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Come one, come all, to the Happiest Podcast on Earth! A place where imaginations run wild, stakes are raised every gameday, and lifelong Disney fans and friends sit around the table to discuss all things Disney. So go grab your churros and beverage of choice, snag your Disney ears, and enjoy as we proudly present.....THE HAPPIEST PODCAST ON EARTH!


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Come one, come all, to the Happiest Podcast on Earth! A place where imaginations run wild, stakes are raised every gameday, and lifelong Disney fans and friends sit around the table to discuss all things Disney. So go grab your churros and beverage of choice, snag your Disney ears, and enjoy as we proudly present.....THE HAPPIEST PODCAST ON EARTH!






255 - Rapid Fire

Today, dive into a lively, around-the-room discussion with Hunter, AyJay, and Andrew as they tackle questions from our Patreon listeners. A big shoutout to our Club 19 members for their fantastic questions! Happy listening! Support the show


254 - Gameday: Guess the Movie Soundtrack

Hey, hey everybody! Join Hunter, Andrew, and AyJay for another Hunter's Gameday! This week listen as the crew tries to guess the movie based on the soundtrack! Happy Listening! Support the show


253 - Blast from the Past

Today go back in time with Mel, Hunter, and Andrew as they discuss all the things they miss at the Walt Disney World Resort! Happy Listening! Support the show


252 - Untouchable Attractions

Walt Disney once said “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” Which has proven to be true! Over the years we have seen many changes to attractions, park areas, and the transportation around the parks. BUT in today's episode, we discuss the attractions we believe are untouchable. Attractions that will always be an integral part of the Walt Disney World Park! Do you agree with our picks? What attractions do you think are untouchable? Let us know! Support the show


251 - Run Disney Q&A

This week join us for a very special episode where we have not one but TWO special guest stars talking with our host Miss. AyJay Mulholland all about Run Disney! Happy Listening! Support the show


250 - Gameday: Guessing Scale

Join us on our 250th episode as the cast competes in a Game Day edition of “Guessing Scale!” Listen in and play along as each contestant attempts to guess the name of a random Walt Disney World item selected by their fellow hosts. Support the show


249 - Coming Soon in 2024!

Hey everybody! Join us in this episode as we delve into the upcoming movie releases and park plans that Disney has in store for 2024! Support the show


248 - Looking Back at 2023

Happy New Year Happiest Fam! In this week’s episode, we are reminiscing on all that took place around Walt Disney World and what was released as Disney media in 2023! We are giving our hot takes on what we loved and what may have been a miss for us. What were the team’s highlights? Is Hunter all of a sudden on a positive streak? We bet you can guess what Andrew’s favorite film of the year was! Does Squeaks need to make an appearance after a special announcement gone wrong?! Happy listening! At the end, we also learn more about Nick’s new project as he ventures into his new chapter! Support the show


247 - Nick's Last Episode

Hola everyone! Join us today for a very special and very emotional episode of The Happiest Podcast on Earth. Support the show


246 - Walt Disney World Christmas Tree Ranking

Hola everyone and Happy Holidays!! In this episode, the team ranks the Christmas trees that can be found across Walt Disney World property for the holiday season. From resort trees, to the iconic trees at the theme parks and even Disney Springs, which tree do you think will take the top spot as the Happiest Podcast on Earth crew’s favorite Christmas tree? We also hope you enjoy the fact that our very own Holiday cheermeister has returned for this special episode! That is right… LDel is home for the holidays!! Support the show


245 - Password Christmas Edition

Hey Hey everyone! In this episode, we have our December Hunter GameDay where the cast (Mel, Ayjay, Hunter, and Andrew) compete in a familiar game of Password with a holiday twist! Support the show


244 - Yin and Yang: Holiday Edition!

Here's to the first ever Yin and Yang episode hitting the main airwaves! Yin and Yang was birthed out of Nick and Hunter's complete opposite personalities and general views on pretty much everything. Previously exclusive to Patreon, and with Nick's departure looming, why not share one with everyone in the spirit of the holiday season! Speaking of the holidays, in this episode, Nick and Hunter break down most of the holiday offerings at the Walt Disney World Resort and share their thoughts and not so agreeable opinions. The episode poses the ongoing questions... are you a Nick? Or are you a Hunter? Support the show


243- AyJay in Disneyland Paris and Engagement Episode!

Hello hello! It's AyJay here, and I have some exciting news! WESTLEY PROPOSED!!! AHHH!!!! Listen along as I tell you all about our engagement in Paris, our time exploring Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios, and our honest opinions about it all. Please note that this trip was meant to celebrate our love, so there wasn't a lot of content creation and episode building in mind. This episode is meant to be more entertaining than educating. If you want all of the nitty gritty details of Disneyland Paris I highly suggest the podcasts Imagination Skyway and WDW Radio! Support the show


242 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen as Hunter, Melinda, and Nick discuss what they are thankful for this year (Disney-specific!) Happy Listening! Support the show


241 - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Review

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! The party has officially begun as the holiday season is essentially in full swing at Walt Disney World and Nick, Hunter, and Andrew were there for the first night to experience it all. From Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, to Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Show, this party brings a lot with regards to entertainment. In this episode, the crew shares some of the favorites that they experienced during the party and gives some tips and tricks to navigate your evening if you plan to attend. The crew also spent time trying some of the new food offerings at the party and are ready to share their opinions! Holiday overlay attractions… are they worth it? Can you do everything during the party? It is time to discuss! Finally, they are ready to address the common question… Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party vs. Jollywood Nights? Which will they choose and why? Listen to find out! Support the show


240 - First Ever Jollywood Nights Review

In this episode, we are giving our honest thoughts and opinions on Disney’s newest event, Jollywood Nights. Jollywood Nights is a special ticketed event that takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is an event that is set up more for adults with themed drinks, food and live entertainment. The team reviews what they were able to experience including the brand new shows Holidays in Hollywood and What’s This?, a The Nightmare Before Christmas sing along. Was it worth it?! What would we do differently?! Listen and find out! Support the Show Support the show


239 - The Future of the Happiest Podcast on Earth

In this episode, the team spends time discussing where the podcast is headed in the future. With the recent departure of Corey and Jarrett, the team felt it appropriate to reflect on the good times that have been had and share some of the dreaming taking place about the good times that are in the future. Make sure to listen all the way through as some important updates are shared from one of the hosts and their future! Support the show


238 - Pros and cons of staying on, or off Disney property!

In this week’s episode, we spend time discussing the pros and cons of staying on, or off Walt Disney World Property. Some of the team recently stayed at a vacation rental called, Epic Vacation Homes, so we thought why not talk about what that experience is like for the typical Walt Disney World goer vs. staying at a Walt Disney World hotel? We get into cost comparisons, convenience, and other insider suggestions on how to make your trip worth it, but also what maximizes the magic?! Support the show


237 - Gameday: Disney Villains Guess Who?

In this episode, it is Hunter’s Gameday: Spooky Edition! The team sets out to see who knows their Disney Villains best with an old-school game of Guess Who? What better time to test your knowledge on the wickedest crew in the land than the weekend of Halloween? Did your favorite villain make the cut? Do you think you could have guessed more quickly than some of the contestants? Listen to find out! Support the show


236 - Disney+ Halloween Movie Night

In this episode, the team shares their ideal spooky movie night by describing some of their favorite Halloween candy and spooky snacks. We also rank some of our favorite Halloween-themed movies and shows that are currently available on Disney+! Will some of your favorites make the list?! Will there be some haunted takes?! Listen and find out! Support the show