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Ep. 57 - Potty Training

Lauren has guest Theresa on to talk about how Theresa potty trained her three kids. Although Theresa started at an earlier age with her kids, she advises that parents do what works for them. Theresa used the three day method and hear how it worked.


Ep. 56 - I Failed, I'm Lost, and it's Ok!

Lauren talks about how she did not complete the 40 Day Sugar Fast she has been promoting, how finding a church for her family is a struggle, but Lauren also talks about what she learned through the experience.


Ep. 55 - Comfort Books

Lauren talks about the books that are a comfort to her that she re-reads over and over again. Eligible by: Curtis Littenfeld Harry Potter Series 12 Days of Christmas by: Debbie Macomber Big Boned - Meg Cabot The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella Sweet Valley Confidential - Francis Pascal


Ep. 54 - Comfort Shows

Lauren discusses the tv shows she enjoys, finds comfort in, and rewatches many times over.


Ep. 53 - Small Parts of Shows

This week Lauren talks about a bunch of topics that aren't big enough for a show, but all together do make a show.


Ep. 52 - What Our Parents Were Right About

Lauren talks about some things that as a child, she did not understand why her parents would make these rules. Now as a mom, Lauren gets why her parents did these things. Also, a quick update on the 40 Day Sugar Fast.


Ep. 51 - What We Do With Our Son in the Winter

Lauren and her husband Brian talk about what they do with their son in the winter when they can't always go outside.


Ep. 50 - 2020 Resolutions and Sugar Fast

Lauren talks about how she is able to keep resolutions and so suggestions on how to make them basic and simple. Lauren also talks about the 40 Day Sugar Fast. It starts January 6. Links below: Sign up for the 40 Day Sugar Fast Order the 40 Day Sugar Fast Book I'm friends with Wendy, but do not get anything but joy if you join the 40 Day Sugar Fast or buy the book.


Ep. 49 - Christmas Presents

Lauren and her husband Brian talk about how they reduced the number of gifts they give to people during Christmas to keep the holidays simple.


Ep. 48 - Celebrating the Holiday Season

Lauren and her husband Brian talk about what they plan to do in the Christmas season this year with their son.


Ep. 47 - Life Update

Lauren talks about a bunch of stuff including how expensive Christmas Trees are and about the 40 Day Sugar Fast starting in January. The info for the Fast is below. 40 Day Sugar Fast Book Wendy Speake Website


Ep. 46 - Disney Dining with a Toddler

Lauren and Kate continue their conversation on dining at Walt Disney World and which places were great for a three year old toddler and what places they might skip next time.


Ep. 45 - What Rides at Disney a Toddler Might Ride

Lauren has guest Kate on to talk about her recent trip to Disney with her 3 year old daughter. The girls talk about the rides and some tips on what to do about Fastpasses when planning your Disney vacation.


Ep. 44 - Fun with Fall

Lauren talks about the fun Fall activities you can do in New England and how to enjoy fall without rushing to the Christmas decorations.


Ep. 43 - Fitness Trackers

Lauren talks about the pros and cons of fitness trackers and how they have helped her.


Ep. 42 - Discipline

Lauren and Theresa talk about their surprises with discipline with their children and some of the people they follow that may be some help to the listeners. Below are who we talk about and books we talk about. Wendy Speak Monica Swanson Janet Lansbury How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen: S Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7


Ep. 41 - Getting Through the Tough Days

Lauren talks about two ways that help her get through the tough days. Lauren talks about a book that she read, Memory Making Mom by Jessica Smartt that has helped her start traditions in her family also.


Ep. 40 - Pre-Mom Myths

Lauren and Theresa talk about what they thought pregnancy and raising a child was going to be like and how after having kids, it was very different!


Ep. 39 - Going Back to School as a Mom

Taryn talks about what it was like to go back to school when her twins were under a year old and again now that they are 10 years old.


Ep. 38 - Lauren's New School Year Goals

Listen to Lauren talk about her new goals for the school year. She reviews her work and personal goals and talks about No Shop September. Also the Mommy Shot Out goes to @victoriaakalina - she is an amazing example of not taking no for an answer! Go follow her!