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I'm Rachel, Mom to three awesome kids and I created this podcast to share information, stories and in efforts to support one another as parents. We are celebrating the sweet moments and deep diving into the tough issues together as I chat with subject matter experts and other parents. I hope you'll join me and take a tidbit or two away that helps support you on your parenting journey.

I'm Rachel, Mom to three awesome kids and I created this podcast to share information, stories and in efforts to support one another as parents. We are celebrating the sweet moments and deep diving into the tough issues together as I chat with subject matter experts and other parents. I hope you'll join me and take a tidbit or two away that helps support you on your parenting journey.


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I'm Rachel, Mom to three awesome kids and I created this podcast to share information, stories and in efforts to support one another as parents. We are celebrating the sweet moments and deep diving into the tough issues together as I chat with subject matter experts and other parents. I hope you'll join me and take a tidbit or two away that helps support you on your parenting journey.






Hitting the Pause Button and Why That's Okay

I think we can all agree that the past year has been a wild ride. Friends, I feel I need to take a break from releasing new content and I’m not sure what that will look like. What I’m realizing is that it’s okay to take that pause and step back to reevaluate what I want the show to look like, what I want to produce and put my energy in to. On this episode I'm opening up on why I'm taking a pause with the podcast. If you're feeling like you need a reset, pause or to reevaluate, I hope you...


Living Alcohol Free with Sober Mom Coach Alyson Premo

Alyson Premo is a 37-year-old mother to her 10-year-old son, and she’s currently creeping up on 4.5 years of sobriety. Before becoming a Certified Professional Recovery/Life Coach, aka “The Sober Mom Coach,” she was in the Business Development field as a Senior Sales Specialist for a corporate wellness company called Preventure. Virgin Pulse has since acquired that company. She wanted to pursue her purpose in life which is to help mothers ditch the drink to become a more present parent and...


Encouraging Responsibility in Young Children with Somer Loomis

Somer is the Chief Content Officer and living proof of the results for Raising Families, an organization co-founded by her mother and step-father dedicated to transforming parents from exhausted managers of their to-do lists to inspired leaders of their family teams. Raising Families has helped hundreds of parents with children of all ages to engage more deeply and intentionally, identify and implement their values into daily life, and create a specific plan of action to raise children with...


Prenatal and Postpartum Mental Health with Kelly Rodriguez LMFT

Kelly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in CA and also a Perinatal Mental Health Certified professional. She knows firsthand how valuable the right support and resources can be and entered the mental health field to help others find healing too. Kelly offers support to expectant mothers from the moment they want to start a family and throughout the journey that lies ahead after birth. Kelly is a wife and a mom of two who enjoys hiking, listening to podcasts and having a good...


Postpartum Education and Support with Ali Glinsky

Ali Glinsky is a CAPPA Certified New Parent Educator. She's worked with Moms on Maternity, Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley and other organizations to create standalone and multi week physical and virtual events all with the goal of supporting mothers in a new way. She has seen first hand how a supported mother can thrive, which led her to launch virtual pandemic mom groups in March 2021 that educate and empower mothers and most importantly connect them, all virtually. She has two girls...


Healing After Trauma, A Family's Story of Recovery, Resilience and Advocacy with Rosalie Mastaler

When Rosalie’s son was four years old, he was attacked by the family dog which resulted in a below knee leg amputation. This changed her son and the families life and now Rosalie is on a mission to advocate and educate. Whether it's in person, at events across the country or social media, she consistently connects with other families and amputees. On this episode she is sharing her son Hunter’s journey and what their family has been through over the years since the incident happened. We...


5 Things I've Learned From the Podcast About Parenting

On this episode, I wanted to do something a little different. I have felt so honored to talk to the many wonderful guests I've had on the show but I also realize how many there have been! The content is dense and wonderful. On this episode I wanted to highlight 5 things I have learned from this podcast. These are 5 overarching topics to which there are several relevant podcast episodes. If any of these topics speak to you and you want more information and color, please do scroll through and...


Birth Story Listening with Wannessa Badger

Wannessa believes in the power of knowledge, community, connection, and healing. She knows that each of us has the ability to heal, to grow, and to shine within ourselves, as well as the ability to create the relationships and lifestyle of our dreams. It requires connecting with ourselves to access the keys to unlocking our inner knowing and to activating a new height of transparency and authenticity. She brings her own embodiment of healing & sage wisdom that comes from her heart, her...


Toddler Sleep Tips with Ellanee Wilson

Ellanee Wilson is a former English teacher turned certified sleep coach. She began her journey as a sleep coach after having her first daughter and experiencing firsthand how difficult the transition into motherhood is and how a large part of that difficulty is related to sleep. She founded Sleep Coach Mom in 2019 and has been on a mission to not only help families sleep better, but to help moms feel supported during their journey as a parent. She does one-on-one coaching, but also holds...


