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Greyhound Nation is a podcast for Greyhound enthusiasts, produced by Greyhound enthusiasts. Each episode will feature informative discussions with a diverse variety of people from the Greyhound community. The format will include one-on-one interviews and moderated roundtable discussions. Topics will cover all aspects of the breed, including but not limited to sports, history, adoption, wellness and behavior. Host John Parker and producer Michael Burns invite you to join the “nation.” Learn more about the show at


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Greyhound Nation is a podcast for Greyhound enthusiasts, produced by Greyhound enthusiasts. Each episode will feature informative discussions with a diverse variety of people from the Greyhound community. The format will include one-on-one interviews and moderated roundtable discussions. Topics will cover all aspects of the breed, including but not limited to sports, history, adoption, wellness and behavior. Host John Parker and producer Michael Burns invite you to join the “nation.” Learn more about the show at






International Greyhound Rehoming Roundtable

Episode 39: Recorded August 27, 2023 "Some would argue I've got the best job in the world..." Sean Stanton, Animal Welfare Strategic Projects Manager at Greyhound Racing Victoria Show Notes Sean Stanton (Australia), Rory Goreé (United States) and Tina Kelly (Canada) all share the same mission. They are dedicated to international Greyhound rehoming. Specifically, they collaborate to find new homes for former Australian and Irish racing Greyhounds. Sean serves at the Animal Welfare Strategic Projects Manager for Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV). He has spent the past ten years in the role with GRV's Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP). His family has a background in Greyhound racing, and he previously managed one of Australia's racing clubs for 3-4 years. Tina's journey in rehoming former racing Greyhounds started in Ontario in 2003 with her first Greyhound adoption. She attended a conference to learn about Irish Greyhound racing, evoking an epiphany about where Canadian Greyhound adoption should be moving. She partnered with Greyhound Racing Ireland (GRI) and the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (IRGT) to bring Irish Greyhounds to Canada, setting up FLIGHTS (Finding Loving International Greyhounds Homes Together & Salukis). In 2023, FLIGHTS expanded its mission to include former Australian racing Greyhounds. Rory Goreé, a former president of Greyhounds As Pets - National (GPA), recognized the long-term need to find adoptable Greyhounds as the passage of Florida's Amendment 13 impacted track operations and breeding numbers in the United States. The general public in the U.S. perceived the closure of Florida's tracks to mark the end of adoptable Greyhound availability. Rory partnered with Irish and Australian Greyhound adoption groups to welcome a new source of dogs for eager adopters in the U.S. In this episode, John sits down with these pioneers of international Greyhound adoption to talk about their efforts and the outcomes of the programs to date. Sean shares details about GAP and the impact it's having on Australian Greyhound adoption. Tina and Rory both discuss their experiences in traveling abroad to establish relationships with international Greyhound adoption organizations. Finally, Sean and Rory preview an Australian Greyhound conference for all interested volunteers and adopters, tentatively slated for 2024 in Victoria, Australia. Links Greyhound Racing Victoria (Website) Greyhound Adoption Program (Website) Greyhound Racing Ireland (GRI) (Website) Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (Website) FLIGHTS - Finding Loving International Greyhounds Homes Together & Salukis) (Website) Greyhounds As Pets - National (Website)


Virtual Launch: Charlie Blanning’s First Greyhound Novel, “Rags to Riches”

Episode 38: Recorded June 25, 2023 "I became fond of all the characters. I couldn't wait to get to keyboard to write down what they were going to do next." Author Charlie Blanning on writing his first Greyhound novel, Rags to Riches Show Notes Charlie Blanning admits that he's "never frightened by a blank page." He's proven this once again with the release of his latest book, Rags to Riches. The book, available to order from Charlie's Facebook page, The Greyhound & the Hare, is his first work of fiction. It captures in Ireland and England after World War I through the lens of a young girl, a Greyhound, and the sports of coursing and horse racing. As with his previous three non-fiction books about Greyhounds, Charlie pulls from several sources with which he is very familiar. Rags to Riches features (re-named) family members from his past, as well as prominent historical figures from Greyhound coursing and horse racing of the period. Charlie also channels his love of theater and past experience as a coursing correspondent to bring the characters to life. In this exclusive virtual book launch episode, host John Parker and Charlie discuss Rags to Riches, from the fiction writing process to private label publishing of the final product. Charlie shares some of the historical backstory that brings life to the characters and the settings of the book. Listeners will find themselves insiders to a much larger Greyhound story than they may have expected. Links The Greyhound & the Hare (Facebook; place your order) Irish War of Independence Waterloo Cup Grand National


