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The stories of Nemours associates going about the mission of helping kids grow up healthy.

The stories of Nemours associates going about the mission of helping kids grow up healthy.


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The stories of Nemours associates going about the mission of helping kids grow up healthy.




Episode 144: HAPPI ARG

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and what better way to honor that than by letting you know about the newest Nemours Associate Resource Group (ARG), which encompasses those from this rich cultural background, and their allies. It's called the HealthCare alliance of Asian and Pacific Islanders (HAPPI). To talk about their work on this podcast are its executive sponsor Jane Mericle, Chief Nursing Executive and Patient Operations Officer in the Delaware Valley; Dr....


Episode 143: The Pause

In the hustle and bustle of 21st-century life in the U.S., pausing for a moment feels like a luxurious indulgence. However, pausing to reflect on the life of a child who has recently died is proving to be an effective coping moment for direct care staff involved. That's what PAUSE - sometimes referred to as "The Pause"- is all about. PAUSE is currently being piloted in the Delaware Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), and we talk about its fundamentals with Pastor Patricia Weichart, LCSW...


Episode 142: Code Lavender

Burnout..stress...anxiety...callouts...staffing shortages. The pandemic has taken an immense toll on frontline health care workers and laid bare issues that existed even before COVID-19 gained worldwide infamy. Concern for the mental well-being of frontline staff seemingly dominates news reports and peer-reviewed journals, revealing a depth of distress throughout the health care system like none before it. What's being done? Nemours has piloted two programs designed to immediately...


Episode 141: Chaplains - The Heart of What They Do (part 2 of 2)

It goes almost without saying that a hospital can be a scary place for our young patients and their families, and a high-stress work environment for our associates. It's the role of chaplains like Tracy Herman and Ben White to help others navigate that fear and stress by providing emotional and spiritual care. That is the heart of what they do each and every day.


Episode 140: Chaplains - Bringing the Spiritual into Healthcare

Pastoral care is a model of emotional, social, and spiritual health. The term is considered inclusive of both non-religious forms of support and spirituality as well as support for people who are part of a particular religious community. What is pastoral care at Nemours? Chaplains Tracy Herman and Ben White discuss the importance of the spiritual in the healthcare setting. (part 1 of 2) Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 139: Introducing the Jewish Community ARG

חג פסח שמח That's "Happy Passover" in Hebrew. As the Jewish community worldwide celebrates Passover now through sunset on April 23, it's the perfect time to introduce the launch of an enterprise-wide Associate Resource Group (ARG) specifically for those who identify as Jewish and their allies. Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Peter Adebi serves as the ARG's executive sponsor, and Director of Talent Development, Dr. Allison Craft, is the ARG's initial lead, here to...


Episode 138: Defining Value

Karen Wilding is Nemours Chief Value Officer.


Episode 137: Digital Evolution

The passage of a massive economic recovery act in 2009 marked a watershed year for the evolution of health information technology in the U.S. Paper medical records were on the way out, securely exchanged electronic medical records available to patients and authorized providers were on the way in. Yet Nemours had been preparing for this since at least 1996, when Dr. David West became Nemours' first Chief Medical Informatics Officer. He stopped by recently to talk about the evolution of...


Episode 136: That's What Friends Are For (featuring Nemours associate Dr. Steven Bachrach)

When Dr. Bachrach joined Nemours in 1987, he became a witness to - and a driver of - the changes that would occur here that helped set the stage for "Well Beyond Medicine," including the transition from an orthopedic-only institution to a full-service pediatric hospital, the establishment of a world-renowned cerebral palsy center, the building of a new hospital in Orlando, and the evolution of Nemours Children's Health into a full-fledged pediatric healthcare system. In this episode, Dr....


Episode 135: W@W Leadership

As the executive sponsors of the Nemours Women at Work (W@W) Associate Resource Group (ARG), Dr. Mary Lee, Cindy Bo, Carrie Grant, and Christina Fleck came together recently to talk about why is it important to have a space specifically for women in the workplace, mentorship of women, by both women and men, and their very first (and vastly different) concert experiences. Carol Vassar, Producer


Episode 134: HERStory

As we celebrate March as Women's HERStory Month in partnership with the Women@Work (W@W) Associate Resources Group (ARG), we brought together a panel of associates from across the enterprise to discuss women in the workplace at Nemours. Individually, these panelists have been with Nemours for between 8 months to 40 years, and bring forward experiences that are vastly different in some aspects, but remarkably similar in others. Featuring Nemours associates Debbie Marchese, Martha Santoni, ...


Episode 133: The State of Our Well-Being

Dr. Maureen Leffler is Nemours' Chief Wellness Officer. She joins the conversation in this episode to talk about the overall well-being of Nemours associates, but individually and as a whole. She'll also share some of her personal struggles with change both in her career and in her personal life, and let us know how Nemours associates from across the enterprise have an opportunity to provide input on the Nemours well-being strategy moving forward. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 132: Celebrating Black History Month (Part 2)

In partnership with the African Heritage Associate Resource Group (ARG), we celebrate Black History Month by interviewing Nemours associates regarding their personal experiences with being Black in America, and at Nemours. Featuring Nemours associates Dr. Claude Beaty and Sarah Renaud.


Episode 131: Celebrating Black History Month (Part 1)

In partnership with the African Heritage Associate Resource Group (ARG), we celebrate Black History Month by interviewing Nemours associates regarding their personal experiences with being Black in America and at Nemours. Featuring Nemours associates Danika Perry and Dr. Kara Walker.


Episode 130: The GI Guy

Nemours' gastroenterologist Dr. James Franciosi, Division Chief for Pediatric Gastroenterology at the Nemours' Children's Hospital in Orlando, stops by to talk about his passion for finding better treatments - and maybe even a cure - for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)


Episode 129: Hair Care for Champions - Styled Just Right

Respiratory therapist L'Tanya Pierce talks about the Nemours Hair Care for Champions project that she has started in the Delaware Valley Region. It's aimed at providing hospitalized Nemours patients with clean, healthy-looking, and attractive hair as a matter of dignity and pride. It's also a grassroots, bedside example of how Nemours associates go well beyond medicine each and every day. Please be advised: There are two patient stories in this podcast. Certain details have been left out to...


Episode 128: Project Hope

Project HOPE stands for Harnessing Opportunity for Positive, Equitable Early Childhood Development. Nemours is part of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded consortium promoting both equity and child well-being on a national level. How? By building the capacity of local communities, state leaders, cross-sector state teams, and local coalitions to prevent social adversities in early childhood. Part of it is making sure that stakeholder voices are heard loud and clear whenever and wherever...


Episode 127: Peds Academy

PedsAcademy is a unique, research-backed partnership between Nemours Children's Health and the University of Central Florida. It provides education to Nemours patients with chronic health conditions and complex medical needs. It also offers a formal internship program for teachers in training - the only such program of its kind in the nation. It gives future teachers deep insight and understanding into the educational and social-emotional needs of children coping with chronic illness --...


Episode 126: Well Beyond Medicine

Nemours Executive Vice President and Enterprise Chief Communications Officer Gina Altieri shares her insights regarding the philosophy behind the new enterprise tagline, Well Beyond Medicine, and how these three words combined represent Nemours' new vision and strategy in a powerful and ingenious way. She'll also provide information on how every associate in the enterprise can weigh in on Well Beyond Medicine. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 125: Becoming a PKU Family

Nemours associate Lindsey Killian and her husband, Tom, are the proud parents of two young sons: four-and-a-half-year-old T.J. and one-year-old Nicholas. T.J. and Tom were each diagnosed at birth with a metabolic condition known as PKU. In this second of two episodes, we'll delve into the extra work required for the Killians just to travel together, the struggles they've faced with health insurance coverage, and the reason Lindsey was determined to someday work at Nemours. Carol Vassar,...