us, especially those navigating the world of competitive sports with our children! Jill's story is one of passion and dedication. With over two decades of experience consulting top athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB, as well as Olympic hopefuls, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. But it's her personal journey, from being a high school All-American and semi-pro athlete to a mom of athletic kids, that truly inspired us. In our conversation with Jill we dive into the critical aspect of nutrition in young athletes' lives. It's not just about what they eat, but how they fuel their bodies for both sports and life. Jill highlighted the importance of energy availability and the concept of REDS, offering a fresh perspective on how nutrition impacts not only physical but also cognitive and emotional health! One of the most touching moments of the episode was when Jill shared the concept of 'championing' our children. This goes beyond nutrition; it's about empowering them to reach their full potential while maintaining a balance that nurtures their overall growth. (In or outside of sports!) Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation with Jill Lane. Hit play to join us and explore how her insights can impact your family’s journey in sports and beyond! In the Family Brand community, we are committed to nurturing the potential and championing each family member! If you are interested in building your own “Family Brand” follow the links below! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links From This Episode: Instagram: Free Performance Nutrition Starter Kit for student for Student Athletes and their Families: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction with Special Guest, Jill Lane 01:04 Introducing Jill Lane and Her Work 01:38 The Relevance of Jill's Work to the Hosts 04:39 Jill's Personal Journey as a Student Athlete 05:06 The Birth of Fueling Champions 07:29 The Importance of Knowing Your Goals 09:26 The Role of Parents in Supporting Their Kids 11:05 The Importance of Teaching Kids Responsibility 13:56 The Challenge of Seeing Untapped Potential 16:12 The Role of Championing in Parenting 26:52 The Importance of Championing Others 27:30 The Power of Championing in Personal Growth 28:04 The Role of Parents in Championing Their Children 28:54 Teaching Kids to Ask for Help 30:40 Understanding the Concept of Reds in Sports 33:26 The Impact of Reds on Student Athletes 37:31 The Importance of Proper Fueling for Athletes 40:12 The Role of Food in Performance and Health 45:42 The Power of Noticing How You Feel 47:03 The Impact of Championing on Future Generations


161. Patrick Hardy: Crafting Stories of Acceptance and Understanding in Autism

Autism: A journey often misunderstood and undersupported…this conversation completely changed our outlook! Hello Family Brand community! It's Melissa here, and in this episode, I'm excited to bring you the amazing story of Patrick Hardy. Patrick is a remarkable father, author, illustrator, and a true pioneer in the realm of children's literature about autism. I found his content online by chance, and I am so grateful… His works and message have completely shifted our view on autism and how we can support families that have a child on the spectrum. His journey began in response to a deeply personal challenge: when his son, Sam was diagnosed with autism, Patrick discovered a significant lack of resources in children's books on the subject. This revelation led to the birth of the "My friend Sam" series, a collection of books that not only reflects Patrick's experiences with his son but also serves as a vital tool for families and educators in understanding and embracing the world of autism. With 14 books in French and 11 in English, Patrick has created a universe that resonates with countless families, bridging gaps and building connections. My conversation with Patrick sheds light on the transformative power of storytelling. His approach to writing and illustrating is not just about sharing personal stories; it's about sparking conversations, fostering empathy, and promoting a culture of acceptance. This aligns seamlessly with what we believe here at Family Brand – the importance of understanding and celebrating each family member's unique journey. Today, we dive into how Patrick's work has brought hope and understanding for many families. His journey from being a father grappling with his son's autism diagnosis to becoming an influential author and advocate is a profound example of turning personal experiences into opportunities for wide-reaching impact. Ready to be moved and motivated by Patrick Hardy's incredible journey? Press play now to dive deep into our conversation, and discover how his story can inspire your own family's journey of understanding and acceptance. LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links From This Episode: Patrick's Publishing House: Patrick's Graphic Design Business: Patrick's Art Website: Books- The 'My Friend Sam' series: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction and Meeting Patrick Hardy 02:02 The Beginning of the Conversation 03:39 Patrick's Journey with His Son, Sam 07:38 The Diagnosis and Its Impact 10:12 Sam's Journey with Autism 12:32 Creating Awareness Through Art 16:32 The 'My Friend Sam' Book Series 27:54 The Importance of Inclusion and Understanding 28:25 Sam's Dreams and Goals 37:18 The Importance of Support and Understanding 41:01 Conclusion: The Challenges and Triumphs of Parenting a Child with Autism


160. Building Confident and Connected Families: Brooke Romney's Approach to Teens and Tweens

Hey, Family Brand! Melissa here, and I’m excited to dive into the topic of embracing the wisdom and strength in parenting teenagers with insights from our special guest, Brooke Romney. On our parenting journeys, it's crucial to pause and reflect on the evolving dynamics of raising teens and tweens. Just like looking back at the year gone by helps us learn and grow, understanding our experiences with our teenagers can transform our approach to parenting. In this episode, we're not just chatting about the challenges and triumphs of parenting teenagers; we're setting intentions to enhance our relationships with them for years to come. In this episode, Brooke shares her invaluable experiences as a mother of four boys and a leading voice in parenting teens. Her approach, detailed in her best-selling book "52 Modern Manners for Today’s Teens," and the upcoming "52 Modern Manners for Kids," offers practical and relatable advice for navigating these crucial years! If you need a little encouragement, you’ll love how Brooke explains the strength and resilience that we, as parents, inherently possess. She encourages us to believe in our ability to be the stable foundation our children need, especially during their challenging teenage years​​. She also shares her insights on finding the perfect balance between setting boundaries and offering unconditional love - a balance that is key to fostering a healthy parent-teen relationship​​. We also talk openly about the diverse paths our children might take and the importance of giving them the freedom to choose their own journeys, just as we did​​. Plus, she answers some common parenting questions about challenges and opportunities that technology brings into our parenting equations​​. So, are you ready to deepen your understanding and strengthen your bonds with your teenagers? Hit play now as we share more about our personal insights, Brooke's expert advice, and practical tips to help you and your family navigate the teen years with confidence and connection. LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links From This Episode: Brooke's Website: Brooke on Instagram: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:44 Introduction and Welcome to Special Guest Brooke Romney 00:47 Getting to Know Brooke 01:54 The Importance of Raising Teenagers 02:25 Brooke's Journey to Writing a Book for Teens 02:36 The Challenges of Parenting Teens 05:34 The Importance of Community in Parenting 06:28 Creating a Safe Space for Parents 06:41 The Importance of Being a Friend to Your Teen 11:06 The Challenges and Rewards of Raising Teens 29:21 The Role of Technology in Teen's Lives 34:36 Final Thoughts and Advice for Parents of Teens


159. Strength in Unity: How Jason Khalipa Merges Fitness Goals with Family Values

Hey, Family Brand community! Chris here, ready to fuel your inspiration for 2024 with an incredible episode! I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with Jason Khalipa, a renowned fitness guru and a devoted family man, who shared his unique perspective on blending fitness discipline with family values. Jason and I have crossed paths in the fitness world, and his approach to integrating fitness with family life really struck a chord with me. His concept of 'micro check-ins' in both fitness and family realms aligns perfectly with the essence of what we stand for at Family Brand. It’s about consistently aligning our actions with our family goals, making sure we’re not just drifting through life but living it with purpose and connection. In our chat, Jason opened up about his family's journey, particularly through his daughter's diagnosis with Leukemia in 2016 and how they overcame together. His story is a powerful showcase of resilience and unity, reflecting our belief at Family Brand that a family's strength is measured not only in good times but more so in how they navigate life's storms together. What really resonated with me was Jason's philosophy of exposing children to challenges in safe environments, like sports and competition to foster resilience. This mirrors our mission at Family Brand to raise confident, resilient kids who are ready for whatever life throws their way. As we gear up for 2024, Jason's insights offer a powerful nudge towards being more present and engaged in all facets of our lives. From tackling a fitness routine, and enjoying family time, to embarking on new business ventures, it's all about full engagement and commitment. Hit play now to join the conversation! Here's to making 2024 a year of growth, resilience, and joyful family moments! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links From This Episode: Jason Khalipa Website: Jason Khalipa Newsletter: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction and Welcome to Special Guest, Jason Khalipa 01:03 Guest's Background and Passion for Fitness 01:29 Importance of Family and Fear of Missing Out 02:13 The Concept of Micro Check-ins 03:50 Reflections on Parenting and Personal Growth 04:35 Guest's Professional Journey and Achievements 05:24 Discussion on Playing to Win in Life 07:06 Guest's Personal Story of Daughter's Leukemia Diagnosis 10:46 The Power of Decision and Commitment 16:11 The Importance of Exposing Children to Hard Things 18:12 The Importance of Self-Identity and Leadership 19:06 The Role of Fitness in Building Character 26:53 The Power of Positive Self-Talk and Encouragement 31:48 The Impact of Parental Influence on Children's Development 32:11 The Concept of 'As Many Reps As Possible' in Life 34:57 The Khalipa Family's Legacy: Dependability and Action


158. How to Make 2024 Your Family's Best Year Ever

Hey there, Chris and Melissa here! Today, we're diving into a topic that’s not only timely but transformative - making 2024 the best year yet for your family! As we bid farewell to the year 2023, it is an opportune moment to look back and reflect on the lessons and successes we have experienced throughout the year. As individuals and as a family, we have had many moments of joy and gained wisdom from our experiences. This reflection should not merely be a retrospective exercise; rather, it should be a springboard for setting powerful intentions for the year ahead! This year, we are taking this approach to the next level and bring you along for the ride! We are excited to share that we will be hosting our first-ever virtual date night on December 29th~ This event is not just any ordinary occasion but a groundbreaking, fun, and interactive experience designed to bring families together from all over the world. Whether you are married, single, or somewhere in between, this date night is an opportunity for everyone to plan and dream for the upcoming year! During our virtual date night, we will help you reflect on your goals, set intentions, and create structures to maintain momentum throughout the year 2024. This approach is designed to be inclusive, allowing everyone (at any age) in your family to share their aspirations and challenges, making it a collective journey toward growth and connection~ This process is more than just a one-time event. It's a way to embed intentionality and purpose into your family's daily life. By participating, you'll set the tone for a year of shared goals, dreams, and adventures. It's about making every moment count and ensuring that as a family, you're growing together intentionally, rather than drifting apart accidentally. So, are you ready to make 2024 a standout year for your family? Join us on this exciting journey. Register at and be part of this transformative experience. Let's make 2024 a year of unforgettable stories, lessons learned, and dreams realized! So what are you waiting for? Hit play now to explore this topic further. We share more about our personal experiences, insights, and practical tips to help you and your family embark on this rewarding journey. Here's to making 2024 your family's best year ever! LINKS: Links From This Episode: Free Virtual Date Night Registration: Year End Printables: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction to Making 2024 Your Family’s Best Year Ever! 01:34 Reflecting on the Past Year 03:36 Introducing the Virtual Date Night 04:41 Benefits of Participating in the Virtual Date Night 06:33 Discussing the Importance of Family Development 11:52 How to Prepare for the Virtual Date Night


