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Christ-centered conversation about marriage, lessons learned, the fun things, the tough things, and so much more!

Christ-centered conversation about marriage, lessons learned, the fun things, the tough things, and so much more!
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Christ-centered conversation about marriage, lessons learned, the fun things, the tough things, and so much more!




#17: Finding a Strategic Mindset

Did you know that there’s a honeymoon period after a couple gets married that usually lasts one or two years? The honeymoon stage is so much fun and it’s easy to intentionally pursue our spouse when the butterflies are there. The problem is that the transition from infatuation to disconnection can happen so slowly we don’t even realize it. On today’s episode, we dive into why being intentional and keeping a strategic mentality is vital to a thriving marriage. By being intentional and...


#16: Combating the Enemy as a Team

You ready for a BIG truth? The enemy wants to destroy your marriage. As a united team, you pose a threat. Separately, you're less of a threat. His mission is to separate you and your spouse by enhancing feelings of shame, guilt, and pride. On today’s podcast, we talk about how destructive the “DIY” mentality can be with marriage, and dive into HOW to keep your marriage strong, combating the enemy from an offensive position. Let’s do this. #16: Combating the Enemy as a Team Mentioned in This...


#15: We Answer Your Questions (#1)

This episode has some content that you may not want little inquiring minds to hear. Check out the questions below before listening with kiddos around! Today on the podcast we answer the questions that you guys wrote in for us. :) We’ll be doing Q&A podcasts every now and then, so if you have questions, please let us know so that we can start compiling for our next Q&A episode! Specifically, we'll answer the following questions: What is an appropriate response to wandering eyes? How do I...


#14: The Fear Trap

So, there we were in Idaho really frustrated with one another... We had been talking about moving out of California since we got married and dreaming specifically of Idaho for the last 6 months. We were finally in Idaho to check it out and we were finding that we weren’t on the same page. We were both scared and polarizing each other in the process. What if we couldn’t get on the same page? What if Idaho wasn’t the place we both wanted to move? What if we had to start the process ALL over...


#13: Making Disruptive Decisions (Tim Lundy)

Have you and your spouse ever made a decision that took you out of your comfort zone? Have you ever made a decision because you were following God’s leading? In today’s episode, we talk with Tim Lundy, senior pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA. He gets real about the disruptions that God has made in his life, the ones God may make in our lives and how to handle them as a united team in our marriages. It’s so important that we embrace God’s calling and don’t allow fear or...


#12: Money and Marriage (Shaunti Feldhahn)

Have you ever been really frustrated with your spouse about money? So many couples don’t talk about their money and see it as a taboo subject. Today on the podcast, Shaunti Feldhahn unwraps the why behind struggles around money in marriage. She gives us an exclusive look and dives into her latest research about how men and women operate differently. We talk with her about the importance of understanding one another, being trustworthy, and the meaning of oneness with our finances. We had so...


#11: Building a Christ-Centered Marriage

Any pastor will tell you that keeping Jesus at the center is the key to having a marriage that will stand the test of time. But why is that the case and what does that really look like? Today on the podcast we’ll dive into the reasons why having Jesus at the center is crucial to having a strong, intimate marriage and what that practically looks like. We had a great time recording this one and we are so excited for you to listen in! #11: Building a Christ-Centered Marriage Mentioned in This...


#10: Marriage Retreats: Breathing Life Into Your Marriage (Dr. Matt Turvey)

Today, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Matt Turvey, director of Winshape Marriage. He talks about how marriage retreats help to jumpstart the healing process for a couple that's struggling. They can also be a great way for a couple that's doing well to be proactive and breathe new life into their marriage, providing a solid foundation to continue building on. He has great wisdom and believes that couples need to actively address the little things before they become big wedges. His...


#9: Overcoming the Loss of a Child (Kim & Larry Peacock)

This week on the podcast, we had the pleasure of talking with Kim and Larry Peacock. They opened up about the sudden loss of their daughter and how they kept their marriage strong during the crisis and in the years since. We talk about how to work through trauma, what the healing process might look like when you and your spouse grieve differently, and how to keep God's perspective. They are an amazing couple who have kept the focus on Jesus and are allowing Him to use their story to bring...


