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The latest news, tech tips, and parenting advice to manage your family technology, smart home, and digital kids.

The latest news, tech tips, and parenting advice to manage your family technology, smart home, and digital kids.


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The latest news, tech tips, and parenting advice to manage your family technology, smart home, and digital kids.






Family Tech Live 2: Interview with Boomerang Parental Control Creator, Justin Payeur

Today I interview Justin Payeur, owner and co-creator of the Boomerang Parental Control app. It is by far my favorite parental control app to help keep kids safe with the technology you hand over to them. Justin and Sarah discuss technology and kids, rules, and how they have changed in this new pandemic.


205: Kids Back to School Online Tech & Hamilton Breakdown

Emilee and Sarah talk back to school tech, in light of heading to school online! We also breakdown the Disney+ release of the Broadway play, Hamilton!


Family Tech Live 1: Live Interview with Verizon’s Ethan Arenson

Today I kick off a new series in my podcast called Family Tech Live. These are live interviews with the people making technology happen. The interviews are live on Instagram every Monday at 1 PM PST. This week I interviewed Ethan Arenson, head of Digital Safety at Verizon. We talk all about kids and technology […]


204: Just Give Your Teen a Smartphone Already! + Buffy Season One

This episode might be a little controversial, but today we are taking a stand to help the kids! We back up our stance with some data from real-world examples. Our theory is that if your teen is entering jr. high, it is time to give them a smartphone. Obviously we don’t want you to give […]


203: Manage Kid’s Chores & Veronica Mars Season 4 Discussion

We promise that this is the last week we talk about Veronica Mars for quite a while (at least until Season 5 comes out). We had a LOT to say about the new season though! We also discuss apps that will help your kids get their chores done once and for all!


202: Pregnancy Tech & What to Expect When You’re Expecting

The guys might want to shy away from this episode as Sarah and Emilee dive into the technology that can help your pregnancy go smoother from conceiving to giving birth. We also discuss the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Have you seen it? Did it make you cry at the same parts as […]


201: Home Fitness Tech & Veronica Mars Discussion

In season 2, Emilee and Sarah are changing up the format for Family Tech Talk. First, we talk about the latest relevant tech news, next is our main discussion on technology. We then move on to talk about whatever we are currently watching and finish up with a pop culture “book club” type discussion. Join […]


123: Top 5 Products From CES 2019

Sarah and Emilee went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas again! This was Emilee’s 3rd year going and Sarah’s 11ish or so, she’s lost count. Check out what they thought the best products were, and a couple of the duds!


122: Setting Parental Controls & The Top 5 Christmas Movies

This week we are talking about setting parental controls on gaming systems, entertainment services and more! Also, as we get closer to Christmas, we list the top 5 Christmas movies. Do you agree with our picks?


121: Creating a Device Contract & Top 5 Canceled TV Shows

With the holiday’s quickly approaching, you may be purchasing some brand new electronic devices for your children. Before you hand over the keys to the kingdom, you may want to set some ground rules with your child. Creating a device contract is a great way to establish these rules, but what kinds of things should […]


120: Pet Tech & The Top 5 Pet(Dog) Movies

There is no doubt that we are both a little obsessed with our dogs. Check out all the tech that will change your life as a pet owner. We also run down our top 5 pet movies, which just happen to all be dog movies.


119: Holiday Gift Guide & Top 5 Characters Most Like Us

In this episode, we discuss all of the best gifts for various age groups and people in your life. We also get introspective with our top 5 list and come up with the top 5 fictional characters that most represent our personalities!


118: Black Friday Tips & the Top 5 Movie Presidents

Since Emilee worked at Best Buy for several years, we have some insider tips to getting the best Black Friday deals! We also discuss our top 5 movie presidents


117: Productivity Tips & The Top 5 Buffy Episodes

This week we are helping you be more productive. We will discuss the various apps we use to improve our own productivity. We also will discuss the top 5 episodes of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


116: Tech Horror Stories & Top 5 Halloween Movies

In this episode we talk about a few different tech horror stories and how to avoid them happening to you!


115: Good VS Bad Screen Time + Top 5 Movie Villains

This week we are talking about all the ways you can use screen time in a positive way, instead of the bad rap it typically gets. We also discuss our top 5 movie villains!


114: Smart Assistant Tips & Top 5 Best Friend Movies

In this episode we explain some of the amazing things you can do with a smart assistant, that doesn’t involve just listening to music! Since smart assistants are like your best friend too, we also discuss the top 5 “Best Friend” movies!


113: Dealing with Cyber Bullying & Top 5 Teen Movies

This week we are discussing how to handle cyberbullying from both sides of the coin. With ways to find out if your child is being bullied or doing the bullying, and then we discuss about how you can deal with it as a family. We also discuss our top 5 teen movies!


112: Talking to Your Kids About Pornography & Top 5 Trilogies

This week we get a bit more serious as we chat about how to talk to your kids about pornography. The harsh reality is that your children will be exposed to pornography at some point in their life. We give you some ways to approach the topic with your children and how to handle it […]


111: Technology in the Kitchen & the Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies

This week we discuss the awesome technology you can use in your kitchen, and the ways it can benefit your life. We also (embarrassingly) talk about our top 5 guilty pleasure movies.