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Having “The Talk” About Internet Safety With Kids Little To Grown: Episode 247

When your kids are tiny, it might feel like you have lots of time before their access to the internet requires you to have “the tech talk” - a conversation about online safety, citizenship, and digital well being. And if having that talk feels overwhelming to you, you’re not alone! Join Meagan and Sarah for a little-to-grown rundown of how we talk about things like online online safety, social sharing and communicating responsibly, digital citizenship and more with our kids--plus specific...


More Than Mom: Pop Culture Sensations! (Do We Even Care?)

When something makes a huge splash and everyone is talking about it, we sometimes find reason to opt out, stay neutral, or even counter with the unpopular opinion. But not always! Sometimes we're just excited about the latest hit thing as the rest of y'all. Promise. In today's full-of-laughs More Than Mom episode, Meagan and Sarah share our nominees for pop culture sensations we can get behind, the ones we can't care about, and a whole bunch in between. The post More Than Mom: Pop Culture...


Dating & Romance (For Single Moms & Married Ones, Too!): Voices 45

Making room in your life for romance can be really tricky for moms. We're often busy and focused on other things, and if we're single, maybe we're burned out on the dating game. In today's Voices episode, Meagan talks from her personal experienced as a divorced mom with love coach Casandra Henriquez about how to create a love vision, put yourself in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing a partner, and how to keep love alive in your current relationship. In the second half of the...


Home & Life Products We’re Loving: Episode 246

Life just feels easier when we have the right gizmos, doo-dads, odds, and ends to take care of ourselves and our homes. Could we survive using the same broom for another 10 years. Definitely. But would we benefit from reading a few Amazon reviews and choosing a really great new broom? Also definitely. Join Meagan and Sarah for a fun rundown of products that we're loving lately the the arenas of home, beauty, life, and style. The post Home & Life Products We’re Loving: Episode 246 appeared...


Embracing Real Life With Moments That Matter

From August through January, life is action-packed: we’re on the go from back-to-school through the holidays, and we enter the new year with high aspirations. And then, in the face of that long stretch between mid-January and spring break, things get back to normal - really normal. It can be a relief to return to familiar rhythms, but how can we do that without slipping into autopilot and missing out on special moments with our kids? The post Embracing Real Life With Moments That Matter...


School Volunteering That Fits Your Personality: Episode 245

The preschool and elementary school years provide lots of opportunities to be involved at your kids’ schools…but for many moms the process of finding their place in the school community takes some time. Sarah is deep into the school years now, and Meagan is in her fifteenth consecutive year as an elementary school mom (!!), so we’ve learned from experience how to show up for kids and teachers in a way that suits our skill sets, our personalities, and the season of life we’re in at the...


More Than Mom: Talking About The Weather (No, Really.)

Weather chat has a reputation for being what you talk about when you have nothing else to say…but we have LOTS to say, and we still love to talk about the weather. Climate and temperature has a big impact on our lives as moms—from the clothes we wear and how we dress our kids, to the activities we can enjoy as a family and even our seasonal moods. This More Than Mom episode isn’t small talk at all—it’s Meagan’s and Sarah’s big thoughts on the weather where we live, all year round, and how it...


Family Food Values & What’s Working For Us: Episode 244

We take the long view when it comes to feeding a family: What kind of food experiences and memories do we want our kids to have? What’s the culture around the dishes we serve and the tone around the table? And what are the core values around food and eating that we strive for in our families? In Episode 244 Meagan and Sarah share some of the “food truths” we aim for in our homes, as well as some specific areas of feeding a family that are working well right now (and a few that could use a...


10 Things We Love About Toddlers: Episode 243

Toddlers get a bad rap - out in the world and even here on the podcast, where we’ve occasionally uttered the phrase: “One-year-olds are the worst.” But there’s so much to love about the toddler stage, too—from verbal explosion to hilarious antics. In Episode 243 Meagan and Sarah share stories from our own toddler-parenting years and offer, with the benefit of hindsight, ten things we love about toddlers. The post 10 Things We Love About Toddlers: Episode 243 appeared first on The Mom Hour.


More Than Mom: Small Habits That Make A Big Difference

Overhauls and reinventions sound attractive, but they can be overwhelming and even cause us to crash and burn before we ever see results. We’re both interested in the role small habits and little improvements play in our daily rhythms, productivity, and overall happiness—we’re even reading books on the topic! Join Meagan and Sarah for a totally achievable approach to resetting our good habits and improving the ones that aren’t serving us as we head into the new year. The post More Than Mom:...


Staying Organized & Motivated As A Full-Time Working Mom with Sarah Hart-Unger: Voices 44

A full-time physician with three young kids and a couple of side hustles, Sarah Hart-Unger relies on some time-tested systems to make sure she doesn’t miss a meeting, carves out space for her own creativity, and prioritizes date nights with her partner. She’s here to share tips and ideas with Sarah Powers as they chat all things planners, planning, goal-setting, and to-do list management in this month’s Voices interview episode. The post Staying Organized & Motivated As A Full-Time Working...


More Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 242

Thoughts on how we handle sick days, encouragement for a mom of two-under-two struggling with accepting help when it's offered, troubleshooting a six-year-old with a nightwaking habit, and commiserating with parents whose toddler only wants dad--Meagan and Sarah are here with advice, empathy, and our experience as we take on another round of your listener questions. The post More Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 242 appeared first on The Mom Hour.


Cozy Year-End Chat With Meagan & Sarah: Episode 241

We're not quite ready to get all crazy-intentional about 2020, but we're also over the holidays and feeling a little reflective. Episode 241 is a casual year-end fireside (we wish!) chat with Meagan and Sarah as we close out another year as moms, family managers, business owners, and humans. Join us! The post Cozy Year-End Chat With Meagan & Sarah: Episode 241 appeared first on The Mom Hour.


Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 240

A mom in the trenches wonders exactly when things will start to feel easier, playdates with school-aged boys whose house rules differ on video games, dealing with disappointment as a mom (especially around built-up big days like holidays), and a request for Sarah to share where she gets her news media and how to consume it without getting anxious. Such great questions sent in by our listeners this week! Join Meagan and Sarah for a pre-holiday helping of nuanced advice, gentle encouragement,...


Kids’ Haircuts, Styling & Maintenance: Episode 239

When your baby comes home one with one of those hospital-issued fine-toothed combs, the nurses don’t warn you about awkward baby mullets, the heartache of cutting off toddler curls, or the volume of screeching elicited by soap in the eyes and combing out tangles. They also don’t mention lice, greasy tween hair, bad haircuts, getting slime stuck in long locks. In Episode 239 Meagan and Sarah discuss all things related to kids’ hair, from baby to teen. The post Kids’ Haircuts, Styling &...


Must-Have Winter Gear For All Ages: Episode 238

Little kids have big needs when it comes to staying warm, comfortable, and happy in the winter, and even as the season returns again and again, growing kids seem to KEEP NEEDING WINTER STUFF. With Meagan’s decades of experience parenting five kids through Michigan winters plus the latest and greatest tips from our listener Facebook community, we’re rounding up all the footwear, apparel, car and stroller stuff, indoor and outdoor play, and miscellaneous products that will keep your whole...


The Thank-You Project with Nancy Davis Kho: Voices 43

Would it change your life to write thank you letters to the people who've helped you get to where you are? That's what writer Nancy Davis Kho set out to do when she approached a milestone birthday while navigating a challenging series of family transitions and personal loss. In this month's Voices interview Meagan chats with Nancy about the science behind gratitude and the connection to happiness, and what the thank-you project taught her. The post The Thank-You Project with Nancy Davis...


The Holiday Meagan Went All In: Episode 237

Meagan’s last three Christmases have played out like a sad country song (divorce! family emergency! breakup!), and this year she’s going ALL IN on festiveness in an effort to reset the tone for the season and find new ways to enjoy and embrace the holidays as a mom of older kids. There will be Nutcrackers, Messiahs, baking, multiple advent calendars, and even (teen-willing) some ambitious exterior illumination. Sarah’s asking the questions today and Meagan is here for all of us who want to...


More Than Mom: Things We’ve Changed Our Minds About

We may seem set in our ways, but sometimes a change in persuasion comes later in motherhood--and life. This More Than Mom episode is all about the things we've changed our minds about, from the inconsequential (pickles?) to the highly controversial (decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving!). Join us as we confessing our changes of heart today! The post More Than Mom: Things We’ve Changed Our Minds About appeared first on The Mom Hour.


Holiday Shopping 03: Storing, Wrapping & Opening

Once the gifts have been purchased, what do we actually DO with them? Hide and hope? Box up and ship? Wrap and display? Stack in cardboard boxes until the eleventh hour? Turns out, it's a little of all of the above in our houses. In the final installment in our Holiday Shopping series, Meagan and Sarah discuss the tricky time between when gifts are procured and when they are opened. The post Holiday Shopping 03: Storing, Wrapping & Opening appeared first on The Mom Hour.