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Melissa Wirt, business owner and #momboss of 5 on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood.

Melissa Wirt, business owner and #momboss of 5 on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood.


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Melissa Wirt, business owner and #momboss of 5 on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood.








Episode 73: Traveling with Kids

Lindi and Melissa talk about traveling with kids: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Listeners call in with their questions and different hacks for traveling. So, if you are thinking of traveling with kids, this is a must listen!


Episode 72: Picky Eaters & Family Dinners

Melissa and Lindi answer listeners’ questions on how to navigate meal time and picky eaters.


Episode 71: Finding Good Child Care Help!

Have you ever heard the saying “good help is hard to find?!” It can be – especially when it comes to finding someone to watch your kids. Lindi and Melissa talk about practical ways to find and keep good child care help.


Episode 70: How to Know You’re DONE

This episode is all about whether you are “done” (or not!) having kids! Listeners call in with questions that Melissa and Lindi answer and discuss candidly. They also share their own personal stories and how they knew they were done.


Episode 69: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Melissa and Lindi open up about sex and intimacy and answer listeners’ questions in a fun, informative way. It’s the conversation you wish you could have with your girlfriends! Some of the biggest takeaways: Be creative and communicate! (Hint: There is a lot of talk about sex, so you might want to listen without little ears around :P)


Episode 68: Pandemic Pregnancy Project

N’Jameh Russell- Camara, founder of the Pandemic Pregnancy Project, joins Melissa for this week’s podcast. N’Jameh set out to collect stories from people all across the country who experienced pregnancy and birth during the pandemic as a way to archive these historic experiences. Her hope is that in sharing these stories, it will create authentic connection, freedom, and celebration. Ways


Episode 67: Therapy Kinda Rocks

Lindi and Melissa chat through their journey into Therapy. How to find a therapist for you, how it can help regardless of your current health status, how to reach out and start, and other little nuggets from their personal experience.


Episode 66: The Well Adjusted Mama

Melissa and Lindi sit down with Dr. Jim Holland, a local Richmond area chiropractor, to discuss the entire cycle of conception, pregnancy, and post natal/breastfeeding with Chiropractic care. HOPE Perfect Prenatal Part 1 & Part 2


Episode 65: Temper Tantrums – Oops, They Did It Again!

Latched Mama is here for those mommas in the trenches, and often, being in the trenches means dealing with those dreaded temper tantrums. Melissa and Susan Townsend Holt (family life coach) talk about how to navigate big emotions and the different tools we can use as a family to help our kids.


Episode 64: Talking Pelvic Health

Melissa sits down with Meghan and Reihle, 2 amazing physical therapists, to talk all things pelvic health.


Episode 63: Sleep Training 101

Sleep Training is not for everyone*, but if you are at the point where you are saying I.JUST.NEED.SLEEP, then this episode might be exactly what you need! Melissa is joined by Certified Child Sleep Consultant Diana Flutie from Big Sky Lullaby to discuss healthy sleep habits, how sleep deprivation can impact maternal mental health, and debunk some common misconceptions about


Episode 62: Mom Brain

Melissa and Linda quote what “scientificy” people talk about as it relates to Mom Brain. They share some of their own Mom Brain stories and some stories from the Latched Mama Community.


Episode 61: Honoring Black Breastfeeding

In the honor of Black History month, Ebony Allen – Birth in Color RVA Doula, NurtureRVA Facilitator, and Homeschooling mom of 5 – joined the Latched Mama Podcast to bring attention, support, and awareness to the black breastfeeding community. Resources: Birth In Color RVA: Nurture RVA:


Episode 60: Loving Your Living Space

Melissa sits down with mother of two and professional interior designer Leah Walder. They discuss tips and tricks for designing a home that functions around your needs as a mother.


Episode 59: You Asked, We Answered – Part 2

Part two of You Asked, We Answered series: We sourced some questions from our Latched Mama Love Facebook Group, and Lindi and Melissa sit down to discuss. Some topics they discuss include: Our Nursing Journeys; Weaning Your Child; Working Moms; and Mom Brain. *Here’s your chance to be featured on the podcast!* Mom brain is real! Did you know that


Episode 58: You Asked, We Answered – Part 1

We sourced some questions from our Latched Mama Love Facebook Group, and Lindi and Melissa sit down to discuss. Some topics they discuss include: Making Mom Friends; Small Business Ownership; Mom Hacks; and Homeschooling PSA: Melissa talks about her foray in to TikTok Mom Hack – Emesis Bags


Episode 57: Covid Still Sucks

Melissa and Lindi have real talk around Covid and the effect it has had on mothers specifically, even two years into the pandemic. They acknowledge that Covid can be a very polarizing topic, but despite that, they felt like they needed to have an honest, raw conversation. At the end of the day, they want moms to feel seen, heard,


Episode 56: Building Boundaries

Building Boundaries Cat Dillingham, with a background in Education and a Masters in Counseling, joins Melissa and Lindi on the podcast to discuss the topic of boundaries. We see this topic brought up a lot in our Latched Mama Love Facebook group, and we wanted to provide resources for setting up appropriate boundaries. Setting Boundaries as Adults: Willingness to be


Episode 55: Health & Wellness

Melissa and Lindi are joined by Alison Opel, Burn Bootcamp personal trainer, to discuss health, wellness, and fitness. #babysteps


Episode 54: Surviving Motherhood

Melissa has three Latched Mama workers, Brittany, Caroline, and Carmen, sit down to talk about their parenting styles and some amazing mom hacks. #survivalwithasideofJesus #cancelChristmas #momhacksurvivalstory #pickyourbattles #misspaperplates #loweryourstandards