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Productivity & Time Management Tips For Moms: The Mom Hour, Episode 169

How do the things get done? Where does the time go? These are the questions we look at in today’s podcast episode. We’ve got tips for making the most of your time and prioritizing well so you feel your most productive (yes, even in those early baby days where it seems like NOTHING gets done). Whether you’re staying home full time, working outside the home, or somewhere in between, these tips are meant to encourage you. PLUS Katie Addiss joins Sarah at the end of the show for an update on...


More Than Mom: Behind The Scenes & Business Updates

By listener-request we're taking you behind the scenes! We discuss the making of The Mom Hour, our recording quirks, tips for aspiring podcasters, how we work with brands, and more. We also give a little back-story on how the show has grown, how the Life, Listened network started, evolved, and continues to change, and what our goals are for the podcast in the coming months. PLUS you'll get to hear a couple of fun bloopers, including the now-classic line, "my dog is playing a maraca". Join...


Late-Summer Check-In & Managing Seasonal Transitions

Sarah has one week left of summer and Meagan has a MONTH. We chat about late-summer malaise, seasonal energy slumps in general, how to (or whether to) get back to healthier habits and routines, and what (if anything) we're doing to gear up for the impending school year. Join us! The post Late-Summer Check-In & Managing Seasonal Transitions appeared first on Life, Listened..


How To Be A Happier Parent with KJ Dell’Antonia: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 28

Happiness in parenting doesn't mean mean skipping through fields of daisies with a brood of clean, cheerful, never-whining children who eat their veggies and always put their dirty clothes in the hamper. In reality, it's a much messier--but totally attainable--thing. In this episode of The Mom Hour Voices, Sarah talks with writer KJ Dell'Antonia about cultivating happiness as a mom in the midst of sibling fighting, grumpy mornings, and endless screen-time negotiations. KJ's new book, How...


Loads And Loads (And Loads) Of Laundry: The Mom Hour, Episode 167

We’ve yet to meet a mom at any stage of parenthood who didn’t have to deal with laundry–it’s one of the great equalizers of the mothering experience, no? Today on The Mom Hour Meagan and Sarah take you inside their homes and laundry rooms for a look at how we keep up with the piles, what our routines and rituals are, and how the whole clothes cycle works. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Victorious Victorious brings the fitness studio to you, with live group fitness classes that you can...


More Than Mom: Décor Nostalgia

High school bedrooms, college dorm rooms, first apartments, first homes. Meagan and Sarah describe their home décor style through the years in this More Than Mom episode. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Campaign Living Campaign makes sofas, chairs, loveseats, and ottomans that are built to last. Their furniture is made using quality materials, arrives in just a few days in a flat-packed box, and is designed to assemble in just a few minutes. We love the look of their pieces, and the...


Last Firsts & First Lasts (Milestones We Notice, And A Bunch We Miss): The Mom Hour, Episode 166

The last day of preschool is one thing–poignant, and easy to see coming–but what about the last time your toddler uses your favorite adorable mispronunciation? The last time you step on a LEGO? The last time a kid needs your help in the bath, crawls into your bed in the wee hours, or reaches for your hand on the sidewalk? Those lasts happen without our knowing, and motherhood his filled with them. In Episode 166 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah talk through the “lasts” that we’ve...


When You’re Feeling Criticized, Remember This: The Mom Hour, Episode 165

Navigating decisions as a mom is hard enough; feeling judged, criticized, or shamed for those decisions? That feels like garbage. After years of practice, Meagan and Sarah have words of encouragement for dealing with criticism, including six things to keep in mind when you’re feeling judged by others about your parenting. PLUS Katie Addiss joins Sarah for an update on her life as a mom of two littles. Enjoy! Sponsor Spotlight: Canvas People What are we doing with all these photos on our...


More Than Mom: Guilty Pleasures

You’re home alone on a rainy Saturday afternoon and that movie comes on that you just HAVE to watch. What is it? In this More Than Mom episode Meagan and Sarah confess the books, movies, songs, and TV that maybe don’t get points for artsy intellectualism, but that we just can’t resist. Much pop culture banter ensues… Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Chameleon Cold Brew This episode is sponsored by Chameleon Cold-Brew, purveyors of incredibly delicious organic cold-brew coffee. Whether you enjoy...


Mamas Of The NICU with Bianca Dottin: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 27

Bianca Dottin’s second pregnancy was long-awaited and relatively drama-free. But when baby Tristan arrived at 34 weeks and was admitted to the NICU unable to breathe on his own, it was clear that her life was about to change. In this month’s Voices interview episode, Bianca shares her NICU story with Sarah, including how 6 months in the NICU inspired her to start a community and collection of resources to support other moms with babies in the NICU. A note from Sarah: This episode includes...


Nurturing Kids’ Talents (And When To Let Them Quit): The Mom Hour, Episode 164

Your kid shows an aptitude for something…now what? Meagan and Sarah discuss the sometimes tricky topic of how to nurture our kids’ natural abilities without pressuring or pushing. We also talk about when to support kids through an activity they may not be particularly talented at, the importance of dabbling, and when it’s OK to let kids quit. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Hydralyte Hydralyte is a clinical hydration product that comes in great flavors and is available as a pre-mixed drink, a...


More Than Mom: Would You Rather…?

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned game of “Would you rather…?”? Join Meagan and Sarah (recording together in person, which is always fun) for a surprisingly revealing exercise in hypothetical thinking. Sponsor Spotlight: Simple Contacts Simple Contacts is a super convenient way to renew your contact lens prescription and reorder your contacts from anywhere, in minutes. Save $20 at with code THEMOMHOUR at checkout. Image Credit: Randy Heinitz, via Flickr...


Listener Questions & Our Advice: The Mom Hour, Episode 163

Helping a toddler with nighttime fears, the logistics of taking a baby to the beach, the ideal age-spacing between siblings, and helping a two-year-old feel special when a new baby arrives. These are the listener questions we answer in this week’s episode of The Mom Hour. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Young Woodworkers Young Woodworkers makes it easy for your kids to become makers and builders with their all-in-one woodworking kits for kids ages 7-12. This is a great way to get kids off the...


Listener Questions & Our Advice: The Mom Hour, Episode 162

Teaching social graces to a shy preschooler, saving money on groceries and household supplies, and helping school-aged kids learn to deal with feelings of frustration. These are three topics brought to us by listeners that Meagan and Sarah tackle on this week’s episode of The Mom Hour. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Canvas People What are we doing with all these photos on our phones, mamas? Now you can print your favorites on a beautiful piece of art with Canvas People. Get your own 11×14...


More Than Mom: What’s In Our Purses?

You can learn a lot about a person by taking a peek inside their purse. (Also: it’s time we cleaned out our purses!) In this episode of More Than Mom from The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah do a deep dive into their bags, laughing as they go. We also challenge listeners to share the contents of their bags with US–leave us a comment or send us an email if you unearthed something more random than the top two finds from this episode (you have to listen to find out what they are!). Sponsor...


The Life-Changing Magic of Opting Out: The Mom Hour, Episode 161

No one mom “does it all”–or so we’re told. But what exactly DON’T we do? In Episode 161 Meagan and Sarah share our experience finding ways to opt out of the little (and sometimes not-so-little) tasks and obligations that aren’t meaningful to us as moms, making room for more of what is. PLUS resident new mom Katie Addiss joins Sarah at the end of the show to talk about a great swimsuit-saving strategy and other tales from the trenches. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Campaign Living Campaign...


More Than Mom: Summer Bucket List (For Moms)

Summer fun isn’t just for kids! Meagan and Sarah chat about their hopes, dreams, and plans for this summer–everything from their favorite indulgent magazines to read to what kind of outdoor adventures their families are ready for. It’s a More Than Mom episode all about SUMMER. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: FabFitFun FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box with full-size beauty, fitness, fashion and lifestyle products. Meagan and Sarah shared their excitement about the Summer box, which just...


Feeding A Family (Dinner Woes, Part 2): The Mom Hour, Episode 160

If you struggle with meal planning or dread the grocery store, you’re not alone. Today we tackle three more challenges to dinner-making success and offer our tips and solutions for overcoming them. This is a follow-up to last week’s episode, so be sure to catch that one as well (though you can listen in any order)! This episode is the fourth in our Feeding A Family Series. You can also listen to us chat about Breakfast & Lunch, Sweets & Snacks, and Dinner Woes, Part 1. Sponsor Spotlight:...


Strong As A Mother with Kate Rope: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 26

“Having help and support is the way nature intended for us to make human beings”. So says journalist and author Kate Rope in her new book all about how moms can take better care of their mental, emotional, and physical selves from pregnancy through parenthood. Kate joins Sarah in Episode 26 in our Voices interview series to talk about her own journey through postpartum anxiety, how moms can support each other during new motherhood, and. Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Audible Romance The...


Feeding A Family (Dinner Woes, Part 1): The Mom Hour, Episode 159

No time to cook? Got picky eaters? Hate the “witching hour”? We’re with you. In this episode Meagan and Sarah tackle three common dinner-making obstacles and offer solutions and tips that help us in our own lives and kitchens. We’re not experts; where parents who’ve been there, remember? This episode is the third in our Feeding A Family Series. Catch the Breakfast & Lunch episode here and the Sweets & Snacks episode here. Next week we’ll be back with the continuation of the Dinner Woes!...