Robbie Britton: Training the Australian Racing Greyhound

Episode 37: Recorded June 1, 2023 "That was the enjoyable part -- walking a dog and dreaming of what might happen..." Robbie Britton, Australian racing Greyhound trainer, on growing up tending to his father's racing Greyhounds Show Notes Robbie Britton often measures his life as an Australian racing Greyhound trainer in hours and kilometers. Two hour haul to one track. Another airplane flight with five Greyhounds. Twenty-four hours to Brisbane. Such is the life of one of the most successful trainers in all of Australia. Robbie’s a second-generation Greyhound trainer and breeder. His father paved the way for all the Britton kids to grow up with Greyhounds. His father’s first was a black hound acquired in the 1960s. Robbie’s job was to walk the hounds. His first Greyhound — Vixen — won on her second start, cementing his decades-long career as a trainer. When his father went on a long-term contract in the 1980s, Robbie took over the family’s Greyhounds and transitioned from hobby trainer to professional trainer. He expanded Britton Racing into North America with a farm in Abilene, Kansas, home of the American Greyhound Hall of Fame. There, he became enamored with his American counterparts at the Fall and Spring meetings of the National Greyhound Association. In this episode, host John Parker and Robbie discuss training the Australian racing Greyhound, including breeding, training routines, and nuances of the track system in Australia. Robbie also shares his experiences breeding Greyhounds in America and finding homes for retired racing Greyhounds in Australia. Links Britton Racing (Facebook)


Kurt Trzeciak: Life as a Racing Greyhound Trainer

Episode 36: Recorded April 2, 2023 "You've always got your eyes on the dogs. You're always on your toes to make sure the dogs are 100% healthy." Kurt Trzeciak on his number one responsibility as a racing Greyhound trainer Show Notes Born and raised in Texas, Kurt Trzeciak had a love for Greyhounds and Greyhound racing. As a kid, while visiting Florida, he'd sit with his grandpa and sister in the car at the track listening to the race calls at the Sarasota Kennel Club. They would sit and pick their favorite Greyhounds to win while his mother and grandmother enjoyed the races in person. At the age of eighteen, Kurt was invited to visit a Texas kennel and experience the turnout of Greyhounds. He was instantly mobbed by all the happy hounds. In that moment, he knew that he wanted to spend his life working with and training these dogs. It was the start of a 30 year career in racing Greyhound training, covering thirteen different tracks. In 2018, Kurt found himself in the position of industry advocate in the face of Florida's constitutional Amendment 13 to ban gambling on Greyhound racing. He became an active participant in public hearings on the amendment. He also experienced firsthand the challenges of communicating the trainer's point of view on Greyhound racing welfare and sport. In this episode, John and Kurt dive deep into the 30 year career of an American racing Greyhound trainer. They discuss every aspect of the job, including rising through the ranks at a racing kennel, being an advocate for each Greyhound's health and well being, and tips and techniques for feeding, training, and rehabilitation. John also introduces Parker's Lightning Round -- a quick series of questions for our guest that is certain to become a staple in future episodes. Links Palm Beach Kennel Club (Website) "Born to Run" (Video)


Australian Greyhound Racing and Rehoming with Rob Macaulay, CEO of Greyhound Racing New South Wales

Episode 35: Recorded February 23, 2023 "Our most western a 14 hour drive from Sydney..." Rob Macaulay on Broken Hill, one of the 30 community run Greyhound tracks in New South Wales Show Notes Rob Macaulay served as legal counsel for Greyhound Racing New South Wales (NSW) four years ago and immediately immersed himself in the sport of Australian Greyhound racing. When the opportunity presented itself, he applied to serve as Greyhound Racing NSW's Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Rob leads the organization's racing and welfare initiatives in Australia's largest and most southwest state. The Australian track system will, at first glance, appear very different from the American system. Tracks under Greyhound Racing NSW's umbrella of leadership are community clubs, similar to English football clubs. Rob speaks of the smallest and most remote tracks like the Broken Hill Greyhound Club in the same breath as the largest Greyhound racing tracks in Sydney. One gets the sense that there is a sense of community pride within this Australian Greyhound racing system. Rob is very eager to share Australian racing Greyhounds with the world when they retire. Similar to the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust association with Greyhound Pets of America, Greyhound Racing NSW is piloting a similar adoption program for potential American Greyhound adopters. In 2023, Rob has a goal to introduce 120 Australian Greyhounds into the enthusiastic and welcoming arms of American adopters. In this episode, John and Rob sit down to discuss the Australian racing Greyhound and the sport's present and future. The conversation covers the community centric track system in New South Wales, technical aspects of Australian races and racing surfaces, and the wagering and funding of the sport. They also cover the welfare and rehoming of Australian racing Greyhounds, including the emerging partnership with Greyhound Pets of America. Links Greyhound Racing New South Wales (Website) Greyhounds as Pets (Website) Greyhound Integrity and Welfare Commission (Website) Broken Hill Greyhound Club (Facebook) Greyhound Pets of America (Website)


Racing Ownership in the UK with George Sell

Episode 34: Recorded January 15, 2023 "If you could bottle what I felt and sell it, I'd be a rich man…" British racing Greyhound owner George Sell describes seeing his first Greyhoundk, Steeple Road Teddy, win a race Show Notes George Sell lives the life of a travel and real estate writer, business owner and "horse husband" in the south of England. His wife is an accomplished equestrian. They both love and own Whippets. He's also involved in a couple of racing Greyhound ownership syndicates. Greyhound racing syndicates might raise an eyebrow for the unfamiliar, but they are fast becoming the best way for a fan of the breed to try their hand at owning a racer. George's first racing Greyhound -- Steeple Road Teddy -- was owned by a 10-member syndicate. When the Greyhound was having trouble, George enlisted a former Waterloo Cup coursing trainer to set things right. Managing a racing syndicate is just one part of racing Greyhound ownership in Great Britain. Owners get to participate in Sundays at the kennel, visiting and playing with their Greyhounds, the trainer, and fellow owners. They also have to react to changes to the sport and its tracks since the COVID pandemic. In this episode, George shares his experience as a racing Greyhound owner in the UK. Host John Parker discusses with George sourcing a potential winning Greyhound, finding the right trainer, and adapting to changes in Irish and British Greyhound racing. Links Macchiato (Website) Americano (Website) Fantalilly (Website)


Charlie Blanning and Gary Guccione: Racing’s Top Five Greyhounds

Episode 33: Recorded November 19, 2022 "He had become the darling of the crowds in England...we're talking about crowds...of a hundred thousand people..." Author Charlie Blanning on Mick the Miller, one of his "top five" Greyhound picks Show Notes Charlie Blanning and Gary Guccione are second to none when it comes to declaring the "top five" racing Greyhounds in the modern era. Charlie -- author of three Greyhound history books -- gravitates towards the finest English and Irish racers 20th century. Gary -- former Executive Director of the National Greyhound Association -- brings a distinctly American selection of Greyhounds to his "best of" list. In this episode, host John Parker asks the question of both Charlie and Gary -- "Can you name five racing Greyhounds that stand out above all others?" Charlie and Gary deliver, with stories of Mick the Miller, Westy Whizzer and Westmead Hawk, just to name a few. Join us for a fine hour of Greyhound history, discussion of the sport of Greyhound racing, and news on Charlie's books. Charlie's Top Five Racing Greyhounds Westmead Hawk (Wikipedia) Ballyregan Bob (Wikipedia) Pigalle Wonder (Wikipedia) Endless Gossip (Wikipedia) Mick the Miller (Website) Gary's Top Five Racing Greyhounds Downing (Greyhound Hall of Fame) Miss Whirl Westy Whizzer Real Huntsman (Greyhound Hall of Fame) Traffic Officer (Website) and Flashy Sir Links The Greyhound and the Hare (Facebook)


