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Christ-centered conversation about marriage, lessons learned, the fun things, the tough things, and so much more!

Christ-centered conversation about marriage, lessons learned, the fun things, the tough things, and so much more!


Coeur d'Alene, ID


Christ-centered conversation about marriage, lessons learned, the fun things, the tough things, and so much more!




#28: To the couple preparing to blend their families (with Ron Deal)

Have you ever thought about how a couple should prepare to get married when they are blending two families with children in the mix? Maybe this is your experience or maybe this is the experience of someone that you know. Join us on today's podcast as Ron Deal gives some great advice on how a blended couple can prepare the best way for their marriage before saying "I do". He gives practical tips and gets into the nitty gritty of how to prepare well so that your marriage is set on a solid...


#27: To the couple who has experienced pregnancy loss (with Rachel Lewis)

Have you and your spouse experienced a pregnancy loss? Have you been a foster parent? If you answered yes to either, then this podcast is for you. Our guest on today's podcast is Rachel Lewis, author of "Unexpecting". Rachel authentically shares her experience of pregnancy loss as well as her experience as a foster mom. She is raw, real, and speaks life in this episode. Not only does she speak to her experience, but she also shares how she and her husband processed through their grief. This...


#26: To the couple who is SO different from each other (with Carey Nieuwhof)

Do you ever feel that you and your spouse are just too different sometimes? It can be difficult to pursue our marriage when we feel that our spouse doesn't see things the same way we do. Join us on today's podcast as we talk with our guest, Carey Nieuwhof, about "marriage success killers" and about how to continuously be curious about our spouse. Carey has one incredible piece of advice "Curiosity combats cynicism". It's time to be curious about our spouse and seek to understand them, even...


#25: The Beauty of Predictability

Hey everyone, this is the last episode of Season 1! Be sure to subscribe below to hear about all things Season 2! When we walk hand in hand with the Spirit, we become predictable spouses. This means that our character is in line with Christ and we are securing ourselves on His firm footing. This type of predictable character will help our marriages to flourish. Do you find yourself walking hand in hand, step in step with the Spirit, or are you just visiting from time to time? Join us in the...


#24: Overcoming Betrayal and Broken Trust

Have you ever experienced broken trust or betrayal in your marriage? In today’s episode, we talk about betrayal, broken trust, and how to work towards healing, both individually and as a couple. Betrayal can have damaging consequences, but it doesn’t have to negatively define our marriage. In fact, it can lead to deeper levels of connection if both spouses are submitted to Jesus. If we doubt the possibility for reconciliation, then we put God in a box, doubting the healing power of God. He...


#23: When Finances Are Tight

Are you in a place where finances are really tight or have you been? This can be such a difficult place to be in and it can be really difficult to put our marriage as a priority when we are overwhelmed by our finances...or lack thereof. In today’s episode, we tackle how to keep your marriage strong even when it feels like you are being crushed under the pressure that finances can bring. We hope that this episode encourages you and challenges you to keep a God-focused perspective and to...


#22: What Makes Christian Marriage Different?

Have you ever thought about what makes Christian marriage different? Or why having a marriage that is founded on God makes all the difference? We’ve talked before about how to make Jesus the center of our marriages and our home, but on today’s podcast episode, we dive into the WHY behind the how. Having Jesus at the core of our marriage grounds us and unites us better than anything else ever could. #22: What Makes Christian Marriage Different? Mentioned in This Episode: Discussion Questions:...


#21: Keeping Technology from Taking Over

Have you ever found yourself feeling that technology is slowly taking over your home and your marriage? Maybe you have felt like the screen takes precedence over connection with your spouse? With social media, the games, and the constant attention grabbers, it’s sometimes hard to put the screen down. These things aren’t bad in themselves, but we need to be aware of when they start to take over and when they act as a distraction...from our spouse, from life, and from God. Join us on the...


#20: How to Move Forward as a Team When We Disagree

Have you and your spouse ever been in different places about a decision...even when you were thinking about things WAY in the future? We definitely have been. We are planners and tend to want to be on the same page all the time and be able to think years into the future. However, this isn’t necessarily realistic. We aren’t going to be on the same page all the time. We have different ways of processing decisions and we each have our own desires and dreams. Join us on the podcast today as we...


#19: I Thought I Married a Christian–Now What?

Have you or your spouse ever had a crisis of faith? Have you ever had struggles or had to wrestle with Biblical concepts? Many of us will struggle with doubts at some point in our life, but what do we do when we feel a disconnect with our spouse because of doubt? Join us in today’s episode as we dive into what to do when our spouse is struggling with their faith and how to support them on their faith journey! We had so much fun recording this one and hope that you'll be blessed by it. #19: I...


#18: How Our View of God Shapes Our Marriage

Did you know that our belief about God is directly related to how we respond in our marriages? In today’s podcast episode we dive into how our view of God can impact our marriage. So often our feelings overshadow the truth about God’s character and we can start to relate to our spouse based on a false belief of God driven by fear, shame, or guilt. It’s when we have a true understanding of God’s character that our marriage is secured in the strongest foundation possible. We need to truly know...


#17.5: The Radiant Marriage Workshop

Hey everybody, Instead of having a podcast today, we would love to invite you to take the time you would normally listen in and go check out this amazing free workshop that we have going on. It’s called the Radiant Marriage Workshop. This is a compilation of 4 videos that focus on overcoming disconnect in your marriage and really having the tools in place to be able to set your marriage on a solid foundation. So head on over there and take a listen. This is only going to be available for a...


#17: Finding a Strategic Mindset

Did you know that there’s a honeymoon period after a couple gets married that usually lasts one or two years? The honeymoon stage is so much fun and it’s easy to intentionally pursue our spouse when the butterflies are there. The problem is that the transition from infatuation to disconnection can happen so slowly we don’t even realize it. On today’s episode, we dive into why being intentional and keeping a strategic mentality is vital to a thriving marriage. By being intentional and...


#16: Combating the Enemy as a Team

You ready for a BIG truth? The enemy wants to destroy your marriage. As a united team, you pose a threat. Separately, you're less of a threat. His mission is to separate you and your spouse by enhancing feelings of shame, guilt, and pride. On today’s episode, we talk about how destructive the “DIY” mentality can be with marriage, and dive into HOW to keep your marriage strong, combating the enemy from an offensive position. Let’s do this. #16: Combating the Enemy as a Team Mentioned in This...


#15: We Answer Your Questions (#1)

This episode has some content that you may not want little inquiring minds to hear. Check out the questions below before listening with kiddos around! Today on the podcast we answer the questions that you guys wrote in for us. :) We’ll be doing Q&A podcasts every now and then, so if you have questions, please let us know so that we can start compiling for our next Q&A episode! Specifically, we'll answer the following questions: What is an appropriate response to wandering eyes? How do I...


#14: The Fear Trap

So, there we were in Idaho really frustrated with one another... We had been talking about moving out of California since we got married and dreaming specifically of Idaho for the last 6 months. We were finally in Idaho to check it out and we were finding that we weren’t on the same page. We were both scared and polarizing each other in the process. What if we couldn’t get on the same page? What if Idaho wasn’t the place we both wanted to move? What if we had to start the process ALL over...


#13: Making Disruptive Decisions (Tim Lundy)

Have you and your spouse ever made a decision that took you out of your comfort zone? Have you ever made a decision because you were following God’s leading? In today’s episode, we talk with Tim Lundy, senior pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA. He gets real about the disruptions that God has made in his life, the ones God may make in our lives and how to handle them as a united team in our marriages. It’s so important that we embrace God’s calling and don’t allow fear or...


#12: Money and Marriage (Shaunti Feldhahn)

Have you ever been really frustrated with your spouse about money? So many couples don’t talk about their money and see it as a taboo subject. Today on the podcast, Shaunti Feldhahn unwraps the why behind struggles around money in marriage. She gives us an exclusive look and dives into her latest research about how men and women operate differently. We talk with her about the importance of understanding one another, being trustworthy, and the meaning of oneness with our finances. We had so...


#11: Building a Christ-Centered Marriage

Any pastor will tell you that keeping Jesus at the center is the key to having a marriage that will stand the test of time. But why is that the case and what does that really look like? Today on the podcast we’ll dive into the reasons why having Jesus at the center is crucial to having a strong, intimate marriage and what that practically looks like. We had a great time recording this one and we are so excited for you to listen in! #11: Building a Christ-Centered Marriage Mentioned in This...


#10: Marriage Retreats: Breathing Life Into Your Marriage (Dr. Matt Turvey)

T oday, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Matt Turvey, director of Winshape Marriage. He talks about how marriage retreats help to jumpstart the healing process for a couple that's struggling. They can also be a great way for a couple that's doing well to be proactive and breathe new life into their marriage, providing a solid foundation to continue building on. He has great wisdom and believes that couples need to actively address the little things before they become big wedges. His...