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We’re Tony, Kristen, Kylie, & Lexie. Traveling the United States in a Class A RV. Email us at Find us on a dirt road, Jeepin’. RV Life | Jeepin’ | Travel | Podcast


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We’re Tony, Kristen, Kylie, & Lexie. Traveling the United States in a Class A RV. Email us at Find us on a dirt road, Jeepin’. RV Life | Jeepin’ | Travel | Podcast






95. Kitchen space hacks for RVers: Cooking & Grocery Tips on the Road

In this episode, we’re peeling back the curtain on our moving kitchen and sharing the secrets to mastering grocery shopping and meal planning when space is as precious as the memories we create. Join us as we unravel the art of the RV kitchen. Show notes:


94. All About Sugar Beets and the Harvest Experience

In this episode, we are talking again about the sugary world of sugar beets, marking our second year at North Dakota's Sugar Beet Harvest. This episode sheds light on workcamping, the Harvest, and American Crystal Sugar. Show notes:


93. Staying rooted in relationships: Navigating the emotions of leaving family behind

As I sit here, reminiscing about the breathtaking views and great adventures we’ve been on over the last few years, there’s a topic that needs to be touched upon — leaving family behind. It’s the family and friends we often leave behind that tug in our hearts every time we hit the road. Embracing the full-time RV lifestyle opens doors to gorgeous landscapes, thrilling adventures, and a network of incredible people. But it also means facing the sadness of leaving loved ones behind. The reality? It’s not always easy. We’ve been there, and if you’ve felt that too, know you’re not alone. Whether you’re seasoned in RVing or just dreaming of the open road, we’ll dive into preparing emotionally for this lifestyle, acknowledging our feelings, and finding ways to stay connected. Show notes:


92. Voyageurs National Park: An Unforgettable Voyage Through Time and Nature

Have you ever heard of a place where the lakes stretch on forever, and old stories of past travelers whisper through the trees? We checked off our 33rd National Park and are excited to share what you need to know about Voyageurs National Park. French Canadians traversed rough terrains in these waters, trading furs and connecting worlds. They’ve seen landscapes shaped by explosive volcanoes, icy glaciers, and relentless time - and we’re about to embark on that very journey they once took. Voyageurs National Park is a gem tucked away on the Minnesota-Ontario border with four large lakes. Show notes:


91. Leaving Michigan and watching the ”lawn mowing championship”

In episode 91 of Off the Beaten Path But Not Lost, we update you on the last few weeks. What we still need to get finished with our RV remodels, health updates, and finishing up our time in Michigan. We also talk about where we are now! Show notes:


90. 7 Breathtaking Places for Fall Colors and Leaf Peeping

From the bright reds in New England woods to the golds in the Rocky Mountains, every spot has its way of showing off fall. Leaf peeping is a treat with people traveling all over the country for the best visuals. In this week's podcast, we discuss 7 of our favorite spots for amazing colors and fun activities. Show notes:


89. RV Trip Planning: Tools, Apps, and Tips for a Successful Adventure

We've received numerous questions and comments about RV trip planning. Is it stressful? Are we ever frustrated with the uncertainty of not knowing where we'll be next? In this episode, we'll share our favorite tools and apps, offer helpful tips, and guide you through planning an unforgettable RV adventure. Show notes:


88. RV dump stations: Making your RV life less crappy

Behind the scenic drives and cozy campfires lies a crucial aspect of RV life that all travelers must master—managing RV waste. Though it may not be the most glamorous topic of conversation, understanding how to use RV dump stations properly is essential to the journey. From knowing the ins and outs of your holding tanks to the difference between potable and non-potable water, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know. We'll equip you with the knowledge, tips, and best practices to ensure smooth, sanitary, and enjoyable trips. Show notes:


87. What the Faiola’s have been up to in July 2023

July highlights on this week's episode. 🎉 Our 100th episode is almost here, and we want YOU to be a part of this special milestone! 🎉 Curious about our RV adventures? Want to know about the places we've explored or get a taste of our favorite campfire recipes? Your questions shape our show, and we're eager to hear from you! 💬 Here's how you can reach us: our Your input makes our show what it is, and we can't wait to connect with you. Let's celebrate this moment together! 🥳 Show notes:


86. The mitten state’s best kept secrets—Unforgettable places to visit in Michigan

Explore hidden gems in Michigan, charming small towns, and local cuisines in Episode 86 of Off the Beaten Path but Not Lost. Perfect for RV enthusiasts, adventurous travelers, or locals keen on rediscovering places to visit in Michigan. Tune in to explore the unbeaten paths of the Mitten State. Show notes:


