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Letters to Young Black Men from Daniel Whyte III

Letters to Young Black Men from Daniel Whyte III
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Letters to Young Black Men from Daniel Whyte III




Be Persistent (The Brother’s Keeper #65)

More Even Mo’ Letters to Young Black Men Letter Thirteen: Be Persistent Dear Y.B.M., You might be talented. You might be educated. You might be well-trained. But, all of that means nothing if you aren’t persistent. Persistence is what sets apart people who accomplish things and who are consistently successful from people who don’t accomplish … Continue reading Be Persistent (The Brother’s Keeper #65) →


Be Generous (The Brother’s Keeper #64)

More Letter Twelve: Be Generous Dear Y.B.M., I hope that you are a generous person. If not, what are you waiting for? The dictionary says a generous person is one who shows a readiness to give more of something, such as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected. There are many benefits to … Continue reading Be Generous (The Brother’s Keeper #64) →


Be Authentic (The Brother’s Keeper #63)

More Dear Y.B.M., The people of your generation have come up with a term that embodies what this letter is all about — “keeping it 100,” which is synonymous with what we used to call “keeping it real.” A “real” person, a person who is “keeping it 100” is someone who is authentic. The words … Continue reading Be Authentic (The Brother’s Keeper #63) →


Be Passionate (The Brother’s Keeper #62)

More Dear Y.B.M., One of the saddest things that I see in the world today is people who have no passion in life. They meander through their existence being acted upon by others. They have no vigor and no vision of their own. If you ask them where they would like to be ten years … Continue reading Be Passionate (The Brother’s Keeper #62) →


Be Confident (The Brother’s Keeper #61)

More Dear Y.B.M., In this world, it is easy to feel as though you are inferior. It is easy to go through life with a lack of confidence weighing you down. It is easy to think that other people are better and that they have it all together. However, God wants you to be confident. … Continue reading Be Confident (The Brother’s Keeper #61) →


Be Honest (The Brother’s Keeper #60)

More Dear Y.B.M., One of the first marks of a young man who has good character is honesty. Because there are so many people who will be dishonest to keep a job, to get money, or to get out of a bad situation, the world wants, and desperately needs, honest men who will stand up … Continue reading Be Honest (The Brother’s Keeper #60) →


Be a Leader of Yourself First (The Brother’s Keeper #59)

More Dear Y.B.M., In my first series of letters, I strongly encouraged you to “think for yourself.” Today, as we begin this second section in Even Mo’ Letters to Young Black Men, “On Character & Leadership,” I want to strongly encourage you to be a leader but be a leader of yourself first. That terminology … Continue reading Be a Leader of Yourself First (The Brother’s Keeper #59) →


Satisfied (The Brother’s Keeper #58)

More Dear Y.B.M., The word satisfied means contented, pleased, or fulfilled. Most people are unsatisfied with their lives. According to Harris Polls, 67% of Americans are not happy with their existence. The song they sing is, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” They live unsatisfied and they die unsatisfied. In this letter, I will show you … Continue reading Satisfied (The Brother’s Keeper #58) →


It Won’t Be Easy (The Brother’s Keeper #57)

More Dear Y.B.M., Nothing worth having in life comes easy. That is something you need to get ahold of early. Just because your gift comes naturally to you, that does not mean you will not have to work hard in order for you to fulfill what God has called you to do. Take a look … Continue reading It Won’t Be Easy (The Brother’s Keeper #57) →