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Tune in as Amy Hermon tackles the issues and challenges school librarians face everyday.

Tune in as Amy Hermon tackles the issues and challenges school librarians face everyday.
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Tune in as Amy Hermon tackles the issues and challenges school librarians face everyday.








Graphic Novels: Preaching to the Choir

Do you get pushback about your graphic novels? Does everyone support your students reading these books? Join me as we consider the misconceptions and winning rationale to promote graphic novels for all our students. I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at for the music you’ve heard today. Annie Ward: The Nutritional Value of Dessert Books ALA: Schools and Minor Rights 2019 ALSC’s Graphic Novel Reading List Graphic Novelizations in the ELA Classroom Newsmaker: Stan...


I've Learned I Still Have A Lot To Learn

How often do you feel like you are expected to be the expert only to realize just how much you actually don't know. Good news! School Librarians are expert search engines. I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at for the music you’ve heard today. Crain’s Detroit Business: WSU to roll out fast-track librarian certificate (February 19, 2019) FAQs for WSU’s Experimental School Library Media Specialist Certificate Program AL Magazine: The Badass Librarians of...


Book Bounty Hunter: The WORST Job Ever

How do you address lost and ruined books in your library? This is a challenge libraries have always faced. There are no easy answers and yet, our collections depend on loss prevention and recovery. Tune in and decide for yourself. The Guardian: Fine owed by George Washington NBC: Library Waives Fees for Sully’s Waterlogged Books Slate: Long Overdue Chicago Tribune Sept 2012: CPL closes book on amnesty Smithsonian: This Library System is Willing to Forgive Your Fine...Just this...


Learn. Grow. Lead.

Join me as I address our role in promoting diversity in our collections, strategies for obtaining funding and sharing out resources and interviews from #MACUL19 I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at for the music you’ve heard today. Lifelines with hosts Ann Braden and Saadia Faruki Book Riot: Presenting KidLit These Days 21 Books you Should Add to Your Library that Share Muslim Voices Rachel Mainero’s Innovative Learning Hub My presentation at MACUL RIP...


There’s a Substitute in Your Library. What could possibly go wrong?!?!?

Do you dread leaving your library even for 1 day? You aren't alone. Tune in and I'll share some nightmares - and some helpful tips for preparing for the day you too have a substitute in the library. KQ: Your PLN - Source of Inspiration or Thief of Joy School Librarians - A Reflection: Can we really be all things to everyone? The Book Wrangler: Wrangling up the best in Children’s Literature (promo code "free6SLU" for new users to receive 6 months free when you create a new...


Traveling Librarians: Both In And Out Of The Loop

Covering multiple libraries is becomming more and more common. Listen and learn about strategies for keeping organized and ready to teach whether you teach in 1 library or 4!!! I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at for the music you’ve heard today. Texas SLs left out of$5K raise to teachers Presentation on February 2019: Michigan School Libraries Chicago Tribune review: Lightning Thief The Musical 8 Things to Do To Stay Sane as a Traveling Teacher SLU Marquee -...


Dr. Seuss

Where does Dr. Seuss fit in our collection today? Join me as I wrestle with the contentious issue of racist and xenophobic art by a much loved children's author. I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at for the music you’ve heard today. Kindergarten: Story time: (“other stories” in The Sneeches” Too many Daves, What was I scared of? Tables: coloring "His real name was..." 1st Grade: Story time: (“other stories” in Yertle the Turtle) Gertrude McFuzz Tables: ...


Genius Hour

Have your teachers included Genius Hours, Passion Projects or 20% Time in their lessons? If so, this is your time to shine. Time to showcase your collection, research lessons, databases and collaboration skills! Kamala Harris reads to students Forbes: Kamala Harris's New Book Tour Is Seen as a Soft Launch of 2020 Campaign AP News: Kamala Harris plans a picture book version of her memoir Planet Money: The Indicator Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019 Backpack kid sues Fortnite for stealing his dance...


Self-Published Books

What do you do when you are handed a self-published book? How does your library include these books in your collection? Join me as I consider the process and implications that come with self-publication. Schoolcraft edcamp schedule matrix Vox: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark YouTuber Jimmy Champane’s Everything we know so far It’s Been a Minute’s Interview with Angie Thomas NYT’s Interview with Angie Thomas Washington Post: Madeleine L’Engle’s Rejections Joanna Penn’s Pros And...


Podcasts And You

Where do podcasts fit into your life? Join me as I share all the podcasts which help me do my job everyday. Podcasts offer us a perfect way to personalize our PD. Perhaps you'll find a new favorite. NYT: Endeavor, Always Looking to Grow Forbes: Changing Your Brain Do you consider Podcasting part of Social Media? Xerox commercial from the 1977 Superbowl Updated Xerox commercial 40 years later Podcasts on Literature: Books Between Podcast with host Corrina Allen The Children’s Book...


Give Them What They Want

How do you strike a balance in purchasing for your collection? What do you do to insure your students' choices are included and to what extent does crude humor find its way onto your shelves? Take a listen and decide for yourself. Colby Sharp’s newsletter and video Intellectual Freedom Blog: Librarians Beware: Self-Censorship The Booklist Reader: Whats’s with the Underwear in Picture Books? Children’s Book Review: 7 Underwear Books for Kids NYT: Beyond Battles, Boogers and Pranks


Self-Censorship Is Real

How often have you resorted to self-censorship in your collection, circulation and checkout procedures? Is it just cowardly or have we just decided that compromising is necessary? This episode will ask you to call into question many practices used in school libraries today. Wendy Rickman’s Study of Self-Censorship Phillip Nel’s Nine Kinds of Pie A Dirty Little Secret: Self-Censorship NYT’s Telling Trump’s Story to Children PW’s Children’s Choice Award Finalist Stirs Controversy


Celebrity Authors and Politics in Our Collection

What do you honestly think about celebrity authors' contribution to children's lit? Are children's books becoming more politicized? Will your collection benefit from Netflix's latest sensation Tidying Up? Tune in to find out. CNN: Netflix has people (serenely) bulldozing their closets, and thrift stores are riding the wave By AJ Willingham and Andrea Diaz (January 12, 2019) CBS: Interview with John Lithgow YouTube: Remarkable Farkle McBride with...


It Made My Day When...

Join me as we consider what makes our day and listen to one librarian's story of overcoming a complete loss to find joy in her job as a school librarian. My Google Slides: Libraries that move! Waiting For The Biblioburro by Monica Brown My Librarian is a Camel by Margriet Rurrs US News and World Report: Library Laundromat Program (Dec 25, 2018) Libraries without Borders NYT: 8 Delightful Tips for Living a Better Life in 2019 (Dec 22, 2018)


The Holidays In Your Library

Join me as I address how the Holidays impact our library program. While our libraries cannot escape the craziness and disruption of our routines, we can embrace the chaos and have some fun along the way. Happy New Year! Christmas Dance party


A Crisis In The Collection

Find out what happens when a publisher decides to stop publishing a popular title in my collection. ESPN: Stephen Curry makes shoes available to girls online after letter (11/29/2018) NYT’s November 1 article: My Deployment Was Not an “Adventure” NYT’s December 1 article: A Marine’s Reaction ...Prompts and Apology From the Publisher Capstone Connect Press Release: (11/5/2018)


Our Voldemort: Wikipedia

Join me as I address the contentious issue of Wikipedia and what role it has, if any in our students' research strategies. Forbes: Amazon donates $1 million NYT’s November 16 article: From Encyclopedia Collector to “Wikipedian-at-Large” MOMA’s Wikipedia Edit-a-thon ALA’s 2018 Spotlight: On Wikipedia Four questions with author, librarian, and Wikipedian Merrilee Proffitt Trump’s Wikipedia page on Thanksgiving Wikipedia: FAQ’s for Schools NYT’s November 1 article: My Deployment Was Not...


We are THE Lifelong Learners

Join me as I consider why school librarians exemplify what it means to be lifelong learners. I share feedback from a discussion board asking people from around the country to share their journey in becoming school librarians. Kelly Hincks: Knowledge Quest The Glass Half Full Khan Academy: Assimilation vs. Accommodation


Leveled Books: A Necessary Evil

Join me as I contemplate how school librarians address the issue of leveled books both in our own libraries and classroom libraries. How do we support our students who have learned to look for levels on the books they read and why we need to empower students to find books which they find both manageable and interesting. Research Like a Librarian Jim Bailey’s article (August 2018) for the Nerdy Book Club Fountas and Pinnell: A Note about Reading Levels SJL interview with F & P SJL:...


Got Assistants? Consider Yourself Lucky

Join me as I consider the use of parent and student volunteers as well as district employees as assistants in my libraries. Also in today's episode: Dwarsliggers and the Awful Library Book Ladies! 2011 Guardian article Flipbackbook website NYT: Tiny Books October 30, 2018 Awful Library Books with Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner