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Married since 2000, together since 1993, Mark and Clarissa will share stories, struggles, and victories and encourage others to fight for their marriage, just as we continue to fight for ours. Join us as we "keep it real", to help your marriage grow!


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Married since 2000, together since 1993, Mark and Clarissa will share stories, struggles, and victories and encourage others to fight for their marriage, just as we continue to fight for ours. Join us as we "keep it real", to help your marriage grow!




Relationships: Offenses and CASH

This was recorded live as we ministered at Impact Christian Church. We spoke about dealing with offenses in all relationships and we speak about CASH. Commitment, Adapting, Sacrifice and Healing.


Episode 14-What About Your Friends?

Our last episode that we recorded while on the road. What impact do your friends have on your marriage? What about friends of the opposite sex? What issues can occur and how can you deal with it? Take a listen, and shout out to TLC!


Episode 13 Quirks! aka Why are You Such a Weirdo?

If you can't laugh with each other, who can you laugh with? As we were on our road trip this summer, we decided to playfully make fun of each other. Join us and we share our weirdness! What makes your spouse weird?


Episode 12-We are a TEAM!

We're finally back!! We recorded this episode while on the road and we talk about the importance of you to view your marriage as a TEAM!!


Bonus Episode!

We found a list online of 50 black movies, so we decided to see which ones we have seen and which ones were not on the list.


Episode 11-Intentions aka What Do You Really Mean

First Episode of 2019! We have a lot to share on what we have been dealing with the past few weeks and how that leads to today's episode about Intentions!


Episode 10-Did I REAL-ly Marry My Best Friend?

When couples get married, it is often said "Today, I'm marrying my best friend", but do we really? In this episode, we talk about what it means to marry your best friend, and what can you do if you feel your spouse is not your best friend. Plus, we quiz each other on who knows who best.


Episode 9-Expectations vs Real Life (Our First Live Recording)

We are live at the AWNJ Ministry Retreat in Front Royal, VA. In this episode, we discuss how expectations do not always play out in real life and how to deal with that.


It's Our 18th Anniversary!!

Yay!! It's our 18th wedding anniversary! In this episode, we talk about our new website, and we share some Facebook posts that we made a couple of years ago recounting our story and love for each other. Plus we ask a trivia question for a gift card give away!!


Spending Time Together in this Chaotic World

In this episode, we talk about the importance of spending time together, no matter how small the task. Spending time together helps you look at you spouse like you used to when you started dating and courting. We take ideas from: and the book "Dates on a Dime"


Not Letting Small Annoyances Turn Into Bigger issues

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!! In this episode, we talk about pet peeves in marriage, and how it is important to sit down and discuss them. It is important not to let those minor annoyances fester into something larger that can bring down your marriage. We also talk about other projects we are working on. Check out:


Episode 5 Getting Back on Track

We are back!! Thank you to the over 550 listens we have obtained, and we are getting this show back on track! In this episode, we talk about the changes that have happened since our last show, how spending time with each other is essential, and the marriage seminar we just got back from!! Check out The REAL-ly Married Show on Itunes, TuneIn, Google Play, Sticher, and other places podcast can be found!!


Where Y'all Been?

After an almost 4 month delay, we are finally back with our REALest episode yet! We discuss coming up with rules for your marriage that you both can agree on.


Love language and Personalities

Episode 3 talks about the Five Love Languages and talks about how personality quizzes can help strengthen your marriage.


Episode 2-Your Marriage, Your Business

This episode talks about what YOU have to do in YOUR marriage to avoid temptations and to keep the spark going. You cannot worry about what outside influences say. Plus we test each other with marriage trivia.


Okay So We're Doing This

On our first episode, we jump right in and talk about what makes marriage hard, but also, what make is worth fighting for. As an added bonus, we talk about our Top 5 Married TV Couples!


The REAL-Ly Married Show, Episode 0

The introduction episode of The REAL-ly Married Show! Get to know your hosts and their background, and learn what the show will be about.