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Episode 11: Gerald or Mr. BPOZ! Who's the Alter Ego? Recognizing your default person, working through insecurities, and much more!

*Warning! *Warning! *Warning! This episode of Family Talks may possibly be the most revealing of Gerald To date. Often hiding behind his default person; who tends to cut and run once relationships become to real. Gerald pulls back the veil on his insecurities, hardships, and failed personality traits and opens up about who he really wants to be. This podcast was a pleasure being interviewed by my wife without feeling like I did something wrong was definitely a treat but being open and...


Co-Parenting: It's All About The Child Not Your Feelings w/ Special Guest Michelle Dixon

According to research 80% of families are blended families; meaning at least one parent is parenting a child that is not biologically their own. This is definitely the case in BPOZ! Household. Julia has a son from a previous relationship, Gerald has a daughter from a previous relationship and they have 2 children together. Blending the dynamics of all involved in the raising of these children is possibly one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. On Today's show we have Special Guest...


Episode 9 ; Meal Prepping For The Family; Saving Time, Money, and Stress

Feeding yourself is hard enough. Now imagine doing it for yourself, your spouse, and your children day in and day out, while managing busy work, life, youth sports, and grown up time! Sounds like a task worthy of pulling your hair out! Listen as Mr. BPOZ! and Juliamarie discuss some simple ways to meal prep for the entire family to reduce spending, time, and stress. The best way to reduce the stresses of these issues is to be mindful and prep. Prepping in itself seems just as daunting as...


Episode 8: Raising Another Man's Son; General Parenting Tips

Talking about the particulars of our family is one that we have never been comfortable doing. People see two green eyed parents with green eyed children and automatically assume we are one big happy family. Although we are; we are also a blended family. Mr. BPOZ! has a daughter from a previous and Juliamarie has a son from a previous and then we have 2 children together making the grand total 4. In light of today being our oldest child Dominick's 15th birthday Mr. BPOZ! discusses some of...


Episode 7: Reducing Your Financial Footprint; Does It Make You Happy?

After reviewing our finances we realized we spent over 100k just in living; Cars, Shelter, Petro, Food, and other miscellaneous CRAP! Damn it's hard to take an honest look in the mirror and identify where you are going wrong! This sparked us to really analyze what we were spending our money on and how to stop hemorrhaging from our debit cards, and it all started with a simple question; Does it Make Me Happy? This question helped us to be mindful of our spending habits and where we truly...


Episode #4: Grocery Shopping Tips

It's easy to say eat healthy but the truth of the matter is that you can't eat healthy if you don't buy healthy. There are so many variables that persuade the patterns in which people purchase food items such as finances, residing city, and just general knowledge and understanding of how to buy. Listen to Julia and Mr. BPOZ! discuss their tricks and tips on how to maximize your efforts before you go shopping, while you are at the grocery store, and what to do with your purchases once you...


#3 BPOZ! Social Media Effects on the Family

Mr. Bpoz! @mr_bpoz and Julia discuss Social Media and how it has affected their marriage as well as the impact it has had on their children. Parents are forced to day to have conversations about adult topics with 10 year olds. We live in a world where we have to deal with technology. On one hand it is a part of their world and will only expand but there is a need as a parent to protect them from that. True story: A kid is talking about sex at school and my daughter; who had no idea what...


#2 BPOZ! Podcast- Strategies to Improve the Health of Families and #Consistency

Listen to Julia and Gerald "Mr. BPOZ!" Mayes as the talk about the struggle of allowing your child to pick there own favorite football team, How the 2017 National Championship players made Mr. BPOZ! feel old, Snapchat difficulties, and more importantly HOW TO INCORPORATE FAMILIES INTO YOUR HEALTH ENDEAVORS! If you look out into the health and wellness industry you will find so many initiatives that are targeted towards adults or children but there aren't many organizations or initiatives...


#1 Mr. BPOZ! and Julia are Back with the First Episode to talk about New Year's Resolutions, Consistency, and the Upcoming year 2017

Listen as Mr. BPOZ! and Julia re-introduce the BPOZ! Podcast. Discuss where they have been, What is coming up, and the theme for 2017. They also discuss New Years Resolutions and how to make this years resolutions the last.