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The stories of Nemours associates going about the mission of helping kids grow up healthy.

The stories of Nemours associates going about the mission of helping kids grow up healthy.


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The stories of Nemours associates going about the mission of helping kids grow up healthy.




Episode 113: Women at Work

What does it mean to be a woman in the healthcare workplace in the (hopefully) post-pandemic world that is 2021? The Nemours Women at Work Associate Resource group (ARG) provides an opportunity for women, people who identify as women, and their allies to come together to provide professional development and pathways to leadership through networking and community engagement. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 112: Clint Travis - A Passion for Philanthropy

Since June 2021, Clint Travis has served as Nemours assistant Vice President of Major and Planned Giving. He arrived at Nemours with a ton of philanthropic knowledge and experience at storied institutions such as Nationwide Children' Hospital and the University of Georgia. He's a lawyer by training , but philanthropy proved to be his true professional passion. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode111: Impacting Children and Families through DRIVE

D.R.I.V.E (Diversity, Anti-Racism, Inclusion, Value, and Health Equity) is a Nemours task force committed to fostering change and continuing the momentum forward in building a healthy future for all - especially children. And the driving force behind the Nemours DRIVE task force is its eight work streams. Dr. Peggy Greco joins us to talk about the DRIVE effort overall, and the work stream she leads: Child and Family Impact. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 110: Adelante

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month, and we're marking the occasion by talking with members of the Nemours' Associate Resource Group, known as Adelante. For over five years, Adelante ARG has been actively creating a diverse and culturally competent environment where all associates feel they have a voice, and where the Latino/Hispanic families we serve feel their needs are being met. The group's name has particular meaning for this high-energy, forward thinking ARG. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 108: One in one Thousand (Clubfoot)

Clubfoot occurs in one of every 1,000 live births in the U.S. Left untreated, a clubfoot doesn't flex and point, causing a person to walk using the side of the foot. With proper treatment and patience, individuals with clubfoot should be able to have the issue corrected major problems. So what is proper treatment? Pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Reid Nichols is a practitioner of the Ponseti method, which is aimed at AVOIDING surgery by making use of casting and bracing to correct the...


Episode 107: Researching for the Cures

We’re taking on the topic of childhood cancer - specifically the research being done by Nemours and its many partners in academia, public health, and the private sector. Dr. Andy Kolb is our guest. He is the Director of Blood & Bone Marrow Transplantation in the Division of Hematology/Oncology at the Nemours Children’s Hospital in Delaware, and his interest in medicine - like that of many of his peers - began in his own childhood. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 106: It's Okay to NOT be Okay (Peer Support)

It really is okay to NOT be okay, especially when working in the field of healthcare during a sustained pandemic. If you are stuggling and want to talk to someone who understands, the Nemours Peer Support program may be for you. Pediatric surgeon Dr. Loren Berman is one of the founders of this program at Nemours - and has a profoundly personal story to explain why she sees peer support as a value-add for all Nemours associates. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 105: African Heritage ARG

Lavisha Pelaez is a Health Equity Research Associate in the Nemours Office of Health Equity and Inclusion. In her spare time, she and fellow associate Kia Gaines, co-lead the enterprise-wide African Heritage Associate resource group, or ARG, which are currently expanding to Nemours Florida region to become a truly enterprise-wide associate asset. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 104: The Doctors MacKenzie

Meet Drs. William MacKenzie and Stuart MacKenzie, the Delaware-based father-son orthopedic surgeons whose close personal and professional relationship enhances patient outcomes, and whose long involvement with Nemours goes back several decades and some 3000 miles away in Vancouver, British Columbia. Carol Vassar, producer


Episiode 103: Caring for the Caregivers Among Us

Do you find yourself as a caregiver outside of Nemours, caring for children, older parents or other family members? You are not alone. In fact, the new Caregiver ARG wants your input and stands ready to help address the needs of the caregivers among us. Carol Vassar, producer


Episiode 102: Diversity and the Young, Black, Female MD

Adolescent medicine specialist Dr. Lonna Gordon talks about her lived experience as a young, Black, female physician, and how those experiences - negative and positive - motivated her to become part of Nemours' Diversity, anti-Racism, Inclusion, Value and Equity (DRIVE) initiative. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 101: Welcome to Adolescence

If you had the chance to relive your adolescence, would you? I Adolescence is a time of change physically, emotionally, socially and developmentally - and those changes can be overwhelming. Adolescent medicine specialist Dr. Lonna Gordon joins us to talk about defining adolescent medicine, and the importance of welcoming children into this new phase of their lives, and of their relationship with their healthcare provider. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 100: Exploring the Patient Experience

It's episode 100 of the Nemours Champions for Children podcast, and we are talking all things patient experience with Dr. Peggy Greco. Peggy is Nemours’ Enterprise Patient Experience Medical Director. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 99: Driving Toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In April 2021, a Minneapolis jury returned a guilty verdict against the former police officer responsible for the Memorial Day 2020 killing of George Floyd. Floyd’s death prompted a surge of demonstrations, and inspired Nemours associates to hold their own anti-racism demonstration: White Coats for Black Lives. So what movement has occurred at Nemours toward anti-racism as well as diversity, inclusion and equity. Cindy Bo, Senior Vice-President for Strategy and Business Development in the...


Episode 98: Integrator Learning Lab

What was once a 2012 concept paper written by Nemours associates is now a fully realized, national, evidence-based set of nine scalable integrator networks aimed at improving health outcomes within communities through cooperative effort, and led by those who best understand a community’s overall health needs: the people who live and work there. Interested in starting an integrator network in your community? Check out the toolkit here. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 97: PRIDE at Nemours

To celebrate PRIDE month in June, we held a roundtable discussion with members of the Nemours PRIDE Associate resource group (ARG) about enterprise-wide efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion related to the LGBTQ associate, patient and family populations. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 96: Caring for Clinicians

Nemours orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alfred Atanda has an additional role: Chief of Clinician Experience Officer. We'll hear about his vision for, and approach to looking out for the physical and mental health of his fellow Nemours clinicians. Carol Vassar, producer


Episode 95: 1981 - Part 2

Dr. Lauren Averill, Chair, Department of Medical Imaging the Nemours Children's Hospital in Wilmington, and Dr. Ted Harcke, continue their conversation about the past, present and future of radiology at Nemours. They’ll touch on a variety of topics, including work/life balance, the effects of the growth of technology in healthcare, the standard practice that Dr. Harcke helped to pioneer for the diagnosis and treatment of dysplasia of the hip in infants, and the satisfaction derived from...


Episode 94: 1981

In 1981, "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes was the number one song, and Raiders of the Lost Ark was the top grossing movie. Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan survived attempts on their lives, Britain's Prince Charles married Lady diana spencer,and America celebrated the release of hostages held in its embassy in Iran after 444 days of captivity. It was also the year that pediatric radiologist Dr. Ted Harcke arrived at Nemours. Carol Vassar, producer