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Two single mothers navigate the world and all its challenges from parenting, dating and current events; these two talk about it all.

Two single mothers navigate the world and all its challenges from parenting, dating and current events; these two talk about it all.


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Two single mothers navigate the world and all its challenges from parenting, dating and current events; these two talk about it all.






The Woes of Midlife Dating

Adrienne and Nicole discuss the woes of dating when you're middle-aged and settled. The ladies discuss how dating is going for them and what it would be like in a perfect world.


A Loved One Died: Now What?

Adrienne and Nicole discuss childhood grief. Adrienne delves into her role as a mother as both of her children experiences losing a loved one while still in grade school. The ladies offer insight into dealing with childhood grief and moving forward as a support system for our children and ourselves. Reference material:


Wild Radiant Love with Rebecca Kay

This week, Nicole and Adrienne talk to the ever radiant Rebecca Kay. We hear her story and why she. became a certified coach to help women ditch the toxicity in their lives. Bio: Rebecca Kay is a certified women's empowerment coach who believes everyone can learn the tools to feel and integrate the complicated emotions that come after a string of toxic relationships and create authentic lives they love full of courage, compassion, and curiosity. Find her: (IG)


Love Letters to Our Parents

This episode, Nicole shares her letter to her father who died the same year she married her daughter's father. The letter is a response to a HerStory writing prompt. She chose to share this letter with our listeners to express how writing can promote self-healing and become a part of a self-care routine. Many of us have troubled relationships with our parents, but. we can never find. the words to express this to them. Journaling can offer us a place to express those feelings.


A Conversation with Jordyn Foley

This week we welcome Jordyn Foley. Jordyn manager just happens to be her single mother who Jordyn calls her biggest fan. Listen in as we hear Jordyn discuss her career, her momager and the effects of cyberbullying after appearing on the X-Factor. Bio: Jordyn has performed extensively throughout the Bay Area and Southern California. At age 12, Jordyn competed on the television show the "X-Factor", and holds the title of the youngest contestant in the show's history. Performing in various...


HerStory: The Parent's Guide To Money: Money Lessons Our Parents Never Taught Us

In this episode, Nicole interviews Dr. Evelyn Tolliver about her first book The Parents Guide to Money: Money Lessons Our Parents Never Taught Us. This book is perfect for the parent looking to give their child a foundation about money, savings, and earning money! Click to purchase the book! Bio: Dr. Evelyn Tolliver previously worked in the banking industry, first in the credit division and then in personal finance, which is where she learned the principles of money, credit, and...


Princess Problems

Are princess stories harmful to our daughters? Is there anything to be learned by watching a Disney princess? Can princess stories cause histrionic disorder? Why do some professionals believe these movies are detrimental to our girls, but not our boys? What should our children watch instead? Adrienne and Nicole discuss their views on princesses and their perceived roles as parents who allow their children to indulge in princess movies and...


To Catch A Catfish

Have you been catfished? If you haven't, you're one of the fortunate ones unscathed by this "dating" trend. This week Nicole and Adrienne share their experiences with catfish and offer simple solutions to protect yourself from being the catfish's victim. Ways Catfish reveal themselves: Using other people's pictures Manner of speaking Too close too soon Having no way to take a picture or video chat References:...


Is Kirk Franklin Canceled: Conflict with Our Children

Recently, gospel megastar Kirk Franklin's private conversation with his estranged son went very public. The story wasn't leaked by a traditional "news" source. In fact, his estranged son posted audio of the conversation to Instagram. In this episode, Adrienne and Nicole talk about how this moment in parenting relates to their own experiences, ponder a child's motivation to make a story like this public, and how to change these episodes in our own life. Because when it really boils down to...


Power of the Single Mother

This episode is a CELEBRATION of single motherhood. Our awesome listener, Amber, inspired this episode. We are truly grateful to all that participated in our contest. In this episode, we discuss Amber's letter to us about her mother. We welcome Krystina and Isisah for their first and hopefully not the last appearance on our podcast. We want single mothers everywhere to shake the manufactured stigma of single motherhood and just rock it! You are smart, powerful, and fabulous! Music: U...



When the Morning Gathers the Rainbow is the story of a young woman embarking on a new journey. She finds herself challenged by personal change while balancing work and love. About the Author: Patricia Martin is a New Jersey-born, Los Angeles-based freelance and creative writer and founder of The Glam Femme blog. Patricia enjoys writing LGBTQIA+, POC-focused contemporary fiction that subverts cultural norms and thoughtfully...


HerStory: Black Women Mental Health & PCOS

HerStory is proud to present this inspirational presentation about mental health and PCOS. Nikki provides us with strategies to combat stress and talks about how self-care is not selfish. About Nikki Valentine: Transformation Coach, Author.📿 @thestyleshaman Creating tools for women of color to heal, elevate & slay. ✨ Mental Health & Wellness Ambassador for @Spotify NYC Self-love enthusiast. Master Manifestor. Authenticity addict. 💕


Kids on the Pandemic

Due to a recent report on children's mental health, Nicole interviews children aged 7-16 about their perspective on the world changes due to the pandemic. These children have a lot to say about their feeling, politics and school. It's a special episode with insight into just how much our children know about the world around them. We invite you to take a few minutes to check in with your children. Ask them a few probing questions to talk about the pandemic.


Dating During a Pandemic

Did the pandemic make you rethink dating? Did it make you come up with new rules for dating? Did you give up on dating? Listen in as Nicole and Adrienne discuss dating during a pandemic and their personal experiences. It's a lot more complicated than even they expected. Music: Wine it Up, Fada Turg


We Need A Resolution

Ever thought that we need a resolution to resolutions? Wondered how the ancient’s celebrated the New Year? Did the ancient Egyptians even know when the New Year started? In this episode, we explore the evolution of the Resolution and whether it’s time to ditch 4,000 years of...


Beat the Blah

The holidays are supposed to be about love and joy, but often we find ourselves a bit down in the mouth. Maybe it's the weather and shorter days, but how do we recapture the joy we had as children. In this episode, we discuss recapturing our joy while acknowledging that this time of year can be difficult. We discuss strategies to avoid holiday blahs and looking forward to the celebration. We would love for you to join us on Instagram where we explore the 5 senses of joy every Friday! IG:...


Reinventing Your Career

Your career may seem uncertain right now, but you don't have to be. Are you ready to make a change in your career? Have you thought about what to do next? This week, the moms talk about career changes, being flexible, and flowing with change. We may not have seen it before, but has the pandemic given us a chance to reinvent our careers? 7 Reason It's Time to Change Jobs During Coronavirus Reinventing Your Career in the Time of Coronavirus


HerStory: An Ode to My Grandfather by Michelle Lopez

A personal essay that explores the love and relationship of a granddaughter and her grandfather. About the Author: Michelle Lopez Trilingual, Afrolatina. A writer, a creative. An Oakland, California native. With A B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, I am continuously inspired by my community, my environment, my cultures, my language and the world around me. IG: curlsandwords_


Digital Life: Addiction

The moms talk about what they learned from the Tween Takeover! The discussion takes a dive into why social media can be an addiction, how it affects our mental health, alters our children's behavior, and exercises control over some of our actions. We offer strategies to combat social media addiction. This episode aimed to gain a perspective on social media use. Social media does have a place in our lives. We must define that place. **Spoiler Alert*** The Social Dilemma content in this...


HerStory: Who are you when no one is looking

Alicia Cañas of the Raw Tea narrates her poetry about self-awareness and the relationship to the natural world around us. It is beautiful and raw. You can find out more about Alicia by visiting our website or heading over to her IG @aliciafcanas