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What No One Tells You About Motherhood with Dr. Alexandra Sacks – Mamaste026

Today on The Mamaste Podcast we chat all things “matrescence” with Dr. Alexandra Sacks, co-author of What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions From Pregnancy to Motherhood Dr. Sacks is a Reproductive Psychiatrist affiliated with the Women’s Program at Columbia University and is well-known for popularizing the term “matrescence” in her powerful TED talk. So what is matrescence anyway? It’s the transition to motherhood that encompasses mind, body,...


Comparison in Motherhood – Mamaste025

Ryann and Jill take a little "coffee break" to discuss comparison in motherhood. Is comparison good thing? How can we use it grow? Should we compare ourselves to others? Who does it help? Listen now on your favorite podcast app or at This podcast episode is supported in part by Ryann Watkin, educator, writer and creative. Click on the link above to check out her website and get your FREE purpose planner at Sunrise by...


Parenting Safe Children with Feather Berkower – Mamaste024

Today on The Mamaste Podcast we chat with Feather Berkower, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Founder of Parenting Safe Children, and Childhood Sexual Assault Prevention Educator. Feather is on a mission to abolish childhood sexual abuse through normalizing conversation and educating her clients on the facts. This is such an important topic to cover and, yes, it can be uncomfortable to learn about. However, the information Feather presents will leave you feeling empowered to talk to your...


Looking Beyond Biases with Jasmine Byrd – Mamaste023

This week on the Mamaste Podcast we welcome Jasmine Byrd, Project Coordinator for NASA, and badass working-mama to four-year-old, Trey. We dive into Jasmine’s background, including her faith-centered foundation that has led her through every stage in her life and helped her create a family life rich in values while expecting the very best from people. She shares her experience transitioning from a predominantly white school to a historical black university, Hampton University. We also talk...


Never done growing – Mamaste22

Today on The Mamaste Podcast we talk about how to explain big ideas to your kids such vegetarianism, what to do for spring break when your partner is working and being with your kids where they are. We lament the fact that our kids are never done growing even when they hit a milestone such as dressing themself. Please join us for a fun and lighthearted conversation. Listen now on your favorite podcast app or at Check out our Instagram...


Coffee Break: How to become immune to judgment – MAMASTE21

Welcome to The Mamaste Podcasts's inaugural "coffee break" episode. A short 20 minutes or so version of just Ryann and Jill talking about one topic in-depth. This week are topic is judgment. We tackle how to express our opinions but still be open to others, how to become resilient to judgment and how letting go (insert Frozen song here) of judgment is part of self care and self love. We start the podcast with an excerpt from Rumi's poem “A Great Wagon,” “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and...


Discovering Self-Care and Purpose – MAMASTE20

Today on The Mamaste Podcast we welcome professional certified life coach and mama of three teenage boys, Krista Resnick. Krista helps women step into their power and coaches us to find that with some simple shifts we can step into our purpose. She walks us through the complexities of having kids while trying to find purpose in something—a job, a business, a hobby—outside of the home too, and suggests some simple changes to become a more mindful parent. Quotable Moments: “Purpose is the work...


One Foundation of a Mindful Family – MAMASTE019

Today on The Mamaste Podcast Jill and Ryann talk about the concept of deep listening, a component that’s vital for healthy relationships of all kinds. The practice of deep listening requires mirroring (repeating what the person’s saying in the way you’re hearing it), validating (telling them that you see how that makes sense), and empathizing (getting into their feelings about the situation). Plus, Jill catches a fly as we play catch up. Listen now on your favorite podcast app...


Building Community Through Education – MAMASTE18

This week on the Mamaste Podcast we got to chat with superstar community builder, teacher mama, and totally down to earth doctoral student, Sam Gati-Tisi. She shares her inspiration for becoming a teacher and talks about what keeps her going every day in the midst of challenges. Sam believes a strong educational foundation starts with community and strives to show her students that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Her kick-ass teaching style kinda makes us want to go back...


Growing Self Esteem – MAMASTE017

Today on the Mamaste Podcast Jill and Ryann explore ways to start building self-confidence in our kiddos and, of course, some of that starts with modeling. But one of the most simple ways to nourish our children’s positive view of themselves is by eliminating a few key phrases instead being completely present with them as they’re playing. On Today’s Episode You’ll Learn About: Alternatives to saying phrases like “Good Job!” to our kids Why praising our kids can have the opposite effect Tools...


Self-Love at Every Size with Mia O’Malley – MAMASTE016

Today we chat with Mia O’Malley, creator of Plus Size Baby Wearing and champion for body acceptance. The inspiration for her popular Instagram account, @plussizebabywearing, started with her own journey of finding her internal happiness and not chasing after an idealized version what we’re told we should look like. Tune in to hear Mia’s story about self-love, creating a community, and owning her advocacy through birth and postpartum. Resources


Highs, Lows, and Everything In Between – Mamaste015

Today on The Mamaste Podcast Jill and Ryann catch up by starting with their highs and lows for the week. Tracking challenges and noting the struggle gives us an opportunity to learn from the hard parts of motherhood and to be endlessly gracious for the simplest blissful moments. We also explore how to get rid of the sh*t that no longer serves us whether that means how we react to our kids, our emotional responses, or whatever is just plain dragging us down the rabbit hole of hell. The first...


Pedro Luna: Pursuing Your Passion – MAMASTE 014

Pedro Luna’s mantra is “share the gift of yoga” and it’s clear that he’s doing just that. He creates organic (and hilarious) content for yogis and has built an audience of over 100,000 followers since starting his hit Instagram account, @yogimemes. In this episode we cover: Four elements of pursuing your passion: Create organic content to share your message Be engaging in your community Build an email list Just do something, you have a choice how you spend your time How to tap into your...


Resolutions, Intentions and Goals—Oh My! – MAMASTE 013

Today on The Mamaste Podcast Jill Erwich and Ryann Watkin offer their take on “New Year, New You” and resolutions. Ryann took some inspiration from one of her fave podcasts and kicked off the episode with an inspiring quote that she wants to focus on in 2019: “Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.” (by Brian Tracy) The mamas also threw around some words of the year for 2019. Ryann’s frontrunners: Emergence, Connection, and...


What about the greeter? – MAMASTE 012

On episode 12 of the Mamaste Podcast, Ryann and I sit down and chat just the two of us. We discuss setting boundaries for our kids and how we set boundaries with our parents and how that has changed as we have become parents. We talk about kid hygiene (Ryann is adamant on always washing hands and I am a little more laid back, though I am working on it). I reveal my husbands bizarre parenting philosophies. Please stop by our Instagram @mamastepodcast and let us know what you think and leave...


Anna K. Gallagher – Hustle from the Heart – MAMASTE011

Anna K. Gallahger is a trained IO-Psychologist and Personal Development Coach. She is the author of the personal development blog, Hustle from the Heart, a platform devised of resources and guides aimed in helping ambitious individuals reach their fullest potential and live at the core of their true authentic-selves. Anna's mission is to help others step into an energized, filled and enriching life all while avoiding burnout! I learned a lot from Anna. She experienced burnout first hand when...


Empowering and Educating child and parent. A talk with Annette Gerlitz Appel – MAMASTE010

Today on the Mamaste Podcast we welcome Annette Gerlitz Appel, educator, homeschooler, and mama of three girls. We chat about parenting and education philosophies plus how to surround yourself with a tribe of people that are on the same page as you when it comes to empowering your kids (which makes things a lot easier). Resources: Baby-led potty training Delray Children’s Garden We talk a lot about nature play and the benefit of climbing trees. Check out this article: 15 Reasons to Climb a...


Girls Gone Wod Interview – MAMASTE009

Today on the Mamaste Podcast we welcome Joy and Claire of The Girls Gone WOD Podcast! *Insert fangirl screams here* (Jill has been following them for a while and is pretty much the ultimate Girls Gone WOD fangirl. In fact, they were the original inspiration for starting The Mamaste Podcast.) We dive right in by talking about how Oprah smells—yes, you read that right. These two are seriously just so down to earth and it’s like chatting with your two girlfriends who you’ve known forever. Joy...


Resources For Mindful Mamas – MAMASTE008

Resources For Mindful Mamas Today on The Mamaste Podcast, Ryann and Jill talk about what it’s like to be a new mom and why it’s so important to find a mom crew. They dive into some foundational resources for new moms and mamas looking to be more mindful. Google your city/county libraries, parks & recreation, churches, community centers, etc. You can find everything from baby wearing classes to drop off programs. Additional Resources: La Leche League Boca Regional Breastfeeding Support Group...


The Mamaste Podcast: Tracy Litt – MAMASTE007

Today on The Mamaste Podcast Ryann and Jill welcome Tracy Litt, founder of the Litt Factor, Mindset Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Author. Tracy shares so many pieces of wisdom for anyone who’s interested in becoming more mindful and how to start on a very basic level. It basically comes down to two things: Ownership - When we make a conscious decision to become aware of our thoughts and choose to own our own radical personal responsibility. Breathing - slowing down, creating...