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Ep: 48 The Importance of the MilSpouse Story

Hey you MilSpouse! What's your story? Don't think yours is different or important. Well, you're wrong. We all have a unique and important story to tell about our lives as military spouses and military community members. Why? Because telling our personal stories helps to create change to make military life (or just life in general) better for all of us. On this episode, I talk to Anna Blanch Rabe, previous guest, advocate, writer, and attorney about why it's important for us to share our...


Ep: 47 PCS App for Military Families

PCS season is going to be here before you know it! Some have already gotten their orders for the summer rush. Now, two amazing MilSpouses have created a PCS app to help you keep you and your family organized. I talk to Moni Jefferson and Maria Reed about their new app My Ultimate PCS App. Moni Jefferson is a MilSpouse entreprenuer and owner and creator of Dog Tags and Heels LLC a PR company, the MilSpouse Creative a group devoted to MilSpouse entrepreneurs, MilCam Filter App, and MilEmojis....


Ep: 46 Pelvic Floor Exercise and Support for Military Moms

Have you ever heard: "You've had a baby! Your body will never be how it was before!" We all have, but you can actually heal your body back to normal or almost normal with the help of a system called MUTU. Developed to help heal Diastasis Recti and other pelvic floor issues. And Wendy the creator of MUTU along with MilSpouse and Mom, Ashley have created a special program of exercise and support just for military moms! Ashley Gammons is a seasoned Army wife, mom of three beautiful girls, and...


Ep: 45 A Transgender Military Family Part 2

Part two of A Transgender Military Family picks up where we left off in our discussion from last week. The Frams explain what they would like everyone to know about their family and other families with a transgender member. And since the last episode aired, the current administration is trying to further remove protections for transgender members in the military. It's now more important than ever to let your voice be heard and support other military families. Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Bree...


Ep: 44 A Transgender MilFamily Part 1

Military families come in all shapes and sizes. So in honor of Military Family Month (November), I'm bringing you a story of a wonderful family. There has been a lot of controversy over whether trans people should be allowed to serve in the military. In this episode, I want to show you a person behind the movement who is championing the cause to show everyone that trans families are just like the rest of us. Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Bree Fram, B, is an active duty astronautical engineer...


Ep: 43 Stay Connected During Deployment

Deployments are hard no matter what, but how can you lessen the reintegration time or at least make it easier? In this episode, I talk to Rachel McQuiston of the blog and care package shop Countdowns and Cupcakes. She gives some amazing tips for not only care packages, but also other ways to stay connected to your loved one while they are deployed. Rachel is a proud Navy wife, lover of all things orange, avid reader, dog mom, and care package maker. She blogs all about life as a military...


Ep: 42 Military Love Story

Military love stories are all unique and yet have lots of similarities. They can often have themes involved such as "life is about making sacrifices" or "it's important to serve your country." But every MilFamily has their own unique stories and experiences that remind all of us whether connected to the military or not, that we have more in common than separates us. On this episode, I talk to author Sara Stackpoole about her and her husband's own unique love story, and the book she has...


Ep: 41 Military Balls (aka Adult Proms)

It's Military Ball Season! Military Balls are full of tradition, formal attire, and etiquette. And it can be costly as a female spouse to be constantly update your wardrobe for all of the formal functions that go on through out the year. Well this amazing group of ladies at Operation: Deploy Your Dress came up with a way to share a dress swap with everyone in the military family. In this episode, I talk to Yvonne Coombes (one of the founders of ODYD) about military balls (aka adult...


010 Weekly Briefing 10/26/2018

On this week's briefing: I talked about... Hurricane Michael destroyed Tyndall AFB! Help if you can. Please donate to the American Red Cross or Air Force Enlisted Village. 100% of Tyndall Housing is unlivable, so our Air Force members need all the help they can get. Here's the crazy pants story about the pipe bombs being sent in the mail to current and former politicians from the Associated Press. Vote early or vote on Election Day Nov. 6th. Find out if you're registered at...


Ep: 40 Infant Loss & Infertility Stories Part 2

So many couples go through miscarriage and infant loss. It's unfortunately very common. This week I highlight two more MilSpouse stories of miscarriage and infant loss to continue the conversation on helping friends, families, neighbors, coworkers, or anyone you know that may be going through this difficult situation also. This week's stories feature Amanda Koch of My Well Balanced Life and Wendi Iacobello of Strength 4 Spouses. Amanda is a Pilates Master Trainer, Nutritional Therapy...