Lee Livingood: Author of ‘Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies’

Episode 32: Recorded October 18, 2022 “Training is not something you do to your dog but something that you do with your dog.”Lee Livingood on the importance of a dog owner’s investment in bettering their dog Show Notes Lee Livingood wanted to be a veterinarian as a child, but she settled on always having a dog in her home. During college, she adopted a mixed breed dog from a local shelter and discovered it suffered from severe separation anxiety. Lee helped find the right home for the dog, and the experience ignited her interest in and passion for canine behavior. In 1991, Lee and her husband learned about retired racing Greyhounds. They adopted their first Greyhound shortly thereafter -- a 2 year old hound named Penny. At the time, her home in Pennsylvania was in the throes of a winter storm. She went out in the blizzard with her newly adopted Greyhound on lead, who promptly chased after a squirrel and left her face down in the snow. She didn't know about Greyhound "prey drive" and the quickness and strength a Greyhound could exert in such a situation. The experience inspired her to write Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies -- the first book about racing Greyhound behavior and care after adoption. The book would become a mainstay in the Greyhound adoption community. In this episode, host John Parker and Lee sit down to talk about her background in Greyhound behavior and training, as well as her experience in writing the book. They explore the nuances of publishing what would become a very popular reference in the Greyhound adoption community, Lee's involvement with that community, and the future of the American Greyhound breed. Links Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies (Amazon)Redfern Canines (Website)


A Conversation with Irish Breeder and Trainer Dolores Ruth

Episode 31: Recorded August 28, 2022 "He definitely had a huge, big heart. He just had that will to win..."Irish Greyhound breeder and trainer Dolores Ruth, on training champion racing Greyhound, Razldazl Billy Show Notes Irish Greyhound breeder and trainer, Dolores Ruth, describes her 2006 Irish Greyhound Derby champion, Razldazl Billy, as an enigma. Clever. Superhuman. Named after Billy Flynn, a principal character from the musical, Chicago, Razldazl Billy seemingly put on a show wherever he raced. Razldazl Billy's career is, to date, the pinnacle of Dolores' career in breeding and training, but he's not the only highlight. Dolores grew up in a racing Greyhound family. She recalls fond memories of feeding her father's Greyhounds Weetabix, milk and scrambled eggs and walking their family's Greyhounds in Dublin's Phoenix Park. When her father became ill in her late teens, Dolores would take the reins of the family Greyhound business. In the early 1990s, she would come into her own as an independent Greyhound trainer. After Razldazl Billy won the Irish Greyhound Derby in 2006, she transitioned from trainer to breeder. The Razldazl bloodline continues to this day. In this episode, host John Parker and Dolores explore not only Razldazl Billy's career, but some of the many other Greyhounds that have made a mark in the Irish racing Greyhound world. It's an entertaining exploration of some of the biggest Greyhound names in the sport and the breeder and trainer that helped share them with the world. Links Irish Greyhound Derby (Wikipedia)Razldazl Billy Race Career (Greyhound Racing Ireland)Razldazl Billy Pedigree (Greyhound Racing Ireland)


