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A family-friendly variety show hosted by entertainment power couple Corbin and Julie Miller.

A family-friendly variety show hosted by entertainment power couple Corbin and Julie Miller.
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A family-friendly variety show hosted by entertainment power couple Corbin and Julie Miller.








30: Animal Freakshow, Detective Gold 2, Fist of Doom

We have an extra special three way Animal Freakshow battle this time! Seven-year-old Theo brings his best game in the form of the box jellyfish. He’s up against a mind controlling flatworm and an adorably terrible mother, the quokka! Who will win? You gotta listen to find out! We’re also back with the next installment of our new gumshoe audio drama: Detective Gold Chapter 2: Detective Too…? Lookout here comes Detective Rose and little Hardy Gold to join the team…or will they!? We also check...


29: Categories, Twue Cwimes, Detective Gold 1, Mushroom Cup

We’re headed back to school this week and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We have a special back to school round of the categories game and even a school-themed Twue Cwimes. We’re excited to release the first episode of our new audio drama “Detective Gold,” complete with foley work by 7-year-old Theo. This episode is brought to you by the Morpilot Portable Oral Irrigator! It’s a spa for your mouth…if a spa is something that will soak you will water and make your gums bleed if you use it...


28: Truth or Truth, Twue Cwimes, Detective Gold

This is an episode of truth! Don’t get exploded by all the truth bombs! First we play Truth or Truth, which is a much better version of Truth or Dare. Then Ruby makes her triumphant return with a new set of Twue Cwimes. Those bad guys don’t know what’s coming for them! This episode is brought to you by…Shredded Ralston! No ration points! Sure to slap a smile on any smarmy sailor! Rounding up the week of truth, we have our truth-seeking musical selection with “Detective Gold,” a new theme...


27: Animal Freakshow, Sandwich Eyes

We’re back for our first episode on our new biweekly schedule and we have been busy! Birthdays! Adventures in DC! Leftover food! We bring our best contestants for this installment of Animal Freakshow! We pit the Komodo dragon (see here: against the shooter worm (yikes: Thanks to Theo and to Will Passey for the suggestions! This episode is brought to you by…Corn Flakes! We’re going back to our crispiest, tenderest...


26: The Categories Game, Cake Monster

Big announcement on this episode. We’re saying, “Bye Weekly” and “Hello Biweekly!” Get ready for episodes half as often but 17 times as good! We play Categories to test our rapid fire knowledge of all things categorizable. This episode is brought to you by Wyeth’s Sage & Sulfur! Don’t let gray hair get in the way of your career when a rotten egg stench will do the trick! This week’s musical selection is “Cake Monster,” with words by Lukey (3 years old). You can stream and download all our...


25: Animal Freakshow, Mario Kart Love Song (Cover)

It’s the long-anticipated return of Animal Freakshow! This time we pit the hog-nosed snake against the horned lizard! Who will win the title of the Freakiest Freak of the Week? You decide! Actually…we decide! This episode is brought to you by Payne’s Poppets! Keep it together Brough! This week’s musical selection is “Mario Kart Love Song,” by Sam Hart (check out the original video here: You can stream and download all our musical selections at...


24: Pwanks, Sanz Headbanz, Snuggle Smuggler

It’s that time of year! Everybody’s talking about it! It’s one week past Paul Bunyan day! The traditional day for setting off fireworks and other forms of merriment…right? Our 3-year-old talks about the ultimate prank he’s going to play with his aunt and our 4-year-old accidentally pranks me better than ever. This week we have to guess who we are in our favorite new game: Sanz Headbanz! (it’s like Headbanz but we don’t bother with the headband) This episode is brought to you by Red River...


23: BB Guns, What's in a Name?, 1st Impressions, Kinda Burpy

Content Warning: This episode has burps! Julie recounts her mysterious past and how BB guns are involved. Corbin and Julie go through their discarded podcast titles and concepts then play their favorite word association game! This episode is brought to you by Westclox. These sentinels will guard your sleep like no other! This week’s musical selection is “Kinda Burpy,” with burps taken from the outtakes of this very podcast. You can stream and download all our musical selections at...


22: Backdoor Pilot Season, Ladybug

This is a very special episode! Corbin recently visited Utah, which means mini-podcast pilots with some Shelley Has Opinions favorites and their kids! You want to talk dogs? A hate of being outside? A deep indifference to socks? Donuts?!? Can you come up with a Pikmin-related pun? Then we have something for you! Which pilot is your favorite? Let us know! This episode brought to you by our good old friends at Corn Flakes! They’re back baby! Just add some good milk. This week’s musical...


21: Field Day, Costco, Name That Tune, Tommy Hobbes

Julie went to a field day at Theo’s school and as a Chatfield was over qualified. Corbin took the kids to Costco to eat food…twice. It was so good some of them literally could not stop eating. Our game this week was Name That Tune! Who will win this epic battle of the hmmms? This episode brought to you by Listerated Pepsin Gum. We get a run down from the experts about how to kiss a girl and talk about how we have failed in the past and can step up our game! This week’s musical selection is...