Being an Empowered Mama During Pregnancy and Postpartum with Brandi Frazier

Brandi Frazier is a passionate high energy Mama, Wife and Master Educator who is on a mission to empower women and teach them how to advocate for themselves. After a traumatic post pregnancy complication experience Brandi created @beeempoweredmama which is an organization that provides online resources, workshops and community for all Mamas to unite! Highlights from this episode include: Bee Empowered Mama: IG: @beeempoweredmama Facebook: @beeempoweredmama As...


Managing Motherhood Well with Jennifer Blossom

Jennifer Blossom is a boy mom of two, occupational therapist, and CEO/Founder of Blossoming Moms. Her mission is to unravel the “hot-mess Mom” stigma and helping Moms live with more joy and peace in the everyday of motherhood. On this episode, Jennifer and I are talking about simple ways to help live the everyday of Motherhood with calm, purpose, intention and with less pressure to do it all perfectly. Highlights from the episode include: Blossoming Moms is a digital wellness brand that...


Instilling Courage and Confidence in the Girls of Our Future

Amy is cofounder of The Courage Brand, a company dedicated to instilling courage and confidence in our future women. Under the Courage Brand is the ENTRE Girls Leadership Academy. Amy talks about the Academy’s mission and we discuss the importance of encouraging confidence, leadership and empowerment in our girls. Highlights from the episode include: As a former online TV host, Amy will make you laugh until you cry and find a way to make every #momlife moment humorous - even on the days...


Approaching Birth, Labor and Postpartum with Confidence with Nena Reed

Nena has been a doula since 2018 and a registered nurse since 2015. She is currently working with clients virtually after taking some time off because of work, COVID, and being pregnant herself. She recently started training to become a breastfeeding consultant. Nena lives in Dayton, OH and is Mom to a three month old baby girl. Highlights from this episode include: Follow Nena on IG: @mommynmellc Email Nena at: As always, we would love to connect with you to...


Connecting With Your Baby Through Music with Vered Benhorin

Becoming a mother is life altering and really does lead to a rebirth in Moms. Vered shares her personal journey and how she made her way back to music through motherhood and how she is now helping families connect with their babies through the magic of music. Highlights from this episode include: Connect with Vered: IG: @babyintune Facebook: Baby In Tune You Tube: Baby In Tune To listen to the music: Spotify Amazon Itunes Vered is a...


The Road to An Autism Diagnosis with Hayley Augusta

Hayley Augusta is the host of "No Sex in the Suburbs," a podcast dedicated to everything that happens after happily ever after. She is married and has two little boys, one is neurotypical and the other has autism and hyperlexia. Hayley left behind her career in media when her son was diagnosed to focus on her family and riding the wave of an ASD diagnosis and all it entails. Hayley believes in keeping it real and having fun. She lives with her family in the deep burbs of Los Angeles, CA. On...


Common Mistakes Parents Make with Sleep with Dana Stone

Dana is a mom to four, when her youngest didn’t sleep for the first two years of his life, she finally found help with a sleep consultant, it took five days for him to learn to sleep through the night. This changed everything for Dana! Now she is helping other families find solutions to sleep challenges with their children. Dana is also creator and host of the Winning at The Mom Life Podcast. On today’s show Dana shares some of the common mistakes parents make when it comes to their...


Growing a Family After Infertility with Jessica Shafer

Jessica is a mom to five beautiful children including her two oldest, a set of twins. Her road to starting their family was an extremely difficult one filled with infertility diagnosis, pregnancy loss, immense disappointment and uncertainty. She shares her journey and experiences through it all in hopes of helping other Moms out there feel less alone in their journey and to take away some of the stigma that surrounds certain areas of infertility. Highlights from the episode...


Juggling It All With Imperfect Mommers Founder Erica Davis

After having her son, Erica Davis was surprised when her body started physically changing after she stopped breastfeeding. She decided she needed to focus on her fitness and get back in shape but couldn't find any comfortable clothing to wear that she could feel strong and confident in. She decided then to create her own and founded her company Imperfect Mommers. Erica and I chat about juggling all the roles - Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Working Full-Time and holding it all...


Hey There 2021!

In 2020 we released 37 new and original episodes on the podcast. Thank you so much for listening! Sharing the podcast with others and leaving a rating or review, following us on social media - these all mean so much to me and is the fuel I use to keep creating and producing the show. I absolutely love any and all feedback so don’t hesitate to DM me or email me with any thoughts, likes, dislikes or ideas on topics you’d like to hear. I want to ask - If you have a personal experience you...


How Tantrums and Meltdowns Can Be a Good Thing with Lindsay Ford

Lindsay Ford is a parenting mentor and the author of The Positive Parenting Framework. She helps moms interpret what their child is really saying when they act out and gives them the strategies they need to restore a sense of calm and cooperation back into their homes. You can find out more about Lindsay and how she can support you at Highlights from this episode include: Connect with Lindsay via IG @lindsaythinkfeeldecide As always, we would love to connect with...