85. Beat the Heat: Keeping Cool in Your RV During the Summer

As the summer heats up, we know the challenges of staying cool and comfortable while traveling in your RV. In this episode of Off the Beaten Path but Not Lost, we'll provide tips, tricks, and strategies to help you beat the heat. We've got you covered, from moving to optimizing air conditioning, window solutions, insulation, and more. Show notes:


84. Explore 11 of the Best July 4th Celebrations in America that are RV Friendly

Welcome to our Freedom Episode! We hope your recent 4th of July was filled with cherished moments of joy, family, and independence. We are taking you on a virtual patriotic journey to showcase the best July 4th celebrations in America. Our guide will lead you through the most alluring, RV-friendly destinations where you can commemorate Independence Day on your own terms. Show notes:


83. Updates, Renovations, and a Bumpy Ride

It's Episode 83, and guess what? We're all here, ready to dive into another lively conversation about our latest adventures, updates, and all things RV. Show notes:


82. Making the Most of Stationary RV Life When the Road Calls

Today we’re focusing on an often overlooked aspect of RV travel - Stationary RV Life. We’re delving into the adventures, challenges, and benefits of extended stays, particularly when your wheels are itching to roll on to the next destination. Stationary RV life introduces a contrasting rhythm to the constant ebb and flow of the nomadic lifestyle, inviting us into an entirely different realm of adventure. As we’ve settled into the longest stay in a single place since we left Texas, the transition has tested our adaptability, presenting unique challenges and fascinating discoveries. Show notes:


81. 5 Exceptional campgrounds for RVers we’ve explored and why we can’t forget them

Venturing on an RV journey is more than just about finding the perfect campground—it's about immersing yourself in the unique experiences the surrounding area offers. The joy of RV travel lies not only in the campgrounds but also in the local attractions, activities, and the natural beauty that envelops them. In this article, we're thrilled to share five exceptional campgrounds for RVs that we've explored and can't forget. Show notes:


80. Embracing the Slow Lane: A Guide to Slow Travel in an RV

In this episode of, Off the Beaten Path but Not Lost, we invite you to discover a new travel concept that’s been gathering momentum among nomads worldwide—slow travel. This style isn’t any ordinary travel approach; it’s a lifestyle choice that enhances your RV adventures, forging deeper connections with the people and places you encounter. Show notes:


79. Back on the Air - Family, Remodeling, and New Adventures

We extend a heartfelt apology as we begin this week's podcast. We know we've been off the grid these past few weeks. In our previous update, we shared our plans to spend a few nights at Thousand Trails Bear Cave before completing the final leg of our journey to our family's home for the summer. Little did we know that our schedule would be taken over by an influx of family and friends eager to catch up, alongside a hefty dose of RV remodeling. As a result, we unintentionally took some time off from the website and podcast. Our last few weeks have been a whirlwind of family visits, remodel efforts, medical appointments, creative endeavors, and off-road adventures. Through it all, we've come to appreciate the richness of our RV life even more. From setting up our RV at my parents' house to navigating the challenges of mobile orthodontics, we've experienced many life events that continue to shape our journey. Our venture into travel-inspired clothing, ExploreMore Threads, reflects our passion for this lifestyle and our desire to share it with you. Show notes:


78. Top 8 Dark Sky National Parks We Absolutely Love

As the sun sets and the world around us darkens, a whole new universe unveils itself, sparkling with the celestial beauty of countless stars. With the increasing rarity of truly dark skies due to artificial lights, dark sky national parks have emerged as exceptional destinations to appreciate the wonders of stargazing. We have gathered our top parks and tips for enjoying and photographing the stars. Show notes:


77. From Texas’ Big Bend to Michigan’s Summer Haven

Come with us on a journey throughout the United States as we discover unique and offbeat destinations. In this episode, we'll share our road trip experience, driving from the vast landscapes of Texas' Big Bend National Park to Michigan. Show notes:


76. Exploring Big Bend National Park in Texas: Must-see attractions, breathtaking beauty, and adventures

Welcome back to another episode of "Off the Beaten Path but Not Lost." We're going on an epic journey to the Lone Star State to explore Big Bend National Park in Texas. We'll uncover the hidden gems, from epic offroad trails to the pretty cacti blooms. We also explore Black Gap Road, a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail. Show notes: