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The most fun you’ve ever had with two moms you’ve never met. Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, preschool to teen. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We’re not experts, we’re moms who’ve been there. We’re not perfect, we’re real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.

The most fun you’ve ever had with two moms you’ve never met. Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, preschool to teen. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We’re not experts, we’re moms who’ve been there. We’re not perfect, we’re real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.


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The most fun you’ve ever had with two moms you’ve never met. Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, preschool to teen. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We’re not experts, we’re moms who’ve been there. We’re not perfect, we’re real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.








Speaking Our Kids’ Love Languages (And Knowing Our Own): Episode 296

We love all of our kids – but does each of them FEEL our love in the same way? In Episode 296 Meagan and Sarah take on the famous five love languages as a framework for talking about how we most naturally show love to our kids–and also how they receive it. We talk about our own primary love languages and how they shape the ways we tend to show affection, and also look at the changing dynamics of parent-kid love through the growing-up years. The post Speaking Our Kids’ Love Languages (And...


Goal-Setting That Works For YOU (And Doesn’t Make You Feel Bad)

With nearly a year of “everything’s cancelled!” behind us, and facing down an early 2021 of “Who knows?”, we’ve all learned a couple things: Truth #1: We all need to set goals and make plans to stay on course and keep working toward our deepest priorities, especially when life is unpredictable. Truth #2: When life is unpredictable, it feels really hard to set goals. How do we make these two realities jive? The solution: goal setting with a big dose of self-awareness and self-empathy. As...


Where To Put All The STUFF (Part Two): Episode 295

Art supplies taking over your shared space? Losing library books under piles of what-even-IS-this-stuff? Ready for a January re-set of your home's organization systems? You're not alone. This week Meagan and Sarah continue the conversation about where to put all the STUFF of family life, covering arts and crafts, board games and puzzles, super-sized play stuff, and all those wonderful books. We also touch on ways to know if an organizational system will work for you and your family -...


Where To Put All The STUFF (Part One): Episode 294

The holidays are behind us, but they've left their mark on our homes: mostly in the form of more STUFF to store. Meagan and Sarah have logged decades of toy sorting and stuff-storing and in this week's episode share our experience finding just the right spot for all that brightly colored plastic. We talk about LEGO, we talk about stuffies and dolls; we remember the days of itty bitty sets and giant toddler ride-on toys. By the end of this episode we hope you'll feel like you already have the...


Planning & Goal-Setting For 2021 (Is There Even A Point?): Voices 56

For those who love to plan ahead, the past year has been a huge challenge–and the shiny promise of a brand new year feels a little lackluster as we look toward 2021. Is planning and goal-setting permanently on hold, shuttered just like schools and gyms and concerts? Sarah Hart-Unger says no. Our first Voices interview episode of 2021 features two Sarahs: host Sarah Powers chats with guest Sarah Hart-Unger about how to approach planning and goal-setting this year. We talk about the importance...


Hopes For An Uncertain Year: Episode 293

Meagan and Sarah tiptoe very cautiously into the waters of futurecasting in today's episode, still through the hazy, cheese-filled lens of that strange week between Christmas and New Year's. We talk about where our kids and home lives will be one year from now and what that means for the evolution of our family units. We meditate on all that was stripped away in 2020, and when and how it may start to return in the coming year. And we also share the things we're MOST excited to return to...


Acknowledging Holidays Present (Truth Talk About Where We Are This Season): Episode 292

Last week the ghost of holidays past took us on a tour of our past lives as moms of littles during the Christmas season. This week, as we continue the loosest of adaptations of A Christmas Carol, Meagan and Sarah sit with the reality of the present moment. We talk about how this holiday season will differ from the 2020-that-could-have-been, and about how things have changed as our kids have grown, with or without a global crisis. As we head into the final few days before Christmas, we also...


Remembering Holidays Past: Episode 291

In our very own motherhood-inspired take on A Christmas Carol, Meagan and Sarah are visited by the ghost of holidays past for today's episode. Join us as we peek in at our younger-mom selves by sharing moments and memories from years gone by. There are gift mishaps, angry pregnant lady meltdowns, Christmas tree disasters, and convenience store dinners--all shared to help you remember that no matter what goes down this month, someday it will be but a memory. The post Remembering Holidays...


More Than Mom: Holiday Food Traditions

From spiced nuts to festive cocktails, traditional meat-and-sides dinners to nostalgic or cultural throwbacks, holiday menus are wide open for interpretation. In this More Than Mom episode, Meagan and Sarah chat about the holiday food memories we carry from childhood, how those patterns changed as we formed our own families, and what a typical Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meal looks like these days. We share favorites and recipes, along with family quirks and fuzzy memories; it's a fun...


Letting Go of Perfect-Holiday-Mom Pressure (For Real This Time): Episode 290

When you feel the pressure to do, make, or be something this holiday season, pause and ask yourself three questions. Does this TRULY matter to me? Is the PROCESS joyful or meaningful (or is it that others make the product look so easy)? And--a big one--what if I DON'T? In Episode 290 Meagan and Sarah offer gut-checks on some of the biggest pressures moms feel during the holiday season--from magazine-worthy living rooms to the mental load of shopping for (and giving gift ideas to) a large...


