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The show with tips, how-tos, and ideas for using today’s digital tools for teaching and learning

The show with tips, how-tos, and ideas for using today’s digital tools for teaching and learning
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The show with tips, how-tos, and ideas for using today’s digital tools for teaching and learning




Draw Your Own Illustrations, Clipart & Avatars

Got a smartphone or tablet? Then you could be drawing your own illustrations, clipart, and avatars! In Learning in Hand #32 I share examples and show techniques for creating your own artwork, even if you don't consider yourself an artist. My technique is based on tracing photos, so don't worry if you are embarrassed by your drawing skills. The video features the free Adobe Illustrator Draw app for iPad, iPhone, and Android, and the techniques can certainly be used in other drawing...


Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology

Learning in Hand Show #31 is about giving your learning centers or stations a makeover. The collection of activities teachers provide their students at a center can be enhanced with technology, even if there’s only one computer or tablet available. Watch the video to learn about some of the websites and apps that can help you set the course of the center, provide content, support creativity, and capture responses. Visit http://learninginhand.com/30 for a transcript with links.


New in iOS 8

Learning in Hand #28 is about some of what's new in Apple's iOS 8. Instead of showing you the major features you might already know about, Tony Vincent demonstrates the lesser known additions that teachers, students, and parents will be interested in. These include additions to the Notes app, predictive typing, dictation enhancements, sharing options, zoom improvements, speak screen, time limits, and updates to the photo library. Go to learninginhand.com/28 for a transcirpt of this...


Stick Around: Make Your Own Learning Puzzles

Learning in Hand #27 is all about the Stick Around app for iPad. The idea behind Stick Around is simple: players move stickers onto the correct spots on a background. The thing is, you not only use Stick Around to play these sticker puzzles, but you use it to create them as well! Watch to learn how to play Stick Around’s sorting, labeling, and matching puzzles. You’ll see that stickers can have notes, arrows, comments, web links, and audio. You’ll also see that stickers don’t have to be...


iPods #20: Classroom Dos and Don'ts

Learning in Hand: iPods Episode #20: Classroom Dos and Don'ts gives technical and management tips for teachers using iPod touches in their classrooms. Listen for some helpful dos and don'ts, including how to name iPods, charging solutions, cheap accessories, playlist use, transferring apps, and much more. You can see the entire list at tonyv.me/do.


iPods #17: Favorite iPod touch Apps

Learning in Hand: iPods Episode #17: Favorite iPod touch Apps was recorded live. It was supposed to be a call-in show, but no one called in. Fortunately, there were live listeners in the chatroom who asked great questions. Besides sharing some useful information about the App Store and installing apps, listen for information about the Google Moderator series designed for educators to vote for their favorite apps. You can find the series at tinyurl.com/edapps. Please contribute your own and...


iPods #14: Voice Recording

Episode #14: Voice Recording This is Learning in Hand: iPods. My name is Tony Vincent and this is the show where I share tips, how-tos, and ideas for iPods in teaching and learning. Episode 14, “Voice Recording” recorded September 2008, happens now! A popular student and teacher use of iPods is voice recording. While you can use a computer for recording, it’s handy to have a portable recording device for lectures, class discussions, announcements, interviews, and notes. Portable voice...


iPods #13: Batteries & Charging

Episode #13 is full of ways to extend battery life, care for batteries, and advice for charging. You know how important a battery is to an iPod. If an iPod's battery is completely drained, you can't use the device until you plug it into a power source. And, after a couple years of use, a battery's capacity to hold a charge diminishes. What you actually do with an iPod greatly affects how long one charge will last. This episode discusses some of the things that drain the battery the most....


iPods #12: Podcasting Booklet

Learning in Hand: iPods Episode #12 gives an overview of the free 34-page booklet I recently made available. The PDF is titled Podcasting for Teachers & Students and in it, I focus on free and cross-platform software so that both Windows and Macintosh users feel included. First, learn what a podcast is and then learn to find, subscribe, and listen to them. You probably already know how to do that, so most of the booklet tells about creating a podcast using Audacity, Levelator, and iTunes....


iPods #11: Artwork & Lyrics

Episode #10: Artwork & Lyrics by Tony Vincent This is Learning in Hand: iPods. My name is Tony Vincent and this is the podcast where I share tips, how-tos, and ideas for iPods in teaching and learning. Episode 11, "Artwork & Lyrics," recorded March 2008, happens now! I'm going to tell you about two things you can add to audio files that make them more useful on an iPod. While almost all references you’ll find to artwork and lyrics deal with music, the audio files do not have to be songs....


iPods #10: Photos Part 2

Episode 10 focuses on various kinds of educational image sets that can be viewed in the Photos section of iPods. First, learn about commercial sources of image sets, like iPREPpress and Raybook. Explore many different kind of image sets, including visual books, study aids, flash cards, matching games, math manipulatives, converters, response cards, and more. In fact, you can visit learninginhand's Gallery of Educational Image Sets and download lots of great learning tools and resources for...


iPods #09: Photos Part 1

You probably know that you can sync photos to an iPod. After all, it’s an option in iPod’s Main Menu. Photos of your children, pets, and vacations are fun to show off on iPod’s screen. Episode 9 covers the basics of putting photos on an iPod and then tells you about viewing PowerPoint and Keynote slide shows on an iPod.


iPods #08: Manage Manually

An iPod is easy to sync with one computer. In fact, it’s really easy to sync multiple iPods to one computer. But, when you want to sync the same iPod to two or more computers, things get tricky. You can enable "manually manage music and videos" so you can connect an iPod with more than one computer without having those computers erase the iPod’s content from the other computers. But, it also means that you'll have to hand-pick the audio and video when you want to update the iPod.


iPods #07: iQuiz

iQuiz is a game for iPods with fun game show sounds and slick graphics. iQuiz comes with sample quizzes, but the real power comes from teachers and students making their own quizzes for iQuiz. iQuizMaker is software for Mac and Windows computers that makes it easy to create quizes and sync them to iPods. iQuizShare.com is a site for downloading and sharing quizzes. Like iQuizShare, iQuizr.com is a place for downloading and sharing quizzes with the added feature of being able to create...


iPods #06: Notes

When you think of iPods, you think of those white earbuds. While iPods are designed for audio (and some for video, too), iPods with screens can also display text. In the Extras menu, you'll see the Notes option. That's were you can view text files that have been placed on the iPod. Learn how to copy notes to iPod along with the limitations and workarounds.


iPods #05: Troubleshooting

iPods are great little devices and almost all of the time, they work just fine. However, use an iPod long enough, and you’re bound to have a problem or two. After checking to make sure the Hold switch is in the off position and the battery has a charge, it’s time for the Five Rs of iPod troubleshooting: reset, retry, restart, reinstall, and restore.


iPods #04: iPod shuffle Tips

Despite its lack of display screen, the $79 iPod shuffle can be more useful than you might think The iPod shuffle's 1 GB of memory can store more than 12 hours of audio (240 songs), which means the battery will need to be recharged before the shuffle has played all of its audio. In classrooms where a computer for syncing new content is usually available, 12 hours of audio is not really all that limiting. Listen to all 11 minutes 37 seconds of Episode #4 to learn about using the power of...


iPods #03: Main Menu

If you're an avid iPod user, you've scrolled through your share of layers of menus. Of course, the first menu you start with is the Main menu. From there you can access music, videos, photos, and settings. But did you know you can customize the items listed in the main menu? I always add Playlists and Podcasts to the menu for quick access. Customizing the Main menu items can save you time scrolling to your most-used iPod items. Also, if you're managing a set of iPods for student use,...


iPods #02: Downloading Videos

Some iPods can play video. In this episode, learn about converting and downloading videos for iPods. Tony explains how to download and convert video from three popular video services: United Streaming, YouTube, and TeacherTube. For more information about video and iPods, visit http://learninginhand.com/ipod/video.html.


iPods #01: Hard Disk Mode

Full sized iPods have huge hard drives. Current iPods have hard drives that are between 30 and 80 gigabytes in size; that might be more capacity than the hard drive in your laptop! That's enough space to store over 50 days of audio or 100 hours (4 days) of video. Chances are your collection in iTunes that you sync to your iPod is not nearly that large, leaving you with gobs of unused disk space. Using your iPod for portable data storage is perfect for accessing files between school and...