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Stories Best Told By Those Who Lived Them






Gilligan’s Dream by Dreama Denver FS EP132

Dreama is best known as the wife of Bob Denver, you know, Gilligan, the loveable character from the series, “Gilligan’s Island.” She is an actress in her own right on stage and screen, an author, and the owner of a radio station with a delightful name, “Little Buddy Radio.” Dreama lived 30 wonderful years with the love of her life, Bob, before he passed away in 2005. Yet, her story is far from a fairytale life. Their son, Colin, was born with severe autism. Bob and Dreama made the decision...


“SO Mad at God” Jeff Bardel FS EP131

An 18 year old high school graduate is working in a glass factor to earn money for college. He's excitedly looking forward to playing baseball in college. Then, tragically, his throwing arm is ripped off above the elbow in an industrial accident. The boy that others thought was a real Christian now wanted nothing to do with God. His anger, bitterness and depression led him to tell God, "You go Your way and I'll go mine," and he meant it. Listen as Jeff tells his story.


Fear and Anger or Peace and Joy with Tony Cooke FS EP 130

Two emotions, fear and anger, have been running rampant across our nation. For some, fear has turned to panic, and anger has turned to rage. For others it has led to disappointment, depression, and a sense of hopelessness. And more than a few are simply confused. This podcast is not an analysis of politics in America. It’s not about who is right or who is wrong. It’s about clear perspective and walking with peace and joy while storms rage. Tony uses the story of the Apostle Paul when he...


Scott Kays, Year End Money Matters FS EP 129

Listen as Scott Kays gives financial insights for the coming year. Scott, a registered Financial Advisor, is Founder and Financial Managing Principal of Kays Financial Advisory Corp. For over 35 years he has managed hundreds of millions of dollars. Equally as important, he is a strong believer with a clear biblical view of financial issues.


Randy Bird, A Most Unusual Cowboy FS EP 128

Randy runs his ranch from the back of a horse and makes some the most beautiful saddles in the world. Nothing unusual about that for a cowboy, until you learn that a devastating car crash left him paralyzed from the chest down some 35 years ago. What he does now is remarkable and has helped thousand with disabilities. You won't want to miss this.


Doreen Stumpf “Stripped of Shame” FS EP 127

Stripped of Shame is a front row seat into the life and mind of an addict and the crippling effects of drugs, alcohol, and childhood trauma. The heartfelt need for love and acceptance in the human psyche must be met in the life of every child. Left unfulfilled by parents, the void will be filled by someone else in some place other than the home. That never works for their good. Doreen Stumpf knows this all too well. Her story is one of a downward spiral that began at a bus stop when a twenty...


Jim VanSteenhouse, “The Bear Man” FS EP 126

Day three, focused on the hunt, Jim was unaware that he was the one being stalked until he saw the look on his guide's face and heard him utter the word, bear! Jim turned his head and looked over his right shoulder. An eight hundred-pound grizzly was staring him down. Seconds later he was being mauled.


“Decisions Determine Destiny” Gary and Diane Luecke FS EP 115

We have all heard it said, “decisions determine destiny” and it’s true. Our future has everything to do with the decisions we make today. However, they are never made in a vacuum. They often do more to change the lives of those around us than we could have ever imagined. And that is especially true when it comes to our children.


“Most Beautiful Moment in Rio” Abbey D’Agostino FS EP 125

It was the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Abbey D'Agostino was competing in the 5000 meter prelim race with the fastest women in the world. Three thousand meters in, the race accelerated unexpectedly, catching many by surprise. The runner in front of Abbey tripped and fell, causing Abbey to tumble as well. It could have been a small forgotten incident in the big picture of the Olympic games, but instead it went viral and it's where this story really began.


Beauty From Ashes, Laura Gallier FS EP 124

A longing to be loved, an unexpected pregnancy, a rushed marriage, a divorce, feelings of worthlessness and a heaping helping of guilt and shame: not exactly the best recipe for a happy and hopeful future. Unfortunately, Laura’s story is not unique. Fortunately, there is a God who can take the ashes of our mistakes and turn them it into something beautiful. That’s exactly what happened to Laura. This story will bless you.


“You’ve Got A Story” with Stephen Bransford FS EP123-Part2

In Stephens new book, "You've Got a Story" he talks about getting published in today's market place, storytelling, self-discovery and transformation. To tell your story well, you need to be willing to open your heart and tell the story without pride or pretense. In this podcast Stephen speaks to that very issue, he calls it self-discovery. It is well worth your time.


Stephen Bransford, You’ve Got a Story FS EP123-Part 1

In print or on screen, Stephen Bransford is a master storyteller; the most creative I have ever known. He has a gift to look beyond the obvious, peel back the superficial layers and discover the underlying motivations and truth. He's been published by Doubleday, Crossway and Thomas Nelson. He has written and directed stories for some of the most well known Christian leaders and organizations in America. If you're interested in the art of storytelling you won't want to miss this.


Margaret Kerry, The Real “Tinker Bell” FS EP 122

Margaret Kerry received the audition call from Disney in 1953. She had no idea what the part was, but it was Disney, and no one turns down Disney. She would be dancing and modeling for the upcoming Peter Pan movie as Tinker Bell. A child actor at the age of four in 1937, she appeared on many of the oldies like, Our Gang, and one of the first TV sitcoms for ABC, The Ruggles. Also appearing on The Andy Griffith Show and The Long Ranger. And at the age of 90, she remarried. She says, "It was...


Dr. Madeline Manning Mims, 4 Time Olympian FS EP 121

Madeline is a gold and silver Olympic Medalist in track. She competed in three Olympics, 1968,1972,1976 and if not for the boycott of the Moscow Olympics in 1980, it would have been four. She set a world record in 1968 in the 800 meter race that stood for 15 years and has been inducted into the National and Olympian Halls of Fame. In those years of running, amazing transformation took place in her life; they are incredible stories.


Hall of Fame Jockey, “Pat Day” FS EP120

With over 8000 Thoroughbred race wins, which include, the Belmont Stakes three times, the Preakness five times and the Kentucky Derby, Pat Day is one of the greatest jockeys in history. He was inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame in 1991 and holds hundreds of other titles. He works the backside of the track now as the President of Chaplains. His story is amazing, you won't want to miss it.


WNBA Chaplain, Fleceia Comeaux FS EP119

Fleceia leads an influential life. She is the Coordinator of WNBA Chaplains, has been on the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) staff for 20 years, was a high-school basketball coach 11 years, the Chaplain for the women's American basketball team at the Athens Olympics and now travels the country speaking to junior high, high school and college athletes. Her message is more than inspirational, it's infused with the gospel. Her story will guide and encourage parents who have athletes in...


“Secretariat” with Jockey Otto Thorwarth FS EP118

You may not know the name Otto Thorwarth, but I would guess you have probably watched the blockbuster movie, "Secretariat." Otto, a great winning jockey, (over 1800 race wins) in his own right, played the role of the real jockey, Ronnie Turcotte, in Secretariat; along side Diane Lane, John Malkovich and others. But Otto's story is about more than riding a horse in a movie, much more. It's a story worth hearing.


“The Hurricane,” Brian Jackson FS EP 117

Some say he's super human, some call him the "Hurricane," others say he is full of hot air. But the one most people remember him by is the, "I Believe Guy," and that is the real story. He holds 12 Guinness Book World Records. He has appeared on TV shows from "Good Morning America, to America's Got Talent, to Ripley's Believe It or Not." His records are unusual and amazing. They range from blowing up balloons to lifting cars with this breath. You'll love his story.


A Vision and 3D Printer, Dakota & Mandy FS EP115

Dakota, systems engineer for the all new Space Force, and his wife Mandy, home schooling mom of their three children, have been creating functional prosthetic hands and arms for children with a 3D printer. Who knew it could be done so simply and inexpensively. The smile on the face of a child who for the first time can pick something up with a hand they never had is unforgettable. They can even make them look like a bionic super hero hand. It's an amazing story worth hearing.


World Champion Bull Rider, Scott Mendes FS EP114

In 1994, Scott Mendes had become one of the elite bull riders. Fame, fortune and temptation were all part of the package. Until the day that tragedy struck when his best friend was killed in front of him while riding a bull in the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). That was the day that Scott gave his life to Jesus. From then on, everything he did was for the Lord. Lucrative sponsorship that involved alcohol or other questionable things were over. He says, "receiving Jesus as you savior is a free...