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"It takes a village." The Well Child Podcast is for parents and caregivers. Dr. Ana and Dr. Sami are two board certified pediatricians who speak to leading health experts about pediatric related topics. Follow along as they give expert advice on raising well balanced, happy, healthy children. Find out more on

"It takes a village." The Well Child Podcast is for parents and caregivers. Dr. Ana and Dr. Sami are two board certified pediatricians who speak to leading health experts about pediatric related topics. Follow along as they give expert advice on raising well balanced, happy, healthy children. Find out more on


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"It takes a village." The Well Child Podcast is for parents and caregivers. Dr. Ana and Dr. Sami are two board certified pediatricians who speak to leading health experts about pediatric related topics. Follow along as they give expert advice on raising well balanced, happy, healthy children. Find out more on




The PediPals Journey

With this episode, we have come to the END of season 2 of The Well Child! Thank you guys for being on this adventure with us. We’ve covered nutrition, allergies, autism, racism, and so many amazing topics this season! We hope you guys found it informative AND entertaining! In this episode, after being asked many times on social media to share more about ourselves, we digress from our usual pediatric pearls and talk about our journey from when we met to how we got created the PediPals. We...


All About Allergies

In this penultimate episode of our Season 2 of The Well Child, we talk about a topic that many parents' lives - and ours - revolve around: allergies. For this, we have none other than our online BFF and fellow misinformation-fighter, Dr Rubin. Dr. Rubin is a Pediatric Allergist/Immunologist and is part of the PedsSquad, a group of pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists that met through being advocates on social media and that have banded together to help fight misinformation online, with...


Supportive Therapies for Autism

This season we really wanted to focus on children with autism spectrum disorder. We find that, even as physicians, there are not enough resources and there is a lack of support for children with developmental delays. Today, on our 3rd episode on this topic, we have a guest with a very unique and rare qualification that specializes in children with developmental delays - Rose Griffin. Rose is an SLP (speech language pathologist) as well as a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), and...


Unpacking ABA therapy in Autism

Our fantastic guest for this episode is here to help all of us, including physicians and parents, understand how to approach therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder. In recent years, ABA therapy has received much criticism after much-needed scrutiny, as those who’ve gone through it speak up about its effects on their childhood. Join us today to learn the pitfalls surrounding ABA and understand the associated trauma that the neurodivergent community has felt from none other than Dr...


Q&A about the COVID vaccine for kids

The PediPals were asked by a local area Houston school (St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School) to answer questions about the COVID vaccine for ages 5-11. Listen in as we sit down with the headmaster of the school and answer questions from concerned parents and community members.


All about Autism with Dr. Kat

We have so many wonderful psychologists on the front lines helping diagnose and treat children with a spectrum of mental health conditions. Our special guest, Dr. Kat Lewitzke is one of those heroes that specializes in assessments of autism spectrum disorders, academic performance, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and much more. Tune is as Dr. Kat helps dive into the autism spectrum and gives our listeners great resources and tools so they can be their child's biggest advocate and get them the...


TOOTH Talk with Pediatric Dentist, Dr. McFarland

We were all SMILES when we chatted with our favorite Mama Dentist, Dr. McFarland. She is not only a kindred spirit, a new found BFF, but also an expert in Pediatric dentistry, a writer, a wife, and a mother. Tune in as she shares her experiences of dentistry, motherhood, social media and teaches so much about how to provide the best dental care for our kids.


Childhood Mental Health Part 2 - All About ADD/ADHD with Dr. Naidoo

In this Part 2 chat with one of our favorite psychiatrist, Dr. Shivana Naidoo, we talk all about Attention deficit disorder. This has been a much awaited podcast episode and we are excited to finally give you all the scoop about ADD/ADHD. Join us as we talk about how to recognize symptoms, how to diagnose, and the best options for treatment.


Childhood Mental Health Part 1 with Dr. Shivana Naidoo

By popular demand, we are talking all about mental health in kids and teens. This special episode is Part 1 of our series on mental health. We speak to wonderful Dr. Shivana Naidoo, a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, and she helps us navigate this huge topic. Childhood anxiety, depression, and suicide rates are higher than ever before and she is instrumental in helping parents recognize what is just a phase or something more that requires further evaluation/treatment.


Mimosas with Moms

On today's episode we talk to Abbey Williams, who is a behavioral health therapist, mom of 4, content creator, and the host of her own podcast, Mimosas with Moms. Listen in as we talk about blended families, coparenting, parenting struggles, and so much more.


Reducing our Momxiety with Tori Levine

Join us today with our special guest Tori Levine who started a movement for Anxious moms and is the host of the Momxiety club podcast . She uses her psychology training and dance/pilates to help moms manage the anxieties of motherhood.


Meditation and mindfulness in children

Venerable Tri Dao , a self-proclaimed urgent care Monk gives amazing advice to parents about how to teach your children coping skills and the importance of meditation from a young age.


Gut health with Dr. Vanessa Mendez

If you want to know more about the latest in gut health from the expert herself, this episode is for you! Join us as we discuss the best things to feed your family with Dr. Mendez. She explains why the gut is the window to our health and immune system and how we can best take care of it.


How to introduce your children to race, feminism, and activism with Jamia Wilson

In this episode, we talk to feminist, activist, best selling author, speaker, and movement builder Jamia Wilson. She is the author of one of our favorite children's books "Young, Gifted, and Black," and this was one of our favorite conversations. We talk about how to introduce topics like feminism and race with your children and how we can do our part to raise socially conscious, aware, and empathetic future generations.


How to feed your children

In the first episode of our second season, we talk to Dr. Yami , board certified pediatrician and author of "The Parent's guide to intuitive eating" about how best to feed your kids, how to help them have a healthy relationship with food and what to do with those picky eaters. Listen in as 3 pediatricians guide you, inform you of common pitfalls and encourage you through this tricky part of parenting.


When to take your kids to the ER

The Pedipals talk to Dr. Kristy Bybee, pediatric ER physician and counsel parents about when to take your children to the ER. Tune in as we talk about dry drowning, head injuries, ear aches, fevers , broken limbs and much more. This episode is a MUST for parents of children of all ages.


All about Eczema

The episode that you all have been waiting for is finally here, and the PediPals talk all about eczema. If your child suffers from eczema, this is an episode that you do not want to miss. We talk about our personal experiences with treating children with eczema daily, what causes it, how we treat it, and everything in between.


Kid talk with a speech therapist

The Pedipals talk to Jocelyn Wood, licensed speech therapist about speech development, what parents can do at home to accelerate speech and what it means to have children growing up in a bilingual home. This one is useful for moms with parents of ALL ages.


How to motivate your teenager

Youth motivational speaker gives some amazing tips to parents of teenagers. If you want to know how to connect better with your teenager, create a lasting and meaningful bond, decode teen angst and increase their motivation, this episode is for you.


Parenting in the pandemic

The Pedipals talk to Azadeh Afsahi, licensed marriage therapist about how to parent in the pandemic, how to nurture your marriage and relationships all while keeping your own cup full. If you're looking for a positive, uplifting episode that will cut you some parenting slack, this one's for you.