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A podcast about keeping up a home, raising children, and other manly stuff.

A podcast about keeping up a home, raising children, and other manly stuff.


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A podcast about keeping up a home, raising children, and other manly stuff.






Scarier Things! Haunted Garages and Candy Fails

Halloween is here and we chat all things spooky. We review some of the best and worst treats ever made, and Baker shares a trick for keeping your jack-o-lantern from decaying before the big day.


Feelin’ Minnesota w/ Chris Brandenburg, VP of the National At Home Dad Network

We’re back from Minneapolis and we’ve had a minute to process our experience at HomeDadCon. To help with our recap we reached out to Chris Brandenburg, current VP of the National At-Home Dad Network and Chairperson for the HomeDadCon event. We discuss this year’s Con and the overall mission of the Network, address the dangers...


Live HomeDadCon Recap!

We lugged our podcasting gear halfway across the country, and we only managed to do one episode! Well, we were just having too much fun hanging out with fellow SAHDs and enjoying some of the local color here in Minneapolis. This here is a quick recap of the goodness of HDC24 with The Kyles. In...


We’re Packing Our Bags … Next Stop HomeDadCon!

We threw some clean underwear in a bag, along with a bunch of podcast gear, and booked a bitchin’ minivan rental. We are ready for HomeDadCon! Can’t wait to meet everyone we’ve connected with online and hear from the panel of amazing presenters scheduled to appear. AND go to Elko Speedway for some dirt track...


Our Happy Divorce w/ Ben Heldfond

How many happy divorces do you know about? We’re guessing not a lot. When our guest Ben Heldfond and his wife called it quits they wanted to buck the trend but there weren’t a lot of positive examples out there to follow. So, once Ben and his ex Nikki figured things out they decided to...


Dads Saved The Human Race! w/ Dr. Anna Machin

We’re back from a quick summer break with evolutionary anthropologist Dr. Anna Machin who explains exactly how fathers saved the human race. No, seriously folks! Our wide-ranging conversation is a must for all parents, especially dads who don’t always get the parenting props they deserve. Discover how mom-as-nurturer and dad-as-hunter/gatherer is a Western construct without...


The Full-Time Dad Show w/ Kyle Thompson

Soooo we may have to change the name of the show now that we’ve decided that “Full-Time Dad” is an awesome way to describe what we do. Or not. In any case, on today’s show we are back #InTheTrenches with Kyle Thompson a fellow Minnesotan who has a mohawk, is into short track racing, and...


Got Those Summer Camp Blues

Schoooool’s out for the summer! And that means it’s time for the kids to head to summer camp … or is it? Adam is feeling a little guilty that he’s dropping the kids at camp (and paying for it) when they could totally stay at home with him. He got some great feedback from fellow...


After Hours: Backpacking the John Muir Trail w/ Matt Osborn (Photo Gallery)

It’s our first official After Hours show! (No, we’re not counting most of Season 1…) Tonight, we sit down with our good buddy Matt Osborn and a bottle of The Ocho. Matt hiked the entire John Muir Trail with nothing but the pack on his back, a song in his heart, and presumably some bear...


Leave Me Alone, It’s Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us and today we sit down to discuss how best to celebrate Dad. Coffee and donuts in bed? Yes please. Chilling in a lawn chair on the beach? Absolutely. A big cup of shut the hell up? Hmmm … questionable. Find out what Adam’s perfect day looks like—down to the minute....


Rockstar Turned Author Don Miggs on How You Can Never Fully Prepare For Baby

Don Miggs is about as multi-talented as they come, and we’re excited to sit down with him to discuss his new book “Dads Know Best” ( which is a no bull, no punches pulled welcome to parenthood written along with his friend and bandmate John Luzzi. Miggs has so many nuggets of GREAT advice, all...


How to Build a SAHD Community w/ Brock Lusch

Today’s guest is a board member at the National At-Home Dad Network, ringleader of the Cincinnati Dads Group, host of a Fathers Eve celebration, and creator of the Nomadad Podcast ( Does he even have time to be a dad?? Kidding aside, we love Brock’s commitment to community building and he shares with us the...


Short Order Dad w/ Rob Rosenthal

Is mealtime with your kids a full-contact sport? Drop in for some coaching from Rob Rosenthal, author of the book Short Order Dad: One Guy’s Guide to Making Food Fun and Hassle Free and host of the All You Can Eat podcast. Before becoming a dad, Rob earned a professional cooking degree and he shares...


My Lyft Dryver w/ Kyle Hertler

If you’ve ever thought, “I’m pretty drunk but my Lyft driver can’t tell,” well you are wrong, buster. We know that now because our guest Kyle is a Lyft driver and he can TOTALLY tell. Adam caught a ride with him recently and, wouldn’t you know it, they figured out they were both SAHDs! So,...


Road Trip! Boise, Bad Batteries, and Buyer’s Remorse

As Baker always says: “Never the same road twice!” Adam “Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone” Gershon decided he needed an RV upgrade, and found his dream coach in Boise, Idaho (pronounced BOY-see). So they hopped on a plane and drove it all the way home. Immediately the RV is beset with electrical gremlins testing their...


Stuck at Home Dad w/ Jason Kennedy

Most of us get nine months to prepare for our first child. What if you only had three hours??! Our guest Jason Daley Kennedy ( shares his incredible experiences with foster care and adoption, and all we can say is OMG. Along with his husband, their story is jaw-dropping, heart-wrenching, and ultimately inspiring. Don’t miss...


Surviving Spring Break

The boys are back from Spring Break! It’s just Adam and Baker today rapping about their recent getaways, as well as the best place to clip your toenails, the best way to cook bacon, and the best place to die while taking a selfie. There’s a little something for everyone in this episode so sit...


My Wife is a Secret Agent w/ Patrick LaPage

Another show, another story from deep #InTheTrenches! This week we get a peek into the life of full-time SAHD Patrick LaPage who is raising an 11mo baby girl somewhere in Tennessee. We don’t know exactly where in Tennessee and Patrick can’t tell us because his wife is ACTUALLY a secret government agent. Uh oh—hopefully we...


How To Play “Doctor” w/ author Bonnie J. Rough

Have you had THE TALK yet? Whether you have or not, you must listen to this episode because it just might challenge everything you believe about sex ed. Our guest is Bonnie J. Rough whose most recent book is Beyond Birds & Bees: Bringing Home a New Message to Our Kids About Sex, Love, and...


It’s Not the Size of the Anvil, Man w/ Danny Mercer

As this interview wrapped up, Baker exclaimed, “You are like the Jedi of Stay at Home Dads!” Take a listen and see why Baker went on to say our guest Danny Mercer is “a wealth of knowledge, and confidence, and owning it—it’s really inspiring!” Danny joins us from Georgia where he manages a household of...