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Power of Moms is an online gathering place for thousands of deliberate mothers around the globe. In this podcast, April will bring you lively discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and inspiring ideas to help you find more peace, purpose, order, and joy in motherhood (and person-hood!)

Power of Moms is an online gathering place for thousands of deliberate mothers around the globe. In this podcast, April will bring you lively discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and inspiring ideas to help you find more peace, purpose, order, and joy in motherhood (and person-hood!)
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Power of Moms is an online gathering place for thousands of deliberate mothers around the globe. In this podcast, April will bring you lively discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and inspiring ideas to help you find more peace, purpose, order, and joy in motherhood (and person-hood!)




Halloween Ideas [Season 3, Episode 4]

We recently received this question from a Power of Moms Community member that sparked a great discussion at Power of Moms: "What low stress, Halloween traditions does your family love? We just received an invite to go trick-or-treating. If you love Halloween, you may be counting down, if you're like me, you may feel dread. What activities can my family do, costumes can I use and decorations can I put out to help this holiday feel uplifting and enjoyable for me, not just an expensive, time...


Appreciating the Now, Being Open About Our Challenges, and Strategic Parenting - Audio Posts [Season 3, Episode 3]

Today we're presenting three great posts from deliberate mothers in our community who have a LOT of wisdom to share! Enjoy Allyson Reynolds' perspective on how to appreciate the "now," Heidi Bartle's fantastic advice about starting hard conversations with our children about mental illness (or other issues you may be dealing with), and Whitney Archibald's detailed report on how she's created incredible structure and purpose inside her home and family. So grateful to have you with us at Power...


Make Laundry a Beautiful Experience [Season 3, Episode 2]

I KNOW it sounds crazy. How on earth can washing dirty clothes and linens be a beautiful experience? And why would we even want it to be beautiful? Isn’t laundry mundane, dirty work that we should do everything in our power to avoid? Ahhh, I understand the angst associated with laundry. Truly. But today I want to change the way you do laundry. And it has nothing to do with the soap you use or the way you fold or how you set up your laundry schedule. For a summary and Show Notes, visit ...


What My 18-Year-Old Actually Remembers from Childhood [Season 3, Episode 1]

I spent a lot of time worrying about "not being enough" for my children (and everyone else) while they were young. But when I asked my 18-year-old what she actually remembered from her years of childhood, it turns out she didn't even NOTICE all the things I was worried about. Come listen to the conversation and take a deep breath! It all works out. :) For full show notes, see powerofmoms.com/radio/


Encore Podcast: Organizing a Beautiful Life that Fits on One Plate [Season 2 - Episode 22]

We all know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed. I think that’s a daily occurrence for most mothers. But what do we do when we feel like we can barely breathe? A friend of mine once shared some wise, wise words: “Whenever I feel like my family is ‘getting in the way’ of my life, that’s an indicator that I have too much on my plate.” Light bulb moment! In this audio post, I’ll share with you a strategy that has consistently helped me to manage what’s on my plate–and in the process, find...


Encore Podcast: Outer Order Contributes to Inner Calm with Gretchen Rubin [Season 2 - Episode 21]

So we invited Gretchen to join us on Power of Moms Radio to talk about this idea more in depth. When our homes are a mess, it feels impossible to function. But cleaning closets and wiping kitchen counters seems to “make our brains work better” and enables us to breathe more fully. But is the reverse also true? Does inner calm lead to outer order? Does outer order sometimes create a facade of inner calm? Is the word “contributes” the key here? (Meaning there’s more at play than we may...


How to Organize School Papers - Bonus Episode with Alia and April

The new school year is just around the corner, and if you already cringing at the thought of your countertops overrun with projects and papers, today's podcast is here to help! For Show Notes, visit https://powerofmoms.com/bonus-school-papers And for a free video from Alia, where she'll teach your children how to use three simple folders and a calendar to keep their desks and spaces clean, sign up at http://LearnDoBecome.com/s4s


Encore Podcast: Finding Hope and Beauty in Motherhood with Rachel Nielson [Season 2 - Episode 20]

Mother Rachel Nielson found Power of Moms when she had a colicky newborn baby and she felt desperate for hope. In the years since, her challenges as a mother have changed as her children have gotten older, but she has continued to turn to our community for inspiration. She has also written articles for our website about concrete ways that she finds hope and fulfillment as a mother, even in the hardest of times. In today’s podcast, Rachel reads four of her articles for you: What If I Don’t...


Encore Podcast: Sibling Rivalry (What To Do?) [Season 2, Episode 19]

If your children bicker and argue (and we’re guessing they do), what do you do about it? In this week’s encore radio show, Saren and April discuss some of their own experiences handling sibling rivalry (some that work, some that don’t!). They talk about when to ignore the arguing, which discipline strategies work best for them, and where they go for additional answers. Once you’ve listened to the podcast, please share your thoughts below! For full show notes, please visit...


Encore Podcast: Ideas for Working Together – April and Eric Perry [Season 2 – Episode 18]

In this podcast (formerly Episode 56), April and Eric Perry discuss some of their ideas for working as a team when it comes to establishing family values, goals, and habits. You’ll hear the inside scoop on how they tailored the Do-It-Yourself Summer Camp Kit to their own family–plus lots of ideas for setting up simple systems that will bring our families greater progress and deeper family relationships. For full show notes, please visit powerofmoms.com/2-18


Encore Audio Post: Keeping Your Cool [Season 2 - Episode 17]

Do you start ever start the day as Mary Poppins but end it as Miss Hannigan? Does your temper sometimes get the best of you? Patience is a virtue that every mom struggles with from time to time. When everyone is throwing needs in our direction and our own needs aren’t being met and our house is a mess and our brain is a jumbled of things we’re worried about, it’s so hard to keep our cool! In this week’s episode, Saren and April talk openly and honestly about some methods they’ve found to...


Encore Audio Post: Inspiration for a No-Stress Summer [Season 2, Episode 16]

Are you getting worried about summer? Often we want to use this season wisely and well, but be relaxed at the same time. We want to spend time with our kids, but we also don’t want them to drive us crazy! This audio post has three articles with lots of ideas about how to achieve that perfect summer balance! For full show notes, please visit powerofmoms.com/2-16


Self Care Is Not Selfish, When It Feels Hard to 'Enjoy Every Moment,' and How to Be a Happy Mother--Audio Posts! [Season 2, Episode 15]

We have three more audio posts for you today! "Self Care Is Not Selfish" by Lucille Zimmerman and "When It Feels Hard to 'Enjoy Every Moment'" by Mary Karlee Mullen and "How to Be a Happy Mother When Everything Isn't Perfect" by Heather Saunders. These are designed specifically to help you find more joy in motherhood, but not because every moment will be FUN, but because you'll learn how to take care of yourself, enjoy the "overall" process, and find joy when life most definitely does NOT...


GTD for Teens - with Mike Williams and April Perry [Season 2, Episode 14]

The power of Getting Things Done is now available for teens, and I am excited to share this brand new book with the deliberate mothers of the world! And when I found out that David Allen, Mike Williams, and Mark Wallace were publishing GTD for Teens, I KNEW we needed to bring them onto Power of Moms Radio! Enjoy this interview where we discuss the why behind the movement--plus specific ways you can implement some of the ideas today! Mike even shares a fun summer tradition he has...


Everyone Needs Backup, Exercise Therapy, and How to Have Difficult Conversations with Teachers--Audio Posts! [Season 2, Episode 13]

This week, we're featuring three amazing posts created by deliberate mothers in our community: "Everyone Needs Backup" by Aubrey Degn, "Exercise Therapy" by Sarah Badat Richardson, and "How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Child's Teacher" by Amanda Hamilton Roos. We're confident that by the end of this podcast, you'll have some creative ideas for managing the challenges in your home, you'll feel more committed to taking care of yourself, and you'll feel more prepared to tackle any...


Calling Down the Power of Heaven—How Mothers Can Enable Miracles [Season 2, Episode 12]

Today’s podcast was recorded with my sister Laura as we were sitting on the grass outside of a conference. Laura had shared a beautiful experience with our mom that happened about 20 years ago, and I just KNEW I needed to share it with you. It’s a simple story, but we hope that as you listen, you will come to more fully understand that there is power from above that is available for us and for our families. For full show notes, please visit powerofmoms.com/2-12


"Three Ways to Help Our Children Not to Be Afraid" with Sarah Boyd [Season 2, Episode 11]

We all want resilient children. We want them to be able to overcome worry, anxiety, stress, fear, and all those other emotions that we TOTALLY understand. But how do we do that? How do we incorporate that kind of training into our day-to-day lives as deliberate mothers? Today I'm joined by Sarah Boyd, a mother of two, a cancer survivor, an author, and an expert in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. She's sharing three ways we can help our children to have more courage--which you'll...


"Appointments" with Teens, Seeing Strengths in Our Weaknesses, and Why "Motherhood is for Me" - Audio Posts! [Season 2, Episode 10]

Three incredible deliberate mothers have prepared some great posts featured in this week's podcast. And our team of editors has done a GREAT job preparing their posts for the site. To make it easy for you to enjoy their words and reflect on their beautiful thoughts, we've put together an audio version for Power of Moms Radio. Enjoy this incredible advice from other deliberate mothers--and don't miss the question and challenge at the end of each one! (Plus, did you know YOU could be an...


Making the Most of Everyday Moments to Connect with Our Children [Season 2, Episode 9]

As a special Mother's Day podcast, I sat down with Rachel Nielson from the 3in30 podcast to share some of my favorite experiences with my own mother, Zoe. Would you like some incredibly simple ways to bring more power and joy to your mothering? We hope you love these ideas as much as we do! For full show notes, please visit powerofmoms.com/2-9


Mothers Are People. Let's Organize Wisely. [Season 2, Episode 8]

Today's podcast is simply one side of a conversation between me and you where I talk about the following topics: - "Mommy is a Person" - It's easy for us to become "responders" and even "people pleasers," but it's totally possible to balance the love we have for our families with our personhood. - The importance of holding onto our personal power. Please learn from my mistakes. It's been a painful road, but I'm coming back. - The process of acknowledging how much we ARE doing. I've...