20: Exercise, Shoe Shopping, Animal Freakshow, No. 2 Elephants

This week Julie gets swole by exercising (almost) everyday and Corbin gets new discount socks…mmm new socks. Our game is the fourth installment of our Animal Freakshow! We pit the scorpionfly against the opossum. Who will win in a battle of freakishness and bad pettery? You must listen to discover the truth! We also add a new category for who would give the best super powers and we’re really excited about it. This episode brought to you by Borden’s Homogenized Milk. At least as good as...


19: Whachu Been Upto?, Tongue Twisters, Butterside

This week Julie left Corbin for 4 whole days and hilarity ensued! Join us to learn about movie theater massages and the finer points of Oogling, Ahgling, and Ohgling. Our game this week is a challenge of tongues! No, not that! It’s tongue twisters! Corbin wrote a really good one and if you can inflict it upon your closest friends you might win your very own tongue twister! This episode brought to you by Scotch Cellulose Tape! Do you have trouble cutting off all of your bangs in one go? Just...


18: Camping Review, 20 Questions, Alligator Unicorn

We had a big week! Come hear the news about our impending baby. Is it human? Or is it dancer? We also survived our first family camping trip and had a good time too! We debut a brand new game that you’ve probably never heard of before: 20 questions! Answer our many calls to action! Make your voices heard! This episode brought to you by the Open Front Shirt! Do you want something to cover your body, but not ALL of your body? Then this highly-flammable tunic is just right for you! This...


17: Hink Pink, Penguin Pie

Ever heard of a Hink Pink? How about a Hinky Pinky? Oh yeah?!? How about a Hinkadeperkity Pinkadeperkity? That’s what I thought! We’ll teach you both the NCAA rules and street rules for this game you can play anywhere. We had a pretty good week this past week, but next week is going to be…very good too so stay tuned for that! We also welcome our first citizens of Paudeville. Get in on the fun before we’re all full! This episode brought to you by Cricketeer Suits! Are you contortionist...


16: Anniversary Special, Through Closed Eyes

This week we get all lovey dovey again because we just celebrated out 9th anniversary! (of marriage, not this podcast…) We have a lot of thoughts about the Snow Patrol concert we went to for our anniversidate and a huge fight about drummers. Our musical selection is the song Corbin wrote and played for Julie when they got engaged. Aww… This episode brought to you by Textron shorts! The only shorts you need when you are going on a LSD-fueled unicorn romp. This week’s musical selection is...


15: New Wives' Tales (with Holly), 100-Foot Hotdog

This week we have our second ever guest and our first ever Holly! She helps us flesh out the legend of Paudeville and invite you all to become citizens… We punch up some old wives’ tales with a shiny new veneer and elocution lessons to make: New Wives’ Tales! This episode brought to you by Jelly Belly Beans! Are they jelly beans or baked beans? This ad will make it less clear! This week’s musical selection is “100-Foot Hotdog”. With words by the kids and singing by the parents! You can...


14: Not That Kind of Doctor, Twu Cwimes, Microphone

Catch up on this week’s antics! We play a new game where Corbin gives his non-expert medical advice. Do not take this advice! Ruby gives us some more gritty Twu Cwime tales. We also have a quick word from our resident Lukey boy and another new segment: Kids on the Street! This episode brought to you by Sylpho-Nathol! Keep your nose and mouth clean so you don’t get paralyzed! Just snuff it! This week’s musical selection is another freestyle straight from Ruby’s brain called “Microphone”. It...


13: Easter? I Hardly Know Her!, First Impressions, Fighting Geography

We have a special Easter episode this week. We review our kids Easter egg hunt, then come up with Easter stories for kids based on weird book titles. Corbin sits down with Theo (7 years old) to play a game of word association. This episode brought to you by Grape Nuts! They steady a man! And heck, also brought to you by Robby Passey cuz he’s a new human. This week’s musical selection is a bit of a change of pace. Instead of being written by our kids, it’s a song Corbin wrote when Julie and...


12: Animal Freakshow, Tallman Jones 4, Fillin' Up the Belly

Julie must be feeling better this week, because this episode is long and strong! We get an update on project grow-a-baby and discuss our very different feelings about our kids losing teeth. One of our favorite segments is back with more crazy creatures for our Animal Freakshow. This time we pit the hairy frog (first minute of against tape worms. We also return to our improvised cowboy serial, Tallman Jones, to meet a new and monstrous character who leads to new...


11: Good Prank, Bad Prank; Twu Cwimes; Humuhumu

Corbin and Julie have their first very special, non-child guest this week! We welcome the eponymous Shelley from Shelley Has Opinions ( to discuss the difference between a good prank and a bad prank. We get more gritty stories of criminals and their deserving punishments in another installment of Twu Cwimes. This episode brought to you by…corn flakes, again! Maybe for the last time…we’ll never tell! Nothing is crispier and tenderer… This week’s musical...