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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".


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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".



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Sidetracked with Toni Collier :: Cynthia and Heather [Ep 468]

Today kicks off our new sidetracked series with a surprise guest! Toni Collier- author, speaker, podcaster, and single mom- joins us to cover all the topics. Toni is the author of Broken Crayons Still Color and encourages people that even in the hard and dark parts of life God is waiting to use us. In our brokenness, we can see God in the land of the living. She reminds us that regardless of events in our past there is still hope and joy to be found. Toni discusses how we lose wonder and excitement as we become adults and how to remain like a child while we look for God in the everyday, He is always working if we have the eyes to see it. It wouldn't be sidetracked though if we didn’t go on every tangent possible from tattoos with Ann Voskamp, to Toni’s dream concert, sushi, and the Ironman movies, we cover it all. Connect with Toni Collier: HOME | Toni CollierToni J Collier Toni Collier (@tonijcollier) Links Mentioned: PODCAST | Toni CollierBrave Enough to Be Broken: by Toni CollierBroken Crayons Still Color: by Toni CollierIronman movieMatched workout sets on AmazonNuulyTorres - Black Truffle Potato Chips Related Episodes: When You’re Busy and Stressed by Mom Life Expectations :: Joanna Weaver [Ep 463]Brave Enough to be Broken :: Toni Collier [Ep 388]Broken Crayons Still Color :: Toni Collier [Ep 267] Featured Sponsors:


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Hope and Help for Taboo Topics in Postpartum Care :: Krystle Howald [Ep 467]

Did you know that once you are postpartum you are always postpartum? Do you have issues from pregnancy, birth, or c-sections that have followed you and don’t know where to turn? Do you know that only 4% of parents are getting the movement that they need? Today Krystle Howald, a women’s health physical therapist and co-founder of Expecting and Empowered, is here to break down some of the pains and issues we as moms experience after birth and beyond. While going to physical therapy school she quickly realized there were limited resources for moms who have incontinence issues, pain during sex, or just want to feel good in their body after childbirth. She shares tips on how to baby-carry without injury, how to breathe properly to bring our body back into alignment, and how to fit movement in as a busy mom. Krystle brings hope, proving there are providers out there that want to help with the pain or shame around these sensitive topics, and that God has created our bodies to heal. Stick around until the end where she shares a coupon code for the Expecting and Empowered App! Connect with Krystle Howald: Expecting and EmpoweredExpecting and EmpoweredApp — Expecting and Empowered Links Mentioned: Podcast — Expecting and Empowereddontmomalone Related Episodes: Overcoming Barriers to Sexual Intimacy :: Nancy Houston [Ep 206]Postpartum Depression :: Brittany Turner [Ep 277]The Ripple Effect of Healthy Sexual Connection :: Francie Winslow [Ep 138] Featured Sponsors:


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Honoring Moms, the Unsung Heroes :: Rebecca St. James [Ep 466]

Rebecca St. James, a popular Australian American contemporary Christian singer, songwriter and actress, is here to talk about the amazing new movie Unsung Hero, which chronicles her family's journey to rebuild their lives from the ground up. She shares personal stories from her childhood and how their mom’s faith stands up against all odds and inspires her husband and children to hold on to theirs. Rebecca vulnerably shares her own marriage and motherhood struggles as she longed to be married and have children and how God shaped her through the waiting. Once she started a family all of the spiritual disciplines that her parents instilled in her have become an important part of how she and her husband lead their children today. This movie and conversation reminds us that every Christian family is called to a unique adventure- they are not all the same but God has a plan for every one of us. When we settle for cookie-cutter lives we are missing out on the miracles He has for us. Be encouraged today that God has an adventure for your family when we step out in faith. Connect with Rebecca St. James: RSJ ( St. JamesRebecca St. James (@rebeccast.james) Links Mentioned: Unsung Hero | Now Playing In TheatersThank-You-Poster.pdf ( Related Episodes: Summer of Mentorship 2019 Week Four :: Helen SmallboneRaising Rock Stars on a Firm Foundation :: Helen Smallbone [Ep 166]The Day Fear Died :: Courtney Smallbone [Ep 201]Lasting Parent-Child Relationships :: Summer of Mentorship 2022 Week 1 Featured Sponsors: Thrive


