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Clive, Nat and Liv present their own unique take on the world according to their own generations. Clive is a "Baby Boomer" who was a teenager in the late 1960s and early 1970s and Liv and Nat are "Millennials" so teenagers in the 21st Century. Each week they try to identify the differences and similarities of being a young adult now and in the past. Plus they introduce each other to the music of their youth and all the time in between.


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Clive, Nat and Liv present their own unique take on the world according to their own generations. Clive is a "Baby Boomer" who was a teenager in the late 1960s and early 1970s and Liv and Nat are "Millennials" so teenagers in the 21st Century. Each week they try to identify the differences and similarities of being a young adult now and in the past. Plus they introduce each other to the music of their youth and all the time in between.




The Generation Gap on Everyday Sexism

In this Podcast Clive and Anna consider the issues raised by the Everyday Sexism website set up by writer Laura Bates. Despite many changes in our society over the years there are still many instances of sexism in everyday life. In particular they discuss sexism at universities which is a concern for Anna who will be starting at university this year.


The Generation Gap on Eurovision 2022

Clive talks with his daughter Sarah about the Eurovision Song Contest and how all generations seem to enjoy it. Clive has watched it since the 1970s and Sarah since 2005. Both have listened to all 40 songs in this year’s Contest and have chosen the ones they like themselves and which they think are likely to do well or not. See if you agree with their views!


The Generation Gap on Paris

Anna has been offered a place at a university in Paris. In this Podcast she tells Clive about her recent trip to Paris to visit the university and the city and Clive shares some of his experiences of working there in the past.


The Generation Gap on Robots and AI

This time Clive and Anna talk about Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with specific examples of manufacturing, healthcare and driverless cars. How clever are such technologies and how much do we or should we trust them? The one thing we both definitely agree is that we can’t stop such developments!


The Generation Gap on Dating Apps

In this podcast Anna takes the lead in explaining to Clive about Dating Apps. Clive is sceptical about these and thinks the old fashioned ways of meeting people are still better. Plus once you have found someone online or offline how do you prepare for that first date?


Gen Z and Privacy

It is often suggested that Gen Z young people who have grown up with Social Media are not particularly concerned about their Privacy but maybe they just don’t realise how much about themselves they are giving away on the various platforms? In this PodCast Clive discusses with Gen Z Anna what she understands about Privacy on the Internet and if some of it it worries her.


The Generation Gap on Christmas Past

In anticipation of Christmas, Clive and Anna discuss how celebrations of the Big Day have changed since Clive was young. They talk about singing carols in church, Christmas trees, opening presents, Christmas songs, TV programmes, food and drink and some of the different traditions from other countries.


The Generation Gap – Being 18

Anna turned 18 earlier this year so she discusses with Clive some of the things that are different now she is officially an adult. They consider role models for 18 year olds and some of the things she can do and is looking forward to in future.


We were the winners!

Clive and his daughter Sarah reveal how they won the 2020 BBC Children in Need competition with prizes including having an online chat with Dr Who herself - Jodie Whittaker - and got to visit the real Tardis in Cardiff. Oh and also got to meet a Dalek!


The Generation Gap on Music Technology

Clive talks to local music technology student and club DJ Hannah about the development of music technology from vinyl records through CDs to downloads and streaming. Plus the development of pop and rock music into rap and electronic dance music enjoyed by Gen Z young people like Hannah.


The Generation Gap – Family History

In this podcast Clive discusses with Anna the delights of exploring your family history, which he thinks is mainly of interest to older people. They discuss church records and gravestones through to online records and DNA tests as ways of researching family histories.


The Generation Gap on Climate Change

Young people born in this century - Generation Z - are understandably concerned about the implications of Climate Change. Following the recent publication of the latest IPCC report on Climate Change Clive talks to Gen Z Anna about the implications for her and her generation and what she thinks they and everyone else should be doing about them.


The Generation Gap- The morality of zoos

Anna recently visited Bristol Zoo which made her think about the morality of keeping animals in zoos. In this podcast Clive discusses with her the pros and cons of zoos and whether animals of all types have feelings and emotions. If so are we are treating them appropriately?


The Generation Gap – Cars

Clive and Hannah discuss the future of cars. From 2030 - less than 9 years away - you will no longer be able to buy a new petrol or diesel car. So electric cars will be dominant but will everyone want to own their own car in future or will they be mainly rented or perhaps shared with neighbours? And, will we trust the future "autonomous" self driving cars we are promised to get us where we want to go in safely?


The Generation Gap – PodCasts and Radio

Do young people listen to radio or do they prefer PodCasts? That is the question Clive put to Anna who is perhaps unusual for her generation as she does listen to radio programmes but also to PodCasts.


The Generation Gap on Coffee

Anna has started working at an Independent coffee shop in St Albans and so is learning everything about coffee. She talks to Clive about the environmental issues surrounding the production of coffee, Fair Trade, the history of coffee shops (which go back 400 years!) and the differences between Independent coffee shops and the big international chains. So listen to find out everything you ever need to know about coffee!


EuroVision Song Contest 2021

As in previous years Clive gets together with fellow Eurovision fan - and Millennial - Amy to discuss the entries for this year's Song Contest being held in Rotterdam on 22 May. Having both listened to all of this year's 39 entries they feel qualified to rate them into ones they like and don't plus which ones they think will do well this year. And this year they even agree on that one song they think will be the big winner on the night!


How clever are dogs?

Clive and Honor discuss how clever dogs are with particular reference to Honor's dog Max as an example. Developers of Artificial Intelligence systems say that they have now reached a level equivalent to the intelligence of a two year old dog or perhaps a human toddler. But what does this actually mean? The discussion also takes in cats, gerbils and squirrels!


Holidays 2021

Clive talks to guest Millennial Hannah about her ideas of what a holiday is and shares some of his own holiday experiences from his childhood onwards. They discuss holidaying in the UK, which is likely to be the most probable option for most families this year, so including the delights of the A303 to Cornwall and he also tries to convince Hannah of the joys of camping holidays!


Low Season Travel

Honor is a local PodCaster and radio broadcaster who started her career at Radio Verulam while still at school. She tells Clive about her about her Low Season Travel PodCasts and her Morning Cuppa podcasts about new music. Honor also talks about her John O’Groats to Lands End charity cycle ride last Summer which raised over £50,000 in memory of her father.