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Tips, laughs & encouragement for all that is holy & messy in mom life.

Tips, laughs & encouragement for all that is holy & messy in mom life.
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Tips, laughs & encouragement for all that is holy & messy in mom life.






My Favorite Things - January 2019

Welcome to the first installation of *my favorite things* think of it like Oprah's episodes where she gives away all these free things except... I'm not giving anything away for free! 1. Find Mrs. Hinch on Instagram @MrsHinchHome https://www.instagram.com/p/BrdEQctlz9w/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link 2. Sharon Shark - Shark DuoClean Navigator Liftoff, she's my BEST friend! 3. The YMCA - if you have a YMCA near you, JOIN.. run there and join now. 4. ASTC...


All About the Eucharist

If you grew up in the faith but never really understood most of it – this episode is for you. If you went to mass because thats what your family did, got first Holy Communion because your mom put you in Sunday school (CF/CCD) classes, and even got confirmed to “graduate” from those CF/CCD classes (like me!!) then this episode is definitely for you! In this episode I’m going to be diving into some basic info on the Eucharist – the Catholic form of communion. What we believe, why we believe...


Maybe You Need A "No" Year

Picking a word for the year can be great, so can making goals. But I have a really interesting idea for you, something I did in 2018. What if... you made an anti-resolution... to take absolutely nothing new on. These things you're saying no to are not BAD they're just not for you right now. And that's ok! In the upcoming episode 22 (not 19! the schedule changed!) we'll be chatting about how to practically tackle your time management as a mom/woman. You can check out what I've got on the...


Code Brown

The only real link (and straight up MVP for this episode) is the YMCA. If you're a woman, a mom, a zombie, a dad - anyone. Go get yo-self a membership to the YMCA. They watch my kids, basically for free so that I can workout and record this podcast. They ROCK Hope you enjoy a good laugh at my expense. Enjoy!!! If you liked the laughs head over to my *totally not picture perfect, life is often a hot mess, I embrace it and usually just laugh it off" Instagram page! View this...


When Church Doesn't Give You A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

On this episode we're chatting to anyone who has ever felt like the Catholic Church is just REALLY missing out on something because it might not give you that *feeling* that a praise band, exciting pastor, and flourishing ministry filled church might. This took me a LONG while to come to realize about the Church and why she is so set in her ways. I mean, come on - times change... right?? I talk a bit about my faith background and journey and I hope it touches someones heart in the right...


Filling Your Home With Joy

Today we're chatting all about how we can set the tone for a home full of joy! We're not always going to have a HAPPY day. That's a given but at the end of every day we can be filled with joy for our home and our blessings and the gift of salvation, right? So, how do we - as homemakers, achieve that? I've put some tips together for you to be able to up the joy level in your home, so lets jump right in. Tip #1: Create family spaces that are uncluttered and joy filled. Tip #2: Place Jesus...


That time my 2 year old punched an old lady in church

This episode is another edition of "Holy Hot Mess Moments". We're taking it back to July 2018 when my *oh so well behaved* 2 year old (sense sarcasm) punched an old lady in church. If you're digging the podcast could you do us a HUGE favor and leave a rating and review so that others can find the show? Check out my other episodes here! Don’t forget to hook up with me and some other mamas! My Instagram and Facebook pages @HolyHotMessMom our exclusive mama Facebook group –...


Bonus #1 Epiphany Sunday!

Welcome to the first bonus episode! To day we're talking about what we're celebrating today at church...January 6th, 2019 Catholics always say "keep the tree up until Epiphany", but why?? Well, I didn't know so I went searching for an answer and here it is! The Epiphany is the Manifestation of Christ to the gentiles. (Matthew 2:1-12) (Gentile is a non Jewish person.) Here are some awesome talks/audio/explanations on what the Epiphany is and all the things you need to know! St. Paul...


When there isn't enough time in the day

I catch myself trying to do *all the things* a LOT and it's taking me getting a super full plate and spilling the beans in EVERY aspect of life for me to realize what God is really just trying to beat me over the head to tell me... “You are not called to do all the things… you are called to do the things you have prayed about and know I called you to do”. For me... 1. Live my faith and spread Jesus’s love and hope to others. 2. Be a faithful, loving wife and mother. 3. Be a...


Defining Priorities

I've talked before on my blog about making a life priorities list or a family mission statement and this is a handy dandy thing we ALL need in our lives. What better time to set our goals and missions than in the New Year? (Or really, whenever. Every day can be your "New Year" if you choose to start something new! Go for it!) Once you define the things that are truly the most important to you, you can use that to measure all new decisions against. All of them. It cuts the decision fatigue...


When the Mom Days Are Hard

If you want to check out the latest episode's show notes, head to my blog. This episode is just me, talking to myself (and you!) to give you some encouragement and motivation for when the mom days can be hard. Those days when you feel like there is no way you can keep handling whatever you're handling. Like you don't know what to do, how to react... I hope this episode can find even just one mama in the trenches, struggling today and will encourage her that she is equipped, within...


Meal Planning for Money, Time and Sanity Saving

In this episode we're chatting about meal planning. Some things that have worked for our family and some tools that might be able to help you save time, money, sanity, reduce your decision fatigue and never get caught with the 4p, "oh crap what am I going to make for dinner" bug. We chat about what has worked for us regarding breakfast lunch and dinners but most importantly, a tool I stumbled upon 2.5 years ago that has helped me so much in the kitchen and meal planning aspect of my...


Keeping Advent Simple, Memorable and about Jesus & the Traditions Instead of the Gifts

This episode is all about keeping Christ in Advent when you're busy, worn out, have no time. Christmas is about Christ and we all know and love the magic that comes with this time of year but lets be real - trying to make Christmas amazing, stay in budget, keep our kids from becoming greedy is a lot of work. I've created a great list of things we do to keep it super simple, meaninful and cultivate great family traditions with little effort on my part. Kids remember the traditions and...


Crap on the Turkish Rug

If you've hung around my instagram for any length of time you'll know that I am very much a magnet for ridiculous things happening to me. Funny now, not so funny when I was in the situation but, if we can't laugh -we'll cry.. am I right? This story is about a whirl wind, poop filled, last minute trip to my parents with a 3 year old, 9 month old, 75 lb German shepherd, sassy cat, midsized SUV, a surprize blizard and just a huge mess of a trip. Hope you enjoy and can laugh along with...


Why Does God Let Things Happen?

We're talking a little *faith-y* on the podcast today. Have you ever felt like God, who should be all knowing and all awesome and good, lets just awful things happen. And why, if He is so awesome, does he let awful things happen? Why is He punishing us? Here is the link to the Ascension Presents Chosen Confirmation Video on Suffering I reference in the podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMCPW53-cGw Got a little truth bomb, even though it may feel like it... God does not let bad...


What the heck is this podcast even about?

Welcome to the first ever Holy Hot Mess Mom Podcast! This first episode is just an overview of who I am and what the heck we'll be chatting about on this show. I'm the writer and hot mess behind www.holyhotmessmom.com I would love to virtually meet up on Instagram or Facebook and even in our exclusive Holy Hot Mess Mama's Facebook group! If you're interested in submitting anything for content, being a guest, or sharing your own holy hot mess mom stories, email me at...