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Are you looking for a way to merge your pre-kid life into your life as Mom? You’re in the right place! Lara & Jenn candidly discuss real-life experience as Modern Day Moms, and highlight women who create space for both their individual identity and being Mom. This podcast is designed to guide, connect & support women navigating Modern Day Motherhood. Subscribe NOW & listen weekly!

Are you looking for a way to merge your pre-kid life into your life as Mom? You’re in the right place! Lara & Jenn candidly discuss real-life experience as Modern Day Moms, and highlight women who create space for both their individual identity and being Mom. This podcast is designed to guide, connect & support women navigating Modern Day Motherhood. Subscribe NOW & listen weekly!


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Are you looking for a way to merge your pre-kid life into your life as Mom? You’re in the right place! Lara & Jenn candidly discuss real-life experience as Modern Day Moms, and highlight women who create space for both their individual identity and being Mom. This podcast is designed to guide, connect & support women navigating Modern Day Motherhood. Subscribe NOW & listen weekly!




Imposter Syndrome Imposing On Your Motherhood With Emee Estacio, Psychologist & PAME Code Founder

Do you ever feel like life is too good to be true? Find yourself just waiting for the other shoe to drop? In this episode, we’re chatting all things imposter syndrome and how it comes up in motherhood with Emme Estacio. Emee is a psychologist, author, speaker, leadership coach and founder of The PAME Code. Emee has authored three books on imposter syndrome and she shares so much about what it is, how it comes up in motherhood and how you can overcome it. She shares two techniques that you...


The Ultimate Guide to Speech for Your Wee Ones Featuring Carly Tulloch of Wee Talkers

Do you feel like you need a translator to understand your toddler? If so, then this is the episode for you. Today we’re speaking with Carly Tulloch, a pediatric speech-language pathologist and the founder of WeeTalkers, a platform that helps parents navigate all things speech with their kiddos. Carly shares how music and singing can help kids as they learn speech and why you should follow your child’s lead of what they’re interested in when communicating with them. We ask all of our...


How Social Media Influences Your Motherhood with authors Bethany Johnson and Maggie Quinlan of “You’re Doing it Wrong!”

Have you ever found yourself comparing your motherhood to another mom on Instagram? It’s no secret that social media has an effect on the business of being a mom. In this episode, we brought on Bethany Johnson and Maggie Quinlan, the researchers and authors behind You’re Doing It Wrong! We dive into the comparison trap that comes with Instagram. It’s so easy to get sucked into comparing your life to the glossy, seemingly-perfect feed of someone else. However social media isn’t always the...


How Birthing a Baby Led to Birthing a Business with Mary Clavieres of Brief Transitions

Has motherhood ever inspired you to start a business of your own? Today we’re chatting with Mary Clavieres, the owner and CEO of Brief Transitions about how one of the most challenging and overwhelming parts of the postpartum experience led her to start a new business venture. Mary started an underwear line specifically for postpartum women after she realized how much the product was desperately needed and not easy to find outside of the white mesh ones that we all steal from the...


Update: We're Back With New Episodes & Some Important Things

Lara Schulte shares a special announcement on behalf of herself and Jenn Rout. These have been unprecedented times of challenge and change. wants to address the events and commit to learning, growing and doing better.


Managing Meal Time Anxiety For Parents & Kids With Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat In Color

Does your family have food issues? If so, you’ll love this episode with Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat in Color. Today we’re exploring all of the feelings that go along with food and family meals with little ones. Have you experienced mom guilt in relation to what you’re feeding your kids? Too much mac n’ cheese, not enough veggies, the list goes on! Jennifer shares the nuances and best practices around how and what we should be feeding our kids, without the guilt. We chat about everything...


Raising Businesses & Babies Like A Boss" Featuring Dana Malstaff of Boss Mom

Are you dreaming about creating an online business with real income? Today we’re discussing building a business based on community. We brought on the Boss Mom, Dana Malstaff to share how to cultivate an online community and in turn generate profits for yourself and your family. We discuss how not getting the job she wanted led her to start a business. She shares her goals for the community and how she wants to use it to impact other women, why you can absolutely “have it all” and how lack of...


Data Driven Solutions To Parenting Featuring Emily Oster, Author & Professor of Economics

This episode is for you if you’re looking for some data-driven answers about the many decisions made during pregnancy and parenthood. There’s so much information out there about what you should or shouldn’t do during pregnancy, delivery, and those early parenting years that it can be really challenging to determine what is right for you and your family and what is fact versus fiction. For this episode, we brought on Emily Oster, an Economist, author and New York Times contributor. She shared...


The Power of Positive Parenting, Featuring Wendy Snyder of Fresh Start Family

In parenthood, sometimes the mistakes we make are just as important as the successes. On today’s episode, we are diving in deep with guest, Wendy Snyder, a parenting coach who teaches people about Positive Parenting. She shares how to get to the root cause of your child’s misbehavior and how to work with your child instead of trying to change them. It’s time to get intentional with empowering your kids and learn how to navigate the parenting challenges that come your way with...


Why Hormones are so Important, Featuring Dr. Lauren Noel of The Dr. Lo Radio Show & Shine Natural Medicine

What exactly is a hormone and what role does it play in our health? Today we’re joined by Dr. Lauren Noel, a naturopathic doctor, and expert in natural medicine. Lauren, also known as “Dr. Lo”, is the host for the podcast, The Dr. Lo Radio Show and owns Shine Natural Medicine where she focuses on hormonal health and fertility. She shares how her own personal health journey led her to her work as a naturopathic doctor, everything you need to know about hormones and your health, and how the...


Parenting & Partnering To Your Skill Set With The Use of The Ultimate Life Tool Featuring Lara Schulte of Generation.Mom

If you’re looking for an operation manual on motherhood, then today’s episode is for you. On this episode, Jenn talks to Lara about a tool that has changed her life, The Ultimate Life Tool. This tool is something that she uses in her coaching business for leaders, teams and professionals in identifying how to best play to their strengths in the workplace. Now, Lara is using this tool to help mothers identify the parent they want to be and how to pair it to their skillset. She explains how...


Creating Community Due to Loneliness In Motherhood Featuring Katie Saffert, Founder of Hatched Collective

Are you looking for your mom tribe? Today we’re talking about community and how this is an integral part of motherhood, business and all aspects of life. We brought on professional community builder, Katie Saffert to help us dive into this topic. We chat about Katie’s experience with entrepreneurship and the pivots she’s made over the last decade. She shares why building community in your life is important and how to tap into that community for support when you need it. She also discusses...


What You Don't Know (But Should) About Your Vagina Featuring Vienna Farlow, The Cvntsultant.

We brought on Vienna Farlow, a holistic reproductive health practitioner intern and founder of the Cvntsultant. She focuses her work on demystifying the female body and teaching women better ways to connect with themselves. We discuss what body literacy is and how to become your own expert for your health. She shares the stigmas that there are about the female body, misconceptions there are around feminine health and how to determine what your body is telling you. What’s In This...


There’s An Oil For That! A Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils Featuring Kelowna Giuliano of Drop Into Wellness

Have you ever heard the phrase, “there’s an oil for that”? On this episode, we’ve enlisted Kelowna Giuliano, a holistic health practitioner and owner of Drop into Wellness who has over two decades of experience on healing from within. She breaks down all of the benefits and uses for essential oils including how to use it to support sleep, digestion, immunity, libido and even to clean your home. We chat about living a toxic-free lifestyle, how to use essential oils to benefit your health and...


Siblings Without Rivalry, Fostering Healthy Sibling Relationships, with Dr. Sheldon Zablow

Have you had issues with your children fighting or bickering? Or are you about to bring home baby number two and want to stop sibling rivalry in its tracks before it has the chance of forming? Today we brought on Dr. Sheldon Zablow, a child and adult psychiatrist with an extensive background in sibling rivalries. He gives some of his best advice on how to navigate difficult sibling relationships and how to set a good foundation for children to eliminate the chances of developing a sibling...


Managing The Mental Load, Featuring Nina O'Neal of "The Juggle Is Real"

Have you ever found yourself struggling with the juggling? Our guest for today’s episode joined us to discuss her movement, #thejuggleisreal. As a mama, entrepreneur and wife - Nina wanted to find something that could express what most of us mothers feel on the day to day: which is the constant need to manage the juggle of our mental load and our mental to-do list that is always piling up. The constant juggling that often leads us moms burnt out. Nina works to help create realistic...


Parenting for the Modern Mom (or Dad!) featuring Sean Donohue, Parenting Coach & Founder of Parenting Modern Teens

In celebration of Father’s day, we are doing something a little different on the podcast these next few weeks. For the first time ever, we are going to be bringing on dads to hear their perspective on fatherhood. Today’s guest is Sean Donahue of Parenting Modern Teens. We discuss how parenting children in today’s age looks different than in prior generations and how we can better parent teens and children. This episode will help you step away from fear-based parenting and feel encouraged to...


Shifting Your Mornings From Cranky To Creative, With A Breakfast Invitation Featuring, Beth Rosenbleeth of Days With Grey

Are you looking for activity ideas for your children but feeling like you just aren’t that creative? That’s where today’s guest and her business comes in. Beth is the founder and creator of Days with Grey where she developed creative, fun activities called Breakfast Invitations that help your child get engaged and learning during play. She explains what the Breakfast Invitations are, how they can be modified as your children grow and how you can differ the activity for children of different...


Quarantine Catch Up With Lara & Jenn

As we’re all learning how to navigate through a global pandemic, we wanted to share our experiences with social distancing, the joys we’ve had from this time at home and how we’ve personally been navigating the challenges of balancing parenting while staying up to date on information regarding COVID-19. In this episode, we talk about the biggest resources for parents during this pandemic, how it’s okay to take a step back and do less and how this is similar to what a lot of our grandparents...


Bonus Episode: Raising Healthy & Happy Minority Children With Jackie Douge, M.D. host of "What is Black Podcast"

Raising children in today’s world, it’s important that we have these needed conversations about race, inclusion and being tolerant of everybody no matter their skin tone and background. We’re very excited to have someone on the podcast who is helping to bridge this gap and is creating a community that supports black families and people of color in parenthood. We brought on Jackie Douge, pediatrician, children’s health advocate and the host of What Is Black? In this episode, Jackie shares...