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A fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents that asks those curly questions. From banning lollies to trusting robots, and from colonising other planets to eating pets, Short & Curly covers it all.

A fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents that asks those curly questions. From banning lollies to trusting robots, and from colonising other planets to eating pets, Short & Curly covers it all.


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A fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents that asks those curly questions. From banning lollies to trusting robots, and from colonising other planets to eating pets, Short & Curly covers it all.




BITE — Who gets the biggest piece of cake?

If you make something delicious to eat, do you have to share it evenly with other people? You did all the work, so is it fair to have to share? Today's BITE: If you make a cake is it okay to have a bigger slice than everyone else?


BITE - Parents playing favourites

If parents give more attention to one of your siblings does that mean they're playing favourites? Is it okay to give you less attention than you RIGHTLY DESERVE??? Today's BITE: Is it okay for your parents to give more attention to your younger sibling? Thanks to Maddie for this excellent question.


BITE — You look funny

People get judged for how they dress, the way they do their hair and what kind of body they have. But what would life be like if we just ignored all our differences completely? Today's BITE: Would the world be a better place if everyone looked the same?


BITE — Girls’ teams and boys’ teams

Why are most sports trams girls only and boys only? Even when it's the same type of sport they are playing! Today's BITE: Should we get rid of separate boys and girls' sports teams? Thanks to Charlie for this excellent question.


BITE — Murdering murderers

If someone does something bad, is it just and fair to do that same thing back to them? Today's BITE: Is it wrong to murder a murderer? Thanks to Maddison for this excellent question.


Molly's PICK — Would you donate your kidney to a stranger?

Molly went on a deep dive into the Short & Curly archive to find you one of her fave episodes. It's all about whether you should donate a kidney to a family member or friend if they needed one.


Carl's PICK — Should we kill feral cats?

We all know Carl loves cats, but today he has an important feline update, as well as bringing you one of his favourite episodes from the archives. It's all about whether it's okay to take the lives of some animals, like feral cats, and protect others.


Matt's PICK — Who gets saved first in a fire?

Matt has chosen a high drama, life and death episode for you to listen to from our archives. Plus the gang got to dress up as firefighters for this show, so that made it even more fun. In this episode, we ask, if you were a firefighter and had to save people in a burning building, who would you help first?


Are some pranks just not okay?

Have you ever pranked your brother or sister by freezing their bowl of cereal and milk the night before and then serving them a solid, icy breakfast? Or have you replaced salt in the saltshaker with sugar? Or put big, heavy rocks in a friend's school bag when they're not looking? Pranks can be can hilarious and entertaining, but can it sometimes be just plain wrong and mean to prank someone? Brains Trust – Lyneham Primary School: Oliver, Lanna, Toby, Riley, Elly


Should you give money to homeless people?

Have you ever been asked for money by a homeless person? What happened? And do you think we have any responsibility to help strangers when they are in need?


Is Santa Claus a bad person?

Imagine if you were being watched every second of the day to make sure you behaved well. And then you got rewarded or punished depending on how you acted? In this episode, we take a long hard look at Santa Claus, because news flash, we are told he's watching you day and night.


Do athletes have to be role models too?

We admire our favourite sportspeople for their physical skills but do they have to be good people as well? Should we expect sportspeople to be role models on and off the field? Join superstar athletes Molly and Carl at the World Ping Pong championships.


Do horses want us to ride them?

For centuries humans have ridden horses. We've ridden them long distances, into wars, in big races and just for fun. We've developed a close relationship with horses. But has anyone asked a horse what it thinks about all this? Would a horse want us to ride it and how would we even know?


BITE — Selling unwanted presents

Ever opened a present and thought, “I will never use this”. So why not just sell it and buy something you do like? Today’s BITE: Is it okay to sell a present someone gave you? Thanks to Indi for this excellent question.


BITE — Pocket money

Do you get pocket money, and if so, do you have to do something to earn it? Today's BITE: Should I get pocket money for doing chores? Bites producer: Jake Morcom


BITE — Drinking beer

If beer has no alcohol in it, is it still really beer? Today’s BITE: Should kids be allowed to drink beer if it’s non-alcoholic? Thanks to Harry for this excellent question. Bites producer: Jake Morcom


BITE — You can’t watch that

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show that was meant to be for adults only? Do you wish you hadn’t seen it, or are the rules about what kids can and can’t watch unfair? Today’s BITE: Is it okay to read books or watch movies that people say are too old for you?


BITE — Is love good?

Love is always good, right? Because love itself is good isn’t it? Well, isn’t it?? Today’s BITE: Is love always ethical? Thanks to Elizabeth for this excellent question.


PRESENTS — Brains On

Short & Curly wants you to know all about a cool American science podcast called, Brains On. Each episode is about a different topic and the one we have chosen for you is close to our hearts (or at least, our hands). It's all about smartphones.


The ethics of smartphones

When Molly got her first smartphone, she was so excited she couldn’t stop staring at her screen and she walked into a power pole. Carl is not so convinced by this flashy and very useful technology. Brains Trust: Guardian Angels Primary School in Queensland — Cienna, Daniel, Ellena, Eva, Kaizin and Laetitia.