157. Elevating Every Day: The Power of Hal Elrod's 'Miracle Morning'

In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Hal Elrod, author of the world-famous book "The Miracle Morning." This year we had the opportunity to meet Hal and his wife, Ursula, and take them through our Family Brand Program! We had to have him on the show because we believe Hal's insights are more than just enlightening; they're potentially life-altering. Hal’s journey of personal growth over the years inspired him to infuse the new edition of his book with enriched insights and refined techniques. This revamped version isn't just for newcomers to self-improvement; it also offers advanced strategies for those well-versed in personal development! In other words, even if you are familiar with Hal’s work, this is a must listen! In his words, the heart of "The Miracle Morning" is to uplift human consciousness, morning by morning. The routine comprises six of the best personal development activities in history. Even some of the most famous people use this method daily to achieve new levels! Throughout our conversation, Hal opened up about how the "Miracle Morning" routine has positively influenced his family dynamics. He acknowledged that not every family member might be enthusiastic about early mornings at first but after a few times, everyone will feel the transformation. A highlight of our talk was how Hal's own experience battling cancer and overcoming with the principles he teaches in the book. He attributed his successful fight and recovery to the strength of affirmations and his unwavering commitment to his health and family. This powerful testament to the effectiveness of "The Miracle Morning" practices, especially under extreme adversity, was both heartwarming and inspiring! Imagine greeting each new day not just with a routine but with a ritual that transforms your mornings into a launchpad for success and happiness! If you are ready to redefine your life and family purpose in 2024, dive into Hal’s wisdom and let it inspire positive change in your family. Don't just read – hit play and immerse yourself in our transformative conversation! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links From This Episode: Website: Book: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Meet Hal Elrod: Transforming Lives with 'The Miracle Morning' 01:12 How Family Brand Has Influenced Hal Elrod's Inspiring Journey 01:43 Unveiling 'The Miracle Morning': Hal's Revolutionary Book 02:07 Revamping 'The Miracle Morning': Why Hal Updated His Masterpiece 03:05 'The Miracle Morning' Unpacked: Elevating Lives, One Morning at a Time 03:29 'The Miracle Morning' Evolves: Hal's Enhanced Vision for Morning Routines 05:05 The Art of Never-Ending Self-Improvement with Hal Elrod 05:37 Exploring the Universal Quest for Purpose in Life 07:41 'The Miracle Morning' Condensed: Six Minutes to Transform Your Day 09:03 Six Powerful Practices: The Core of 'The Miracle Morning' 14:32 Hal Elrod's Brave Battle with Cancer 15:43 Harnessing Affirmations: Hal's Key to Overcoming Life's Toughest Challenges 18:25 Triumph Over Cancer: Hal Elrod's Journey of Transformation 18:38 Faith and Wholeness: Hal's Approach to Beating Cancer 19:24 Mastering Your Destiny: Hal's Philosophy on Life's Ownership 20:10 'The Miracle Morning': More Than a Routine, a Lifesaver 22:52 Transforming Family Life with 'The Miracle Morning' 24:17 The Birth and Growth of 'The Miracle Morning' 32:17 Elevating Consciousness: 'The Miracle Morning' as a Beacon for Change 34:25 Join the 'Miracle Morning' Movement: Hal's Call to Transform Lives


156. How to Integrate & Unify Family and Work Life with Family Retreats, with guests Jake and Danielle Larsen

Hey, Family Brand community! Melissa here with an episode to kickstart your 2024 planning and goal-setting as a family! In today's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jake and Danielle Larsen, a dynamic duo who shared their unique approach to unifying family and work life. Jake and Danielle have been friends for several years, and they introduced us to the idea of holding a "family retreat," and we had to have them on the show to share. If you're wondering, wait. Is this different from a vacation? The answer is yes, but it can still be fun for the whole family! On today's show, they opened up about their journey of balancing family growth with business expansion and the importance of these family retreats! Throughout our conversation, they highlighted how these retreats have helped them set individual and family goals, addressing the six crucial aspects of life for the Larsen Family Brand. They call this the “6 F’s” in life: faith, family, fitness, finance, friends, and fun. This keeps goal setting simple and focused on their overall family mission! One key takeaway from this episode is the significance of calendar syncing in family life. Jake and Danielle stressed the importance of making intentional plans and setting time aside for family activities and personal goals, ensuring that everyone in the family is on the same page. Their story is not just about goal-setting; it's a testament to the power of intentional living and the impact it can have on family unity and personal fulfillment. As we look towards 2024, let their insights inspire you to bring more intention and unity to your family life. Don't just take my word for it – hit play to hear the full conversation and discover how you can integrate these practices into your family's life! Links From Episode: Jake on LinkedIn: Website: LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introducing Jake and Danielle Larsen: Insightful background on our guests, highlighting their unique family dynamics and experiences. 01:10 Exploring Family Retreats: Unveiling the concept of family retreats as a tool for deeper family bonding and goal setting. 01:27 Getting to Know the Larsens: Personal stories and experiences from Jake and Danielle, offering a glimpse into their family life. 02:54 The Genesis of Family Retreats: Discovering the origins and motivations behind the Larsens' adoption of family retreats. 05:15 Family Retreats in Practice: A step-by-step guide on planning and executing effective family retreats. 20:51 Engaging Kids in Retreats: Strategies for involving children in family retreats, ensuring an inclusive and enriching experience for all ages. 24:44 Tips for Family Retreat Success: Practical advice for families considering implementing retreats, with emphasis on common challenges and solutions.


155. The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself

Hey there, Family Brand community! It's Melissa, and in today’s podcast, I'm taking you through a journey that's close to my heart – the transformative power of journaling! Even if you’re not a “writer” or journaling hasn’t been your thing in the past I want encourage you to still give this episode a shot because after nearly two decades of absence, I've recently rediscovered this practice and it's become a cherished ritual and I see how it can be the absolute best gift you can give your self! Whether it's free writing to unpack the day’s thoughts, dissecting specific challenges, aligning our introspection with the lunar phases, or diving into deeper spiritual connections – each aspect of journaling serves a unique purpose. It's not just about jotting down thoughts; it's about exploring our inner world and making sense of our experiences. This practice has been particularly impactful for me as a busy mom. In daily life, journaling has become like a little sanctuary! It's a space where I can pause, reflect, and connect with myself on a deeper level. By regularly setting aside time to journal, I've gained clarity on my goals, challenges, and the small joys of everyday life. It's a practice that keeps me grounded and aligned with my true self. As the holiday season approaches, I encourage each of you to explore the world of journaling. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – providing clarity, peace, and a sense of direction. Whether it's for a few minutes each day or a longer session each week, it’s an opportunity to slow down, reflect on your journey, and plan for the future with intention and purpose. To learn more about the art of journaling and discover more ways it can enrich your life and strengthen your family bond, hit play now! I share more personal stories, insights, and practical tips that will inspire you to start your own journaling journey. LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction to this episode on journaling as a personal gift 03:00 Reflecting on the beginnings of Melissa's journaling journey 05:00 5 different journaling techniques to enhance your experience 08:00 Insights into journaling during challenging times 10:00 The role of journaling in setting intentions and letting go 12:00 Using journaling to connect with one's higher self or spiritual beliefs 14:00 The authenticity in journaling, capturing real emotions, and life experiences 16:00 Concluding thoughts on the benefits of journaling and how to start your own journal


154. The Gift of Connection: A Family's Guide to a Mindful Holiday Season

Welcome back! In this episode, we give you some practical ideas on how to maintain peace and connection through the holiday season, a time that, ironically, often becomes the most stressful period of the year for most families! For us, our holiday seasons used to leave us feeling spread thin and overwhelmed.. This led us to start asking the pivotal question: "Does it promote peace?" This became our guiding principle for the holidays, helping us navigate invitations and commitments by saying yes to less. It’s been a game-changer in the Smith house and we wanted to break it down for you here on the podcast. We discuss the importance of being present and intentional with our kids during this time of year. It's easy to get caught up in the flurry of activities and forget that what our children often desire most is quality time with us. This realization prompted us to rethink how we approach gift-giving, striving for meaningful and intentional choices rather than succumbing to the pressure of extravagant spending. We not only want to be more intentional with each other, but we want to go out and serve others. Engaging in acts of service not only adds some special magic in our holiday experience but also teaches valuable lessons to our children and creates lasting memories! So, as we head into this holiday season, we encourage you to ask yourself: "What do we want to create this holiday season?" Reflect on how you're spending your time, the commitments you're making, and the gifts you're choosing. Remember, the greatest gift you can offer is your presence and connection. For more insights on how to navigate the holiday season with peace and intention, hit play now to hear the full conversation! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Minute By Minute: 00:44 Introduction and New Studio Setup 01:32 Maintaining Peace and Connection During Holidays 02:42 The Importance of Saying 'No' and Prioritizing Peace 03:01 Reflecting on Recent Family Activities and the Need for Balance 03:57 The Power of Saying 'No' and Warren Buffett's Wisdom 04:47 What Kids Really Want During the Holidays 05:19 Being Present and Intentional During the Holidays 07:30 Planning for the Holiday Season as a Family 08:25 Rethinking Gift-Giving and Financial Stress During Holidays 10:32 The Lasting Impact of Experiences and Time Spent Together 12:46 The Role of Service in Making Holidays Meaningful 13:49 Conclusion and Holiday Wishes


153. Goal-Setting Redefined: Michael Hyatt's Path to Your Best Year

Hey there, Family Brand community! Chris here and in this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Hyatt, a renowned expert in goal setting and achievement, not to mention his best-selling books and online programs that have impacted millions around the world! Michael is our first-ever repeat guest, so you might remember him from episode 120! We are excited to have him on the show because his book "Your Best Year Ever" has officially now been relaunched with updated content and is full of wisdom on setting and achieving meaningful goals. He gives this just a taste of what’s inside, so if you want to be a more intentional leader or if you’re a family-minded entrepreneur, this episode is perfect for you! A key takeaway from this episode is the importance of the transformation of limiting beliefs into empowering truths. Michael advocates that the words we utter are not merely statements but the architects of our future. By shifting our narrative from "I can't" to "I am committed," we change course towards a realm of limitless potential! If you’ve been listening to the show for long, you know we believe this as well! Michael's SMARTER framework for goal setting, an enhanced version of the traditional SMART model, emphasizes making goals risky, exciting, and relevant. This approach encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, fostering an environment where real growth and transformation can occur. In our chat we brought to light the significance of defining what winning looks like in our lives and for our families. It's a concept that extends to all areas - marriages, families, and professional goals. This idea isn't just about listing out objectives; it's about crafting a vision for our lives that is both inspiring and motivating, a vision that guides our every step. We know you are going to love it! Hit play to enjoy the full conversation with Michael Hyatt! Follow the links below to get your copy of his new book, and mark your calendar for the all-day event that promises to be a catalyst for an extraordinary year! (Hear more about the event in the full episode!) LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links from this Episode: Book - “Your Best Year Ever”: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:43 Introduction to today’s episode, welcoming back special guest, Michael Hyatt 02:17 Michael dives into the reasoning behind re-releasing his book, “Your Best Year Ever” 03:46 Michael talks about what he is known for in the world of business 05:10 Goal setting and how it became a passion for Michael 06:30 Turning Michael’s gift for goal setting into a video course 08:07 Gain access to a special opportunity with the purchase of Michael’s book! 09:39 Why do people have negative connotations and pressure around goal setting? 13:25 Michael dives into the first section of his book on believing the possibility 15:56 The power of writing down your limiting beliefs in a journal 16:53 Taking your limiting beliefs and transforming them into liberating truths 20:00 Pushing out of our comfort zones to experience breakthrough 22:39 Michael talks about the second section of his book about completing the past 26:41 How living in the past can limit yourself for the future 29:54 Performance management leads to squashes freedom in the possibility 31:24 Michael dives into how the goal-setting process is so vital for healthy families 33:24 Micheal’s idea behind the SMARTER framework 37:48 The difference between a project and a goal and the excitement you should have for a goal 41:40 Michael talks about what it looks like to “win” in life 46:00 The importance of having someone who speaks...


152. Harnessing the Power of Play: Brad Pedersen’s Blueprint for Business and Family

In this episode of the Family Brand Podcast, we're thrilled to share with you an insightful conversation with Brad Pedersen, the co-founder of the beloved children’s entertainment company Basic Fun and author of “Startup Santa”. Brad takes us through his entrepreneurial journey in toys and making his first sale. In time, what began as a few simple mall kiosks grew into a large distribution company that eventually evolved into a maker of toys, generating more than $100 million in annual revenue. How did he overcome countless adversities to build a thriving children’s entertainment company—that delivered joy, created smiles, and distributed millions of playthings around the planet? Through the power of play. In "Startup Santa", Brad takes us on an astounding adventure in this “how-to” guide like no other, exploring entrepreneurship through eleven key lessons derived from iconic toys. From the action-packed world of G.I. Joe to the whirls of the Hula-Hoop, these icons will rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit and remind you of the power of play in how we approach life and business with every ounce of the curiosity, creativity, and courage that we’re all born with. Whether scaling your business or seeking to inspire more connection within your family, this episode is packed full of invaluable insights. Brad's experiences go beyond just building a successful company; they're about fostering a culture of fun and creativity that can unite a family. Ready to dive in and learn more? Hit play to hear the full conversation to reconnect with your inner child, reignite your imagination to grow your business to new heights, and learn the surprising lessons taught by toys! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links from this Episode: Book- "Startup Santa" by Brad Pedersen: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction to our conversation with Brad Peterson, talking about his book, “Startup Santa” 01:36 Brad talks about his childhood and his journey getting into the toy industry 03:25 Brad shares his early passion for entrepreneurship and his first business in woodcutting 05:25 Brad gives up chiropractic school to buy and sell toys 06:49 The importance of kids being playful and fostering their curiosity 09:24 The power of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible 11:07 Brad talks about starting his first toy company and the journey to where he is now 13:32 Brad shares how success is forged out of hard times 19:18 Brad dives into the meaning of his book, “Startup Santa” 23:04 Brad shares why he chose to use this title for his book 24:38 A principle from the book that benefits the family 28:04 Brad shares what his weekly family check ins look like 32:22 It’s never too late to make significant connection with your kids 33:37 Brad shares a recent epiphany on kids and what they need from you 40:01 The key to creating magical memories as a family 42:56 Brad shares his favorite toy that he ever sold and some final thoughts


151. Transforming Extended Family Relationships: Creating Better Family Culture For Everyone with guest Matt Herrington

In this episode of the Family Brand Podcast, we're tackling a topic that's especially relevant as the holidays draw near: navigating family dynamics and creating a thriving space for all family members despite their differences. In this episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from Matt, a people development specialist with a rich background in studying organizational health and culture. Matt grew up in a large family on a farm in southern Arizona, and his passion for human connection has been a driving force in his life and career. Now, as a father of three (with one more on the way!) and a husband to his lovely wife Kelsey, Matt is taking his expertise to the next level by helping individuals and organizations unlock their potential through identity-driven leadership and language. As the holidays approach, many of us may be feeling a sense of dread or worry about upcoming family gatherings. Will old tensions resurface? Will differing opinions lead to a blow-up? Matt knows these feelings all too well, and in this episode, he opens up about his own experiences with extended family dynamics and shares how he decided to address these challenges head-on. Through his work with Chris and The Campfire Effect, Matt has gained valuable insights into the power of language and leadership in shaping healthy, thriving relationships. He believes that by creating a space where family members feel seen, heard, and valued, we can foster a sense of belonging and connection that transcends our differences. So, if you're looking for ways to navigate the complexities of family life and create a harmonious environment this holiday season, you won't want to miss this episode. Matt's story is a testament to the transformative power of intentional communication and leadership, and his practical tips and strategies are sure to leave you feeling inspired and equipped to handle whatever family gatherings come your way. Ready to dive in and learn more? Hit play to hear the full conversation and discover how you can create a space where every family member can thrive. Trust us, this is one episode you won't want to miss! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Links from this Episode: Finding Identity Through Navigating A Faith Crisis with Thomas McConkie: The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups: LinkedIn: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction to the show and special guest, Matt Herrington 02:04 Matt shares more about himself and his passion for family culture 03:33 Matt talks about a family experiment that his extended family tried recently 06:34 The moment Matt realized that their needed to be a shift in the family 08:35 Matt talks about how his family agreed to growing in connection with each other 11:36 Matt talks about the boxes of identity that we put each other in and how to eliminate them 12:38 The importance of family agreeing on what they should be known for 13:54 Learning how to push past judgment and learning to love, even when you don't agree 18:32 Advice to those who are wanting to experience deeper connection with their family 19:46 How to follow Matt and learn more about improving your culture in business and in life 20:09 Matt talks about Culture Operating System and what they are achieving


150. Celebrating Dia de los Muertos: A Journey into Family Heritage

Hey there, Family Brand community! Chris and Melissa here. As the leaves change and the crisp autumn air sets in, we're gearing up for one of our cherished family traditions. It's a heartwarming ritual that has deepened our connection to our roots and given us a beautiful way to honor and celebrate our lineage. For our long-time listeners, you might recall us diving into this topic around the same time last year. But if you're just joining our Family Brand journey, you're in for a treat! We're excited to share this tradition with you and hope it sparks joy and lasting memories for your family as it has for ours. Our introduction to this beautiful tradition came through a dear friend in Arizona. We were fortunate to be invited to their celebration, where we not only learned about their family's rich history but also delved deeper into our own. If you've been with us for a while, you know how passionately we believe in the importance of belonging and identity. Research has consistently shown the profound impact of knowing one's ancestors and the strength and resilience we can draw from their stories. In this episode, we'll walk you through how we celebrate our lineage, the joy of uncovering family stories, and the ways we honor our ancestors throughout the year. We'll share our top tips on diving into your family's past and how to host a “Dia De Los Muertos” gathering that will have your kids eagerly exploring their heritage. This tradition has not only connected us to distant relatives but has also brought us closer to the stories of our parents and grandparents, reinforcing our family bonds. We truly hope this episode ignites a curiosity in you to explore your family's history and embrace the pride that comes with knowing your roots. And if you're inspired to start this tradition in your own family, do share your celebrations with us on Instagram @ourfamilybrand. We'd love to join in the festivities with you! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction to the show and the importance of Dia de los Muertos for our family 03:14 The power of researching and finding your family heritage 04:33 The ancient history of Dia De Los Muertos and how our family celebrates it 06:58 The example of Disney’s movie, CoCo and what we can learn from it 08:41 Why this is more than just another party and inviting your kids into the process 10:53 Party inspiration and tips that you can replicate! 11:50 A few recipes we made and the inspirations behind them 12:46 The importance of sharing photos and memories 14:05 How you can start learning more about your history today 15:09 Closing thoughts and tips for your Dia de los Muertos party!


149. The Surprising Things You Learn From a Family Personality Test

Hey, Family Brand community! Today we're diving deep into a topic that's been on our mind for a while: the power of personality tests in strengthening family bonds. Now, I know what you're thinking. Personality tests? Really? But hear me out. Chris and I have been exploring various personality assessments, and the insights we've gained have been nothing short of transformative for our family dynamics. We've all seen those quizzes and tests floating around the internet, claiming to reveal our deepest traits and tendencies. While we're by no means experts in the field, we've found a couple that have truly resonated with us. But here's the catch: it's not about boxing ourselves into a specific category or letting a test define us. Instead, it's about understanding our strengths, acknowledging our shadows, and using that knowledge to foster deeper connections with our kids. The Enneagram has been a game-changer for our family. From our first introduction by a dear friend to hearing the creator, Ian Morgan Kroms, speak about it, we've been captivated. The Enneagram doesn't just label you with a number; it delves into your core motivations and offers insights into how you can thrive. Recognizing these traits has allowed us to appreciate our differences and leverage our strengths in our relationship. But it's not just about us. We've introduced our three oldest kids to the StrengthsFinder assessment, and the results have been eye-opening. It's given us a window into their unique strengths and how they view the world. For example, discovering that competition is a driving force for Chris, Tate, and Tanner has helped us approach family games with a new perspective. Instead of potential conflict, we see an opportunity for growth and understanding. The overarching lesson here? It's not about the tests themselves, but the self-awareness and understanding they bring. As parents, one of our greatest responsibilities is to help our children discover their innate gifts and talents. By leaning into our strengths and embracing our unique qualities, we can create a family environment where everyone thrives. So, whether you're a skeptic or a personality test enthusiast, I encourage you to give it a try. Dive deep, explore, and let the journey of self-discovery strengthen your family bonds. P.S: Hit play to hear our full conversation and check out the links below to find all the tests you can take together today! LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Links: Book- 'The Story of You: An Enneagram Journey to Becoming Your True Self' by Ian Morgan Cron: Strengths Finder Test: Enneagram Test: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction to today’s conversation all on the benefits of personality tests for the family 01:12 The caution behind personality tests is to not let the results define who you are 02:37 Learning how to become aware that you think differently than other people is powerful 04:09 Melissa talks about the Enneagram, what it is, and why they like it 05:42 Melissa talks about the rating system of the Enneagram 07:47 Chris talks about another personality assessment by Gallup 10:00 Learning to lean into your strengths to improve your weak areas 12:00 How much time are we spending understanding who we are and our gifts? 13:26 How personality tests are a great way to better prepare our kids for the future 15:09 We obsess more about our weaknesses...


148. The Power of Commitment: How Our Family Embraced Chris's Bodybuilding Challenge

Hey, Family Brand community! Today, we're diving into a topic that might seem a little off the beaten path for our podcast, but trust me, it's deeply intertwined with our core values. We’re talking about Chris's recent journey into the world of bodybuilding. Now, I know what you're thinking. Bodybuilding? How does that fit into the Family Brand concept? Well, as Chris and I delved deeper into his journey, it became clear that this wasn't just about flexing muscles; it was about commitment, discipline, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Chris's fascination with health and fitness began in high school, sparked by weightlifting sessions with his older brother. Over the years, this interest evolved, encompassing not just strength and fitness, but also nutrition, holistic health, and overall well-being. And while Chris had always toyed with the idea of participating in a bodybuilding competition, it remained just that—an idea. That is until he was challenged to set a date and commit. Commitment. That's the first lesson here. It's one thing to talk about our dreams and another to actively pursue them. Chris's decision to compete wasn't just about showcasing his physique; it was a testament to the power of setting a goal and seeing it through. And in true Family Brand fashion, this journey became a family affair. From meal preps to gym sessions, we were all in it together. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. There were moments of doubt, days when the rigorous training and strict diet seemed too daunting. Yet, Chris drew strength from various sources—memories of his late brother Scott, who ignited his passion for fitness, and his nephew Bradley, with whom he shared countless conversations about health. Their spirits were a guiding force, reminding Chris of the bigger picture. Another key takeaway? The importance of accountability. By sharing his goal with family, friends, and even our podcast community, Chris created a network of supporters who held him to his word. It's a strategy we often discuss on the show—when you vocalize your intentions, you're more likely to follow through. And while Chris has decided not to compete again, this experience has ignited a new passion. He's now on a mission to explore the limits of his body, combining strength training with running—a combination he's never tried before. It's a reminder that our journeys are ever-evolving, and there's always a new challenge waiting around the corner. P.S: For those curious to see Chris's transformation, head over to his Instagram @ChrisCarterSmith to witness the culmination of months of hard work. And if you're inspired by his story, remember, it's never too late to chase your dreams. Hit play to hear our full conversation and discover the lessons we've learned along the way. LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! Episode Links: Chris on Instagram: Book- 'Mind Your Mindset' by Michael Hyatt: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction to today’s episode and celebrating Chris’s most recent accomplishment 01:21 Chris talks about his passion for fitness and strength 03:29 Through Chris’s client, Optimal Health Systems peaked his interest for bodybuilding 06:38 Chris talks about commitment and what we are really being committed to 08:37 Are we capable of doing hard things? 10:58 Chris talks about pushing through doubt and wanting to quit training 12:58 The mindset behind Chris making the decision to start bodybuilding 14:12 The lies and...