#8: A Small RV and Two Kids Under Three (Bart & Cassie Gant)

Have you ever wanted to just quit your job and travel across the country? That’s exactly what our friends Bart and Cassie Gant did. On today’s podcast, they share their story of taking a leap of faith and how they made the decision to drastically change their life to match their priorities. We talk about how to shift our thinking when it comes to priorities, choosing a lifestyle that is counter-culture, and trusting God. This one is a must-listen! #8: A Small RV and Two Kids Under Three...


#7: Navigating a Blended Family (Ron Deal)

In today’s podcast, we had the pleasure of talking with Ron Deal, Director of FamilyLife Blended. In today’s culture, blended families are becoming more common. Ron offers his wisdom on how a couple can navigate the complexities that come with entering marriage when one or both spouses already have children. If you're in a blended family (or just want advice on how to parent from a unified front), we highly recommend listening to this podcast! #7: Navigating a Blended Family (Ron Deal)...


#6: Marriage Lessons We Learned from Disneyland

What do Disneyland and marriage have in common? Today on the podcast we’ll share what Disneyland ended up teaching us about each other and our own marriage! Listen in for some laughs and heartfelt conversation about what different personalities might look like in a marriage, grace, and the importance of valuing your spouse. We had a blast recording this one and can’t wait for you to listen in! #6: Marriage Lessons We Learned from Disneyland Mentioned in This Episode: Articles: Powerful...


#5: Marriage: Withstanding the Storm of Cancer (Kevin & Becky McIntire)

Have you ever wondered how a couple keeps their marriage strong in the midst of a serious illness? Today, Kevin and Becky McIntire share their raw, personal story of walking through cancer and how they stayed a strong team through struggle and uncertainty. They walk us through the dark moments that cancer brought, how their relationship with Jesus kept them together, and how they withstood the storm as a united team. Be sure to listen in! #5: Withstanding the Storm of Cancer (Kevin & Becky...


#4: Being Fully Present in Your Marriage (Bob Goff)

Today we had an awesome time talking with Bob Goff! In today’s podcast he talks with us about being fully present and kind, and what this looks like with our spouses. We hope you have as much fun listening to his stories and wisdom as we did! #4: Being Fully Present in Your Marriage (Bob Goff) Mentioned in This Episode: Where to find Bob: BobGoff.com Dream Big Framework Follow Bob on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Bob's Latest Books: Love Does Everybody Always Discussion Questions: When...


#3: Balancing Work and Family (Ryan & Selena Frederick)

In today’s podcast, we get to talk with Ryan and Selena Frederick, creators of Fierce Marriage. We dig into how they got started, being authentic, and keeping Jesus at the center of life and our marriages. They are an incredible couple who are intentional in every aspect of their life as they seek to keep the Lord as their main priority. We had a blast interviewing them and we are so excited for you to listen in--enjoy! #3: Balancing Work and Family (Ryan & Selena Frederick) Mentioned in...


#2: From the Brink of Divorce: A Story of Hope

In this podcast, we get real and raw about our story. This was a difficult podcast for us to record, but we feel led by God to let Him use our story for His glory. We pray that this podcast encourages you and helps you to know that there is hope for any and every marriage when a husband and wife submit themselves to the Lord. #2: From the Brink of Divorce: A Story of Hope Mentioned in This Episode: Get help: If you're in a similar situation to the one we were in, check out: Taking a Stand...


#1: Who We Are & How We Got Here

We're so excited to release this first episode and share a bit about who we are and where God has brought our marriage and Radiant Marriage over the past few years! We can’t wait to continue this journey and see what God does! Our hope and prayer is that this podcast and everything that comes from this ministry would be an encouragement to you and your marriage. Look below for the links we mentioned in this episode! #1: Who We Are & How We Got Here Mentioned in This Episode: For more...