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A father and daughter discussion about the everyday struggles of teens in today's high tech, high pressure world and the parents who are helping them cope with it. We have honest discussions about everything from the mundane to the life changing and we try to sort through the issues together in as painless a manner as possible.

A father and daughter discussion about the everyday struggles of teens in today's high tech, high pressure world and the parents who are helping them cope with it. We have honest discussions about everything from the mundane to the life changing and we try to sort through the issues together in as painless a manner as possible.
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A father and daughter discussion about the everyday struggles of teens in today's high tech, high pressure world and the parents who are helping them cope with it. We have honest discussions about everything from the mundane to the life changing and we try to sort through the issues together in as painless a manner as possible.






Insights Into Teens: Episode 33 "Time Management"

This week we're talking about time management and how best to utilize what limited time we have to accomplish the most number of things in the most efficient way. We look at the different types of time management personalities, discuss the advantages of time management and explore different time management techniques and how they can help you with school work, projects and to manage your time more efficiently.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 32 "Back to School Stress"

This week we look at some of the stress factors that are freaking our kids out with frenzied Back to School activities. From gathering school supplies to orienting yourself to a new school we discuss many of the things that worry teens during this time of year. We'll talk about concerns fitting in with new students, adjusting your sleep schedule, anxiety over remembering your classes and the general expectations parents, teachers and even students place on themselves.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 31 "Getting to Know You Part 2"

We finish up our two part question and answer session with four new topics. This week we discuss relationships, the future, family and personal values. We gain new insights into the complicated personality that is our co-host and we get what I consider to be the single best answer to the age old question "What is the meaning of life" that I've ever heard. It's a heart warming, educational and entertaining look into the mind of today's youth.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 30 "Getting to Know You Part 1"

Another question and answer session where we get to know Madison a little bit more. With questions published by Licensed Clinical Psychologist Doctor Kristi Wolfe we learn more about Madison through forty questions ranging from Personal and School to Social activities and standards. It's a candid look at a typical twelve year old and a great example for conversation starters for parents finding it difficult to communicate with their children. This is part one of a two part series, check back...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 29 "Resilience"

This week we talk about resilience. What it is, how to obtain it and how it can help you through so many of life's challenge. We expand on the concept of dealing with life's changes and challenges from last week and we explore how building up our resilience can lead to self confidence, self respect and the ability to cope with just about anything.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 28 "Dealing with Life's Changes"

This week we talk about how to handle some of the typical changes that teens face both emotionally and socially. We discuss the what some of these changes are, the tell-tale signs of teens struggling to cope with these changes and techniques to help recognize when teens are struggling and how to help deal with them. We also touch on what we as parents can do proactively to help prepare our children to face these changes and the type of environment we can offer our teens that will allow them...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 27 "Active Shooter Awareness"

Today's podcast took an unexpectedly tragic turn when we learned of two additional shooting events between the time the podcast was recorded on Saturday morning and it's scheduled release date of Monday morning. Having been scheduled several weeks in advance we were unaware of just how relevant the subject matter would be when we sat down to record it. In the podcast we define what active shooters are, how to respond if you are in or near a situation of an active shooter and safety tips for...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 26 "Peer Pressure"

In this episode we talk about the various forms of peer pressure and why it can be so powerful at times. We'll look at some of the myths about peer pressure and talk about the realities. There are five common social pressures of peer pressure and we'll discuss each of them in depth before talking about ways to detect peer pressure and determine if it is positive or negative peer pressure.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 25 "Social Media"

This week we take a look at all forms of social media. How technology has changed how teens interact with the friends and parents. We'll analyze some interest statistics about social media and the impact it has on today's youth. We look at the good and the bad aspects of social media and discuss some common forms of etiquette to keep in mind when using social media. This week is a cautionary tale to both teens and their parents on how social can be a valuable tool in our technology arsenal...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 24 "Coping with Traumatic Stress"

In a very emotional episode today we discuss the challenges of coping with Traumatic Stress. We look at what Traumatic Stress is, some of the common causes of it and how to cope with the physical and psychological effects that Traumatic Events can have on us. During our discussion we analyze some traumatic events that both Madison and Joe experienced, the long term effects it had on us and how even to this day we are still coping with those effects.


Insights Into Things: Episode 23 "Friends"

This week we host a special guest as we talk about what friendship is, how important it is to us, the many benefits of friendships and how to cultivate better friendships. Mariyah Ponto, one of Maddies best friends joins us for this discussion and for a touching question and answer session between the two of them. We learn about the surprising health benefits of friends. We also learn about the support structure that friends form and the social development that comes from having strong...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 22 "How to know yourself"

This week we talk about how to know yourself and the importance of being yourself. A discuss what it takes to resist peer pressure and what how important trusting your instincts and own judgement are. We learn how to understand who we are, how to accept ourselves for the type of person we are and how to love ourselves for being the unique person that we are. We'll also talk about how to handle yourself in situations where outside influences may try to change the person you are and why it's...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 21 "Social Anxiety"

This week we look at an issue all too common in Teens, Social Anxiety. Whether it's the terrifying burden of having to speak in public, socializing with people you don't know at an event, walking into a crowded room or just ordering food the fears and emotions that come from Social Anxiety can be crippling. In this episode we look at what Social Anxiety is, how to identify the symptoms and we look at where you're most likely to encounter Social Anxiety. Then we'll look at how to treat those...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 20 "Fathers Day Q & A"

This week the tables are turned and Madison is hosting the show. In her debut as show writer, producer and host she grills dad with a series of pointed and revealing questions that lets her get to know dad a little bit better and mark Father's Day with a special episode to all the fathers out there in the audience. Not only do we get to learn a little more about Joe, but also the relationship that Joe and Madison share. It's a touching and heartfelt episode for the holiday.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 19 "The P-Word Part 2"

In part two of our two part special on puberty and periods our subject matter expert leads though a discussion on getting your period for the first time. We talk about what to do to prepare for it, how to handle it and what changes you go through once your menstrual cycle starts.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 18 "The P-Word Part One"

This is the first part of our two part special on Puberty and Periods. This week Madison and Joe discuss what Puberty is, some basic information on adolescents and puberty. They then take a more detailed look at how Puberty affects our children, when it happens and some of the physical and emotional changes that kids face. Madison gives her first hand account of how she is dealing with Puberty, the challenges she faces personally, with friends and at school and we take a look at some of the...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 17 "Summer Activities"

Summer is almost here and the excitement of school letting out and summary activities is all the buzz. This week Madison and Joe talk about what there is to do in the summer, the four common stages of summer vacation and offer some suggestions on what to do for day trips and for those stay at home days to help keep you motivated and make the hot summer months a little more enjoyable.


Insights Into Teens: Episode 16 "Role Models"

This week we take our third and final stab at role models. Having two unsuccessful attempts at this subject we redoubled our research efforts to come back with a much more robust discussion on a very important aspect of not only teen lives but everyone in general. We very clearly define what we consider role models, we talk about the traits often embodied in our role models. We then take a look at the positive effects that role models have on us before a brief question and answer session on...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 15 "Mothers Day"

This week we offer a touching tribute to Mothers Day and all the motherly figures in our lives. We talk about what Mothers Day is, what it means and some interesting history and information related to Mothers Day in the United States. We then look at fifty reasons why our mothers are so wonderful and special and share how we observe Mothers Day in our family before we finish up with Maddie's closing remarks and shout outs. We cap the episode off with a post-credits mothers day movie that is...


Insights Into Teens: Episode 14 "Internet Addiction"

This week we tackle the ever growing problem of Internet Addiction in teens. We look at what exactly Internet Addiction is and some interesting facts about Internet Addiction. Then we explore some of the physical, mental and overall health impacts on teens that Internet Addiction has. We'll look at how other existing conditions can influence and impact or even lead to Internet Addiction. We'll explore the signs and symptoms to look for in teens who might be suffering from Internet Addiction....