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A podcast dedicated to families that travel. We'll cover gadgets, travel apps, Disney, Universal....everything that matters to family travel.

A podcast dedicated to families that travel. We'll cover gadgets, travel apps, Disney, Universal....everything that matters to family travel.
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A podcast dedicated to families that travel. We'll cover gadgets, travel apps, Disney, Universal....everything that matters to family travel.






Multi-Generational Travel Episode 9

So, what is multigenerational travel? Exactly like it sounds, it’s when three or more generations of family travel together. This kind of travel has been topping travel trends for quite a while now as it gives family members that are geographically separated the opportunity to reconnect. Additionally, these trips provide ways to celebrate milestones (birthdays, new members to the family, anniversaries, etc) and even trips to trace family history. The travel industry even has a category...


Galaxy's Edge and Disney Parks Attendance

In Episode 8, we look at some of the attendance issues at Disney Parks on both coasts and separate the business issues from the consumer experience at Galaxy's Edge. Danny interviews Joanna and Shane about their time on Batuu. Support the show


Las Vegas: Family Destination or not?

Rob and Danny take a look at Las Vegas and consider it as a family travel destination. Yes or no? There is a surprising amount of family activities in Sin City, but that is obviously not the only consideration. Can a city marketed for its excesses be a family destination? Listen and decide. Support the show


The Family Vacationer Episode 6 Let's Go RV'ing!

Hello everyone and welcome to show number six of the family vacation, on this episode we're talking about traveling by RV. We'll get you all the insight information, tips and tricks for a successful road trip and we'll interview the Williams family who take regular trips by RV with their two boys, ages 10 and five and still managed to maintain their sanity. That's all coming up on this episode of the family vacationer right now. I'm Rob and I'm Danny and welcome to the family vacation or if...


Halloween in Orlando

We talk to Paul Price about his experiences visiting Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando. Information on Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party HERE Information on HHR 29 HERE Pictures from both events, click HERE to be taken over to our Instagram page I would love to help you plan your next vacation! Please click HERE and let's get started planning your next vacation today! Halloween or otherwise. You...


Cabana Bay Mini Episode

Mini Episode-Review of a recent stay at Cabana Bay Resort at Universal Studios Orlando. Pictures are up @thefamilyvacationer on Instagram Support the show


Universal Studios/Interview with Lynette Granger

On a recent trip to Universal Studios, Rob interviewed Lynette Granger, a travel industry sales representative to talk about some of the exciting things happening at the resort. For more park information on Universal Studios Orlando, contact your local travel agent or click here Endless Summer resort information here Halloween Horror Nights information...


Mini Episode 1 D23 Expo Update on Disney Parks

A very quick update on some of the information released from the D23 Expo that relates directly to Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Lines. Support the show


Episode 1: Travel Gadgets and Apps

Danny and I are excited to talk travel with you! The whole purpose of this podcast is to present you with information on new and exciting ways to take on family travel. We also hope to tell some stories along the way from families just like yours. So, the show notes will not be a verbatim transcription of what’s in each episode. Instead, think of it as the Cliff’s Notes version of the podcast. Some of you may have to google that and that’s ok! =) We’re going to have a lot of fun in this...


Episode 2: Walt Disney World

So, Disney really is a huge subject. We will dive a little deeper on the different pieces to a Disney vacation at different times with this podcast, but now we’re focusing on the next two years. 2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and there are a ton of projects, big and small, going on around the resort. In this podcast, we hit major projects that are ongoing as the entertainment giant prepares for the anniversary celebration. We made light of the recent...


Episode 3: Richardsons go to New Zealand

On this episode, we're going to talk to Amy, Keith, and Azilee Richardson. The Richardson's just got back from a three-week vacation to beautiful New Zealand. Stick around and hear all about the "Land of the Long White Cloud". Fun Facts about New Zealand: rugby is the national sport. The clearest lake in the world is Nelson's blue lake with the visibility up to 80 meters deep. Wellington is the southernmost capital city in the world, and there are nine sheep per each person making it the...