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The pages of Family Times Magazine come to life in our NEW podcast!

The pages of Family Times Magazine come to life in our NEW podcast!


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The pages of Family Times Magazine come to life in our NEW podcast!






Doing Business with Family Times Magazine | No Nonsense • No Contracts • No Nickel & Dimin'

Learn how Family Times Magazine does business to help YOUR business – with no fuss, no bull and no headaches. We talk about rates, benefits, relationships and why Family Times Magazine is YOUR best choice for smart, affordable, successful advertising and marketing. Listen here and contact us to get started today! • • (352) 693-1212


Guest Sarah James PART 2 | Women are the Worst • Social Media is a Lie • Let's Keep it Real, Ladies

Sarah James continues her discussion about keeping it real – with others and with yourself. She talks about apologizing to our kids, being transparent and doing what is best for YOU. This is PART 2 of her podcast and you don't want to miss it!


Guest Sarah James PART 1 | Surviving Life • Giving Up Drinking • Dumping the Career • Doing Her Best

Sarah is a wife, a mom and a career woman. She walks us through a season where her choices were no longer serving her and she made some big, big changes – and makes no apologies for it! Join us for PART 1 of this two-part podcast, where Sarah gets real.


Guest Marion County Public Library System | More Than Books • What To Expect in 2022 • So, Was the Old Library Haunted?

Jenny Ransone from the Marion County Public Library System walks us through the many services and programs they provide to this community. We also talk about how to get a library card, use their FREE computer services and how they will be partnering with the City of Ocala on a West Ocala library project!


Guest Anna Wilemon | MidState Skin Institute • What's Up with This Mole? • Let's Talk About Incontinence • Bob Marley Needed SPF and You Do Too!

Anna Wilemon from the MidState Skin Institute talks all things skin health, SPFs, what ingredients to stay away from, incontinence and how to gain muscle & shed fat on a lunch break... Plus + so much more! Listen here!


Guest Molly Butz & Caroline Rutkosky | Ocala Recreation & Parks • Summer Offerings • Fort King Overview

We were joined by Molly Butz, Ocala Recreation & Parks Marketing Supervisor and Caroline Rutkosky, Outdoor Historic Resource Program Coordinator who gave us a glimpse into the many summer programs happening in Ocala! There is so much fun to be had this summer.... starting with THIS podcast! Listen here.


Guest Roseann Fricks | Early Learning Coalition of Marion County • It Starts at Birth & Lasts a Lifetime

Roseann Fricks, CEO of the ELC, shares the many services offered by the coalition to this community, as well as the life-long benefits of early learning. Listen here to learn more and subscribe to Family Times Magazine Podcast so you never miss a thing!


Guest RJ Jenkins | The Marion County Literacy Council • A Little Help Makes a Huge Difference

RJ Jenkins helps set the record straight on literacy in Marion County and suggests ways anyone and everyone can help change someone's life forever!


Guest Teenager Lillian Hart | Why Teens Can't Keep their Room Clean • Mom, Stay Off TikTok • For the Love of Lockers

Fourteen YO Lillian Hart gives us a run down on life as a teen... everything from COVID Challenges to school drama to her take on one-size-fits-all clothing. Listen here for more! Subscribe to us so you don't miss fun episodes just like this!


Guest Charlotte Magnuson | Marion Mobile Bar & Bubbles • Spritzers, Mixers and Poe (yes, Poe)

The brainchild behind Marion Mobile Bar & Bubbles shakes up this podcast and stirs up the anticipation of her newest mobile venture. Listen here for more!


Guest Victoria Billig | A is for Appleton, Art & Abstract Exhibits

The Appleton Museum of Art College of Central Florida has so much to offer this community and its guests – both on and off-line! Learn all about the museum in this fun-filled episode!


Wednesday Wisdom | Uh, oh... Betrayal • It's actually a good thing!

If you've ever been betrayed (who hasn't, right?!) you might want to listen to this! Sure, it stinks, but.... it can lead to something really beautiful!


Kelli on Leadership | The Good, The Bad & The Phony • Plus, M&Ms as a Reward

Kelli shares her experiences with leadership and things she has learned along the way. This is a great episode for current leaders, aspiring leaders and anyone with influence.


Guest My Dad | Marriage, Millyard, Marilyn Monroe & More...

I sat down with my dad to have him walk me through 60+ years of life – as a young boy, husband, father, grandfather, coach, small business owner and recent retiree. He finally answers the question, "Who is your favorite child?" Listen here for more.


Guest Erica Jacobs | The Jacobs Group/REMAX Premier Realty • Tips, Tricks & More

Real Estate Agent Erica Jacobs gives listeners some helpful advice on how to successfully buy & sell a home, as well as some info on the current market, the truth about Zillow and why Marion County is THE place to live!


Guest Keta Browning | What is Natural Oats? • A Small Business Journey

Keta Browning is a small business owner whose products touch the lives of so many others. She shares her small business journey – challenges and all – with us on this exciting episode!


Guest Vanessa Stanfield | Parenting Autism • American Moms Radio

Vanessa Stanfield walks us through a day in her life raising a son with Autism AND gives us the details on her new radio show, American Moms!


Introducing... Family Times Magazine Podcast!

It's finally happened – we are bringing the pages of Family Times Magazine to life, On-Air! Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode.