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One Game Dad is a vlog/podcast about parenting, culture and creativity available on Twitch, YouTube, iTunes and elsewhere. Gregory Pellechi, aka OneGameDad, is a writer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid. He lives in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, his daughter and a cat whom he is very allergic to. Visit for more.

One Game Dad is a vlog/podcast about parenting, culture and creativity available on Twitch, YouTube, iTunes and elsewhere. Gregory Pellechi, aka OneGameDad, is a writer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid. He lives in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, his daughter and a cat whom he is very allergic to. Visit for more.
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One Game Dad is a vlog/podcast about parenting, culture and creativity available on Twitch, YouTube, iTunes and elsewhere. Gregory Pellechi, aka OneGameDad, is a writer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid. He lives in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, his daughter and a cat whom he is very allergic to. Visit for more.






One Game Dad 42: Breakfast For Champions

I need a shave. I did shave. Just not before this episode. Usually I only have to shave once a week given how sparse my facial hair is. It's also generally blond. But as you can see on the latest episode I'm sporting something over a week's worth of fluff and with the tan it just doesn't work. I look like I forgot to wash. Which to some degree I have. If by washing you mean shaving properly. Shaving isn't a usual concern for me. But then again it would seem like appearance is far from a...


One Game Dad 41: Summer Fruits

I'm on vacation and so is the show. But here's an episode regardless. It's a little late but it's appeared nonetheless. And with it my continual rambling about nothing in particular, and everything that's important. Though I am looking forward to the Xbox release of No Man's Sky. Of course I happen to be away the day it launches which means I don't get to enjoy it right away. But dream of what I could be doing in it. On that note, I've been thinking of creating a new podcast/show set in...


One Game Dad 40: Community Wayfaring

Another year another game jam over at Waypoint, and yours truly is hosting. This year's jam is called Big Boy Season, and as usual it's a Waypoint community game jam, albeit unofficial. Don't ask why it's called Big Boy Season, the community voted for it as a reference to something that's occurred on one of Waypoint's streams or podcasts. I try to stay active in some online communities but largely I fail. Hosting this jam seems to be the extent to which I'm really active. And even then...


One Game Dad 39: Teamwork Matters

No company, no freelancer, no creative is an island unto themselves. Inevitably if you're running your own business you're going to have to work with others. Whether it's purchasing goods or services from them, hiring them on for a project, or taking them on as a client or teammate. You may be your own boss but that doesn't mean you can steamroll through situations with others and solely get your own way. Compromise and recognition that others bring not just something different but...


One Game Dad 38: The Excretioning!

There's a variety of fluids and sometimes solids that can come out of babies. Sometimes can also be constantly. The Kid, for the past week, has had a stomach flu. She hasn't had a fever or other major symptoms and largely hasn't been in any pain, beyond that caused by teething. But boy has there been a lot coming out of various orifices. So much so that I've been covered at times. It really does strip one of any ego you have because even though you may have poo all over your hands or...


One Game Dad 37: Office Moving Day

June is here and with it my new office in Games Factory. Said creative industrial output facility is actually a co-working space with offices for games companies, desks for freelancers, and day rentals for visitors. As they like to describe it - an embassy and showroom - but really a hub for game development in Helsinki. And I'll be sitting in it and working from there for the foreseeable future. So we moved in on Friday. Not that I had much to move there but we got our office. By we I...


One Game Dad 36: Anthropomorphized Animals

Children's books and programs are weird. The world building creates a whole slew of unexpected consequences and philosophies. Case in point, any time animals are people and live people lives they can only mate with other animals of their kind. Thus creating a weird world of genetic purity and/or a caste system keeping the animals divided. Zootopia may be about the animals all living and working together but that doesn't mean they can successfully breed. We don't see weird animal...


One Game Dad 35: Sol Budget

Sun's out, buns out. Man buns that is. But my hair still isn't long enough for one. It's the hottest it's been in Finland for some time. Making it quite nice, though it can feel a little too hot even though it's only peaking at 24C. That's nothing compared to what it was in Iraq and you see people from warmer climes still covered up because this is nothing to them. Those who've been here a while welcome the sun and are taking it in when they can. For me that was playing touch rugby for...


One Game Dad 24: A Surprising Lack of Surprises

We turn to stories, regardless of mediums, to be both surprised and to see our expectations meet. But of late games and even books are doing neither for me. You'd think that not meeting expectations would be a good thing. It's not in this case, because what I keep coming up against isn't necessarily triteness or tropes, rather a lack of effort in planning out something that says anything. The stories are following along such safe lines that they feel like the creators have been placed in...


One Game Dad 33: Teething Trouble

Chomp chomp - everything is bound to end up in my daughter's mouth. And ever more be scarred by teethmarks. The Kid has has a good set of teeth for a while now. Though as is usual the molars aren't the first ones to come in. Now it seems they are. With them comes a lot of drool and crankiness. Not just on her part, but her mother's and mine. Sleep is a lot lighter and less frequent now as my daughter doesn't have many ways for dealing with her discomfort. There's little we can do for her...


One Game Dad 32: Cleanliness Is A Lie

Nothing is clean. Not ever. So don't bother. Or something like that. I feel very nihilistic about cleaning once my daughter returns to the house and undoes all of my work. And it's not a gradual thing that occurs over the week. It's an immediate return to chaos. It also takes up a lot of time, which increasingly feels to be less in supply. That should change in the coming week as my current project with a client comes to an end. That project is a nice boost and will help my folio, but my...


One Game Dad 31: Setting Boundaries

Everything has its limits. Those limits are surprisingly freeing, except when it comes to setting them for children. Boundaries are why I don't do work after a certain period. They're also why I don't take my phone into the bedroom. They're something I try to have when I write or create a game. Namely because limiting the scope and scale is a good exercise and one that aids in actually producing something. It's why my podcasts are the way they are - I don't want to make them too much...


One Game Dad 30: Thumbs Are Hard

Dressing a baby or any child is delicate business. Undressing them is a mad dash to prevent poop from getting everywhere! My daughter is 15 months old now. And she's a lot bigger than she used to be. But she's still tiny in comparison to me. So dressing her is an exercise in soft force. What doesn't help is the fact that it keeps snowing here in Finland. That makes gloves and mittens mandatory. Have you ever tried to thread a thumb into its appropriate sleeve when you've got a wiggling...


One Game Dad 29: The Veracity of Awe

No episode last week but this one continues with a look at how my daughter is a new driving force in my life. She wakes me up - constantly. But for all the hassle, the sleepless nights and the poop I'm still finding my daughter to be an infinite well of inspiration. A large part of that stems from her incredible interest in everything. Children are natural-born scientist and my kid is no exception. The sheer awe she shows for just about everything is invigorating. It makes me interested....


One Game Dad 28: Folio Frets and Game Ennui

What a weird state to be in when games are leaving me lacking and production is proving more interesting. Granted work is a priority so playing games has to take a back seat. And I need to get a new folio together. With that comes a matter of prioritizing certain types of projects. This show isn't one of those things. The Writing Game can and should go in my folio, but it's not what I want to prioritize. Creative writing, game writing, comic books, novels - stories are what I want to...


One Game Dad 27: Viral Productions

Days aren't really lost, they're just reprioritized. Which is why this week's episode is a bit late. But here it is, because the Wife is home and the kid is back at daycare. Though I'm still ill. Apparently it's viral and not bacterial so there's absolutely nothing I can take to get over it. But hey it's better than uselessly taking antibiotics and screwing things up further due what bacteria there is developing resistances. All that aside, I've been thinking about production methods a...


One Game Dad 26: Stress The Setup Start The Business

A new week and the kid's back at daycare but the dad isn't at full health. That doesn't mean a new episode can't be released. Things get even more interesting this week, and not just because I speak more, but because I actually speak about something of interest beyond my personal life. This week it's all about failure as an option. Or more accurately failure as a learning tool. Or even more accurately failure enabling storytelling. It's more than the try/fail cycle that any hero goes in...


One Game Dad 25: Follow The Girl

It's a late episode this week but a brighter one, even with me being sick... again. It should come as no surprise that a year into my daughter's life I'm still struggling with time management, prioritization, career prospects, being a good partner and father and so much more. All because the Kid is a whirlwind of activity and needs that I can never deny. Maybe not always to my benefit. The lack of exercise, social interaction and writing doesn't leave me with much in the way of outlets,...


The Writing Game is live!

My new podcast & YouTube series is now available! I've just launched a new show that's about writing and video games. More specifically it's about how to do each together and better. Where most shows analyze one or the other and are a discussion of them, The Writing Game aims to provide concrete ideas on how the stories can better work in games. Tune in every two weeks for a new episode of The Writing Game available through iTunes or Youtube. Writing, Games and Stories each have their...


One Game Dad 24: Painted Corners

The show continues, but I continue to struggle to express myself. Communication between people is hard. We have all these methods for doing it, yet the closest we've come to ever creating telepathy is the novel. But we can't write novels for everything we want to share. Nor do we have the time to consume that much information. That leads to a lot of misunderstanding. Egos must also be sated. They quickly interject themselves into any conversation and can lead to a lack of understanding,...