147. Balancing Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, and Gaming with Graeme Barlow [Part Two]

Hey, Family Brand community! Melissa here. I'm back with another enlightening chat with Graeme Barlow. If you caught our last episode, you know we delved deep into the world of gaming, entrepreneurship, and parenthood. But after hitting the stop button, our conversation took an even more intriguing turn, and I just had to hit record again. Graeme and I found ourselves in the midst of a candid chat about the potential benefits of gaming for kids. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I've had my reservations about gaming. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with a controller in hand, or perhaps it's those age-old parental fears about screen time. But Graeme opened my eyes to a different perspective. He passionately spoke about how gaming, when approached correctly, can be a powerful educational tool. Think about it: games often involve strategy, resource management, and teamwork. Graeme even shared how his early experiences in World of Warcraft taught him about leadership and team dynamics. And let's not forget about the economics of in-game currency and trading. It's like a crash course in real-world skills, all wrapped up in a digital package. But it's not all rainbows and power-ups. Like anything, there are potential pitfalls. Graeme emphasized the importance of understanding the gaming communities our kids are diving into. Are they positive and welcoming? Or are they rife with toxicity? It's crucial for parents to be aware and to set boundaries where needed. One piece of advice that really resonated with me was Graeme's suggestion to play games alongside our kids. Not only does this provide a safety net, but it also offers a unique bonding opportunity. Imagine navigating digital worlds together, learning, and growing as a team. It's a perspective shift, for sure. To all the parents out there, before you dismiss gaming as just another distraction, take a moment to see the potential. Dive into the digital realm with your kids, and you might just discover a treasure trove of learning and bonding opportunities. And if you're curious to hear more about our chat and the insights Graeme shared, hit play to hear our full conversation! Dive into this digital dialogue with us. LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE: Instagram: Press Kit: Iversoft: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction to part two of our interview with Graeme Barlow on the benefits of gaming 01:39 Graeme breaks down the benefits of gaming for kids who learn or are motivated differently 03:23 Gaming introduced Graeme to mathematical skills and team management 05:50 Graeme’s advice to the parents who are against having gaming in the home 08:32 How to embrace the digital world and find the right tools to help grow your kids 10:32 Graeme talks about gaming communities and finding the right ones for kids 13:00 The best way to understand a game as a parent is to play it with them first 15:52 How gaming brings togetherness as a family, even remotely 17:17 Graeme gives his recommendations for gaming systems and games for families


146. Balancing Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, and Gaming with Graeme Barlow [Part One]

Hey, Family Brand community! Melissa here. Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with Graeme Barlow, a dynamic entrepreneur who's been in the game (literally and figuratively) since he was 10 years old. Our conversation took a deep dive into balancing parenthood, entrepreneurship, and yes, even gaming. Graeme and I first connected through a coaching program with Dan Martell. After hearing Graeme's passionate speech about podcasting, I knew he had valuable insights to share with all of you. And boy, did he deliver! We started off reminiscing about our younger days. For Graeme, online gaming wasn't just a hobby; it was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. By the age of 16, he'd built and sold a business centered around online gaming. It's a testament to the unexpected places passion can lead you. And for all the parents out there, it's a reminder that sometimes our kids' hobbies can turn into valuable life lessons. Graeme's journey didn't stop there. He went on to build and sell a game development company, invest in early-stage businesses, and eventually join Iversoft, a software development company. Under his leadership, Iversoft has grown from a team of seven to over 50, with revenues nearing 10 million this year. Impressive, right? But what truly caught my attention was Iversoft's unique approach to work culture. In a world where the traditional 9-to-5 is the norm, Iversoft has embraced a four-day work week. This isn't about cutting corners or reducing productivity. It's about recognizing the value of flexibility, especially for parents. By defining core operating hours from 10 AM to 3 PM, Monday to Thursday, they've given their team the freedom to balance work with family life. And the results? Happier, more productive employees and a company that's thriving. Graeme's story is a testament to the power of reimagining the way we work. It's about challenging the status quo, recognizing the value of flexibility, and putting people first. If you're curious to hear more about Graeme's journey and insights, hit play to hear our full conversation! Don't miss out on this enlightening chat. P.S: To all the parents out there, next time your kid is deep into their gaming session, maybe, just maybe, they're onto something big. 😉 LINKS: Website: Social: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family? Take the Quiz Now! LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE: Instagram: Press Kit: Iversoft: Episode Minute By Minute: 00:42 Introduction to special guest Graeme Barlow, an entrepreneur in gaming and software 02:57 Graeme’s backstory of becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 10 04:20 Graeme’s journey of building gaming businesses and selling them over the years 07:51 How gaming has so much potential for social connection and learning if done right 09:25 A look into Graeme’s company, Iversoft 10:54 Find out how Iversoft came to the decision to have 4 day work weeks 15:26 How to experiment in news ways as a entrepreneur and business owner 17:32 Having flexibility in your work schedule can massively make a good impact on productivity 19:45 Graeme’s tips for going to a four day schedule instead of 5 day schedule 22:25 How to connect with Graeme to chat about tech or software development 23:52 The challenges that come when being a parent and an entrepreneur 25:00 Melissa talks about how their parenting has evolved over the years 27:22 The value of perspective and patience as a parent