More Than Mom: Bizarre Beauty Rituals We Can’t Quit

Obsessive nail-painting rituals, facial hair secrets, fussy skincare routines, and blame-it-on-COVID changes to our general beauty and personal grooming habits: today's More Than Mom episode is 9 parts confessional, 1 part helpful...but oh, we think you'll enjoy it. Join Meagan and Sarah as we share--sometimes sheepishly--the bizarre beauty rituals and personal grooming habits we just can't quit. The post More Than Mom: Bizarre Beauty Rituals We Can’t Quit appeared first on The Mom Hour.


How To Create At-Home Routines So You Can Live With Intention (And Get Stuff Done!): Voices 55

Routines: everyone has them, whether you've created them intentionally or fallen into them by chance. In today's episode, Meagan talks with Ashley Brown, a full-time working mom of two girls ages 3 and 1, enthusiastic Enneagram 1, and the creator of Routine & Things. After leaving the workforce to be a stay-at-home mom to her oldest daughter, Ashley found herself depressed and struggling to stay afloat; creating intentional routines around everything from self-care to cleaning the kitchen...


More Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 289

A preschooler is obsessed with screen-time after some COVID-related relaxation of the rules; how can the family get back on track? Another mom wonders how to meet the very different needs of multiple kids at the same time, and still another wants to know: WHERE DO ALL THE SOCKS GO? Then we tackle indoor physical play for little kids, talking honestly about the death of a grandparent, and the weirdest holiday gifts our kids have ever asked for. It's a jam-packed Listener Questions...


Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 288

When friendships are strained by politics and the pandemic, how can a lonely mom re-envision her social life? What ideas do we have for family bonding as kids get older? Can Meagan distill her best parenting advice into five minutes or less? And finally, the sibling bickering is non-stop--what's a mom to do? Join us for Episode 288 of The Mom Hour where we take YOUR listener questions and offer our best solicited advice. The post Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 288 appeared first...


More Than Mom: Totally Inconsequential Holiday Debates

There's plenty to debate about the holidays in 2020 - and it doesn't ALL have to be gloomy and stressful. We're kicking off Thanksgiving week with very lively, mostly half-baked debates about holiday controversies that bear little consequence on anything. To find out whether we think eggnog is disgusting or delightful, who among us prefers multicolored exterior illumination, whether Baby, It's Cold Outside is CANCELLED or actually feminist, and what we actually think of Love, Actually, join...


A Judgement-Free Conversation About Shopping More Mindfully This Holiday Season: Episode 287

Shopping mindfully or practicing conscious consumerism can be a powerful way to show our support to struggling or underrepresented businesses this holiday season. It can also be, to use a phrase we lean on more and more these days, A LOT. It's a lot to think about, it can be overwhelming to navigate, and it definitely can put strain on your budget. In today's episode, Meagan and Sarah discuss where we our in our own shopping priorities, what we'd like to do more of this holiday season, and...


Pandemic Puppies, Foster Kittens & A Small Animal Pet Debate: Episode 286

The animals in our lives have certainly had an interesting year, what with all the working and learning from home. Many families whose work/life situations previously caused them to hold off on pet-ownership took the plunge and got a pandemic puppy. And COVID or no COVID, our kids never stop asking to add to our respective menageries. Join Meagan and Sarah for a fun look at life with family pets, especially through the lens of 2020. We'll talk about pandemic puppies, the Powers family's...


More Than Mom: Getting Cozy

We know that winter 2020-2021 will require all the tips and tricks to keep us going--and it's not even mid-November yet! Today's More Than Mom episode is all about the concept of COZY, and how Meagan and Sarah like to bring it into our wardrobes, menus, and homes. Join us for a fun chat about cozy clothes we're eyeing, how we manage the temperature in our homes when it's cold out, and what food and drinks sound best for a cozy mood. The post More Than Mom: Getting Cozy appeared first on The...


Time Management & Productivity Tips For Savvy Working Moms: Voices 54

When Whitnee Hawthorne was a new mom working a full-time corporate job she had trouble finding resources for women in her position--so she set out to create them. Now a mom of two and still working full-time for a Fortune 500 company, Whitnee helps other moms find their joy and achieve their goals. In this month's Voices interview, Sarah chats with Whitnee about the morning and evening routines that set each day up for success, the regular practices that can help busy moms reflect and...


Emotional Labor, Burnout & Completing The Stress Cycle: Episode 285

We've all heard the terms 'mental load' and 'emotional labor,' but it's easy to toss them around without pausing to really understand what's happening in our minds and bodies when we carry prolonged stress with us in our roles as mothers and household managers. Today Meagan and Sarah look at the different ways stress manifests in our own bodies (and psyches), and offer concrete tips for managing feelings of burnout in a particularly challenging season. The post Emotional Labor, Burnout &...