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In this podcast, I share the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life. I ponder ideas while telling family stories, chat to my unschoolers, and share strewing resources. Please join me!

In this podcast, I share the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life. I ponder ideas while telling family stories, chat to my unschoolers, and share strewing resources. Please join me!
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In this podcast, I share the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life. I ponder ideas while telling family stories, chat to my unschoolers, and share strewing resources. Please join me!




129: Unschoolers Earning Money, Following Passions

In this week’s episode, I’m talking about: How my daughters are earning money while they continue to pursue their passionsWhy it’s okay not to finish everything we startWhat I’ve been doing recentlyWhy I left InstagramWhy Gemma-Rose is painting the interior of our houseImogen’s first [...]


128: Hitting the Pause Button and The Colin Show

This week, Cricket is my unschooling guest podcaster. The Colin Show Cricket tells us about her familyShe shares their journey from school-at-home homeschooling to unschoolingCricket recorded her guest podcast with her son Colin’s help. Please visit Colin’s Youtube Channel, The Colin Show, and subscribe! Hitting the Pause Button [...]


127: Thankful and Facing Facts

This week, Venisa McAllister is my guest podcaster. Thankful Venisa is talking about: Her own educational and childhood experiencesHow her family moved from homeschooling to unschoolingHer children and how they have their individual learning stylesThe reasons she is thankful her family is unschooling


126: My Number One Unschooling Fan

This week, I’m chatting with my teenage daughter Sophie. We’re discussing lots of questions including: What extra content am I producing for my Patreon patrons? What has Imogen been doing instead of making music videos? Why have I asked my daughters Imogen and Sophie to be regular contributors to my blog? Why should we take an interest in our kids’ passions? Do I present my children [...]


125: Connecting Unschooling and Ageing

This week, I’m talking about ageing and unschooling. I share the reasons why I’m finding my ageing appearance difficult to accept. Maybe you are a lot younger than me. You could think this conversation isn’t relevant to you. However, this episode, despite first impressions, is about unschooling. If everyone lived an unschooling way of life, would the problems associated with ageing disappear? Does the world need unschooling? Show Notes Blog posts


124: Does Unschooling Work?

This week, I’m discussing the question Does Unschooling Work? The answer, of course, depends on what we mean by the word ‘work’. I’m also talking about: My fabulous Patreon patrons and the work I hope to do with their helpCamp NaNoWriMoHow kids learn new things when they have a needHow younger siblings think they are just as capable as their older siblingsHow s [...]


123: Epic Plans for My Podcast and Blog (and Other Things)

This week, I’m sharing my new BIG idea. I’m joining Patreon! I hope you will join me as I set out on this next chapter of my unschooling adventure. I’m also talking about: The need for us to take risksHow the world needs unschoolingInstagramHow we shouldn& [...]


122: My Unschooling Teenagers’ Typical Days

This week, I’m sharing my teenagers’ typical unschooling days. I’m discussing the following questions: Is there such a thing as a typical unschooling day? Can we have too many resources? Do our kids sometimes get overwhelmed by too many possibilities? Are documentaries and lifestyle TV series a good source of learning adventures? What TV series have Gemma-Rose and I been enjoying recently? Why did I initially reject this episode?


121: Kids, Needs, and Church

This week, I’m talking about: The importance of trying to see the world through our kids’ eyes How we’re not giving in to kids when we respond to their needs How we should respond to the needs of our kids even if it’s inconvenient or difficult How making kids feel welcome at church isn’t a matter of tolerating their crying during the service Should we force unschooled kids to go to church? Why this might be the w [...]


118: Dragon Mothers and Parenting Mistakes

This week, I’m talking about the times when we don’t like who we are and the way we’re parenting our kids. I answer the following questions: How did I get the nickname The Dragon Mother?How did I get on top of my quick-temper and become a more calm and patient mother?Am I now a perfect mother or do I still make mistakes?How did my first child cope with her inexperienced dragon mother? Was she irreversibly affected by my far-from-perfect parenting?Do [...]


117: Christian Unschooling and Other Things

This week, I’m talking about: Christmas in summerEvernote plannersMy blogging/podcasting plans for 2018Christian unschoolingMy faith storyBeing open-mindedDoing the impossibleLetting go of control


116: Why it’s Important to Allow Kids to Follow Their Passions and Interests

This week, I’m discussing the following questions: Does planning have any place in unschooling?Can we make attractive planners using Evernote?Will I continue my Evernote workshop series?How does balance fit into an unschooling life?Why is it very important that we let our kids follow their passions and interests?Is it okay to acknowledge our kids’ talents?


115: Learning During a Crisis

This week, I’m sharing and discussing two stories: Learning From Life and Homeschooling in a Crisis I’m talking about those times when we don’t need to strew because life is rich enough without any help from us. Maybe life is sometimes too rich. We might have a crisis to deal with that prevents us from getting involved with our kids’ learning. Should we worry if we can’t do all the things we normally do? And what about our homeschool records books? What will we write in them when we’re...


114: All About Strewing

This week, I’m sharing and chatting about two strewing stories: Time for Some Strewing What to Do When Strewing is Rejected I discuss the following questions: What is strewing?When do we need to do it?How [...]


113: How Do We Encourage Our Kids to Be Independent Learners?

Have you heard I’m writing an unschooling book? I’ve been working on it for a very long time but, finally, I’m making progress. While I’m writing and editing, I’m publishing a series of short podcasts, each one based on a blog post from my archive. This week, I’m sharing and discussing the story Independent Learners, Toast and Heavy Washing Baskets. Show Notes Leonie’s blog: Living Without School


112: Why I’m Not a Good Homeschooling Teacher

This week, I’m sharing and discussing another blog story, Why I’m Not a Good Homeschooling Teacher: Will unschooled children really be prepared for tertiary education (if that’s their goal)?What role do I play in the education of my older teen unschoolers?How do I record all their learning activities for homeschool registration purposes? Thank you f [...]


111: Critics, Unschooling, and Independent Learners

This week, I’m talking about: A new podcast seriesA blog post seriesMy unschooling book-in-progress I’m also sharing an unschooling story: Nurturing Independent Learners and chatting about it. Thank you for listening to this episode. If you enjoy my podcast, please consider writing a review and sharing the link so we can spread the word about unschooling! [...]


110: An Interview with a Teenage Radical Unschooler

Last week, I was chatting about radical unschooling. This week, I’m interviewing Sophie (16) who is a radical unschooler. If you’re unsure about this way of life, perhaps our conversation will reassure you that radical unschoolers aren’t wild and irresponsible! This is a very lively interview. I hope you enjoy it! In this episode, Sophie and I are chatting about: her unschooling weekher part-time jobher passions and interests and where she hopes they will lead


109: Why You Should Consider Radical Unschooling

This week, I’m discussing radical unschooling. Do you unschool but don’t like the sound of radically unschooling? Maybe you’re convinced you’ll never do it? If so, I hope to change your mind! I’m pondering lots of questions including: How did we end up becoming radical unschoolers (when I said we’d never do this)?


108: How Kids (and Adults) Learn

This week, I’m telling some stories and chatting about how kids and adults learn: What is the best motivation for learning?Why do we persist using teaching methods that we know aren’t working? Why do we waste our time?Would more people unschool if there was no such thing as homeschool registration?What bad habits have adults learnt that get in the way of learning?Do other people’s [...]