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George, Chris and George are longtime friends and loving dads. Join them as they somehow manage to escape their chaos to share their thoughts on being dads! Welcome to the #Dadversation!




George, Chris and George are longtime friends and loving dads. Join them as they somehow manage to escape their chaos to share their thoughts on being dads! Welcome to the #Dadversation!








Emma's World - Episode #2: Cooking & Hiphop Classes; Christmas Holidays & Traditions

Welcome back to Emma's World! On this episode, we talk about Emma's cool classes: cooking and hiphop dancing! Also, what we'll be doing over the Christmas holidays and some traditions! Enjoy!


Emma's World - Episode #1: Meet Emma!

Welcome to the very first episode of Just Us Dads' new segment, Emma's World! On this first episode, meet Emma! George's eldest daughter! She introduces herself, talks about school, her dog Argo and her favourite movie: Harry Potter! Enjoy!


Episode #111 - And The Winner Is...

Welcome to another #Dadversation! The results are in! Finally our weight loss competition comes to an end! After an entire year, the struggle, the ups and downs, the winner of the Just Us Dads weight loss competition is...


Episode #110 - "How I Became A Bodybuilder"

Welcome to another #Dadversation! We got a great episode today! What do you do when you want to lose weight, get healthy and set an ambitious goal? Well, simply do what our friend John did: become a bodybuilder! Hope this episode inspires you!


Episode #109 - Men Need Alone Time

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode: the guys get together for a jam session, men need aloe time, George spends 140$ on two plush toys, amusement park rip-offs, George wants a yacht, and much much more!


Episode #108 - "I Lost 100Lbs!"

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode: our buddy Herc has been following George's advice and with his help and support has lost over 100Lbs!! We talk about his journey, his motivation and much more!


Episode #107 - All Things Flatulence

Welcome to another #Dadversation! Let's get one thing straight: when left alone, men engage in the most ridiculous of conversations! Talking about farting always scores high and in this episode we hit a top score!


Episode #106 - Kids & Creativity with Jeff Fajans

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On today's episode: Jeff Fajans is a rad dad who got re-inspired by music when he found out he would be a dad. Reconnecting with his creative self, he started recording awesome kids songs! We talk all about that journey, the importance of instilling creativity in our kids and much more! Check out MrBooDaddy on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/43rFw4hHCMe7zM8xJw2Lcf?si=cKjMzkXFQHK-fb41SbVRHQ


Episode #105: MRIs, Toothbrushes & Texas Shooting

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode: George's shoulder issues and MRI stories, Chris' daughter's million toothbrushes, parents and school shootings, and much more!


Episode #104 - Dadversation with Luigi Costanza

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode, we brought in Luigi Costanza from the Agree To Disagree Podcast. Finally, we were able to meet in person and we had an absolute blast talking about all sorts of dad related stuff! Enjoy this episode!


Episode #103 - John Stadis Joins The JUD Weight Loss Challenge

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode we introduce a contestant of the parallel weight loss challenge we initiated for our fans, family and friends: John Stadis. He tells us about his incredible "why" and how that has gotten him on a path of healthier living all the while raising a family of 5!


Episode #102 - Summer Vibes & Colonoscopies

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode: Chris' gout is back under control; summer came early; the Georges complain about their wives' hair clogging the shower drain and how that is way worse than belly button fuzz around the house; colonoscopies and much more!


Episode #101 - Return Of The Gout!

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode, Chris gets an acute gout attack, George's wife ruins the scheduled tire change, George misses Easter, talking to ourselves and much more!


Episode #100 - We Made It To The 100Th!

Welcome the another #Dadversation! This one is a really special one! We made it to 100 episodes! Not one of us believed that we would make it this far! We have a couple of treats for you and also, we extended our weight loss challenge deadline...again! But this time is really the last time!


Episode #99 - Just The Two Of Us!

Welcome to another #Dadversation! It's just George and Chris on this episode! Ever wondered what a regular, daily, unscripted conversation between the two of us is like? Well, here you have it! We talk about floss sticks, being bald and sexy, married couples that travel alone without each other and much much more!


Episode #98 - Oscars Fiasco And How Dads Should Handle It

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode we got Peter filling in for George as we tackle the hottest topic of the week: the Oscars slap! How should fathers react in these types of situations? If we were in Chris Rock's or Will Smith's shoes, how would we confront our kids about it? If you were watching the ceremony with your kids, what do you tell them? Have you had the "no violence" talk with your kids? How should men defend their wives? All these questions and much more!


Episode #97 - Join Our Fit Dad Family!

Welcome to another #Dadversation! We're back in studio people! And it feels amazing! On this episode we talk about how hard last winter was where it got Chris and George actually thinking of living elsewhere! Also, we're extending our challenge for another month and we want you to join us!


Episode #96 - eTransferring The Tip

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode: George's wife tips a waitress via eTransfer. Is that normal in today's context? That opens up the discussion about waiting, service-based jobs, how bad drive-thru service has gotten and much more!


Episode #95 - He Stuck What In His Ear!?

Welcome to another #Dadversation! On this episode George explains how his youngest son stuck an eraser in his ear; doing any sort of physical activity with our dads; growing up having bougatsa for breakfast; George tried spinning and wants to other guys to join as well and much more!


Episode #94 - Holistic Living With Andrea Honiges

Welcome to another #Dadversation! We broke the rules today and brought in a mom! Our good friend Andrea (IG: balanced_by_nutrition) recently made an important decision to transform her life and to help others along the way. She shares that journey with us, the ups and downs and many little nutrition hacks that she's adopted!