Dr. Rob Gillette on Greyhound Sports Medicine

Episode 30: Recorded August 2, 2022 "I don't know how to describe heaven for a's hard for a lot of people to understand how much these Greyhounds love to run..."Dr. Rob Gillette on Auburn University veterinary students seeing Greyhounds run for the first time Show Notes Dr. Rob Gillette has been around working and sporting dogs his entire life. He was born in Great Bend, near Cheyenne Bottoms, Kansas and grew up hunting with retrievers and bird dogs. Cheyenne Bottoms was also home to the first coursing meeting of the American Coursing Club in 1886. He didn't realize it at the time, but it was a sign of his future involvement in Greyhound sports medicine. Dr. Gillette graduated from veterinary school at Kansas State University in 1988 and subsequently helped take care of Greyhounds at local dog tracks and with breeders in and around Kansas City and Abilene. After completing a postdoctoral in human biomechanics, he received a research grant from the Kansas Racing Commission to better understand how Greyhounds run and how to reduce their injuries. Dr. Gillette would continue to research Greyhound performance and consult on track design and surface composition on behalf of trainers and track owners. In the late 1990s, Dr. Gillette began a 15 year career at Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine. There, he expanded his canine sports medicine research. His students had the opportunity to observe and learn from Greyhounds participating in what is now known as the Canine Performance Sciences program. His research would not only benefit the care of the Greyhound but serve the greater canine community as well. In this episode, host John Parker discusses with Dr. Gillette his career as a veterinarian and researcher of Greyhounds, service dogs, and law enforcement and military K9s. They discuss how an understanding of the Greyhound's unique anatomy and athleticism better informs sports medicine for many breeds. Dr. Gillette also shares some of his current research activities and plans to develop the next generation of Greyhound savvy veterinarians. Links (Website)SportsVet (Facebook)Athletic and Working Dog: Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics (


Virtual Launch: Charlie Blanning’s Twenty Two Waterloo Cups

Episode 29: Recorded June 26, 2022 "He said to me, 'Why don't you make it a personal record? Put more of yourself into it...'"Charlie Blanning, on the advice given to him while writing Twenty Two Waterloo Cups Show Notes Charlie Blanning's latest book -- Twenty Two Waterloo Cups -- is more than just another history of the famous English Greyhound coursing meeting. It also tells the story of the author's involvement in the Waterloo Cup as a correspondent for various coursing publications from 1981 to the end of the Cup in 2005. Charlie braved judges' horses, blowing gales and anti-coursing protestors to share the experience of the Cup with readers. Twenty Two Waterloo Cups is Charlie's fifth book about Greyhounds and the sport of coursing. The book picks up the Waterloo Cup in the early 1980s after a hiatus of four years that put premier coursing meeting's future in jeopardy. Thankfully, supporters of the sport and the Cup's rich history came to the rescue and revived the coursing meeting for more than two decades. The book is dedicated to one of those key figures -- Bill Stedman, Treasurer at the time of the National Coursing Club. In this episode, Charlie and host John Parker hold a "virtual launch" of Twenty Two Waterloo Cups with a discussion about the coursing meeting's history, the Greyhounds that made it famous, the people who organized the event, and the undercurrents of anti-coursing protests during the Cup's final years. Charlie shares his motivations for writing the book and how he went about publishing another entry in his growing library of Greyhound history. Links The Greyhound & the Hare (Facebook)Reservation Form for Twenty Two Waterloo Cups


Leslie Wootten: Greyhound Author

Episode 28: Recorded February 15, 2022 "I literally grew up with Greyhounds..."Leslie Wootten, on her childhood at the Tucson Greyhound Park Show Notes Leslie Wootten's earliest memories of Greyhounds are from the Tucson Greyhound Park around 1953. Her father was hired as the plant superintendent at the race track, and her family lived in a house near the paddock on the track grounds. She heard the Greyhounds every night outside her bedroom window when there was racing. In the 1950s and 1960s, Greyhound racing was the thing to do in Tucson. Leslie found herself at the paddock fence every night while her father worked and her mother mingled at the clubhouse. As she grew up and her family moved away from the track, she developed other interests. She would return to Greyhounds in her 30s. With a college degree in writing, Leslie found herself revisiting her family's history in Greyhound racing. Her very first writing effort was the nomination of her grandfather -- James "Pop" Wootten -- into the Pioneers section of the Greyhound Hall of Fame. Gary Guccione, former executive director of the National Greyhound Association, later invited her to become a regular columnist for The Greyhound Review. In 2007, Leslie would write Keefer: The People's Choice -- a book about breeder Keith Dillon's favorite Greyhound. Dillon felt that Keefer had an incredible personality from the moment of his birth in 1984. Keefer wowed the crowds at Derby Lane, becoming the first Greyhound ever featured in the Wall Street Journal. Leslie's book would explore this phenomenal Greyhound's career, based especially on her multi-part series about Dillon's life in Greyhound racing. In this episode, John Parker sits down with Leslie to discuss her book and other writing about the Greyhound people and the Greyhound breed. They explore her family's rich heritage in Greyhound coursing and racing, her experiences in Abilene, Kansas, and the future of Greyhound racing and the Greyhound breed. Links Keefer: The People's Choice (Amazon)Greyhound Hall of FameNational Greyhound Association


