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I See Dad People is a Podcast brought to you by two Dads, we share stories, dad jokes and some advice - jump in, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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I See Dad People is a Podcast brought to you by two Dads, we share stories, dad jokes and some advice - jump in, buckle up and enjoy the ride!




the official final episode



Spider webs were used as WHAT in ancient times

A great episode, Eugene potentially losing his premiership football subscription to what spider webs were used for in ancient times.


A valentines special including An Ode to a Strawberry Farmer

The duo talks Valentine's day and investments and the future along with dad jokes and anything but the wrong answer. All finished off with 'An Ode to a Strawberry Farmer'


I don't love Valentines although it was love at first smell

The pre valentines session with a LOT of dad jokes!


The what do you bring to the kitchen and bathroom episode

Another week another episode, some great anything but the right answers, we got going and added a few off the cuff!


Jim Degaetano - Larry the Bunny Saves His Money

Today the two Irish Dads speak to Jim Degaetano, author of the children's book Meet Larry the Bunny, your child's new friend and role model. Because when it comes to, where money comes from, where it goes then Larry the Bunny is the friend your child needs. Jim talks about how research shows that more than 90% of our habits are formed before the age of 7. After that, we spend the rest of our lives trying to change those habits. Join us today for a great perspective on teaching your kids the...


Dad People - New Year 2021 Episode

Entering 2021 with a new live episode from lemon pie to chicken claw soup :)


Christmas Eve Special from the I See Dad People

For everyone worldwide this is not by any means a normal Christmas- but that does not stop us still making it a fun Christmas. Steve and Eugene go live once more in a Christmas Eve special- telling tales and revealing memories from past Christmases. The anything but the right answer round reveals some hilarious responses while Stevie reads some passages from a newly acquired dad joke book.. we have not heard the last of this!! If you're looking for a good laugh and have some time to spare.....


The Pre Christmas Saturday Live Show - Peeing Up Hills

A great live episode with random questions, jokes and a few funny stories including Eugene's biggest prank and steves wet socks!


The Grinberg's - When Your Baby's Born Premature

This week is a first for I See Dad People. Eugene and Steve play host to the first couple to be interviewed. Mike and Gaby Grinberg wear many hats from parents to business owners to running podcasts. They took out time to discuss the many facets involved in keeping both the plates of parenthood and work life spinning. Mike and Gaby's journey is a remarkable tale stemming from the difficulties of the prenatal delivery of their daughter Lana but evolving into a truly inspiring ending as they...


The Saturday Show - The Irish Late Late Toy Show

The guys talk about the week, thanksgiving and the Irish late late toy show.


Mental Health Support for Dads : John Stacey

This week we hook into the UK and take time out with John Stacey who talks openly about Mental Health for men and dads. John’s unique and transparent approach to tackling Mental Health is making waves in the UK where he is involved in initiatives for pre and post natal consideration for soon to be / new dads. In an episode where the chat is free flowing we also launch our Dad Jokes at John while also putting him through the rapid fire question round. Be sure to tune in and check out Johns...


The LIVE Pre Thanksgiving Episode

Steve and Eugene go live again for the third time and this time we are up and running within a minute, we are finally getting the hang of it :-). Join as we talk thanksgiving expectations, a few random questions and our Anything but the Right Answer Round, its a cracker!


Reading with your Kids - Jed Doherty

This podcast kicks off with Jed Doherty having to do the interview in his van due to a timely powercut. Jed tells his unique story of how he got into the career of being a clown and magician. He also talks about his own podcast 'Solve it for kids' and the incredible 'readingwithyourkids.com' with recommendations of great books to read with your kids. A great listen to inspire growing you and your kid's relationship with books.


The Halloween Special with Eugene, Steve and Edel

This is the first time we went live with our podcast so it was very exciting, with a few bumps at the start we got up and going. We had a few new segments for the show, true or false round, some spooky stories (Real or Not), a taste of growing up in Ireland during Halloween finishing off with 'Anything but the Right Answer'. This is a fun change from our usual format, raw and live!!!


A gift today, a gift tomorrow - Michael Coles

This Friday we pave the path for Michael Coles who wears many hats from Lawyer to Father to Entrepreneur! Michael talks in-depth about his popular App Choose Your Reader and when you hear why he decided to create an App; you will be left intrigued, warm and dare I say a little bit emotional. We could have spent all day talking with Michael about his life, fatherhood and Choose Your Reader - but like all guests he had to jump the Dad Joke Hurdle and run the Rapid Fire Question Round Gauntlet...


Ask them twice, how are things really - Taylor James

“There is a lot of beauty in the world” one quote of many from our latest guest Taylor James. Taylor who runs the very popular “The Waffle Shop Podcast” changes things up from his usual position by switching roles from Interviewer to Guest. He takes time out on World Mental Health Day to discuss his journey of high’s and low’s, life defining decisions and changes and what you can do now for you and others to make this world a little bit better. Taylor, surprised by how prepared the Irish Duo...


Its never too late with Rory Paquette

“It is never too late to change” - often said, seldom followed. Rory Paquette, a husband and dad of three not only followed a significant path of change but came out the other side with a new body, a new perspective on life and an inspiring book - the 5% diet.


Kirby Shabaga - Virtual Reality, the New Kids Classroom & Office?

Covid 19 has forced radical changes across all walks of life. Kirby Shabaga, originally from Canada who is currently living in Seattle, joins the show to discuss how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is poised to make an entrance to solve some of the problems people are having with current collaboration tools widely used today. Specializing in AR / VR - Kirby goes into detail surrounding the potential this technology has to do something good in a world needing something bright. However...


Tony North - The A Team Parent

This week we are joined by Tony North who is based in Seattle and father to three kids aged 23 to 16. Tony took time out from his busy schedule to give some awesome Dad advice particularly around trying to fine tune the balance of Dad responsibilities, maintaining performance in work and working on finding that needed time for himself. From delicate parenting to toddler hail Mary's all while delivering a powerful 'A-Team' Intro Performance.