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Podcast about all things parenting for parents of kid ages 8-18 years.

Podcast about all things parenting for parents of kid ages 8-18 years.
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Podcast about all things parenting for parents of kid ages 8-18 years.






What you need to know about Vaping and Juuling

It is odorless (or may smell like a scented candle), colorless and the device may look like a USB drive! Naturally it goes undetected when our middle schoolers use it in the school hallways! We are talking about Vaping here aka using electronic cigarettes. Yes, our middle schoolers are using it in our own county! We listened in disbelief when Lauren told us how easily available and how dangerous Vaping can be! Have a listen about a topic we know very little about!


Why Social Media makes modern parenting so hard

We are the first generation of parents who face a unique parenting challenge of monitoring and mentoring our children’s social media space. While we breed a generation of digital natives .. we find ourselves falling short, not only in keeping up with the latest available in the social media space but also grappling with how to, best educate and mentor our children. Have a listen as four moms discuss and learn from each other about parenting the social media space. Our amazing mom guests for...


Does bodyshaming begin at home?

A very sensitive topic for most of us. It was interesting and disheartening to discover how each one of us on the show has experienced it. Sometimes as a child, sometimes in their youth and how that has shaped us as parents! Even though body shaming is synonymous with fat shaming there are so many other physical attributes like skin color, height, hair texture... that are judged by society at large! Is there a positive way to deal with body image? What other influences exist outside home-...


The professional take on helicopter parenting

Welcome to the Straight Up parenting podcast “From the experts desk” episode. Our topic today is relevant to most of us parents. Are you a helicopter parent? How do you draw the line between being an involved parent versus being a helicopter parent. Today, we are getting the perspective of our experts. We meet, discuss and understand from those that work with our kids closely. Our school counselors, who give us their professional take on helicopter parenting and why it is so detrimental for...


Are you a helicopter parent?

Join us on our first "Off The Cuff" episode for a fun and a casual chat … where 3 moms find out on which side of the parenting spectrum they fall on? Whether requesting for a particular teacher… or tying your 8 yr old’s shoelace make you a helicopter parent.. Find out this and more as we talk with our guest, Preity Bhagia. Preity was born and raised in Delhi, worked in Dubai and has now made a home in Houston, where she lives with her husband and two children. She earned a degree in...


The Who’s and the Why’s

Tune into our Introduction episode to hear more about us, the show, our vision and more information about future episodes.