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Steph's Two Girls - Steph Curtis

Today I get to talk to Steph from the blog Steph's Two Girls. In case you couldn't guess, Steph is the mum of two daughters, and she shares with me her autism story about her youngest daughter Sasha who is autistic. Sasha's diagnosis is a little bit different as she is diagnosed with a distinct profile of autism called Pathological Demand Avoidance or PDA. I knew nothing about PDA until I found Steph's blog a couple of years ago, so it was great to get to talk to her, learn some more about...


Autistic Not Weird - Chris Bonnello

A few years ago when I stumbled upon the world of autism and social media, one of the first blogs I read by an autistic adult was a blog called Autistic Not Weird written by Chris Bonnello. Since then I've got to know Chris a little bit and was really excited to talk to him on this episode and find out his story about autism. We get to talk about what life was like for Chris in his younger years, knowing he was different but not having a diagnosis. How his life changed once he received his...


Purple Ella

In each episode I get to speak to a parent of a child with autism, an autistic adult, or somebody who works with the autism community, today I get to speak to somebody who ticks all 3 boxes! Ella, of the blog Purple Ella, someone who I met a couple of years ago, shortly after her own diagnosis. We talk about what difference it's made to her life, meltdowns, anxiety, and the strategies she's put in place to help cope. How important routine is for her and her family, and how her autism...


Autism From A Dad's Eye View - Kevin O'Neill

Here's a chat with a very good friend of mine, Kevin O'Neill, from the Facebook page, Autism From A Dad's Eye View. Kevin is the dad to 3 children, and 2 of them are autistic. We get to talk about their diagnosis, how autism is so different for them both, schools, their love for their big sister, and regression. We also talk about being non-verbal, pro-Stim, and much much more


Charlie Beswick - Our Altered Life

Today's chat is with Charlie Beswick from the blog Our Altered Life. Charlie is the mum to twin boys, and one of them, Harry, has a dual diagnosis of Autism and Goldenhar Syndrome. So we find out more about what both diagnosis means, what life is like for Harry, and how Charlie is so passionate and dedicated about making the world a more accepting place for her son. A really fascinating insight into their lives


Dean Devonport - A Year In The Life Of Autism

Our first ever episode is a chat with Dean Devonport from the Facebook Page, A Year In The Life Of Autism. Dean is the dad to 3 children, and one of them is autistic. Three years ago Dean was also diagnosed with autism too. So we talk about parenting an autistic child, how life has changed since Dean's own diagnosis, how autism is different for him and his son, and much much more.


Trailer - What this podcast is about

A quick intro on what the Stories About Autism podcast is about, who I am, and why you should listen