009 Weekly Briefing 10/19/2018

On this week's briefing: I talked about... Hurricane Michael destroyed Tyndall AFB! Help if you can. Please donate to the American Red Cross or Air Force Enlisted Village. 100% of Tyndall Housing is unlivable, so our Air Force members need all the help they can get. Vote early or vote on Election Day Nov. 6th. Find out if you're registered at Please click on the link to take a short listener survey to tell us what you think of the podcast and specifically what you think of the...


Ep: 39 Infant Loss & Infertility Stories Part 1

October is Infant Loss Awareness month. It's an issue that is definitely close to my heart since our family has had to deal with a miscarriage and infertility. Infant loss is a difficult issue to talk about. It's awkward. It's heart wrenching. It's hard to know if you are saying the right thing. But we need to, so we can make it better and easier for everyone. I hope I've done the topic justice. On this episode I talk to Heidi Starr about how she survived this season of her life. Heidi...


008 Weekly Briefing 10/12/2018

On this week's briefing: We talk about Overseas PCSing from Ep: 38 of Dear MilFamily. Lindsay Swoboda of Uplifting Anchor is giving away a free Overseas PCS printable when you sign up for her email list. Hurricane Michael destroyed Tyndall AFB! Help if you can. Here is the Facebook post I mentioned. Vote early or vote on Election Day Nov. 6th. Find out if you're registered at Please click on the link to take a short listener survey to tell us what...


Ep: 38 The Overseas Spouse

What's it like to spend your military life overseas? PCSing from one overseas installation to the next? Do you get homesick? How do you cope? In this episode, I talk to Lindsay Swoboda of the blog Uplifiting Anchor about her experience over her time as a military spouse and what it's like to PCS overseas (more than once in a row). Lindsay is a military spouse, mom, and writer. Her blog Uplifting Anchor encourages mothers and military spouses. As a former professional dancer you can find...


007 Weekly Briefing 10/05/2018

On this week's briefing: We talk about Special Duty Assignments from Ep: 37 of Dear MilFamily. Overseas Spouse Lindsay Swoboda will be on the next episode of DMF and she's giving away a free Overseas PCS printable when you sign up for her email list. From DMM: We talked about the Military Ball Look Book they just put out. The giveaway from MilSpouse Author & Photographer Jesse McDonald. Get her new book From Overwhelmed to In Control. Enter here. Augie the...


Ep: 37 Special Duty Assignment

Special Duty Assignment? That sounds like a terrible idea -says every MilSpouse out there. But seriously what is it and what does it mean for the military spouse and family? In this episode, I talk to Alicia Henderson, a Marine Corps Spouse and business owner, about her experience with her husband's special duty assignment and what that required of her. Alicia Henderson is the Empire Building Business and Online Marketing Strategist for Powerhouse Women Entrepreneurs. She helps...


006 Weekly Briefing 9/28/2018

On this week's briefing: We talk about Joy Liu’s tips I’ve been using since our interview, Military Influencer Conference (MIC) 2018, Daily Mom Military is holding a giveaway for workout shirts from Dedication Gear, and keep sharing the fundraiser for Childhood Cancer awareness month! Help DMM raise funds. Share the image on their facebook page or donate if you can! And DMM has a great article called The Real Mom's School Guide all about how you should take care of things like lunch,...


Ep: 36 The Military Family Budget

With the constant change in military lifestyle, sometimes it can be difficult to get a handle on your finances or even know where to begin when you first start out. In today's episode, I talk to Joy Liu about budgeting and how to get a handle on your finances while still getting to do things you enjoy. Joy Liu is a Certified Financial Trainer® at The Financial Gym. While her employers and clients are based in NYC, she works from her home office in North Carolina. She started her career in...


005 Weekly Briefing 09/21/2018

In this briefing, we talk about: Hurricane Florence and the flooding aftermath, Military Influencer Conference 2018, Facebook Live with Moni Jefferson & Maria Reed talking about My Ultimate PCS App, DMM Facebook live with Jenah Wieczorek of PCS Grades. Lots of other conferences to check out in the military world if you can: MilSpouse Fest (Norfolk, VA this week, JBLM for Career on the Move at the end of the month, as well as JSC in Hawaii, and then another career on the move conference in...


Ep: 35 BTS Part 3 Growth Mindset

This episode is the third and final in a series about Back-to-School time. In today's show, I talk to Zoie Hoffman of Hoffman Tutoring Group (name change occured after episode aired) all about growth mindset and how it can help your students this school year, but also how it can help them win at life! Zoie is a passionate educator, cat mom, bookworm, and proud Air Force spouse. As the owner and founder of Zoie Hoffman Tutoring, an online tutoring company that serves students in K-6th grade,...