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Sidetracked by 1980’s Mother’s Day, LTK, and Bad Book Reviews :: Cynthia and Heather [Ep 465]

As usual, this sidetracked has so much packed into it, especially as we head into Mother’s Day and the end-of-school-year May(hem). We recap my son Quade’s final high school musical performance as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast. Once again the tears are flowing as I process having a senior and all of the final milestones that come along with it. Cynthia tries to describe what her best Mother’s Day would look like and it ends up being a 1980’s party with a clean house and peaceful kids. While I would like to bring back the homemade Mother’s Day crafts, let’s get all the high school teachers on board. Cynthia chats about what summer looks like when the college kids come home, it's around-the-clock fun with the little one up at 6:30 AM and the big kids up until the wee hours of the morning. Come laugh along with us as we face the month of May and all of the busyness and big feelings that come along with this season of motherhood. Stick around to the end where we share a big announcement about how the summer of podcasting will look. Connect with Cynthia Yanof: Links Mentioned: LTK | Fashion, Home, Beauty, Fitness and MoreLife Is Messy, God Is Good: Sanity for the Chaos of Everyday Life: by Cynthia YanofChico's ( What You Can't Forget: by Lysa TerKeurstI Shouldn't Feel This Way: by Alison Cook PhDThe Body Keeps the Score: by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.A Mother’s Day QuestionnaireA Questionnaire you fill out about your kidsThe Holderness FamilyWhen Mother’s Day isn’t Facebook Perfect Related Episodes: Forgiving What You Can’t Forget :: Lysa TerKeurst [Ep 304]Embracing the Mom You’re Meant to Be :: Jo Saxton [Ep 283]The Goal Isn’t Happy Children :: Cynthia Yanof – Summer of Mentorship – Wk 6 [Ep 419] Featured Sponsors: Total


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Stewarding Sacred and Spiritual Disciplines at Home :: Jennifer Pepito [Ep 464]

Do you feel like you are just existing with your family instead of being intentional? Are you finding it hard to consistently spend time with the Lord as a busy mom? Do you wonder how to train your kids in Godly principles and practices that last a lifetime? Today Jennifer Pepito- author, podcaster, and homeschool curriculum writer- joins me to talk about her new book Habits for a Sacred Home. She studied the ancient practices and habits of monks and Christian women who have gone before us to see how they lived and how we can use some of their tools in our homes. Through the Benedictine rule, she discovered nine principles that can guide our days: simplicity, stewardship, order, stability, hospitality, community, prayer, and work. Jennifer talks about what this looks like in the imperfect, busy, messy seasons that family life brings. Life does not need to be idyllic to have a sacred home. The goal of these practices is not to have another burden or to-do list but to create space for the Holy Spirit to show up in our families and guide us as we walk through life together submitted to Him. Connect with Jennifer Pepito: THE PEACEFUL PRESSJennifer PepitoJennifer Pepito (@jenniferpepito) Links Mentioned: Restoration Home with Jennifer PepitoHabits for a Sacred Home: by Jennifer PepitoReally Very Crunchy: by Emily MorrowThe Rule of St. BenedictAtomic Habits: by James ClearHe Leadeth Me: An Extraordinary Testament of Faith: by Walter CiszekKimberly June MillerMothering by the Book: by Jennifer Pepito Related Episodes: Inner Healing Prayer :: Jennifer Barnett [Ep 323]Creating Family Culture :: Amber O’Neal Johnston [SOM Wk 4]Create a Home of Belonging and Becoming :: Sally Clarkson {Ep 107} Featured Sponsors:


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When You're Busy and Stressed by Mom Life Expectations :: Joanna Weaver [Ep 463]

Do you often feel like you are dropping all the spinning plates? That you can’t keep up or believe the lie that you are the worst mom and wife? Do you wonder why you are not further along, why does everyone else seem to have it together? Today Joanna Weaver- author, speaker, and podcaster- joins me to discuss her new book Embracing Trust. We also spent time talking about her classic Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and how that message has stayed applicable through the years. We want to worship at the feet of Jesus like Mary but the Martha in us keeps bossing us around, telling us to work harder and strive more. Joanna reminds us that if we tend our connection with the Lord everything else flows out of that place. The tasks and needs do not disappear but the ability to tackle them with grace, tranquility, and truth increases as we spend time at the feet of Jesus. Connect with Joanna Weaver: Christian Author and Speaker - Joanna WeaverJoanna Weaver BooksJoanna Weaver | Christian Author (@joannaweaverbooks) Links Mentioned: Podcast - Joanna WeaverHaving a Mary Heart in a Martha World: by Joanna WeaverEmbracing Trust: by Joanna WeaverDon't Mom Alone: by Heather MacFadyen Related Episodes: The What, Why and Work-through of Panic Attacks :: Kasey Van Norman [Ep 452]Inner Healing Prayer :: Jennifer Barnett [Ep 323]Set Free From Shame :: Jeannie Cunnion [Ep 190]Exchange False Beliefs with True Identity :: Jamie Winship [Ep 433] Featured Sponsors: Skylight


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House Rules and Learning to Love your Home :: Myquillyn Smith [Ep 462]

Do you feel like you just need more money to create a home you love? Do you want an inviting home that feels peaceful and open to your friends and family? Are you confused about your decorating style and end up buying random decor that does not work? Myquillyn Smith, author and founder of the Nesting Place, joins me to help with all of the House Rules that can be so overwhelming. She gives me advice on how to update my kitchen on a limited budget by utilizing Pinterest. Plus gives advice on everything from throw pillows, lamps, wallpaper, and buying new couches. Myquillyn says that decorating is taking the time to learn about yourself and what you need for your home. Building the confidence to make big and small decisions that lead to a home you love and is functional. She reminds us that it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. One powerful statement from Myquillyn is to not wait to get started, get started today on creating a home you love. One that you, your family, and your friends can be invited into a place of peace and rest. Connect with Myquillyn Smith: Nesting PlaceNesting PlaceMyquillyn Smith (@thenester) Links Mentioned: House Rules: How to Decorate for Every Home, Style, and Budget by Myquillyn SmithThe Cozy Minimalist CommunityJason Saft | Staged To Sell Home (@stagedtosellhome)The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful: by Myquillyn SmithQuiz: What's Your Decorating Era? Related Episodes: How to Quit Hustle and Embrace Small-Moment Living :: Emily Freeman {Ep 83}Create a Home of Belonging and Becoming :: Sally Clarkson {Ep 107}Your Unique Color Palette and Authentic Style :: Karen Blanc [Ep 343] Featured Sponsors:


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When You’re Disappointed in Mom Life Limitations :: Sara Hagerty [Ep 461]

Do you feel as if you are always measuring yourself as a mom? Do you feel like the pressure to keep up with moms around you is overwhelming? Do you feel snappy or resentful at your kids and husband? Today, author Sara Hagerty joins me to talk about her new book, The Gift Of Limitations. She is a wife and mom of seven with four adopted kids. Sara shares how we often find ourselves daydreaming about other seasons and how to recognize our limits and give ourselves grace without shame and complaining. When we name our limits we can actually grieve them and let God give us the story He is intricately weaving for our families. Society tells us we can be limitless, we can optimize everything, but Sara reminds us that the limits and plot twists in our life are all from a good Father who is at work in our stories. Connect with Sara Hagerty: Sara HagertySara HagertySara Hagerty (@sarahagertywrites) Links Mentioned: The Gift of Limitations: Finding Beauty in Your Boundaries: by Sara HagertyEvery Bitter Thing Is Sweet: Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things: by Sara HagertyUnseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to Be Noticed: by Sara Hagerty Related Episodes: When You Feel Unseen :: Sara Hagerty [Ep 175]Every Bitter Thing is Sweet :: Sara Hagerty [Ep 143]Help When You Feel Weak :: Lisa Whittle [Ep 170] Featured Sponsors: Find links to this week’s sponsors and unique promo codes at


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Sidetracked by Instagram Arguments, Chicos, and End-of-School Year Emotions :: Cynthia and Heather [Ep 460]

Right off the bat Cynthia and I get sidetracked by my grumpy mood. A mood I blamed on an instagram battle but probably more about my grief of having a senior who is actually going to college! There’s some rehashing of the Bachelor, Heather’s advice for renting with Turo and discussion whether audiobooks count as reading. We also get sidetracked talking about all of the end-of-school year emotions including Cynthia's current struggle over her first grader’s learning and reading challenges. She claims her stage of life is somewhere between Kidzbop music and shapewear from Soma. Which makes us wonder how would you describe your current parenting stage? Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are on (or maybe you are in both seasons) this episode will give you encouragement that God cares for our kids more than we ever will and He has a good story for their lives. Connect with Cynthia Yanof: Links Mentioned: Turo car rental marketplaceWatch Mean GirlsChico'sSomaHeather’s new Cupshe bathing Audible BooksThe Women: by Kristin HannahConfessions of a Shopaholic: by Sophie KinsellaMe before You by Jojo Moyes Don't Mom Alone: by Heather MacFadyenLife Is Messy, God Is Good: by Cynthia YanofCynthia’s MESSmerized PatreonHeather’s Don't Mom Alone Patreon Related Episodes: Emotional Maturity, Teamwork, and 25 years of Marriage :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 458]Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids :: Dr. Kara Powell [Ep 290]How to Stay Calm with School Stress :: Kirk Martin {Ep 88} Featured Sponsors: Thrive


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From Ruin to Redemption :: Nadia Louise [Ep 459]

Earbud and Trigger warning We live on the other side of the Resurrection! If you find yourself in the middle of brokenness and ruin, we pray this episode reminds you that your heavenly Father God is in the redemption business. Today Nadia Louise joins me to share her powerful testimony. Her story is woven with so many layers of trauma and pain from a narcissistic, abusive father to the death of her brother when she was just 17 years old. That event was the catalyst that allowed Nadia to hear the voice of the Lord. But her story was not over; she still walked through pain, suffering, more death, and heartbreak. As she learned to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear His voice she began to heal from depression, self-harm, and her past. Listen in to Nadia’s powerful story and know that God still heals, still redeems, and still works today. Connect with Nadia Louise: Nadia Louise ( louise (@itsnadialouise) Links Mentioned: Dancing on the Grave–Naomi Cantwell and Christ for the NationsKiddell (@ohkiddell)Upperroom ( Related Episodes: Forgiving What You Can’t Forget :: Lysa TerKeurst [Ep 304]Faith in the Unexpected :: Christine CaineYou Are Never Alone :: Max Lucado [Ep 298]Life Giving Faith in Every Circumstance :: Lisa Appelo [SofM wk 2] Featured Sponsors: Trust &


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Emotional Maturity, Teamwork, and 25 years of Marriage :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 458]

Bruce joins me today to discuss 25 years of marriage and answer listener questions like- What did you learn in year 25 that you wish you knew in year 1? How do you make time for intimacy? How to handle times when your significant other is having a struggle with faith? And, What are you looking forward to when your kids are grown and flown? I discuss how I’ve grown in emotional maturity while Bruce talks about how to get out of the ruts and routines of work and family life. We also tackle different personality types and how we handle those when parenting our boys. Teen parenting is hard y’all, there are no formulas but we have learned that teamwork is essential. God had been so good and faithful through 25 years of marriage and parenting. Join us today as we share the vulnerable, hard, and good parts of the journey. Connect with Bruce: Links Mentioned: Drama TriangleLocus of ControlAlexander Hamilton Parenting with Hope: Raising Teens for Christ in a Secular Age: by Melissa B. KrugerShōgun: The Complete Novel: by James ClavellThe Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany: by William Shirer Related Episodes: Bruce Learns to Label His Feelings :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 316]Talking, Teens, and Twenty-four Years :: Bruce + Heather [Ep 399]Changing the Atmosphere of Your Home with Positive Parenting :: Ralphie Jacobs [Ep 456]Helping Socially Anxious Boys :: David Thomas [Ep 451] Featured Sponsors: Better Help-


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Three Faith Pillars for Parenting Teens :: Melissa Kruger [Ep 457]

Do you feel like you are on the hamster wheel of expectations this culture throws at your teen? Do you feel the pressure and pull of having them in every sport, activity, and tutor to excel? Is church becoming a point of struggle every Sunday? Melissa Kruger joins me to talk about all things teen and how to raise them in this culture that is pointing to everything but Jesus. Melissa is an author and Bible teacher who encourages women as they walk through life and motherhood. We talk about how to enjoy our teens instead of curating their lives and how to allow them space to fail. Melissa shares the three pillars that are the foundation of a home focused on Christ- God’s word, prayer, and the Church. We dive into each of these and how to practically walk them out in our homes and with our teens. Melissa ultimately reminds us that as recipients of God’s unfailing grace, we get to share that identity with our kids as we guide them through these challenging years. Connect with Melissa Kruger Melissa Kruger ( B. KrugerMelissa Kruger (@melissabryankruger) Links Mentioned: “Parenting with Hope”Books – Melissa KrugerRange: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David EpsteinWherever You Go, I Want You to Know by Melissa B KrugerThe Gospel Coalition (TGC)Now’s the Time! Resources for Family Devotions Related Episodes: “What is My Responsibility in My Child’s Salvation?” :: Vela Tomba [Ep 431]Freeing Your Adolescents to Step Into Adulthood – Ages and Stages – Teens :: Dr. Ken Wilgus [Ep 382]Doubt, Questions and Your Teen’s Growing Faith :: Mary Jo Sharp [Ep 375] Featured Sponsors: Market- Find links to this week’s sponsors and unique promo codes at


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Changing the Atmosphere of Your Home with Positive Parenting :: Ralphie Jacobs [Ep 456]

Is your home a place of peace or one of anger and frustration? Do you feel exhausted from the arguing and bickering between kids? Does the bedtime struggle make most evenings end in overwhelm? Ralphie Jacobs is here to help us understand the science and tactics behind Positive Parenting. She started her career in early childhood education and soon realized through her own parenting struggles that there was a lack of resources for behavior change through Positive Parenting. She teaches parents how to change their own behaviors to change home environments and the practical steps to get there. Shifting the atmosphere of our home can feel like turning the Titanic, but Ralphie gives us hope that we can walk a path of gratitude instead of a path of scarcity. Connect with Ralphie Jacobs: Simply On Purpose - HomeRalphie• Positive Parenting (@simplyonpurpose) Links Mentioned: Calm in the Chaos Webinar50+ ideas for spending one-on-one time with your kid Related Episodes: Choosing Connection Over Critique :: Rachel Macy Stafford [Ep 280]How to Stop Yelling, Lecturing and Power Struggles :: Kirk Martin {Ep 62}The Window of Tolerance :: Charissa Fry [Ep 260] Featured Sponsors: Honeylove– Causemetics–


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Secure Borders and the Compassionate Christian :: Bri Stensrud [Ep 455]

Do you feel the pull between protecting your family and kids while having compassion on the orphan and the widow who are crossing our borders? Do you feel confused about immigration laws and sustainable immigration practices? Today Bri Stensrud, author, human dignity advocate, and the Director at Women of Welcome shares her heart on immigration. She began her career as a pro-life advocate and after going to Mexico and seeing the reality of so many women and children, compassionate care quickly became her mission. Bri tells us that we can advocate for secure, safe, and legal borders and also the dignity of those arriving here in America. Fear and confusion can often cause us not to engage in the conversation or the communities around us but the Lord has called us to be salt and light. Stick around for the end where she gives practical ideas on how to reach out to those who have fled from desperate situations to bring friendship and hope. Connect with Bri Stensrud: Bri Stensrud - Women of WelcomeWomen of Welcome | FacebookWomen of Welcome (@womenofwelcome) Links Mentioned: Start with Welcome: The Journey toward a Confident and Compassionate Immigration Conversation: by Bri StensrudWorld Relief Compassion InternationalShow Me the Way by Henri NouwenPrivate Refugee Settlement Program Related Episodes: The Ministry of Presence in a Broken World :: Tess Clarke [Ep. 252]Compassion Changes Everything :: Jonathan Almonte [Ep 264]Many Hues, One Humanity :: Dr. Lucretia Berry [Ep 282] Featured Sponsors:


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Sidetracked by Throat Gurgles, Unlikely Friendships and Trash Can Valentines :: special guest Rachel Green [Ep 454]

Today’s show starts with a small hiccup and then really gets going with our guest and listener Rachel Green (but not that one ;)). We discussed what we had for breakfast and it was everything from a frittata, to coconut milk yogurt with all the toppings, to a Diet Dr. Pepper with saltines. Can you guess who ate what? Rachel admits to being sidetracked by ruminating over her busy calendar, and how Cynthia’s book is helping her, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable so she can bring others in”. We share what the Lord is teaching us lately including Kingdom success vs. the world’s success and how to prioritize relationships over tasks. All while Cynthia starts a new segment called, “How are we even friends?”. Lastly, don’t forget to tag us on socials with your amazing dog names (Heather promises not to judge). Connect with Cynthia Yanof: – Cynthia Yanof Links Mentioned: Life Is Messy, God Is Good: Sanity for the Chaos of Everyday Life: by Yanof, CynthiaJordan's Skinny Syrups Sugar Free Coffee Syrup, VanillaLife Is Beautiful (English Subtitled)Right Where You Belong: How to Identify and Fully Occupy Your God-Given Space: by Heather MacFadyenWomen, Food and HormonesJesus cookiesLume deodorantClothes Steamer Related Episodes: “Plump it Up”:: Sidetracked by 10 years of Podcasting [Ep 437]Balancing Work and Family Life :: Tricia Goyer [Ep 7]Strengthening Our Friendships :: Susan Seay [Ep 289] Featured Sponsors: and


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Hope for the Hopeless Marriage :: Kathy Bush [Ep 453]

If you need a reminder that God can redeem and restore a broken marriage, this week’s guest, Kathy Bush shares her powerful restoration testimony. Kathy and Tim have been married for 42 years, many of those years filled with hurt, pain and infidelity. Their story centers around a primary marriage challenge —bringing two stories, backgrounds, and expectations together. It took Kathy and Tim hitting rock bottom to begin a two-year process of counseling where they found a place of healing. Kathy reminds us that God designed marriage before He designed the church and that it can be a powerful tool against the enemy if we can walk in step together. Today Kathy and Tim run War Room Ministries to serve men, marriages, families, and churches across the country and help families find healing. Connect with Kathy Bush: Home - War Room MinistriesWar Room Ministries (@warroomministry) Links Mentioned: Sex on The First Date by Tim and Kathy BushThe Bible RecapFamily Life –Weekend to Remember ConferencesGenesis Women's Shelterresources if you are in an abusive relationship Related Episodes: Building Strong Marriages :: Kimberly Beam Holmes [Ep 374]Finding the Courage to Speak Up When You’re Not Ok :: Kristen Glass [Ep 427]Rebuilding from an Abusive Marriage :: Jeni B [Ep 246] Infidelity, Divorce and Redeeming Love :: Rebekah Greer [Ep 8]Walking Through Divorce :: Lara Williams [Ep 324] Sinners Married to Sinners–How God Refines Us :: Cheryl Scruggs and Jae Carpenter [Ep 195] Featured Sponsors:


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The What, Why and Work-through of Panic Attacks :: Kasey Van Norman [Ep 452]

Did you know panic attacks can happen even when everything around you looks “perfect”? They can sneak up seemingly out of nowhere and be frightening. But a panic attack is a warning light to slow down and see what is happening in our bodies and emotions. Panic is a behavioral and physical response to anxiety locked in our bodies. So many of us can feel alone and isolated even when surrounded by people. My guest today, Kasey Van Norman, an author, counselor, and teacher, shares the neurological and physical science behind panic attacks and anxiety. She gives us insight into why they happen and reminds us that the key to living a life free of anxiety is a present relationship with Jesus. Kasey dives into Luke 10 where Mary and Martha show the pull between anxiety and peace. She reminds us that sitting at the feet of Jesus is the way to peace and always available to us. Connect with Kasey Van Norman: Kasey Van NormanThe Made Well HouseKasey Van Norman, LPC | Therapy + Theology (@kaseyvannorman)The Made Well House Counseling and Wellness Links Freedom Prayer MinistriesPeople Fuel: Fill Your Tank for Life, Love, and Leadership by John TownsendUltimate Leadership ConferencesSoul of Shame by Dr. Curt ThompsonDon't Mom Alone: Growing the Relationships You Need to Be the Mom You Want to Be: by Heather MacFadyen Related Episodes: Freedom from Anxiety :: Ashley Willis [Ep 180] Getting Brave About Anxiety :: Sissy Goff [Ep 311]Panic Attacks and Growing Trust :: JJ Heller [Ep 238] Featured Sponsors: Find links to this week’s sponsors and unique promo codes at


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Helping Socially Anxious Boys :: David Thomas [Ep 451]

Boys today are struggling more than ever with social anxiety. They feel hesitant, anxious, and struggle to take healthy risks. How do we know when to push them into uncomfortable places? Many boys are even struggling with life milestones like getting their driver's license, asking a girl to the school dance, or applying to college. OCD and ADHD are on the rise and we want to understand when to step in and get them any help that is needed. My guest David Thomas, a licensed professional counselor, is back to bring wisdom, advice, and tools to navigate life with our boys. He tells us the top three reasons why these issues are on the rise. David helps us learn how to support, challenge, and help boys be more outward moving and have more purpose. He reminds us that our sons are first a child of God and we can anchor them in that truth as we parent and guide them through life. Connect with David Thomas: Raising Boys and Girls ( Boys and Girls | FacebookRaising Boys and Girls (@raisingboysandgirls) • Instagram photos and videos Links Mentioned: Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life by Susan DavidThe Worry-Free Parent: Living in Confidence So Your Kids Can Too by Sissy GoffFeeding the Mouth That Bites You: A Complete Guide to Parenting Adolescents and Launching Them Into the World by Kenneth Wilgus Legacy Changer Life 360 App Your Enneagram Coach Related Episodes: David Thomas EpisodesFreeing Your Adolescents to Step Into Adulthood – Ages and Stages – Teens :: Dr. Ken Wilgus [Ep 382] The Enneagram and Motherhood :: Suzanne Stabile [Ep 232] Featured Sponsors:


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Feeding Your Kids Without Mom Guilt :: Kacie Barnes [Ep 450]

Kids plus nutrition often equals a storm of thoughts and emotions. What should I serve my child? How do I get them to eat it? Is what I heard on the internet true? We don’t come to these questions with blank slates either. Words spoken to us or ideas we’ve internalized can make this area of life rife with trouble. But my guest this week is mom and registered dietician Kacie Barnes and she is here to help! She’s got broad guidelines and specific tips to help us through snacks and mealtimes. The one thing she made sure to say in our interview? “Give yourself some credit because I know that you work really hard to feed your kids and it is not an easy job.” Connect with Kacie Barnes: Links Mentioned: Renzo’s Pick Eater Multivitamin with Iron Related Episodes: Fed is Best || New Baby Series Pt 2 :: Dr. Bridget YoungHealthy Habit Building :: Kat Lee [Ep 300] Featured Sponsors:


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Life is Messy, God is Good :: Sidetracked with Cynthia and Heather [Ep 449]

Where do you turn when life gets messy? Cynthia said it best, “98% of life is the messy part.” But that sentence doesn’t have to end there, with us shaking our fists at the sky. Instead, get Sidetracked with Cynthia and me as we dive right into life’s messy parts, clinging to the brilliant hope that God is still good to us, and for us. Pre-order Cynthia’s new book, Life is Messy, God is Good and enter our contest to be on a future episode of Sidetracked! Connect with Cynthia Yanof: Links Mentioned: Life is Messy, God is Good: Sanity for the Chaos of Everyday Life by Cynthia YanofEnter our Sidetracked Giveaway Featured Sponsors: Find links to this week’s sponsors and unique promo codes at