Jackie Teal: Coursing & Racing Trainer

Episode 27: Recorded January 8, 2022 "It was indescribable -- the elation -- but also a sadness -- things can't get better than this..."Jackie Teal, Greyhound coursing and racing trainer, on winning her first Waterloo Cup in 2002 Show Notes At the age of ten, Jackie Teal really wanted a pony. Instead, she found herself helping a local businessman out with his Greyhounds. She would bathe and feed them, ride with them out to the local track, and fall asleep with them at the end of a day at the track. Little did she know that missing out on that pony would lead training two Waterloo Cup winners a career in Greyhound coursing and racing. In her twenties, Jackie went to her first coursing meeting. She found the experience to be very different than the "bloodthirsty goings on" that she had expected. Coursing was truly a test of Greyhound skill, and the sport transcended social class in England like no other. Jackie started training Greyhounds and would meet her husband, John, at a coursing meeting. Together, they would build a kennel of nearly 200 Greyhounds. They trained Greyhounds for both coursing and racing. Her Greyhounds competed in the Waterloo Cup, Irish coursing and racing, and British racing. As of 2022, her Greyhounds have been racing at the Sunderland Greyhound Stadium for 32 years. In this episode, host John Parker and Jackie sit down to talk about her career as both a Greyhound coursing and racing trainer. Jackie shares some of her favorite Greyhound stories from the track and coursing meetings, including her two Waterloo Cup winners in 2002 and 2005. Links Sunderland Greyhound Stadium


Charlie Blanning’s Latest Greyhound History Project

Episode 26: Recorded December 16, 2021 “Why don’t you pick up the baton and write [about] the final years of the Waterloo cup?”Charlie Blanning on the inspiration for his next Greyhound history project Show Notes Charlie Blanning — respected Greyhound historian and regular guest on the Greyhound Nation podcast — has a new Greyhound history project in the works. In this episode, host John Parker and gets an exclusive preview of Charlie’s next book. Join the Nation for Charlie’s exclusive announcement! Links Please Mister: The Golden Age of Greyhound Racing (Facebook)Please Mister: The Golden Age of Greyhound Racing (Amazon UK)


Steve Downs on Open Field Coursing in the U.S.

Episode 25: Recorded November 15, 2021 “I think of you as the Sir Mark Prescott of American coursing...”Host John Parker on Steve Downs and his involvement in coursing in the United States Show Notes Steve Downs is a fourth generation Greyhound man. His father's family hailed from California and became interested in hunting hares, also referred to as as jackrabbits in the United States. Steve caught his first hare around the age of five with the first Greyhound he could call his own, a black brindle named Felix. In 1990, Steve joined a friend for a coursing meeting sanctioned by the National Open Field Coursing Association (NOFCA). On this trip to Wyoming, he experienced coursing under rules for the first time with his Greyhound. Steve's favorite Greyhound at the time -- Sally -- won the hunt on his behalf. NOFCA, founded in the 1960s, established rules for walked-up coursing in the United States for most of the sighthound breeds. Steve would continue his involvement with the organization into the mid-2000s when he became a licensed judge for NOFCA coursing meetings. He also began to breed his own Greyhounds for open field coursing and developed a sense for the traits that made for excellent coursing dogs. In this episode, host John Parker and Steve discuss the history of open field coursing in the United States, including the evolution of NOFCA as a governing body for the sport. Steve shares his experiences as a breeder, a judge, and a competitor during the course of the interview.


