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THE POD SQUAD is Australia's newest podcast - about, by and for KIDS!

THE POD SQUAD is Australia's newest podcast - about, by and for KIDS!
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THE POD SQUAD is Australia's newest podcast - about, by and for KIDS!






Episode 6 - Weirdness & Funny Stuff

What totally grosses you out - cockroaches, onion, spiders….. lettuce?? And do you think life is better when you’re serious or weird? The Squadders made it their mission to discover all the weird and wonderful things you never thought to ask the kids you know. This Story Time, things are coming down to the crunch! Has Ella the Detective bitten off more than she can chew or can she follow the crumbs and solve the crime in, ‘The Cookie Revolution’ written by Isabella M. What’s making the...


Episode 5 - Saving The Earth

It’s reassuring to know 99.9% of kids interviewed by The Pod Squad would choose saving the earth from an asteroid over watching television. Phew!! This episode we hear what inspiring solutions kids suggest for reducing pollution and rubbish in the ocean. They also debate whether animals are more intelligent than humans, what the best thing is about being on planet earth, and they told us what animal language they’d most like to speak. This Story Time we’re flung into the future by Ally...


Episode 4 - All About You

The Squadders hit the playground again to find out more about the kids at their school. They asked them things like; what they want to be when they grow up, what they dislike most about being kids and what makes them different from everyone else. The answers were zany, surprising and very interesting to say the least! They also learnt there are tabla, saxophone, percussion and guitar maestros amongst them AND an aspiring stunt motorcyclist too! Our Story Time author Charlotte wrote 'Back...


Episode 3 - Boss For A Day

Stop what you're doing and listen up! The kids are revolting! Nooooo, they're not disgusting - but they're planning a revolution! In this episode The Squadders find out what genius ways kids are planning to take over school, their families and THE WORLD! Our Story Time author Grace W transports us to Afghanistan where Khadijeh, a young Afghan orphan is fighting for change. Can she stop the war? Can she bring peace to her country? And could it be true that some teachers were once naughty...


Episode 2 - Winning & Losing

Are you a terrible winner or an awesome loser? Well this episode, The Pod Squadders asked what the kids at their school thought about winning and losing. And wow - they had a lot to say. They also found out what people thought about fame and being a world class athlete. Could you handle the pressure!? Scarlett served up a fantastic Story Time especially for the show. It’s a winner winner chicken dinner! And tell us, do you spend your spare time in your secret lab dreaming up weird and...


Episode 1 - Invention

Switch your ears up to 150 hearingdings and elevate your feet cos your brain's going to need maximum blood flow for this episode. It's all about the inventions kids use everyday, the ones they'd create to save the world, ultimate lunchboxes and much more! We share our first Story Time called, 'Robo Juicers versus The Super Juice Machine!' Its got more twists and turns than a bowl of spaghetti. And the Pod Squad put their first Grown Up In The Spotlight. Did you know Mrs. Fitzgerald wants...


Introducing The Pod Squad: Trailer

Meet The Glenmore Road Public School Pod Squad! Take 24 curious students, 8 weeks of podcasting workshops, 73.5 interviews, 1,987 'Take-2s' and a ton of fun and you get 6 episodes about topics that kids think are funny and important. Please enjoy and share The Pod Squad with any young people you know. Thanks!