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SHOW #43: Radio Legend Jay Baker Talks About The Challenges Of Fatherhood & Shares Advice

We had a great time catching up with radio personality Jay Baker in this episode. Jay shares stories on fatherhood and his broadcast career. Most remember Jay from his hilarious moments on "The Bob & Tom Show", but did you know he's one of only a few radio personalities in the country to ever be on the cover of this popular magazine?...find out what it is in this episode of The Patriarchs!


SHOW #42: Teaching Kids (and Reminding Adults) That Certain Words Can Be Hurtful

Words: they can hurt others. We were taught that an early age...well, at least most of us were. In a Netflix comedy special titled, "Disgraceful", comedian Tom Segura makes jokes about not being able to use the word 'retarded'. One Indiana mother who has a child with Down Syndrome, and she's petitioned Netflix to remove the so called comedy special from their site. On this episode we discuss whether Segura should be able to say such words, or is this a teachable moment for not only kids,...


SHOW #41: Don’t Drink, Use Drugs, Or Post Something Stupid On Social Media

Back in the day, our parents told us, "Don't use drugs or drink". Well in this digital age mixed with the 'wild wild west' of social media, parents need to include, "...and DO NOT post anything stupid on social media that will haunt you for the rest of your life!". University of Alabama student Harley Barber has been expelled from school and kicked out of her sorority for a racist video rant she posted online this week. Click here to read more: ALABAMA STUDENT'S RACIST RANT This is a...


SHOW #40: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Special guest Patriarch, comedian and voice-over artist Artie Widgery joins us on this episode. You may have heard his incredible voice in a radio or TV commercial, perhaps even in a video game! The Patriarchs also discuss Christmas memories and bullies in the headlines in our last show of the year. Merry Christmas from The Patriarchs! See you in 2018!


SHOW #39: America’s Favorite Pastime & Guest Jason Aquisto

Jason Aquisto is our guest this week, as we talk dads and baseball. Ironically enough, that's the name of his cool, insightful podcast: Baseball Dads, which you can find on iTunes and here: BASEBALL DADS In this episode we talk about ways that dads and moms can keep from being overbearing when it comes to their kids participating in sports. And how do you not talk about your favorite baseball movies...we discuss the Top 5 Best Baseball Movies of all time...see if we missed one.


SHOW #38: Flying With An 18 Month Old Is Not For The Faint Of Heart!

Last week, Reed and I flew out to California for a family vacation with my wife. Actually, she was already there finishing a work conference so I was flying by myself!...and this was Reed's FIRST trip flying. Of all the times he would have a 'nuclear' diaper blow out, it had to happen on the flight there! Check out this latest show to hear how I barely survived. Also, we celebrate Veteran's Day 2017, co-host Adam Ritz talks with his Marine father about serving our country and being a...


SHOW #37: The Patriarchs Halloween 2017 Special

The Patriarchs discuss favorite Halloween memories in this episode and share a few ghost stories. Host Greg Browning also ventured out into the graveyard to talk with the legendary Sammy Terry. Fans will remember Sammy's "Nightmare Theater" which ran on TTV 4 from the 60s thru the 80s. Sammy talks about his creator Bob Carter passing the torch onto his son, Mark. Don't believe in ghosts? Host Adam Ritz shared this photo. Explain the mysterious, ghostly fog.


SHOW #36: How To Help Kids Understand Tragic Events Like The Vegas Shooting

For many adults, the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting on October 1st 2017 was extremely difficult to understand. Imagine what goes through the minds of children. In this episode, Greg Browning, Adam Ritz and Jim Burrows discuss how they personally dealt with moments of tragedy in explaining it to their children or family. (photo image from Wikipedia)


SHOW #35: Guest Dad, Tracy Forner From Indy Style Joins Us

TV host Tracy Forner is an experienced father of three and dropped by this week to talk with The Patriarchs. Find him on social media TWITTER LINK and on the Indy Style page here: CLICK HERE


SHOW #34: Kids Actions Have Consequences – Punishments That Stick!

A friend of mine recently told me how disappointed and frustrated she was with her teenage son for blowing off his curfew. I posed the question to our Patriarch hosts: "What's the best punishment for teens, and how do you make it stick?". Also in this show, co-host Adam Ritz talks about breaking down when sending his daughter off to college. He doesn't hold back, and shares his emotion in this episode.


SHOW #33: Indiana State Fair – Wonderful World Of Food!

Thanks to The Indiana Dairy Association Indiana for having us back out to the Dairy Bar at this year's Indiana State Fair! Our guest on this show is Dairy Association General Manager, Deb Osza. Thanks to Michelle Plummer and Jenni Browning for making this a great event.


SHOW #32: 2017 Indiana State Fair Show – Guest Rick Garrett

Back at the Indiana Dairy Bar at the Indiana State Fair for our latest show. Special guest, Rick Garrett, Tenderloin connoisseur. Rick is a great stand up comic and musician, and has written food reviews for over 200 different tenderloin sandwiches across the country! Take a listen and hear his TOP 3 Favorite Tenderloins in Indiana! This episode of The Patriarchs is dedicated in the memory and honor of fallen Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan. He was killed in the line of duty...


SHOW #31: Summer Vaca Dilemma – Let Teens Bring Their Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Summertime means family vacations, and on this show, the dads talk about what to do when your teenager wants to bring their boyfriend/girlfriend along. Also, we discuss how kids can be apart of servie projects at an early age. Hear the story of why one 12 year old wears a pink backpack to school. And our quote from this show on the matter of talking with your kids when they want something: "It's only a conversation if you continue speaking" -Patriarch host Adam Ritz


SHOW #30: For The Love Of Dads

Father's Day 2017, the Patriarchs share stories of their dads. What ties the memories together? Sports and sharing that with the old man~


SHOW #29: Entering The Biting Stage With My 13 Month Old…OUCH!

In this episode, I talk with fellow Patriarchs, Jim Burrows & Adam Ritz, about the 'Biting Stage'. My 13 month old, Reed, surprised me the other night by trying to gnaw a hunk of flesh from my stomach!!


SHOW #28: Having The Sex Talk With Kids Isn’t Enough

A recent survey found that teens want to hear more from their parents about relationships and what love actually is about...and not just the birds and the bees. In this latest episode, The Patriarchs talk about how their parents approached this back in the day, and how they dealt with the topic now that they're parents~


SHOW #27: Only The Love Of A Mother

Paying tribute to our moms on this show...we think back to our childhood: Greg Browning recalls his mom comforting him after dropping a pizza, TWICE! Jim Burrows thinks back to his mom playing "dirty scrabble" and Adam Ritz recalls the time his mother taught him to fight. Happy Mother's Day~


SHOW #26: Celebrating My Son’s First Birthday!

In our latest show, Patriarch host Adam Ritz talks with host Greg Browning and his wife Jenni about their son Reed's first birthday.


SHOW #25: Radio & TV Personality Laura Steele Talks About Being A Single Parent

Excited to celebrate National Single Parents Week with veteran broadcaster and Matriarch, Laura Steele. In this episode Laura talks about what works when she needs to discipline her daughter...and gives some advice to other single parents.


SHOW #24: “What Brings A Tough Dad Like Adam Ritz To Tears?”

Co-Host Adam Ritz talks about how a Senior project for his daughter made him reflect and get choked up. And we also discuss what advice the senior Patriarchs gave to their kids as they left home for college.