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Camp Dad with Adam & Baker

Summer is here and Camp Dad is in full swing. Adam takes us through his epic RV trip and how the boys fared that trek. We read listener e-mails and address some of the questions they face about parenting and handling being a stay at home dad. And we hit on the importance of games...


Oh Ya, It’s The Tequila Talkin’ w/ Kent Rees

The hysterical Kent Rees, fellow Minnesota homie, brings a bottle to the session resulting in the first episode done under the influence of tequila. This high octane show veers off on strange and fascinating tangents including, but not limited to: Prince’s ashes, Minnesota nice, child barfers, “Operation Don’t Raise A Douchebag”, Organ Trail, TV marketing,...


Allowance Regimes w/ Chris Nowak

One episode wasn’t enough to bring you all Chris Nowak had to offer. In the second half of our conversation, we discuss the best ways to give kids money (and to take it back from them); Chris makes a really, really good argument for letting your kids play football; and Adam and Chris relive the...


Can You Poach A Sitter?

This week on the AHDS we’re talkin’ Date Night. Find out which one of us is dropping the ball and whether it really matters or not (according to the statistics!). Plus, the politics of sharing babysitters, nabbing the early bird special, and grocery shopping on a date. We also talk near-death experiences like the time we almost...


Nutrition w/ Dietician Amy Schnabel

The Dads sit down with Amy Schnabel, a clinical dietitian with 18 years of experience and two young kids of her own. It’s a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation about all things food and health. Amy shares her genius strategy for getting kids to eat vegetables at every meal. She warns us about “food like substances.” We...


Episode 12: The Wives Join Us!

Our wives Jenny and Gemma join us to make this a must listen to podcast… ‘Nuff said!


Episode 11: Parent Coaching w/ Rakhee Alston, LMFT

Rakhee Alston, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, joins the AHDS to discuss our burning questions about kids and parenting. We covered a ton, including: how to better connect with your kids in just five minutes a day; the negative impacts of social media; helping kids talk about trauma; and how to effectively re-phrase requests...


Episode 10: No sausage for you tonight!

Former SAHD Phil Dornfeld, a self-proclaimed hornets nest of anxiety, joins us this week for a hilarious in-depth chat about fatherhood, our different parenting styles and accidentally calling your wife “mom”. LINKS: Babywise Mardi Gras Spring Break Wonder Weeks Article about the novel Plus One


Episode 9: The Paris Special: I only shower in America!

Everyone's going to Paris! Coincidentally, both Adam and Baker took Spring Break trips to Paris, so here's an episode all about the City of Lights. Hear each family's highlights, hard-earned tips for traveling abroad with kids and how to avoid food poisoning. We discuss strategies for coping with the time change, getting around the city efficiently, hitting all the hot spots without overextending the kids and getting them to eat in a foreign country. And we share a never-before-heard...


Episode 8: Mom, can you buy me condoms?

Adam and Baker sit down in the Man Cave with John Mueller, a fellow stay at home dad and part-time ukelele player. The guys discuss a whole mess of acronyms including ADHD, MIDI, BOSS ES-8, and of course being a SAHD. John's son is in middle school, so he preps us for some of the exciting things we have to look forward to (e.g. the title of this episode). It's a wide-ranging conversation covering the light (metal guitar and 12-hour xBox binges) and the heavy (learning challenges and...


Episode 7: Daddy needs a break.

This week Baker reveals some very personal news. We talk about nutrition, diets and “Imposter Syndrome”. And the SAHD is making a presence in movies an television like never before. New Girl The Incredibles The Incredibles trailer Blockers This Is Us


Episode 6: I've fallen and I can't get up.

Ryan Raddatz joins the pod to discuss raising compassionate kids, our recent lame injuries, Miata racing, the virtues of a programmable coffee maker and the importance of emergency supply kits. Time article “How to Raise a Sweet Son in an Era of Angry Men” Sploder Topo Designs CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Blue Can Emergency Water


Episode 5: Do you play well with others?

Guest Mason Thune, a full-time stay at home dad, joins the conversation this week as we discuss our kids' involvement in sports - how many and what types work well for them? We also talk about our involvement as parent coaches and the ridiculous size of participation trophies. The Gershon kids get insulted with kiddie water cups at restaurants and the solution "You don't get the grown up cup until you order off the grown up menu" is born. Baker talks about his family motto "just show up"...


Episode 4: I'm A Work Dad with James Pratt

This week we welcome in our first guest, voice over professional James Pratt. James stuns us at the end of the episode with a profound realization all stay at home dads should hear. We also playa fun trivia game and settle the long running debate on whether toilet paper should roll from the front or the back. This is, what we believe, is our best show to date! Check out the wildly talented James Pratt's work here. Link to the story about Indian fathers choosing to "show up" for their...


Episode 3: The Pitfalls of House Husbandry

Today the dads look into some of the pitfalls of house husbandry and how difficult the transition from working dad to ad home dad can be. Adam hits on the guilt that can arise when working from home while Baker talks about the pain of unfolding folded clothes. We get into kids and YoutTube, Adam gets a New York dog named Dani California, and Baker explains why you should never trust a fart. The book Make Your Bed By Admiral William H. McRaven 00:00 - Intro 00:34 - Good Morning 00:51 -...


Episode 2: One-Ply Toilet Paper

Today we dive right into parenting advice and that all consuming question of screen time. We’ll explore our current kicks, those things we’re researching/obsessing about at the moment. We discuss what you can expect from the show going forward. Baker talks goulash and making the bed while Adam talks RVs and toilet paper. And as always we’ll probe the daily quandary that is… What the f*k’s for dinner!? 0:00 Intro 0:29 Hello 0:42 Do you make the bed? 2:28 Outline for the AHDS 2:58...


Episode 1: Living in Such Different Times

Welcome to The At Home Dad Show, a podcast about keeping up a home, raising children, and other manly stuff. Your hosts, Adam Gershon and Greg Baker, are married to wonderful women who also happen to have successful and demanding careers. Each family decided it made more sense for dad to take on a greater share of childrearing and household duties. This also means they have time during the day to record a podcast. In Episode 1, Adam & Baker address the benefits and pitfalls of being a...