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The Pointy End #4: Day 1, 2 and 3

Congratulations! You did it. You've got a beautiful little baby. But, uh, now what? How do you feed this thing? And is there a baby hotline you can call when things get too scary? Bec Judd and Monique Bowley are back for one last time, along with with our crack team of experts Midwife Cath and Dr Sgroi. They're answering all your questions about your first few days with bub, from what baby gear you really need in the hospital, to why you're going to need a bouncer at your door. Plus, we...


The Pointy End #3: What Dad Saw

The Impregnator. The Inseminator. Dad. Whatever you call them, partners have a big part to play in your birth. Even if that's just staying quiet, holding your hand and acting as a human stress ball. Bec’s husband (and football royalty) Chris Judd joins us in the studio to tell us what birth is like when you’re not the one doing the birthing. From how dads can support a heavily pregnant woman, to how they can manage their own nerves in the birthing suite and help without getting in the way....


The Pointy End #2: Birth Stories

There's nothing like a good birth story to get your waters tingling. From Bec Judd's perfectly planned pain-free experience, right to the other end of the spectrum with the pure mayhem of Tiffiny Hall's birth. It's a bumpy ride! Midwife Cath is back to answer all your questions about the big day. Is placenta lasagne a superfood? What drugs will make labour a dream? Can I have a c-section if I'm scared of giving birth? Take a deep breath. You can do this. We'll be here every step of the...


The Pointy End #1: The Big Wait

Hello, new mummies-to-be. Can we get you something? A glass of water? An epidural? If you're nine months pregnant and, quite frankly sick of it, welcome to your crash course in getting that baby out of you. We'll be your pregnancy concierges, here to answer all your sticky questions. Like, how do you tackle maternity leave? Should you walk out on your last day in a blaze of glory, or leave in a more civilised fashion? Our in-house obstetrician Dr Joseph Sgroi tells us everything you need...


Coming soon... Hello Bump: The Pointy End

Are you nine months pregnant and glowing... with sweat? Setlle in, this is the podcast that will get you through labour and out the other side to motherhood. Maybe you don't have time to listen to the full nine months, or you forgot to read the pregnancy books. Well this is your cram session. It's like a pre-natal class and you don't even have to put on pants. All your favourites are back for the ride - Bec Judd, Monique Bowley, Midwife Cath Curtin and Dr Joseph Sgroi. Plus we're joined by...


So...What Happens Now, Exactly?

Your bump is out! It might have a name. It might have some ideas about how to live its life. And you might have no frickin' idea what to do next. Don't panic. We got you. Jump on over to Year One in iTunes, here In Omny, here Or search Year One in your favourite podcast app.


The First Six Weeks

Happy? Sad? Depressed? Confused? Tired? Disorientated? Angry? Ecstatic? Welcome to normal. The baby is here, you're beginning your life as a parent, and things can feel a little foggy. In the final episode of Hello Bump, we will walk you through those first weeks. Midwife Cath talks us through the post-pregnancy poo, dealing with stitches, breastfeeding, nipples, sleep, and postnatal depression. Bec Judd has advice for when your milk comes in, and why well-meaning visitors aren't always the...


It's Show Time

Welcome to the big event! The floodgates are finally about to open. Breathe...This is everything we've been working towards in the last 10 eps. We're discussing the drugs vs no drugs debate with Midwife Cath as well as the different kinds of birth, and who should be in the delivery room. Our resident doula Angela Gallo is back to talk birth photography and one of our fabulous listeners shares her placenta eating stories. Let's get ready to push this baby out of the plug hole! Show...


Month 9: Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.

Pack the hospital bag and keep everyone sober; we are about to birth this baby like nobody's business. Our resident midwife tells you what should be in your bag, and how to stay on high alert without freaking out. Are you finding yourself scrubbing cupboards and cooking for days? We also discuss nesting instinct. What can you do if you're overdue? Do all those myths about eating curry work? And here's something to burst your bubble; the world of pregnancy paperwork. Show Notes Episode...


Month 8: When You're Over Being Pregnant

Your feet are swollen, you're hot, you're bursting at the seams and have a foot up under your rib. Midwife Cath has the guide to surviving the last part. Bamboozled by baby stores? We have a list of the essentials you need. And we dig into pregnancy superstitions. Show Notes Episode Guests: Midwife Cath, Liliya May Hosts: Monique Bowley and Bec Judd Hello Bump is brought to you by Westpac's Bump Savings Account. This show was produced by Kelly Glover for the Mamamia Podcast...


Month 7: Birth Plans, Babymoons, and Advice for Dads

Do you really need a birth plan and what should be in it? We ask Midwife Cath, who has delivered more than 10,000 babies, to weigh in. Also is a babymoon something you should do before your Bump arrives? Plus, what are Dad's thinking throughout this pregnancy journey? We bring one on the show to share his experience. Show Notes Episode Guests: Midwife Cath, Jeffrey Charles Hosts: Monique Bowley and Bec Judd Hello Bump is brought to you by Westpac's Bump Savings Account. This show was...


Month 6: Childcare, maternal instincts and gender reveal parties

Do you need to put your fetus on the childcare waitlist before it's even seen the light at the end of the tunnel? Welcome to month six of Hello Bump. This ep we chat childcare and get the insider tips on what to look for in a centre. Our resident obstetrician Dr. Joseph Sgroi is back to talk maternal instincts and what to do if you don't feel a thing. Plus are gender reveals a legit thing? Another banger Bump instalment with Monique Bowley and Bec Judd, who fills us in on why she had three...


Month 5: Pregnancy Brain and Shotgunning Names

By this stage, your baby will be about the size of a large banana! Which is handy because cravings can strike at any time. This episode of Hello Bump, we ask if the pregnancy glow is real a thing. What about pregnancy brain? Also is shotgunning a baby name legit? And, what about dealing with your partner during pregnancy? Show Notes Episode Guests: Dr Joseph Sgroi Hosts: Monique Bowley and Bec Judd Hello Bump is brought to you by Westpac's Bump Savings Account. This show was produced...


Month 4: Sex While Pregnant and Cravings Galore

It's month four of being pregnant and we are officially in the second trimester. This episode of Hello Bump, Bec Judd talks us through the modern maternity wardrobe. Is it needed or can you get around town with wearing leggings? Our resident obstetrician, Dr Joseph Sgroi talks haivng sex while pregnant. Can you do it, is it safe, or is your baby going to end up with dimples? Plus, are food cravings a real thing or just a figment of our imagination? Show Notes Episode Guests: Dr Joseph...


Month 3: The Real Cost, and How To Tell The Boss

You're at the end of the first trimester and time for the big reveal. How do you tell the boss you're pregnant? What is the actual cost of a baby in the first year? And should you find out the sex or wait for a surprise? Plus Bec Judd reveals how she accidentally found out she was having a girl. It might have you suddenly craving hamburgers. Show Notes Episode Guests: Jenny Melhuish, Liz Short, Dr. Joseph Sgroi Hosts: Monique Bowley and Bec Judd Hello Bump is brought to you by Westpac's...


Month 2: Public vs Private, Doulas, and Multiples

Should you go public or private, and what's the difference? What does a doula actually do? Are they all about sage sticks and unicorn tears? This episode of Hello Bump, we bring in our resident doula and ask her all the questions, chat with a listener who shares her experiences with both the public and private systems, and discuss dealing with the news of multiples! And Bec Judd reveals her unique way of figuring out she had two buns in the oven. The screams were heard around the...


Month 1: You're Pregnant. Now what?

So, you're officially preggers, up the duff, knocked up, with child, incubating, expecting. Whatever you want to call it, there's a tiny human growing inside you. Now what? This episode of Hello Bump our resident obstetrician, Dr Joseph Sgroi talks us through month one of being pregnant. We ask the deal breaking questions about whether or not you need to quit spray tans and dyeing your hair. There's the chat on what to avoid while pregnant, if you are really eating for two, and what to do if...


Getting the Sperm into the Egg

When a man and a woman love each other very much..... just kidding. That was old school baby-making. These days, there's a lot more that goes into getting that sperm into the egg. Our fertility and IVF specialist Dr David Knight joins us to smash the myths of fertility and conception. We get the ins and outs of IVF and what you really need to know about your eggs. Plus, a listener shares the highs and lows of IVF and embryo donation. This is pregnancy real talk, where nothing is off limits....