Gary Guccione: A Life in Greyhound Racing

Episode 24: Recorded September 23, 2021 “As long as I could reach the window to the ticket seller, I could place a wager…”Gary Guccione, talking about placing his first wagers at the Butte, MT Greyhound racing track Show Notes Gary Guccione’s life in Greyhound racing started in Butte, Montana. His father served as racing secretary and racing kennel owner at the Western Montana Kennel Club. One of his earliest memories was reaching up to the counter at a parimutuel window to place a wager on a Greyhound race. In one particular instance, his 3rd grade teacher, who was working a summer job as a parimutuel teller, happily took his wager. As it turned out, Gary’s wasn’t the only life impacted by Greyhound racing in Butte. In 1964, Gary traveled with his family to the Multnomah Kennel Club in Portland, Oregon where his father was racing some Greyhound puppies he had bred. Gary got to see some up-and-coming Greyhounds at the "puppy derby" that year — an event that served as the catalyst for the rest of his career. He enjoyed guessing the sire standings before they were published, upon which his father made a suggestion. “Why don’t you start tracking blood matron standings?” Gary took his father’s advice and started publishing brood matron standings for Racing Record in 1965. He left for college to earn a degree in journalism, during which time he also started writing articles for The Coursing News. His college summers were spent in various roles at the Black Hills Greyhound Track where his father had another racing kennel. In 1971, Gary went to work for the National Coursing Association (NCA), the predecessor the National Greyhound Association (NGA), in Abilene, Kansas. He met his wife shortly thereafter, and they decided to make Abilene their home. Gary continued to work for what had become the NGA. In 1982, he became executive director, secretary-treasurer and keeper of the Greyhound stud book. He would serve the NGA for many more years, eventually earning an induction into the Greyhound Hall of Fame in 2009. In this episode, host John Parker and Gary sit down to discuss his life in Greyhound racing. Gary shares his love of Greyhound racing and pedigrees, his experiences in assuring the integrity of Greyhound pedigrees and naming standards, and his early interactions with Greyhound adoption groups. Links National Greyhound Association (Website)Greyhound Hall of Fame (Website)Gary Guccione at the Greyhound Hall of Fame (Website)


Greyhound Adoption Author Cynthia Branigan

Episode 23: Recorded August 17, 2021 "Gamal started to gallop, and King said, 'I know this -- I can run!'"Cynthia Branigan, on her first Greyhound's experience with Gamal, America's last diving horse Show Notes Cynthia Branigan took her first Greyhound, King (fka Low Key Two), to visit a very special horse, Gamal. Gamal was the last of the Atlantic City Steel Pier diving horses. When he was "retired" and put up for auction in 1980, Cynthia purchased him. She rescued King from an unhappy adoption situation in 1987. At the time, he was ten years old and quite depressed. However, he and Gamal realized they were kindred spirts and took to running like old friends. Cynthia, like many Greyhound people, is also a horse person. Actually, she's an animal person, having joined forces years ago with Cleveland Amory, the father of the modern animal protection movement and founder of The Fund for Animals. During her time with Cleveland, she ventured to the New Jersey Pine Barrens on a mission to save Gamal from slaughter by purchasing him at auction, an act that set the tone for her life to come. After adopting King in 1987, she was approached by a local shelter to help find a home for another Greyhound. She decided to set out on her own and started to find homes for Greyhounds in the New England area. In 1988, she founded the Greyhound adoption group Make Peace with Animals and has, to this day, rehomed over 5,500 Greyhounds. Her passion is more action than activism -- finding the right homes for animals like Gamal and King. She has also channeled her passion into writing, publishing two books on Greyhounds. One of those books, Adopting the Racing Greyhound, is in its third edition. Cynthia's latest book -- The Last Diving Horse in America -- retells the story of her quest to rescue Gamal from slaughter against the backdrop of her life in animal welfare. The Last Diving Horse in America will be published October 19, 2021. In this episode, Cynthia shares her passion for animal welfare and Greyhound adoption with host John Parker. Her stories include the rescue of Gamal, the founding of Making Peace with Animals, and what inspired her to write about Greyhounds and her very special equine friend. Links The Last Diving Horse in America (, pre-order)Adopting the Racing Greyhound ( Peace with Animals (Website)


Bonus: Mr. Wilby’s Speech to the Children

Episode 22 (Bonus): Recorded August 22, 2021 “I hope you children will have happy memories of today.”Charlie Wilby, butcher and coursing enthusiast, 1987 Show Notes Our first bonus episode revisits our conversation with Charlie Blanning and Sir Mark Prescott in Episode 12: The Greatest of Coursing. In that episode, Sir Mark shared an anecdote about a butcher from Norfolk -- Charlie Wilby -- who would bring his Greyhounds to coursing meetings. He was also known for sharing choice cuts of beef with volunteers at those meetings. In 1987, Mr. Wilby asked to give a speech to children attending one such coursing meeting. He spoke with them during breakfast before the day's events. During the speech, he shared his love of coursing, Greyhounds, and people at the event. He wished for the children to have the same enjoyment he got from the sport. In this episode, Charlie Blanning gives a reading of this very speech, a copy of which was provided by Sir Mark. The message rings true some thirty plus years later. Greyhound sports will only continue to thrive with new generations of volunteers, competitors and enthusiasts.


Five Essays with Dennis McKeon

In my mind and memory, she is and always will be the blithest of greyhound spirits...The One Who Got Away, Dennis McKeon Show Notes Greyhound Nation went “on the air” as a brand new podcast for Greyhound enthusiasts on August 11, 2020. Our first guest was Dennis McKeon, a former racing Greyhound trainer and respected essayist on the breed. Since then, we’ve released over twenty episodes covering a variety of topics on the Greyhound breed. In our first year, we've sought to give voice to the Greyhound breed and its fans. We've also sought to educate those who want to learn more about Greyhounds. Our topics and guests have been international in scope and covered the gamut. British coursing. American amateur racing. Greyhound adoption and breed advocacy. Greyhound photography. In honor of our one-year anniversary, we invited Dennis McKeon back to the show to read some of his favorite essays about Greyhounds. Dennis writes about Greyhounds from his years of experience as a racing Greyhound trainer. His essays seek to bridge the gap between the American racing Greyhound experience and their life in retirement. We hope you enjoy Dennis' reading of the essays and continue to follow our podcast. There are many more destinations to explore in the Greyhound Nation. Here's to another year of Greyhound adventure, listeners. Links The Draft Dog and the Racing Gods (Facebook, public)Nobody Likes a Wet Dog (Facebook, public)The Handing Down (Facebook, public)The Top 5 Things that Greyhounds Care About and Don't Care About (Facebook, public)The One Who Got Away (Facebook, public)


Amateur Racing for Your Greyhound

"Track Greyhounds -- too much engine and not enough frame. But I am addicted to that speed."Michele Houghton, amateur Greyhound racing enthusiast Show Notes Michele Houghton had her first lure coursing experience in 1992. At the time, she had a kennel of nearly 40 Greyhounds. Michele loved the sport, but she soon realized that hard New England fields were better suited to smaller breeds than her Greyhounds. In 1998, she discovered amateur racing, and everything changed. Michele began racing her Greyhounds with Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) clubs in New England. The organization blossomed in the mid 1990s. LGRA races are held on 200 yard flat and straight courses. The format is very user friendly for Greyhound pet owners and new adopters. Dr. Jennifer Ng also has a background in amateur racing. After adopting her first Greyhound in 2007, she sought out activities for her Greyhound in Camden, SC. Little did Jennifer know that one of those activities would set her first Greyhound on the path to a championship. Jennifer's first Greyhound ran in amateur track races with the National Oval Track Racing Association (NOTRA). NOTRA holds events at large fields and former racing training tracks around the country. Both NOTRA and LGRA races are rooted in fun competition and bragging rights for owners and Greyhounds. Trophies, ribbons, stuffed animals and glory await the winners of these races. In this episode, host John Parker sits down with Dr. Jennifer Ng and Michele Houghton to learn more about amateur racing for your Greyhound. Jennifer and Michele share their unique perspectives on the LGRA and NOTRA formats. They also share tips to help both Greyhounds adopters and puppy owners get their dogs involved in amateur racing. Links National Oval Track Racing Association (NOTRA)Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA)