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A podcast about the RV family lifestyle.

A podcast about the RV family lifestyle.


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A podcast about the RV family lifestyle.






38. Another visit to Teton National Park and a new pup

Welcome back to the podcast! Today we're giving an update on our travels for the last few weeks. We visited Teton National Park in June, which was a lot different than the last time in September. Fewer animals but more green! Speaking of animals, we added a new furry member to our family - Freya Rose. She's a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and we're all obsessed with her. Shownotes:


37. Reasons why you shouldn’t Full-time RV

We're here today to tell you why you SHOULD NOT live in an RV and travel. If you can believe it, RV life is not all rainbows. On Youtube, you see many of this lifestyle's fantastic parts. We want to share the things that might make you want to stay rooted in one place. You can overcome these snags, especially if the open road is calling your name.


36. Exploring the Northern Colorado Rocky Mountains and the National Park

Oh boy, do we have the Colorado bug. We only spent a few weeks in a tiny area, but we can't wait to return. For nine days, we stayed near Boulder and drove into the Rocky Mountains as much as we possibly could! Rocky Mountain National Park was absolutely breathtaking!


35. Driving through the South, visiting a battleship, and we’re getting a puppy

We are excited to let you in on some family news - we're getting a puppy! You get to hear us tell the girls for the first time about the puppy. We drove through Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas to Colorado. We had to stay and go on an adventure to claim the states.


34. Homeschooling on the Road

Homeschooling our children was always the plan, even before we decided to take them on this full-time RV journey. In this podcast episode, we go into how we homeschool on the road and our curriculum.


33. That’s a Wrap Florida!

That's a wrap for Florida until next time. We had so much fun the last few weeks. In this episode of Off the Beaten path but not lost, we talk about the last few weeks in Florida. We discussed some of the fun adventures and great Bondockers Welcome Hosts that we enjoyed.


32. All the questions people ask about Full-time RVing

The RV lifestyle is a hot topic when we meet new people, and they always have many questions. This episode of the podcasts is all the questions we get asked.


31. What to look for when getting RV memberships, and are they worth it?

We use a few different memberships to save us money throughout the year. With so many types of memberships, it’s hard to find one that fits your needs. We have been burned before, and we wanted to share things to look out for so it doesn’t happen to you.


30. Things to do while spending the winter in Florida

The last few months in Florida have kept us quite busy. We have visited 2 National Parks and visited with family in March. We had four birthdays, explored Weeki Wachi State Park, relaxed on a few beaches, and saw some rocket launches.


29. Selling our home and establishing Texas as our domicile (& Chickens lay eggs)

We finish our story about selling our home and establishing Texas as our domicile. You can listen to why we decided to start this journey in episode 27 and how we sold all of our things and got ready to live in an RV in episode 28. Shownotes:


28. Selling everything we own to go full-time RV living

January is the month we started our full-time RV journey. Therefore, we are sharing our story over a few different podcasts episodes. Last week we discussed why we decided to start this adventure on the road and buying the RV. Shownotes: 2017 was our first full year with our new RV, and we decided to test it camping and "living" in it as much as we could. We moved some of our things from the house to the RV in late spring. RVing was entirely new for us. We never even drove...


27. What’s our plan in 2022 and why did we start full-time RVing

We are ready for 2022 and super excited to tell you all our plans for the new year. In this episode, we discuss the route we plan to take and the goals for the year. We will also start telling you why we decided to live in an RV and go full-time. Shownotes:


26. 2021 Recap

2021 was full of new adventures for our family. We logged over 26,000 miles while staying in 8 new states and visiting 11 new National Parks! Whew! We had a lot of "firsts" together as a family—Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Moose, dolphins, manatees, wildfires, and more. Shownotes:


25. How do you get packages and mail while living full-time in an RV?

A big question that we get when we talk to people about the RV full-time living lifestyle is how we get packages and mail. In this podcast episode, we discuss options and tips on making sure you get your goodies while on the road.


24. How do you live in an RV with your family?

The first question we get 80% of the time is how do you live in an RV with your family? It's funny how many people can't understand how we live in such a small space with our kids or each other. In this podcast episode, we go over tips that helped us in the last couple of years.


23. Things to do in Bradenton Florida and why you need to lock up your things

After our stay near Daytona, we headed toward Bradenton, stopping at Orlando on the way. We will tell you some things to do in the city of Bradenton. We also talk about Tony's unlucky (and lucky) lesson he learned at the campground in this episode.


22. Driving from smoky mountains to Daytona Beach

After leaving the Smokey Mountains, we had five days to drive nine hours to Daytona Beach. Therefore, we took the opportunity to visit a few Harvest Host locations. In this podcast episode, we talk about the Harvest Hosts we visited driving from the Smoky Mountains to Daytona Beach and our adventures in Daytona Beach! Shownotes:


21. Fun things to do in Pigeon Forge with kids and Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Lexie picked the Great Smoky Mountains for her birthday, and I was super worried. I was thinking small mountain town – this was the exact opposite of what I was thinking. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg were super fun towns with tons of fun things to do. SHOWNOTES:


20. Places you should visit in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is Tony's favorite, and after this episode of the podcast, we hope it's at the top of your list to visit. If you are looking for an epic fall trip, this is the place!


19. Moochdocking with family and cool places on the East side of Michigan

We stayed two weeks moochdocking with family in Michigan. It was wonderful to catch up and get caught up on some repairs. In this episode, we also talk about places to visit and do on the East side of Michigan. Shownotes: